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Okay just real quick, don’t vote for third party just to “protest” or make some kind of statement. Actually look at their policies. Both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are against mandatory vaccines. Gary Johnson believes that we should do nothing about climate change bc it would hurt industry. He’s also vastly ignorant when it come to foreign affairs and supports private prisons. Jill Stein has so little political experience it’s almost funny, flip flops her opinion month to month, and has mostly just been trying to piggy back off of Bernie. I get that a lot of people hate Hillary, but if you actually believed in Bernie, you would vote for Hillary.

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Hello Duke! I'm planning to study English Lit at university, but lately I've been considering doing a Classics degree. What are your thoughts? I love writing and I'm worried that doing English will ruin it for me. Sorry this is so vague but I'm really confused and not sure what one to do!

Unfortunately I can’t make this decision for you. If you feel like English lit is really what you want to, maybe give it a chance before you decide that it’s going to ruin writing for you (that certainly wasn’t my experience, but I’m only speaking for me). As I mentioned here, I was never a classics major so I can’t really speak to that.


Summary: You work at a 24-hour photo store and couldn’t help but ask the boy who came in late at night about his photographs after you developed them.

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,144

A/N: Prompt #4 | So since my data is off I can’t spend my time on social media when I’m on the bus, so I’m writing instead. The bus is the only time I write too! Hope you guys enjoy this!

You were a photojournalism major in college and enjoyed everything photography. Your favorite was probably developing film because it was so old school. Everything went digital ages ago but you still found the excitement of seeing pictures come to life on a sheet of paper.

You worked at one of the few photo development places in New York City. You enjoyed seeing people’s film and what they took pictures of. It was Saturday, meaning you had the night shift at the store. It was about 2 AM when a teenage boy with hair sticking to his forehead walked in with his backpack.

“Hey. How can I help you today?” You told the boy.

“Hey, yeah, I have some film I’ll like to develop. It’s about four rolls.” He replied and placed his backpack on the counter, opening his bag, taking out the four rolls.

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Hello! Could you answer L, N, P and R from the FanFic Meme Ask, please?

Fan Fic Ask Game

L: How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

I usually write all the way through, read through it myself, have someone else read it, have my husband read it, and then I read it again. But sometimes I write all night long, read it once, and throw it up, lmao. It really depends on how I feel about it, how important of a chapter it is, etc.

N: Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?

I have this gigantic college theatre major gtop au planned out that I’ve been blabbing to people about since like right after I started writing Acquiesce, so like, a long time lmao. I just wish I could beam it out of my head and onto paper because it’s a big one and I just don’t have the drive for longfic like I use to. I’m hoping once my youngest gets more independent I can get my motivation back. I just love that story in my head so much and it pains me that it doesn’t actually exist yet.

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

Can I be both?? I’m a super duper researcher. I get caught up on details and I want things to be accurate and I want to understand what I’m writing about. Like I go as far as like glaring at Google maps of Gangnam trying to decide whether taking a cab or a bus would be better and anyone who’s read Acquiesce knows how much research I put into the Korean Military and what exactly goes in during the required enlistment. But I’m 100% totally not opposed to a fic deviating from my original plot. Eldritch is probably my biggest example of that. Mina can tell you that the ending of Eldritch was supposed to be so much different from the actual plot now, lol. So Like can I be one of those people that like builds hedge mazes? Because I like to build things, but letting things grow is great, too.

R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?

I love so many writers in both the BIGBANG and the BTS fandoms. I’d say people who inspire me to be a better writer are definitely ruinwyn (ao3/aff), i-feel-electric (ao3/aff), gdontop, neontabi, halo_halo (ao3/aff), autotunedd, lunar_pull (ao3/aff), absolutebrightness (@xxxjiyong ao3/aff) for bigbang and deuxoiseaux (@hobisparkles), bazooka (@uziregar), bulletproof_bad_wolf (@bulletproof-bad-writing), taethereal (@taethereal ao3/aff), inkingbrushes (@seung-vi), thehalesnyx (@lunaticmyngi), and sirradel (@smilenamjoon) for bts.

and authors who are amazing people whom I love and inspire me to keep writing just by being good friends/cheerleaders/supportive/sounding boards/whatever while simultaneously being amazing writers are aumina ( @betterscenes ao3/aff), doom-detat ( @doom-detat ao3/aff), bigbangtans (@big-bangtans), and kwon-jyong (@kwon-jyong ao3/aff).

College Majors as lines from Hamilton
  • Psychology:Some men say that I'm intense or I'm insane
  • Chemistry:SHA-BOOM
  • Accounting:We need to handle our financial situation
  • History:But Jesus between all the bleeding and fighting I've been reading and writing
  • Business:Shake hands with him, charm her
  • English:He started retreatin and readin every treatise on the shelf
  • Creative writing:You built me palaces out of paragraphs
  • Criminal justice:Stay out of trouble and you double your choices
  • Pre Med/Nursing:Stay alive
  • Education:Give us a verse, drop some knowledge
  • Theater:Yo yo yo what time is it? SHOW TIME!
  • Music:You changed the melody every time
  • Foreign language:I came from afar just to say "bonsoir!"
  • Political Science:Don't modulate the key then not debate with me
  • Current Affairs:How lucky we are to be alive right now, history is happening
  • Fashion:I think your pants look hot
  • Philosophy:You want a revolution, I want a revelation
  • Theology:I'm searching and scanning for answers in every line
Ideal Majors For the Signs
  • Aries:Medicine, Law, Public Relations
  • Taurus:Business, Journalism, Sociology
  • Gemini:Foreign Language, Creative Writing, Film
  • Cancer:Music Performance, Early Childhood Education, Art
  • Leo:Political Science, Social Work, Literature
  • Virgo:Economics, Animal Science, Theater
  • Libra:Communications, Marketing, Advertising
  • Scorpio:Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Human Development
  • Sagittarius:Psychology, English, Religious Studies
  • Capricorn:Accounting, Computer Science, Anthropology
  • Aquarius:Engineering, Environmental Science, Nursing
  • Pisces:Education, Music Theory/Composition, Design

College Majors as Described By Lion King Gifs

By: marauders4evr

(Absolutely none of these gifs are mine.)

Biology Majors

Honors’ Studies

Women Studies

Theater Majors

History Majors

Music Majors

Philosophy Majors

Art Majors

Psychology Majors

Independent Studies

Education Majors

Mathematics Majors

Nursing Majors

Culinary Arts Majors

Language Majors

Political Science Majors

Happy Birthday (Cake Wreck Edition)
  • Happy Birthday (Cake Wreck Edition)
  • MusicTheoryAugmented
  • Transcription Fails

Happy Third Birthday, Music Theory Augmented!!

We’re really glad nobody gave us this cake:

…which we transcribed and graded:

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How to Choose a College Major

Okay, I am sick of getting asks about picking and choosing what to major in in college, so I am finally hunkering down and writing a guide. So help me, I never want to read another “How should I choose what to major in?” question again, or I may die from anger.

First of all, “What is a college major?” A college major is a program composed of different courses/classes that is designed to educate you in a specific discipline, such as: Biology, Chemistry, Art, Business, Music, Nursing, etc. In case you didn’t know what the fuck a college major was, you now hopefully do.

How do I pick what to major in? There are several different ways to pick a major, and ultimately, that shit’s up to you. Don’t bother asking me what’s best to major in, because I will ignore the fuck out of you. Also, you shouldn’t let strangers on the internet dictate your life like that—I may go mad with power, and no one wants that. Anyway, take a gander at the following…

If you have a career path in mind, this might make picking a major much easier for you. Go to a website like My Next Move or College Board’s Big Future and search for the job/career you are interested in, and then look at the educational requirements for that job. Some of you may find that you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree for what you want to do, and some may find out that you need a Doctorate. Either way, be aware of your educational needs for your desired career. If a career lists several possible subjects to major in, pick any of them—they all lead to the same place, yeah?

If you have no fucking clue, don’t panic. Most colleges don’t require you to sign up for a major until you earn enough credits to be considered a Junior. In the meantime, get your liberal or general education credits out of the way—you know, College Writing, Intro to Biology, Art History, or whatever credits your college/university requires. If you’re really worried about it, talk to your academic advisor or try using some of the tools on My Next Move or Big Future to find majors or careers you may be interested in.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, congrats on being fucking Goldilocks. If you’re interested in several careers, see if they all have educational requirements in common, and then see if there’s a major in that. If you have multiple subjects that interest you, but you don’t know if there’s a major that involves them, see if your college offers it as a major. Then talk to your academic advisor about the program to see if you’d like it. You can also look at majors based on your academic strengths—for example, if you’re a math-magician, maybe Mathematics or Economics could be for you. Similarly, you can look at your hobbies and interests and see what kind of programs can relate to those. Like, if you’re into tabling at conventions and running an etsy store, maybe you’d fare well as a Business major. Or if you’re big into the environment, maybe you’d like to major in something like Natural Resources.

There’s no real one way to pick a major. And unless you plan on going into something very specific (like Nursing or Teaching), your degree doesn’t necessarily equal your career. Something I used to ask students is: How do you think college admissions reps got their jobs? It requires a Bachelor’s degree, but what do you think they majored in? Eh? It’s like that for a lot of jobs—I know we’ve told people before that your major doesn’t always matter, but having the education (ie, the degree) does. Also, my last job had nothing to do with my Biology degree—it just required that I had a Bachelor’s degree.

Also, a quick note on double-majoring and minors: Talk to your academic advisor before deciding on these. Most colleges require you to obtain your advisor’s (or someone’s) permission to double-major anyway, especially if you’re less than stellar grade-wise. Double-majors can take a lot of work, even more so if they are completely unrelated and don’t share any required classes (like if you were to double-major in Art and Chemistry). And minors…well; personally, I don’t think they mean squat.

Story Time: When I was in college, I was torn up about dropping my Chemistry and Art minors (There were no classes offered for that would fit my schedule for my last year-and-a-half). Then my wonderful academic advisor informed me that most employers don’t give a shit about what I minored in, because most don’t ask about your minors at all, and that I shouldn’t feel bad about it. But if you want to minor in something you like or want to have more knowledge about—do it (That’s pretty much why I took those minors in the first place).

-The Sudden Adult

The MBTI Types As College Majors

INFJ - Philosophy and Logic

INTJ - Computer Science

ESTP - Chemical Engineering

ESFP - Journalism, Communication, and Media Studies

INFP - Psychology

INTP - Astronomy

ESFJ - Sociology

ESTJ - Economics and Finance

ENFJ - Public Policy

ENTJ - International Relations

ISFP - Anthropology

ISTP - Biomedical Engineering

ISFJ - English Language and Literature

ISTJ - Political Science

ENFP - Education

ENTP - Linguistics

“Being a Theatre Major isn’t that hard! The academic majors actually have to WORK!”

Theatre Major:

*Had to go through rigorous auditions as well as having high grades to get into school’s program*

*Had auditions to get into school’s musical and plays the first week of school while still unpacking* 

*Has at least 3, one and half hour classes that are for one or no credit but are mandatory*

*Has intensive dance class that would make a body builder sore*

*Has academic classes on top of theatre classes*

*Has 10 Hour long rehearsals on top of all other classes*

Academic Major:

*Applied and got into school*

*Has maybe one paper due next week and like a lab or something*