July 3, 2015 《Friday》
Final is right around the corner, and I’m trying to get ahead of things by already picking out what essays I need to go write, along with having to go over the 80+ tissues and the 60 vocabulary words, and the objectives to the final (100). Thank god I love what I want to be.

Overall, I think I’m gonna need that second cup of coffee right about now.

성저처리 성공!

So there is a week-long period after final grades come out where all students are permitted to rebuttal and attempt to get their grades changed. Perhaps due to a miscalculation, or something else, but most students use it to just email professors to up their grade (because in Korea, anything less than a B might as well be considered failing). So if a grade cant be raised, some students will even ask the professors to fail them so they can retake the course (you need a D+ or lower to do so)

I used it to ask my professor for the language and culture class about the final exam, who also happens to be my advisor and also the professor in charge of freshman seminar this semester for Linguistics majors.

So, concerning Freshman Seminar, we were supposed to watch videos, which happened to be the same exact ones i watched last semester along with attending weekly seminar classes for two hours. This time there was no class just watch the videos and answer the questions, just like last time. I contacted the office of liberal arts school and they said yes cause its a different semester i have to watch them…but that still doesnt make sense and other people in other majors had different freshman seminar requirements, so i was advised by a Sunbae to ask the professor in charge, Professor You, to see if i can change my grade to Passing since I already watched and did the required tasks for those same exact videos.

Additionally, I wanted to see what questions I answered wrong on the blackboard online final exam.

So i was able to meet him yesterday as soon as I got back from Phoenix Park (i regret having to spend so much money..but it was fun) at his office.
He looked into the freshman seminar thing. He had give me an F because according to blackboard I had no track record, which is true. I didn’t watch the videos this time. He called whoever and found out that yes both semesters the videos are the same. He told them how it doesnt make sense to have to do it again and said he’ll change my grade to P. 😁

Then we looked at my track record for the online exam. I had gotten 4 questions wrong, of varying point values. 2 of them he explained to me why they were wrong, and i suggested to him that perhaps making the questions clearer would be better for the future because even as a native english speaker I was confused. As for the other 2 questions, i answered them right! But the system fucked up and said they were wrong.
So because my exam score was bumped up to a 95, and its 45% of the final grade, my B+ will most likely automatically get bumped to an A. I was pretty content with the B+ because i happened to be absent 3 out of the only 9 times he took attendance…but whatever i’m totally down for an A of course!

Additionally he said if any translatiom jobs come up for the Korea University Press (which he’s also in charge of) he’ll call me up and i can make some extra money~ win-win!

So, moral of the story, always keep track of your grades and address it as soo as possible with the professors cause they have thousands of students every semester to deal with. Look out for yourself, and get to know your Profs!

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June 15, 2015

My study essentials:

  • Slides to write notes on
  • Recorder to listen previous class lectures
  • Highlighter–duh
  • Laptop to research foreign materials
  • Journal for my guidelines–which never really followed right away, and plus for doodles
  • And, of course, breakfast in the morning

I’ve been off of school since Friday, but I haven’t done half of the plans I wrote down. (-_-;)

June 23, 2015 《Tuesday 》
Because the lymphatic system needs coffee while I revise. Missed class yesterday because I was really sick. But dragged my butt to school today to try and cover some of the things I missed yesterday. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be my ONLY cup of coffee today

college masterpost

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Good luck to all of you!!!

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