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Fuck off - Spelling it out for us?

Wow. Fuck off? I mean. Sherlock walked around London to spell out Fuck off on a map. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.

The contactsh and contactjhw twitter accounts are giving us tons of locations in Amsterdam. They’re still there, and they said they’ll be there until Sunday evening if everything goes to plan, so they’re not finished yet, but we should definitely track this.

I made a list of places we’ve got so far, and I also included places where we don’t know yet where they are but which we could potentially find out.

I’m not really clear on how we’re meant to be connecting them - in a straight line, footpaths etc - and whether we have to adhere to the order in which the places are visited. But anyway.

Twitter locations from most to least recent:
(* signifies that we know where it is)

Canal Tour (incl. photo)
*Magere Brug (during the canal tour)

*1-Hour Canal Cruise (opposite the sexmuseum, according to a twitter user) (incl. photo)

Cake (incl. photo)

Mr Dibbits (someone connected to the Rijksmuseum? Google.) (incl. photo)

*Bloemenmarkt (incl. photo)

*Cannabis College (incl. photo)

*Erotic Museum (incl. photo)

Red Light District (incl. photo)

Drink (incl. photo)

„Ran about 7 miles. Costumes were involved.“

Oost Vries Lant Building (incl. photo)

*Westerkerk (incl. photo)

*Rijksmuseum (incl. photo)

*SHERLOCKED-Building (Escape room) (incl. photo)

„Breakfast in the heart of the city!“ (incl. photo)

Hotel (incl. photo)

Pizza Dinner (incl. photo)

„This place is gorgeous!“ (incl. photo)

Canal (Prinsengracht?) (incl. photo)

*Airport (incl. photo)

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