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Hey Ngozi! I just wanted to say you are one of my biggest inspos and the fact that you're also Nigerian(and i assume igbo, wassup) has also been another huge inspo. That being said I wanted to ask, Do you have any advice on inproving story and art?

YOOOOOOOOOO Naija represent!! (And I am most definitely Igbo!!)

I’ll focus on storytelling! My storytelling definitely improved because of the activities I did throughout college and grad school

My frog year at Yale, I joined a humor magazine. (The Yale Record founded in 1872 America’s Oldest College Humor Magazine and Originator of the Word HOTDOG.) For about two years I cranked out so many raw jokes–that is, just humor writing without context. Like, 2% of them were chuckle worthy, but it helped me practice my timing.  

I also did stand-up comedy for a hot second there and that helped with my writing and timing as well.

But perhaps most important, was the fact that I did lots of long-form improv comedy and worked with fantastic directors. The long-form troupes that I got to perform in were so grounded in honest-reactions and going deep into themes and playing at your highest intelligence. so much of Bitty’s Twitter was “Yes and”-ing whatever a reader brought to the table–or tweeting about something totally random and specific, and trying to have Bitty respond or riff as honestly as possible.


some of u probably need to take notes


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