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any recs on flirty bottom jimin fics that are smut and chaptered? like someone pins over him so he notices and starts flirting or he starts flirting over someone he likes?? it can be any pairing but i prefer kookmin

Hey! Sure thing, here you go :) Sorry if some of them don’t have detailed smut, but I hope they’re still to your liking!

Title: Baby, You Gotta Fall
Author: snarcsics
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst
Summary: Intelligence field agent, Park Jimin, has been tasked with protecting the late Head of the Jeon house’s son, Jungkook. Unlike most cases, he’s expected to get a little closer to the man than he would like. What makes it worse is that it is almost required for Jimin to develop a romantic relationship with the infatuated photographer. He was afraid that if they both fell, they wouldn’t be able to recover. If Jungkook found out what laid beyond his flirtatious smiles and intimate touches, it would be that much harder for him to forgive Jimin for making him fall.

Title: Have it Your Way
Author: bananacookies
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: Jungkook didn’t expect a simple walk to turn into a job opportunity, nonetheless at a Burger King with crazy crew members, a protective manager, and a mysterious happy-go-lucky man. Nonetheless, it’s a promise of a wild, unforgettable summer. (A story in which Jungkook’s shy, Jimin’s confident, and everyone works at Burger King)

Title: How to Seduce Your Dance Teacher by Jeon Jungkook
Author: soranosuzu
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: Pining, Romance, Fluff
Summary: Currently there are a million thoughts racing through Jungkook’s brain, but two very prominent ones finally beat their way to the forefront of his mind. First, Jimin is hot as hell and Jungkook needs to find a way to get into his pants. Second (and maybe slightly more urgent than the first) Jungkook needs to find a way to prevent himself from popping a boner every time Jimin does that in the future and, more importantly, right now.

Title: I’ve Been Drinking, I’ve Been Drinking
Author: decompositionnotebooks
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Summary: Jungkook tries to figure Jimin out with Yoongi’s trademarked “What Your Drink Says About You” alcohol psychoanalysis. All he knows is that Jimin likes fruity little drinks.

Title: More Than Your Body
Author: whenIseeUsmile
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Jungkook got an assignment to create a documentary about something he can get involved in and in the beginning, he had no idea what to do. However, when he sees Jimin dance, he knows what he wants. Or in which Jungkook is a film student and may or may not be a little obsessed with the silver-haired man he keeps seeing on his way to university.

Title: Once Upon a Timeshare
Author: namakemono
Rating: Mature
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut
Summary: Jungkook is in desperate need of a vacation, but spending two weeks in Namjoon and Hoseok’s timeshare in Okinawa with his recently separated ex of three years was probably (definitely) not what he had in mind.

Title: The Park Sibling
Author: UsagiFelton
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Jeon JungKook moves from Busan to Seoul in his Jr. Year of Secondary School, on his very first day he meets and makes friends with a bright and outgoing student who pulls him along at his pace. He’d never met anyone like Park JiHyun, the boy had the ability to make him feel instantly at ease and comfortable with himself… Too bad his Hyeong had the opposite effect…


Title: How to Seduce Your Basketball Coach: A Completely Insane Memoir by Park Jimin
Author: Mature
Rating: minyoongz
Genre: Humor, Fluff
Summary: When Jimin’s childhood crush bulldozes back into his life, he’s determined not to let the opportunity slip by again. He plans on getting what he wants at all costs, but the only problem is: Yoongi is his coach and Jimin’s still (technically) a minor, oops!

Title: I Want You (to Want Me)
Author: Everydayishark
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Park Jimin is the rare kind of guy that is both cute as hell and sexy as fuck, and everyone wants to sleep with him. Everyone, or so it seems, but Min Yoongi. So of course Taehyung challenges him to seduce Yoongi. He has to sleep with him before the end of the year, or Jimin loses the bet. And Jimin really hates losing.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 

Here are some of the very best apps for students; either in highschool or in college. I have used many of the following apps, but not all of them. Some, I have just asked friends about and they suggested those ones. 

Please enjoy the apps below, tell me how you like them, and feel free to add onto this list :)

  • Focus: SelfControl, Forest, MindNode, FocusBooster, FocusWriter, Think, StayFocused, Freedom, Cold Turkey, Anti-Social, Time Out, SmartBreak, Balanced

  • Productivity: Evernote,, MyScript Nebo, Outlook, Trello, Droptask, Basecamp, Pocket, Gyst, Doodle, Pen and Paper, Wunderlist, Toggl, Asana, Wolfram Alpha

  • Sounds: Tide, WhiteNoise, Chroma Doze, Coffitivity, Noisli,, NatureSpace, Noizio, Rainy Mood, SimplyNoise, Spotify, Slacker Radio 

  • Language Learning: Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu, Babbel, Livemocha, Living Language, Tandem, MindSnacks

  • Games: Lumosity, Sudoku, TanZen, GeoMaster Plus HD, Speed Anatomy, Star Walk, LeafSnap, Splice: Tree of Life, Vismory, Pigments, Viridi, Sunshine, Nota

  • Revision: Gojimo, Revision App, iMindMap, Exam Countdown, Penultimate, Clippet

  • Test Prep: Khan Academy, Magoosh ACT Flashcards, The Grading Game, Math Brain Booster, ACCUPLACER Study App, CK-12, NRICH, StudySync, Quizlet, StudyAce, That Quiz, Brilliant, Synap

  • Planner: Timeful, Remember the Milk, Listastic, Finish, 2Do, iStudiez Pro, MyHomework Student Planner, My Study Life, ClassManager, MyLifeOrganized, Daily Agenda, Schedule Planner, Todoist

  • Writing: EasyBib, ProWritingAid,, WiseMapping, yWriter5, Storybook, Q10, Write 2 Lite, Writer, Diaro, Note Everything, OmmWriter, Draft

  • Health: MyFitnessPal, Lose It, Endomondo, FitNet, Sworkit, Daily Yoga, Yonder, Fooducate, SideChef, Rise, LifeSum, Meditation Studio, Happify, 7 Cups, Clue, Start, Power Nap App, Fit Radio, Calm

  • Courses: Corsera, PhotoMath, Udemy, HowCast, SimpleMind+, Open Culture, Canvas, Schoology, Alison, CourseBuffet, Degreed, Instructables, InstaNerd, Big Think, Yousician, Pianu 

  • Books & Reading: CampusBooks, Scribd, Pocket, Wattpad, GoodReads, Readmill, Audible, Prizmo, Blio, Kindle, Overdrive, BlueFire Reader, Nook, Kobo, Aldiko, Cool Reader

  • Note Taking: SuperNotes, StudyBlue, Bento, QuickOffice, Google Keep, Zoho Notebook, Simplenote, Bear, OneNote, Box Notes,, Squid, Notability 

  • Inspiration: TED, Lift, Believe It: You Will Achieve, BrainCourage, Get Inspired, iFundamentals, Reinventing Yourself, iWish, Pozify, Positive Thinking - The Key to Happiness, The Gratitude Journal 

  • Other: WiFi Finder, Mint, Zwoor, Brain Pump, Curiosity, Ready4 SAT, GradeProof, edX, Mendeley, Due, CamScanner, IFTTT, Square Cash
things i wish i’d known in my first year of university

I’m reaching the end of my time at university and it’s got me all sentimental. and regretful. There are a number of things that I had learned during my time at university that I wish I’d known during first year. 

  • Read everything. The only valid excuse for not reading everything on the reading list is that you didn’t have time, not that you found it boring, or that it wasn’t useful. Because there’s nothing scarier than trying to write an essay on something you studied a month ago, and you have no notes on the topic. 
  • Revise constantly. I wish I’d revisited everything I did a week after I did it, just as a recap. I tended to focus on what I was doing in the moment because it felt the most important thing at the time. Well, during exams, everything is equal. And it’s so frustrating not quite being able to remember something. So, revise. Even just for ten minutes.
  • Don’t spend all of your money on impulse. I’ve bought so much rubbish that I really don’t need. And if I’d saved that money, I could have gone on holiday. Save every last penny you can. 
  • Eat well. I just said that you should save all the money you can, but I think that food is one exception to that rule. Try and save money where you can, obviously, but don’t go for days and days without fresh vegetables because you’re saving money for a holiday. Your mind, as well as your body, needs food.
  • Go and talk to professors in their student hours. I used to find this so awkward. To be honest, I still do. But if you’re going sending them an email and asking for clarification on a topic, consider maybe popping into their office when it’s open to students. And tell them if you’re struggling! If you don’t let them know, then they can’t help you.
  • Take hot drinks with you, to your lectures or to the library. Don’t spend all your money in the library cafe. Bring a flask of tea, and loads of study snacks in a packed lunch box. Trust me on this.
  • Make time to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in ages. Don’t wait for them to ask you. I make sure to socialise with my friends at least twice a week. And by socialise, I don’t mean getting blind drunk and going clubbing. Sit down and have lunch together. Chat. Get to know each other properly. Friendships formed over alcohol never last as long as friendships formed through actual conversation.
  • Do stuff that the university puts on for students. Join societies. Get involved. One of the best nights I ever had at university was a masquerade ball that my college put on. And for some reason, I’ve never done anything like that since then? And I don’t understand why! University is for making memories, and I don’t really have many!
  • Travel around your university town. If you’re university is on a campus, don’t let your life revolve around that one place. If you’ve travelled away from home to go to university, then make it worth your while! See the sights, be a tourist, get on a bus and go to a random town and buy ice cream. 
  • Experiment. This is the time. Dye your hair blue, join a weird and random society and take up a hobby you’d never dreamed of.  If you want to try drugs, make sure it’s a safe environment and do your research before hand. If you don’t want to do that kind of thing, then don’t judge other people for doing so.
  • Give yourself a day off per week. When you’re at university and you’ve got loads of work, it’s tempting to just work constantly - or at least, to work every day, if not all the time. But it’s so much better for your mental state to take a day off to just relax. 
  • Keep up with your chores. When you’re stressed about an assignment, you don’t want to be also stressed about that pile of washing up accumulating by the sink. Keep your room tidy too - clear space, clear mind.
  • Be kind to everyone. You’re going to meet a lot of people at university, some you’re going to hit it off with immediately. But there will be some who really rub you up the wrong way. Don’t worry about it, it’s completely fine to not like someone. But don’t be mean to them. This isn’t high school, you’re all here to learn and there’s just no need to make them feel bad about themselves. It’s just petty and childish.
  • Think about the future. I know that you’re completely wrapped up in your university life right now, but you’re going to have to venture out into the real world at some point. Do things that might help your future career: volunteer, get a job, join a sports club, make connections. University isn’t, sadly, forever.

There you have it! The advice that I would have given myself in the first year of university. Whether you’re just about to start university, or whether you’re just about to leave, I hope this is useful to you.

Your highschool teachers are fucking BOZOS
  • Professors WILL usually let you turn in assignments late
  • Your professors will actually be an expert in what they’re lecturing about, even if they’re bad at teaching (i.e. that one noob with the soft voice) you can engage them with questions and they’ll answer well. unlike the incompetent highschool shits
  • Your classes will actually be intellectually stimulating. unlike highschool
  • dogs just show up sometimes for the explicit purpose of letting you pet them
How I learnt to study

During High school I was one of those students who never really had to work for my marks, I had the uncanny ability to leave my assignment till the night before and still manage full marks that is ..till I got to university, my first year was a disaster I was barely passing my units I was stressed and depressed, what got me through high school was clearly not working in university. So to stop my second year in university from being a disaster as well and to save my gpa I decided to learn how to study from scratch!  spoiler: It worked and my marks have tripled since I adopted these habits. So here are the things I started doing!

- I invested in school supplies that I NEEDED and not just for aesthetic, example I bought tons and tons of basic cheap notebooks because I knew I was going to do a lot of writing and things like flashcards. My rule of thumb was if its functional its perfect.

- I attended every lecture and every class no matter what the time was! This is essential as it saves time later when you are rushing around trying to catch up. 

- I tried to stay up to date no matter what! Before I would let lecture after lecture pile up but ever since doing this, my study life has been much easier to cope with. 

- UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING YOU LEARN FROM THAT WEEK, I cannot stress how much this has helped me. If I am learning about a topic in week 5, I have to understand it fully in week 5, not when I am in finals week and stressing out. I use resources such as textbooks and the internet to help me understand or I will ask my teacher. The important thing is I understand it fully.

- Be organised!  Know when you have an assignment due, there are so many ways to do this. Handheld planner, wall planner, phone reminders, there is apps such as my study life. Anything that will remind you to get started on the thing before it is too late.

- Review your notes weekly or fortnightly!!! Memory works by relearning, instead of cramming the night before exams, review weeks before.

- Break down your essays weeks before its due, you don’t have to start writing them right away but at least start thinking about them.

- Utilise any free time, for example instead of listening to music on my 45 min bus ride to uni I started listening to a psych podcast or doing my readings for that day.

- Have mental health days, I found out how difficult it is to study and how necessary it is to take breaks. Studying is stressful, have days/half days where you relax and look after yourself.

-Cut down on caffeine, I was a serial coffee addict, Im talking 4 shots a cup three times a day. Cutting down reduced my anxiety and got me sleeping more, which improved my mood and energy.

- Have a study buddy/group, find someone who is serious about their study and have study sessions with them, you get to study and have a social life.

- Find a study schedule that suits you, don’t feel pressure to get up at 5 am if you find it easier to study at 6pm.

- Have a study place, that you know you will study in! It can be your local library, your desk, your bed. Anything that you find will work for you!

Imagine a college au Loki and Tony up to mischief with friends (Bruce is there too, obviously, someone has to keep them in line), and one things leads to another and they’ve gotta skedaddle before the cops show, but before they go someone asks what they should do about the dna evidence they left behind to show that it was them that trashed the lab, and while Loki’s all

Tony’s just like

because seriously nobody’s gonna come searching for dna evidence for who broke into the school to run some lab experiment that blew up in an epic disaster (totally Bruce’s fault as Responsible Adult in charge) and as Tony and Loki start bickering about whether or not this is a bad enough destruction that they need to cover their tracks better Bruce just calmly points out that maybe if Tony and Loki hadn’t been making fuck-me eyes at each other the entire time they would have noticed when things that shouldn’t have been smoking were smoking and Tony just replies that the only smoking thing he had eyes for was Loki

and they’re both just like 

and bruce is just

A week in public school
  • A table of kids are watching the original Star Wars trilogy all at once
  • A white fuckboy trips over a backpack right after calling someone a racial slur
  • A kid gets called out for watching Naruto Shippuden during class
  • Watching someone get socked in the face for unironically saying “Make America Great Again”

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Have any enemies to lovers recs?

Hi! I sure do, here you go! Some of them lean a little more towards a “rivals to lovers” vibe, but I hope they’re still to your liking :)

Title: Blow Me Like Your French Horn
Author: ohdizzy
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slow Burn, Fluff
Summary: In which Jimin undergoes a transformation from Cinnamon Roll to Sinnamon Roll and Jeongguk is a little too competitive, a little too tsundere, and a little bit too moony-eyed for his own good. (A tale of red converses, sandpit wrestling, shitty best friends a little too obsessed with playing Cupid, emotional constipation, existential crises, and that one body roll Jimin does that makes Jeongguk re-evaluate his life)

Title: Fatal Flaws (We All Have)
Author: tcarriela
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst, Mystery, Smut
Summary: When Jimin first met him, he certainly did not like him. Hated him in fact; his arrogance and annoyingly perfect eye rolls. But he did not know that as this new and crueler world pushes them close, he might end up changing his mind. Or when Jimin finally gets out of the basement, he finds the world is turning a lot faster than it did three days ago. And when people are scared, they can turn into the scariest monsters.

Title: Hate the Way I Don’t Hate You
Author: blt_prf
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff
Summary: 10 things Jimin hates about the new kid in his dancing team.

Title: Hit Me (with Your Best Shot)
Author: happy_tokki
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: Mutual Pining, Fluff
Summary: The first time they meet, Jeongguk hits him with a snowball. And that is how it all begins.

Title: Lest We Burn-Out, Unkindled
Author: DeadpanSnarker
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: Having no idea each of them has finally met his match, Jungkook and Jimin take the term ‘sleeping with the enemy’ to a whole new level. Somewhere between love error 404 and a bulletproof heart, between leading double-lives and starving hearts on fire, they find a purpose long-lost. Somewhere between being bed-buddies and ending up as partners-in-crime, between danse macabre and a kiss of death, they rekindle a passion long-forgotten.

Title: Let’s Not Fall in Love
Author: jungkoojk
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Slow Burn, Angst, Fluff, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Summary: In which Jungkook is the popular kid, Jimin is shy, and a game of spin the bottle at a party brings them way closer together than they ever wanted to be.

Title: Lonely You (Do You Know My Heart?)
Author: sirradel
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama, Fluff
Summary: “I heard the last of the Jeon kids just came to age. Jeongguk. He’ll be participating in the games for the first time this month, right?” “Yeah. He’s their youngest prince. Heard he does your event, hyung.” Jimin snorted, and one of the girls seated below him looked up to flash him a knowing grin. “The oldest prince versus the youngest prince. Think he’ll beat you, Jimin-ah?” Jimin rolled his eyes. “Please. I’m undefeated in my event and it’s been that way since I came of age. The only way he’d beat me is if he offered a sacrifice to the gods.”