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【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.2】BTS My Biography – Suga’s part

From a mischievous child to a young boy that loves to read

Born in Daegu, South Korea’s 3rd biggest city, which is located in the south. I lived there until I came to Seoul. I was just an ordinary child, I always liked to mess around. So, the teacher in nursery didn’t really like me (laughs). I remember that I always got told off “it’s dangerous!” I liked sports and I was especially good at running. From primary school to high school, I often got chosen to participate in the relay race. And I was above average in studying.

When I was a child, I really liked to go out to play with my friends. But as I grew up, I wasn’t that fond of going out to play. Even when I went out to play, we just met in the park, there were nothing to do though. I didn’t like that, so I usually stayed at home along on the weekends. My mother said: “you should go out to see your friends sometimes.” (laughs)

I liked to collect, so I collected a lot of books when I was a child. Because at the time, I wanted to be cultivated, I wanted to pretend that I’m civilized. So, I read many grown up novels, poetry anthology, literary works and news articles which didn’t suit me… I read all genres of books. I don’t know why but from middle school onwards, I started to have the habit of reading from the back page. Now, I would read books sometimes. My reading speed is quick because I read chunks of writings.

First love in primary school… I honestly don’t have any memories about that. Unlike Seoul, the place I live in is quite conservative. Especially in my school, it’s rare to see boys talking to girls. Even being next to a girl made me shy, I didn’t even say a thing.

Encountered Hip-Hop
Started to compose music in middle school

I became interested in music when I was in 5th grade of middle school, I saw the Korean artist Stony Skunk’s performance on TV. At the time, the genre Ballad was in its prime. If 18 teams were on a music show, 10 would be ballad groups, 5 would be idol groups and the remaining 3 would be other genres, Stony Skunk was one of the 3. Stony Skunk was really cool, their style is so different from the other groups. I’ve never been interested in music before that, but under the influence of Stony Skunk, I started to listen to Hip-Hop and Reggae music. I was also influenced by Epik High. MP3 players were getting popular at the time but I bought a Panasonic CD player and listened to music with that.

That’s how I started to listen to music, and at the same time I started to write song as well. No one told me to do it, but I just felt like I should write something. I started to write rap lyrics in primary school and started to compose music in middle school. At the time, no one around me liked Hip-Hop. Although Hip-Hop is getting popular again in Korea but when I encountered Hip-Hop, it was a genre that was popular from a long time ago. You probably couldn’t find anyone who raps on the street, apart from me. My friends complained when I sang rap songs in the karaoke room. You know there’re those special hand gestures in Hip-Hop, I got laughed at because I did those gestures.

Despite all of that, I continued to like Hip-Hop. I got to perform on the stage for the first time in 2nd of middle school. I performed Dynamic Duo’s ‘Go Back’ with my friends. I don’t like standing in front of many people but I just felt like I had to do it. I wanted to show off the rap that I’ve been practicing, although I wasn’t that great (laughs). Actually, I wanted to attend an arts high school, so I even produced classical music. But arts high school is too expensive so I attended an ordinary high school. I said to my father, “I’ve made enough music, I’ll study properly when I’m in high school.” But I never kept my promise (laughs).

Joined an underground crew in hometown, started to work as an underground rapper

I produced music in middle school for self-satisfaction, and I made songs in a hobby level. But after I changed the MIDI equipment, I started to make music properly. When I was in 1st grade of high school, I made a person to listen to my song, he was a teacher to me and he really liked it. Then he introduced me to a Hip-Hop crew called ’D-Town’ and I joined in. That song had a New Age music feeling to it but the Hip-Hop beats were like Nujabes. For your information, the teacher that acknowledged me studied in Berklee College of Music and now he’s a music director for movies. After I joined the crew, I started to learn rap properly. Although I’ve been rapping since primary school but since no one around me raps, so I always thought I was the best (laughs).

This is how I started my underground activities in Daegu. It also made me realize that working in the underground scene is difficult to make a living. The hyungs that I worked with was 10 years older than me, there were even people over 30 years old. They had to work part-time along with making music, it looked so tiring. I really hated the fact that it was difficult to gather 100 audience when we try to hold a live performance. I thought “if I succeed, can I be the bridge between mainstream music and underground music?” There are many people that makes great music in the underground scene, so I thought when I become famous, I’ll give them a better environment to work in and I want to let the world hear my hyungs’ music.

And at the same time, I heard that BigHit Entertainment was holding an audition in Daegu. I only knew that producer Bang Shi Hyuk established the company but I still auditioned. The next day, I got the notice that I passed the audition. Later, someone told me that when he saw me, he immediately gave me a pass. Even though my rapping wasn’t really good at the time (laughs).

Came to Seoul, became a trainee
Ran counter to his (original) intention?!

I can still clearly remember the day that I came to Seoul, 7th November 2010, when I was in 2nd grade of high school. When I joined the company, my original intention wasn’t to become a rapper, I wanted to become a producer. So, I thought I didn’t need to dance, and I can leave rapping to those that are good at it. I thought I only need to be a producer. But that wasn’t the case (laughs). At the time, the company wanted to debut a group consists of rappers, rather than an idol group. However, the plan changed at the end. The members at the time were Rap Monster, J-Hope and I. Including Supreme Boi, i11evn hyung who’s currently working in the underground scene, and IRON hyung, who was one of the finalists in ‘Show Me The Money 3’. I think if we debuted like that, our rapping would be outstanding but we would probably have failed (laughs).

Rapper & Producer
Suga’s future goals

I’m able to walk on the path of music, it’s because of my brother, who’s 4 years older than me. Under my influence, my brother started to like Hip-Hop too. No one supported me in my family when I went to audition, except for my brother. They don’t approve of making music. My relatives even said to me: “what can you achieve from making music, just study properly.” So, I could only share my songs with my brother, he was my only listener. And I told my brother first when I passed the audition. We have a good relationship just like friends. I don’t usually drink but I drink a bit with my brother. Of course, my family support me now. The relatives that advised me to study even came to ask for my autograph (laughs).

I’ve been thinking lately that I want to be active as a producer. I’m not ambitious about being in the center, I just want to make music. I’m not interested in the entertainment industry, others want to either act or be on variety shows, but I don’t (laughs). Above all, I think the most important for BTS right now is to achieve #1 in Korea and Japan. And, I want to become the best rapper, the best producer. I don’t know how long it will take to achieve that but I’m going to give it a go.

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Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Korean mondomizel1)

Spike Jonze at Kanye’s 31st birthday party

“This was the coolest birthday ever. To have a combination of Snoop - first of all, I had the absolute coolest people on the planet at my party, but once Snoop is in the house, it gets even cooler. Then this douche with a capital BAG [points to picture of Jonze with a Patrón wrapper around his head] shows up.” - Kanye West

This. This is so true.

I hate the stigma there is to homeschooling. Josh Hutcherson (along with many other actors) homeschool(ed) and there is nothing wrong with them, but if you are a normal human being, you must be strange and anti social.

I did dual credit at the local community college when I was 15, and when people finally found out I was homeschooled and my age, they were shocked. They said I acted “normal” and acted/looked older.

I was in a musical at that CC when I was 17, that had a homeschool character that poked fun at all the typical homescooler stuff, (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) and after the show, a lady asked me how old I was, and I told her and she was shocked. She then said the actor who played the homeschool character was very good. I said, “Yeah, he’s great! I actually homeschooled, so a lot of that was funny to me.” And she got this look of terror on her face and said, “Oh, really?” and walked off.

I graduated college at 19. I got to socialize with kids, they just happened to be college kids. (I also did summer camps with kids my age, though) I got to travel. I got to do some indie movies, and even some larger scale.

We may get to do it in our pajamas, eat while we study, sleep in, and shop during normal school hours, but that does not mean we are anti-social, geeky, slackers. Yes, we may have a sucky prom, but that’s okay.

ID #81463

Name: Ellie
Age: 18 (almost 19)
Country: United Kingdom

Just an aspiring documentary maker who’s looking for some new friends across the globe!

I’m an eighteen year old lesbian who’s about to start college, majoring in marketing and film, and would love a career in documentary making one day. I love soccer, adventurous stuff, music of any kind really, movies (especially documentaries) and learning new skills and languages. I love to skateboard and explore new places, and photography is one of my favourite things in this whole entire universe.

Looking to learn Korean or Portuguese so if any of you would like to help me with that I greatly appreciate it! I love languages and I want to try and learn as many as I can one day.

If you like really cheesy jokes and nervous rambling then we’ll get along just fine!

Up to talk about and learn about anything, so even if we don’t have anything in common message me cause I love learning about different cultures around the world and I love learning about new things! Especially if you’re apart of the LGBTQ+ community as I’m always looking to make friends with people like me!

Preferences: Anyone aged 17-26 pretty much as long as you’re open minded and don’t mind me asking you a lot of questions!

I prefer snapchat or tumblr, but email is also okay.


[This is literally self-indulgent crack.]

I imagine Adam going off to college and being exposed to new tv shows, movies, music, culture; just everything.

He dislikes the pop music that some of his friends listen to, but he’s really come to love the 90s era rock that his roommate blasts when he’s in the shower.

Homework keeps him from binge-watching films and shows like everyone suggests, but after a lot of complaining and guilt tripping, Adam finally takes the time to watch Game of Thrones. He texts Ronan at 4am one morning, to tell him to get caught up so they can watch it together when he comes to visit. He gets a middle finger emoji in response.

His clothing changes too. His loose jeans and oversized t-shirts are fitted now. He even wears pink on Wednesdays, though he hasn’t seen the movie the campus tradition comes from.

A classmate of his is a hair stylist on the weekends and gives him a modern trim she says his boyfriend will love. She says something about a taper fade, but Adam doesn’t know what that means, so he trusts her to do what she thinks looks good. It can’t be any worse than the mess he already has and he’s right; it looks great. He sends a photo to Ronan and almost instantly there’s an incoming text that has heat rushing to Adam’s cheeks.

College changes a lot of things about Adam.

But when he goes back to the Barns, goes back to Ronan and Opal, none of that matters. Ronan still kisses him stupid any chance he gets, they still go on late-night drives in the BMW, they still talk about Gansey and Blue and Henry and Noah, and they still spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing in each other’s company.

Ronan embraces Adam’s changes, loves them with the ease that always came with loving Adam Parrish.

“Ronan,” Adam starts. He’s laying on the couch in nothing but a pair of sleeping pants, head on his boyfriend’s lap. “Did you get caught up on Game of Thrones?”

Ronan puts down his magazine.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” he sighs. “I did. I’m actually a season ahead.”

Adam sits up abruptly, looking offended.

“You fucking asshole.”

[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Suga’s Biography

A mischievous kid growing up into a boy who enjoys reading 

I was born in Daegu in the South, the third biggest city of Korean, and grew up there until I came up to Seoul. When I was young, I was pretty much an ordinary kid. I loved playing around so my kindergarten teacher didn’t seem to like me. (laughs) I remember being scolded “It’s dangerous!” a lot. I also loved sports and was good at running, to the point of being picked as a relay runner from elementary school all the way up to high school. When it comes to studying, I’m slightly above average. 

I used to love playing outside with friends back then, but I changed as I grew up. Even when we went outside, it wasn’t like we did anything, we just gathered at the park. I wasn’t fond of that so many times I just stayed at home on weekends. My mother told me to go outside and meet my friends sometimes. (laughs) 

I had a thing for collecting, so I collected a lot of books when I was young. It was a time when I wanted to be a cultured man, wanted to pretend I know things too. Mature stuffs that didn’t suit my age or novels, poetry books, essays, newspapers,… I read everything regardless of genre. I don’t know why but up till middle school, I had the habit of reading books from the back page. I still read books sometimes now. My reading speed gets faster by reading multiple sentences at a time. 

Memories of first love from elementary school… I really don’t have any. Unlike Seoul, the provinces are conservative, and my school didn’t have that kind of atmosphere in which boys and girls talk to each other. If I was with a girl, I would become really shy and wouldn’t even say a word. 

The encounter with hip hop
Started composing in middle school 

I started to be interested in music in 5th year of elementary school, while watching the performance of “Stony Skunk”, Korean artists, on TV. It was the prime of ballad back then so if 18 teams perform on a music program, 10 would sing ballads, 5 would be idols and the other 3 would be other genres. They were one of those 3 teams. It was so cool how they were different from other singers. Up until then, I didn’t have any interest in music, but with Stony Skunk, I started listening to hip hop and reggae music, and was influenced by Epik High as well. MP3 player was starting to come out at that time, but I bought a Panasonic CD player and listened with that. 

Along with listening to music, I also started writing music at the same time. It wasn’t like someone told me to do it, I just had the thought of having to do so. I started writing rap lyrics in elementary school and started composing after I went to middle school. Back then, no one around me liked hiphop… It became extremely popular in Korea now but when I first started listening to it, hip hop was a genre once popular a long time ago. I think there probably wasn’t anyone on the streets who raps, except for me. If I rap at the karaoke room, it would just become some kind of sound to my friends. You know the moving hand gestures that are hip hop’s specialty? I was picked on for that too. 

Despite that, I still kept liking hip hop and in my 2nd year of middle school, I went on the stage for the first time at a festival. I performed Dynamic Duo’s “Go Back” with a friend. I didn’t like standing in front of people, but at that time, I only felt like I have to do it. I showed the rap that I practice too, although it wasn’t anything great. (laughs) 

 Actually in middle school, I wanted to go to an arts high school so I composed classical music. But the tuition was too expensive so I ended up just going to a regular high school. I told my father “I have done enough music now so I’ll study hard in high school” and went to that school, but of course I didn’t. (laughs) 

Full-fledged activities as a rapper after joining a crew in town 

Middle school years was when I composed music to satisfy myself only, on a hobby level. It was after I changed the MIDI software that I started full-fledgedly making music. In 1st year of high school, I showed my song to a person that was like a mentor to me, and he liked it a lot. I was introduced to a hip hop crew called “D-town” and joined. That song had the feeling of new-age music but had hip hop beats similar to Nujabes. For your information, the mentor that acknowledged me studied at Berklee College of Music and is currently working as a movie music director.

I think I started rapping properly after joining the crew. I have been rapping since elementary school, but since there wasn’t anyone who raps around me, I thought I was the best. (laughs) 

After that, I came to the Daegu underground scene, and from then, I also got to know that you can’t make a living out of music in the underground scene. Most of the hyungs who made music with me that time was about 10 years older than me, there were also people over 30. They worked part-time jobs and made music at the same time, but it seemed very hard. Even when performing live, it was already a huge deal to have 100 audiences, and I hated that fact. I thought “If I success, could I be the liaison of the underground scene?”. There are plenty of people who make good music in the underground scene, so I thought when I become famous, I want to create a better environment for them, I want to show their music to the world. 

Just then, I knew Big Hit was holding an audition in Daegu. I came there knowing nothing but that it was a company formed by composer Bang Shihyuk, but I was told that I was accepted the next day. I heard it later that when he saw me, he immediately thought of letting me pass. Even though I wasn’t good at rapping that time. (laughs) 

Coming up to Seoul after becoming a trainee
Different from first thought…!? 

I came to Seoul on November 7th, 2010, when I was in 2nd year of high school. I still remember it now. 

I joined to company not to rap, but to become a composer. So I thought I didn’t need to dance, and let people who are good at rapping rap, I just needed to follow the producer path. But it became a totally different thing. (laughs) At that time, rather than idols, the company was planning to create a group consisting of rappers, but that changed. The members were Rap Monster, J-hope and me. There were also Supreme Boy, i11even-hyung who is now active in the underground scene and Iron-hyung who made it to the finals of Show Me The Money 3. I think if we debut like that, despite being good at rapping, we would fail. (laughs) 

Rapper & producer
The future Suga thinks of as a goal 

My 4-year-older brother plays a very big role in letting me be able to walk on the music path like this. He started liking hip hop under my influence, but when I came to the audition, everyone in my family opposed it except for my brother. They didn’t view music activities nicely, even my relatives told me “What music for you, go study.” So I only showed my songs to him. He was the first person I informed that I passed the audition too. Our relationship is so good that we’re like friends. I basically don’t drink alcohol, but I drink it with him only. 

My family all support me now, of course. Even the relatives that told me to study ask for my signatures. (laughs) 

These days, I have thoughts about wanting to also be active as a producer. I have no greed of being in the center, I just want to make music. I don’t have interest towards the entertainment world too, everyone says they want to act, or to go on variety shows, but I don’t want to do those. (laughs) But still, the first thing is to make BTS get 1st place in Korea as well as Japan. And myself too, I want to be the best rapper, the best producer. I don’t know if it would take time, but I have to try.

JPN - KRN © mondomizel1

ID #70501

Name: Jordynn
Age: 18
Country: USA

hello! i’m very shy and quiet, but i really want to break out of my shell and talk to new people and make new friends.

i’m a college student (i’m undecided at the moment) and i love music, psychology, dank memes, movies etc. i also love to take photos, draw (i can only draw flowers lol) read and write. i also love to learn new languages as well and i love puppies and kitties (though i’m more of a dog person)

i would love to communicate either via snail mail (because i think letters are really cute) or social media. i’m very open-minded and i love to learn about different things. i hope you all have a great day/night!! ♡

Preferences: someone between ages 18-25 please. i don’t have a country or gender preference. also, i don’t tolerate racism (i’m black btw), homo/transphobia, neo-nazis etc.


College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero
From Drive

What Is Your Favorite College Football Team?

It’s my favorite time of year again… College Football Season!!!!  I am STOKED!!

Each year I’m asked about my favorite College Football team .. so rather than have to repeat the tweet 1000 times, I figured it was time to just do a little blog post about it.

Like so many things in my life there is NO way for me to choose only one team.  I’m a variety girl! I like multiple flavors of ice cream, multiple styles of music, multiple boxers , cities ,  movies etc.

College Football teams are no different. My Top 20 would probably look like this:

1. Michigan

2. LSU

3. Oregon

4. Penn State

5. Wisconsin

6. Iowa

7. Michigan State

8. Texas

9.  Arkansas

10.  South Carolina

11. West Virginia

12. Clemson

13. Minnesota

14. Oklahoma State

15. Boise

16. Tennessee

17. Oklahoma

18. Florida State

19. Central Michigan

20. East Carolina University

And then there are a whole host of teams that I don’t dislike and often watch and root for such as:


Mississippi State




Ole Miss

Mississippi State



Oregon State


Colorado State


800 followers?!?! What the heck you guys?! This is so cool! I decided to let y'all get to know me a bit as a thank you for being so great!
So yeah, this is me! My name is Dorian (my personal blog is @hiimdorian ) and I’m a huge band nerd. My major in college is Music Composition and one day I want to work in the movie business.
Thanks again everyone for following me, sending in asks, and reading my work! More stuff is coming out soon as a celebration as well!! Byeeeee! :3&

ID #61512

Name: Hannah
Age: 19
Country: USA

I am a 19-year-old college student studying history. I am pretty introverted, but open up very easily! I love binging tv shows and watching new movies! I also love music, the arctic monkeys are my favorite. I make a lot of playlists on spotify :) I am also a very artsy person and love to talk art or poetry :)
I am open to connecting with any person, just know I am liberal and won’t accept any hate towards anyone. I also don’t mind how we talk, email is probably easier, but I can also write!

Preferences: Any age is fine :)

vicepresidentsimon  asked:

jimon + jace gets mad at maia for taking simon away from him.

You can also read it here

I’m taking prompts all the time so feel free to send me some  ( check out my ship list first!) 

big shout out to my beta sunjimon!!!


Jace watched the couple off in the distance sitting next to each other. The beautiful brunette boy was telling something to his girl with too much enthusiasm but she listened and laughed at the right times. They were a pretty cute couple. Jace would almost, as Izzy says “ship it” or whatever, but there was a little problem. The boy in question was Simon Lewis who played guitar every Friday and Sunday at the bar Jace works at, and Jace is completely gone for the guy.

The singer is cute, with his glasses sliding of off his nose, messy brown hair and t-shirts with nerd-ish stuff on them.

He always comes in toting a redhead girl with her warm smile and pale as paper skin and another girl with short brown curly hair, caramel eyes, and dark skin. She’s beautiful, that one. Most of the guys at the bar trace her every move in leather skirts and vintage shirts as she moves gracefully in rhythm with the music Simon is playing. The redhead girl is always by her side.

Simon sits on the tall chair with his acoustic guitar. He starts to play the first few chords and Jace is lost, listening to every single sound with his entire body. Vibrations in Simon’s voice makes the blonde shiver. Suddenly all the other bar noises are gone and all he can hear is the brunettes song, slow and… about love of course. Love for his girlfriend.

When he’s done with first song Jace is the one clapping the loudest. Simon catches his eyes for a second and smiles at him and Jace is gone.

The brunette finishes the gig and comes up to his girls. Simon and his dark-haired girlfriend hug and she kisses him on the cheek making his whole face light up. They sit close to each other. So close. Jace is sure they’re a couple.

They look so happy together Jace was ready to vomit.

He wants to kiss Simon’s cheek and tell him how good he was.

Bloody Maia and her perfect personality, great style, and dazzling looks.


Later on in the week Simon comes up to him out of nowhere.

“Hey… Jace,” he looked at badge on his t-shirt with his name on it. “Can I get an ice tea?” he smiled cheerily and Jace smiled back.

Simon never orders anything, usually, just plays the gig and leaves.

“One ice tea coming.” He winks and pours liquid into the glass. “No alcohol today?”

“No alcohol at all,” Simon answers. “I don’t have best memories with that.” His face drops a little after the end of sentence.

Jace decided to drop the topic.

“What are you doing here anyway? There’s no gig today.” he puts a straw in glass and gives it to Simon.

“Thanks.” he takes the drink. “Well, yeah, but I live in the dorm a few blocks away and I was bored,” he shrugged his shoulders. “Do you ever leave this place?”

Jace was already dazzled by conversation with his crush that so far had lasted longer than just “hi”.

He watched Simon’s movements as he was talking. He was moving a lot and pushing his glasses up on his nose. Was it a nervous tick? Jace had those too sometimes.

“Well yeah. My brother’s fiancé owns this place and I live upstairs,” he pointed a finger toward the ceiling.

“Wow dude… that’s so cool.” Simon’s eyes lit up and it was all Jace could ever ask for.

“I guess it is.”

Simon put down empty glass and looked at it for a second and then at Jace. “Can I have one more?”


Simon ended up staying almost till closing. He talked about his favourite music and movies and what he doing in college and how hard it is. Jace tells him how he dropped out of high school to help his father before he died and afterwards was adopted and now has three siblings.

Simon had this thing where he listened to someone with his whole body. He got engaged in the story. He asked questions. Jace loved every second of that moment.


Next time he sees Simon, it’s at his Friday gig. His girlfriend and the redhead are here too. Simon is up on stage getting ready when she comes up to Jace.

“Hey, can I get… umm, vodka with sprite?” she says quickly.

Jace was blocking out every word she had just said, still looking at Simon behind her back.

“Emm.. hello?” She waved her hand in front of his face, taking him out of his trance.

Jace jumped a bit. “Hey, how can I help you?”

The girl looks behind her for a second and smiles weirdly.

“Vodka with sprite?” she repeats with some annoyance in her voice but she smiles at the end.

“Coming at ya.” He started to prepare the drink.

His eyes escaped to Simon again, who was almost ready to play. The whole bar was filled with the laughs and excited screams of happy people. The place was as crowded as every Friday, but all he could see was the dorky guy on stage.

“Here you go.” he handed the girl her glass.

“You only poured vodka in it,” she laughed, staring at her drink. “Wow, you are so gone.”

Jace looked at her, only a little confused, but his cheeks became red.

“You like Simon, right?” She turned around and looked at the guitarist and then back at Jace.

“No?” he scoffed, trying. He really did.

“Oh, come on, you’re not exactly subtle.” She rolled her eyes. “You should ask him out.”

Jace froze in confusion. He looked at girl with a raised eyebrow. “Okay, listen…”

“Maia,” she said.

“Yeah, listen Maia, I don’t know what you’re trying to do but isn’t he your boyfriend?”

Maia started laughing. Hard. Seriously, she was laughing so hard the redhead girl looked in her direction with weird look on her face.

“I’m gay,” she finally says when spasms of laughs end. “That red one over there–,” she points at pale girl, “–is my girlfriend Clary.”

“Okay, I totally… didn’t expect that one.” Jace couldn’t help but smile. “That’s great information you just gave me.”

“You’re such a dork, oh my God,” she patted his shoulder. “Just between us, Simon would totally say yes.”

And then she’s gone. She sits down next to Clary and kisses her cheek. She tells her something and they both start laughing and then look at Jace with amusement in eyes. Maia mouthed, “do it” to him and Clary held her thumbs up.

He smiles and rolls his eyes.


After the gig lots of people start to leave. Maia and Clary left too, leaving Simon alone. He was still at stage cleaning up all the sound system stuff and cables.

Jace walked toward him and took some of the cables and began putting them in their place.

“Nice one today,” he finally spoke.

Simon looked at him from behind his glasses and smiled.

“Thanks,” he says quickly, “You know I like performing here. I know most of people.”

“And we have the best ice tea,” Jace adds.

Simon laughed, and it’s the most beautiful sound he could ever hear. He wants to make him laugh more. “Yeah, and a really handsome bartender…”

Jace looks at him shocked, but he’s smiling fondly at him. “If you like me so much, how about we go out sometime?”

“Like a date?”his cheeks were red like roses

“Only if you want to.”

“Oh, I so want to.” he answered still embarrassed

Jace helps clean up the stage and then Simon stays for ice tea. They talk for a long time. Jace tells him about how he thought Maia was his girlfriend and the brunette laughs about as hard as Maia had.

When Simon left all Jace could think about is how happy he was. Finally, truly happy.

anonymous asked:

Could u do wanna one as college students? (like their major and what activities they'd be into)

im from australia so this is gonna be more university than college sorry i only know college stuff from movies lmao

this became a really dumb highschool musical/glee au where they all go to the same uni and meet after being forced into the annual musical and all become close through the production and sing a song about friendship at the end. also this got way too long so im putting it under the cut.

Keep reading

ID #84637

Name: Jude
Age: 18
Country: Spain 

I’m in love with movies, books, music and basically anything that catches my attention. As for their genres, I basically read and watch sci-fi, fantasy and contemporary and honestly I can’t figure out my taste in music. Anything that makes me want to listen to the song again I’m into (but Twenty One Pilots though, damn).

I’m currently in my first year of an Electronic Engineering degree, specializing in robotics. I’m fluent in Spanish (obv) and English since I studied in a bilingual school for most of my life, and now I’m trying to learn German (might or not be because of the Foxhole Court (read those books, they’re so underrated)).

So yeah, looking for someone with whom I can practice German, well, more like learn it because I can barely say hello. But if you want to practice your Spanish or English, I’m game.

Preferences: 16+ would be nice