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"37 Slogans For College Majors If They Were Actually Honest"

Accounting: selling your soul for money.

Aerospace Engineering: “it actually is rocket science.”

Anthropology: it’ll get you laid, but it won’t get you paid!

Archeology: if you don’t know what it is, it’s probably ceremonial.

Art History: and you thought making art was pointless!

Astrophysics: “Eh, I’m within an order of magnitude…”

Biochemistry: spend 4 years aspiring to discover the cure for cancer, and the rest of your life manufacturing shampoo.

Chemistry: where alcohol is a solution.

Communications: “we’ll teach you everything you need to know about convincing your friends that your degree is actually meaningful.”

Computer Engineering: tons of chicks, just not very many.

Computer Science (for a straight girl): the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Creative Writing: because job security is for pussies.

Criminal Justice: we’re here because of Law & Order reruns.

Dental Hygienist: “something to do until you get knocked up.”

Engineering: the art of figuring out which parameters you can safely ignore.

English: so you want to be a teacher.

Film: forks on the left, knives on the right.

Finance: “accounting was too hard.”

Graphic Design: no, we’re not artists.  We’re designers; there’s a difference.

History: history may repeat itself, but you definitely will.

Information Technology: let me Google that for you.

Journalism: learn how to construct an argument that no one will listen to.

Latin: because useful is overrated.

Linguistics: studied 17 languages, fluent in none of them.

Marine Biology: “I wanted to play with dolphins, but I’m looking at algae instead.”

Music Performance: if you don’t hate yourself, you’re doing it wrong.

Nursing: learning to save others’ lives while struggling not to take your own.

Philosophy: think about it.

Photography: it’s worth a shot.

Physics: “everything you learned last week was wrong.”

Political Science: your opinion is wrong

Pre-med: “I’ll probably switch majors in two years.”

Psychology: good luck doing anything until you get your Masters.

Speech Pathology: we have a way of making you talk.

Statistics: where everything’s made up, and numbers don’t matter.

Structural Engineering: because architects don’t know what physics is.

Zoology: because you can’t major in kittens.


November 7 2017

Did I tell you guys that my physics lab on thursday got cancelled and friday is a holiday so I just have to survive tomorrow and I’ll have a fOUR DAY WEEKEND

anyways I have a quiz in ochem section tomorrow on ethers and epoxides and like “cyclohexoxycyclohexane” like shoot me

Arabic education vocabulary

Arabic education vocabulary

  • Human sciences العلوم الإنسانية
  • history التاريخ 
  • political science العلوم السياسية
  • sociology علم الاجتماع
  • psychology علم النفس 
  • literature الأدب
  • linguistics اللسانيات
  • phonetics  اللغويات
  • philosophy الفلسفة
  • accounting المحاسبة
  • business administration إدارة الأعمال
  • journalism الصحافة
  • engineering الهندسة
  • civil engineering الهندسة المدنية
  • computer engineering هندسة الحاسوب 
  • electrical engineering الهندسة الكهربائية
  • industrial engineering الهندسة الصناعية
  • nuclear engineering الهندسة النووية
  • architecture العمارة
  • economics الاقتصاد
  • home economics الاقتصاد المنزلي
  • law الحقوق
  • fine arts الفنون الجميلة
  • art فن  
  • music الموسيقى
  • dance الرقص
  • science علم (pl.) علوم
  • biology الأحياء
  • microbiology الأحياء الدقيقة
  • chemistry الكيمياء
  • biochemistry الكيمياء الحيوية
  • physics الفيزياء 
  • astronomy الفلك
  • mathematics الرياضيات
  • statistics الإحصاء
  • algebra الجبر
  • geology الجيولوجيا
  • geography الجغرافيا
  • anthropology علم الانسان
  • archaeologyعلم الآثار
  • computer science علم الحاسوب
  • agricultural sciences العلوم الزراعية
  • earth sciences علوم الأرض 
  • environmental science علم البيئة
  • botany علم النبات
  • veterinary science الطب البيطري
  • forensic medicine الطب الشرعي
  • psychiatry الطب النفساني
  • medicine الطب
  • nursing التمريض
  • public health الصحة العامة
  • dentistry طب الأسنان
  • optics البصريات
  • pharmacy الصيدلة
  • language لغة   لغات
  • grammar قواعد 
  • vocabulary مفردات
  • synonym مرادف (pl.) مرادفات
  • spelling تهجئة

~ I sincerely hope you find this list helpful, if you have any questions feel free to ask me Inbox


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July 25 2017

Five months until Christmas!!

Studying physics looOOOOl. Last night I dreamt I moved back into the dorms already and I met my roommates and I forgot to bring going out clothes so all I had was undergarments and pajamas!! yike


ID #70700

Name: Matthew
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hello everyone! I just found this website and thought it was interesting so I guess I’ll give it a shot and try it out.

A little bit about me:
I’m a sophomore (2nd year) college student studying Physics with a concentration in Astronomy (though my area of study may change) and I’m looking to work as a tutor. Although I’m studying science (and loving it!), I hold an immense appreciation and interest in the arts. I love to write and play music, and I do some freelance photography and visual art (though I’m still in the process becoming good at drawing and stuff). I also like reading, cartoons, anime/manga, k-dramas, documentaries, youtube videos/culture, nerd culture, meaningful conversations about politics/philosophy/culture/mental health/etc., grunge/hipster aesthetics, sarcasm, veganism, poorly written fanfictions, gay fluff, animals, beanies, tea, etc. idk I like a lot of things.

I’m sort of in the middle of this journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance and I’m constantly looking for things that help me learn more about myself and grow. I keep a notebook of things that I want to learn about, shows that I want to watch, things that I want to do, etc.. I always thought that there was something intrinsically charming about having a pen pal so I guess that’s what drew me to put this out there. I also don’t have a social life *laugh cries*

So basically, I’m looking for an email friend who wants to make a meaningful connection with someone else through meaningful conversations. We can talk about anything you’d like! I just want to meet and connect with genuine people on a personal level. I might be willing to contact through physical/snail mail, but I’m not sure yet. I know a limited amount of Spanish, and I know a few words in German and Japanese, but I’m only fluent in English (just fyi).

Preferences: Preferably, I’d like to talk with people around my age (so maybe around 17-22) and people who are comfortable talking in English, but if you’d like to talk, feel free to contact me! I’m accepting to people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, etc. and I’d prefer to talk with people who share that acceptance.

(in a really clever voice) Oh, hm? What’s your major in college? Business? Sounds rather nosy… Science? Art? What is this, Sesome Street?

*goes back to studying for my degree in times tables*


August 22 2017

Getting a chapter of physics in everyday!! I guess I’ll be done in like 13 days but we all know my summer commitment levels are low

I opened an instagram!! I mean I haven’t even posted anything on it yet lol and I’m in the middle of changing the name of my blog here (maybe) so whatever I change this to I’ll change my instagram to.

I’m hoping to start posting soon!! I’ll document more personal sides of UCLA life, and in-progress note taking things, and other spammy finsta studygram stuff. But ya I haven’t even posted anything yet!!

insta: @studyellee


I’ve always loved helping people achieve their potential, especially when it comes to their academic achievements! So if you require some help, I’m here!

I’m happy to help with:

  • proofreading
  • annotating
  • ideas + brainstorming
  • giving guidance
  • resumes
  • job applications + interviews
  • tests + exams
  • career choices
  • anything!

Just provide help in any way I can, to the best of my ability!
All you need to do is email me:

Happy studying!


October 23 2017

greetings from midterm hell

Jk organic chem today was EXACTLY what I expected it to be so I’m not mad at all, unLIKE PHYSICS WHICH HAD ME SHOOK IN THE TESTING ROOM. I swear these professors are on some next level bullshit because they can write some really curveball tests. Like how did he even think of writing a test in that way, to make INTRO PHYSICS so difficult, im so impressed but sad omg. ive never taken a test like that in my life it was so weird (no calculator physics test so like……… was difficult). We had an hour and twenty minutes and still I didn’t finish the last part. fmlfmlfmflfm

anyways my last midterm (molecular bio) is tomorrow evening and I am excited because this is actually something that I know how to study for LOL I hope it’s not too bad im dying over here

Rupi Kaur themed spread from last week!! AND MY BOOK CAME IN EEK. Thankful that week is over smh

ID #84144

Name: Margaret
Age: 21
Country: United States

Hey all, I am currently a junior in college studying psychology. I am also pursuing an art minor. Visual Art and Science are my passions! I love new articles about the brain, biology as well as new artists. I also love music and books and traveling. I’d love for me and my penpal to send each other book/music recommendations as well as just cool article recs . I know some spanish and I am also trying to teach myself ASL. I am always looking to improve, so a bilingual penpal would be great. I am also interested in learning about another language/culture that I know nothing about. Id love to send each other cool things like art or pictures in the mail too. Excited to meet you!!
Note: I am a bisexual female, homophobia, racism or any of that is not welcome

mail as well as text or email. Basically I just want to find a friend!

Preferences: 19-25, college age

Astronomy Questions and Topics

Hey there!

It’s been a while. I have finally finished up my Master’s Degree, and am going to dedicate a lot more time to this blog. That being said, I would like some input from you guys.

What astrophysics topics should I cover? 

Do you have a nagging question about the Universe? 

I want to include a lot more astronomy projects, lesson plans, diagrams, animations, comics, art, research experience, and explanations in the main blog content. So please let me know what you would like to see.

Thanks as always,



October 31 2017

check out those veggies from bplate who am i even?

Studying alcohols and their reactions and I’m so sleepy. In lecture on monday one of the TAs took a shot of tequila in front if the class “in the name of science” according to my professor. Good stuff

Idk if you guys know but I’ve had REALLY long hair for the LoNGesT time (i think you can see it in my profile picture) but on sunday night i chopped it and it’s short now hehehe

I hope you all have a safe halloween and are ready to welcome the holiday season!!!

ID #84350

Name: Morgan
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hey! I’m a freshman in college and I’m in that weird phase where you’re seeing how big the world is for the first time wowie. I’m currently undecided about my major, but I’m thinking about pursuing a program in my school that’s like a hodgepodge of art/media, communication, and computer science. I really dig music and reading about it, and I’m open to having a conversation about any bop/band/genre/movement/etc! Lately I’ve been digging Bossa nova and Icelandic ambient/indie rock? instrumentals lmao, but my favorite artists as of now are The Microphones, AJJ, Japanese Breakfast, Foxing, and Chance The Rapper (and I guess I’ll always have a special love for Fall Out Boy). I love making playlists so I’d probably make you a weekly mixtape via Spotify if you’d like. I’m Chinese American, and if anyone knows Mandarin I’d love the opportunity practice with you (since mine’s trash lol)! I like cartoons, nature reserves, the tv show Brooklyn 99, the movie Swiss Army Man, socks, when dogs’ ears flap as they walk, and I’m open to having a convo/learning about anything, whether that be about your new passions or how your day’s going; let’s just talk! Have a great day, guys!

Preferences: I’d prefer a pen pal aged 17+, LGBTQ+ friendly, and open-minded. Prefer to first talk via social media/email, and can transition into snail mail later.