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listen if Louis was able to make 'statements' about larry not being real from his social media, then why has he never taken any action against the incredibly large group of people who believe this baby isn't his - that to me is also one of the biggest ringing alarm bells. I'd take action, make people stop speculating, it's not nice for a child to grow up and be able to find all this info online about how his dad might not be his dad, you know - if it were actually real.

My fave is all the times they asked for privacy but went to the same exact place every day for weeks to get papped (until Louis finally was freed from that) and yk Bri crying privacy every two seconds but doing absolutely nothing to actually be private 

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Daaaaadddd I have two essays to write by Tuesday morning one of which is a FIVE PAGE for GYM CLASS and I can't do it but if I don't I don't pass the grade I wanna diiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

1) dont fucking die 
2) as much as u can, break stuff down into smaller bits and focus on each bit before moving onto the next (so that it isnt as overwhelming)

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