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ID #99910

Name: Aubrey
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi! I’m Aubrey and I’ve always wanted a pen pal. I’m 18, live in California and I’m currently in my first year of college. Some of my interest include music, stand up comedy photography and YouTube. I’m currently going to school to be a classical musician and sometimes make videos in my free time! Some of my favourite movies are anything Marvel or Xmen, Les Mis, and pitch perfect. Some of my favourite musicians or Beyoncé, Drake, Gambino, The 1975 and Jon belion. Some of my favourite YouTubers are Sourcefed, The Holy Trinity and Jenna marbles. LGBTQ+ friendly 

Preferences: 16+; any race, religion gender;

ID #64495

Name: Kaity
Age: 19
Country: United States 

I’m an art major at college in Kentucky. I’m a bit of a hippie and I’m vegetarian. I love music and horror movies and anything remotely nerdy. I’m admittedly a huge wrestling fan and I love concerts and festivals. I dye my hair entirely too much and have a list of tattoos I want. I eventually want to go to grad school and become an art therapist and work with kids. 

Preferences: Probably only 18-25 as that’s what I’m used to interacting with in real life

// you’re always in the library sleeping like don’t you have a bed // @periiphona //

An obnoxiously loud yawn left the boy as he walked through the empty hall and adjusted the fuzzy blanket around his shoulders. There wasn’t anyone there, or so he thought, so he didn’t necessarily have to be quiet. It was around two in the morning and he was making his way back to his dorm room from playing the piano all night. Passing the library, his eyes scanned over the area through the big windows. His blue hues eventually landed on a figure that was in sleep mode and he came to a halt when he realized who it was. It was the girl from the other night who had been crying her heart out. Burlesque’s expression softened in a concerned fashion and he made his way into the library. 

“ Geez, from cryin’ a lot t’passin’ out in boring places. “

The ginger mumbled, taking a risk at accidentally waking her up by slowly pulling the book she was sleeping on out from under her. He stacked the books the girl had around her in a neat pile and took the blanket he had off his shoulders, draping it over her shoulders. With a nod and a bothered sigh, he left the library silently and continued his way to his room. The boy didn’t exactly know why he was so worried about her, but he felt the need to be there for her and protect her. For now, the best way he could do that was by keeping her warm with his blanket. 

// gonna get some baskin robbins ‘bout to get fucked up // @periiphona //

There was no doubt that everywhere Burlesque traveled to on foot he practically skipped to. This time, it was no exception. He was full on skipping to Anara’s dorm building, an excited smile on his face as he had a plan for their day. Flinging open the door to the building, he skipped the elevator because he had too much energy and went straight for the stairs. When he got to his girlfriend’s floor he nearly ran into the RA, which caused him to apologize a hundred times in the time of two seconds. Eventually he hopped in front of Anara’s door and knocked a rhythm everyone knew on it.

“ ‘ey sweetheart! Wanna go get ourselves sick on thirty-one different flavors of ice cream? “

He questioned, hands shoving themselves in his pants pockets as he had his usual silly grin on his face.

// ur baskin robbins bout t’get soggy // @periiphona //

Not once did Burlesque’s smile falter during him and Anara’s visit to Baskin Robbins. It was all giggles, grins, and flirty words the whole time, and the boy was so glad he dragged his girlfriend out of her study hole. Eventually though, their spoons scraped bowl and they were about to leave- only to be stopped by the sight of rain repeatedly covering the grown in a heavy fashion. This, of course, widened Burlesque’s smile and he busted the door open, grabbed Anara’s hand, and ran out into the downpour. 

Glancing over his shoulder he saw the girl’s beautiful smile and heard her lovely laugh, causing him to fall for her even more and him to laugh as well. When they were a bit away from the establishment and by a pretty open area, the ginger slowed down and turned to his girl.

“ May I have this dance, m’lady? ”

He questioned, holding his hand out and bowing in front of her- his hair and clothes soaked, some strands sticking to his face and his shirt lowkey showing off his toned chest.