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It’s summer and it’s hot as hell (I’m in Arizona, so that statement is legitimately accurate). But while it’s too hot to run outside, the treadmill gets boring and I always wonder how the hell anyone could read a damn book/magazine while they’re running. So if you’re like me and need different entertainment… Here is a list to help you with your treadmill struggles.

  1. Race the people next to you.
  2. Copy literally every movement the person next to you does.
  3. Pretend that you are singing the song that is playing to a massive arena filled with people and they are all singing along and you are totally more famous than Ellie Goulding and you’re a star.
  4. Realize that you actually are a star (in your own special way).
  5. Make up elaborate back stories for every person you see in the gym.
  6. Combine the stories to create a really epic battle and/or romantic comedy.
  7. Listen to audio books.
  8. Remember you have homework and start profusely sweating from stress and not from the run.
  9. Force your friends to go to the gym with you so you can talk to them.
  10. Force your boyfriend to go to the gym with you so you can talk to them.
  11. Talk to yourself because you have no friends to workout with.
  12. Wonder if the reason you have no friends is because you talk to yourself in public places.
  13. Realize you don’t care
  14. Watch a TV show.
  15. Think about the vast and terrifying future.
  16. Think about all the cute clothes you are going to buy after you are shredded from this workout.
  17. Go back to conversations from the past where you didn’t have a good come back and make up a really good one.
  18. Be mad that you didn’t think of it sooner.
  19. Decide which guys in the room you would hook up with given the chance.
  20. Do the same for girls (look I’m straight but if I saw Olivia Wilde at the gym I’d still try to get it).
  21. Think about what you will name your future children.
  22. Or dogs.
  23. Come up with some really insightful conversation starters to have in the future.
  24. Forget them by the time you’re done running.
  25. Picture Chris Evans running directly in front of you.
  26. Picture Chris Evans running directly in front of you… Naked.
  27. Try to hide the fact that you are picturing Channing Tatum naked.
  28. Do the same for Ryan Gosling.
  29. And Channing Tatum.
  30. Think about the delicious (and healthy) meal you are going to eat after this amazing workout.
  31. Dance like no one is watching.
  32. Dance like people are watching and just don’t give a fuck.
  33. Pretend you are currently running an Olympic race and someone from Team Canada is right on your tail and if you don’t finish running that damn Canadian and her bacon are going to catch you.
  34. Just run and zone out and let those endorphins kick in because endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.

Part of me is mad.

Part of me is mad I didn’t push out of spite to get in to a university with bragging rights, the horribly preppy one in the same town as my GI specialist. Why is gloating about knowledge so important to me? Why must I have to know most and be able to prove it? Going to a school with a name like that isn’t important, I can learn just fine without the title. But god the bragging rights. It is something to cling to while my health falls apart.

Sometimes it creeps up on me, the old obnoxious pride I carried with the sentiment “I’m not like other girls.” I have killed off most of it, weeded out the toxic ideal of having to set myself aside from other girls to be “worthy.”

But sometimes the pride of recognized intelligence still creeps up the back of my throat. I am pushing out the toxic ideals I built my worth upon in order to survive in my current state. This current state limits my academic ability to participate in university and the notion gnaws at me.

Partly from sickness being pervasive my entire university experience and part non-sickness related experience has colored my new thoughts. I am disillusioned with all of academia. Yet, still feel I have to prove my worth or intelligence or something through it.

In the big picture it doesn’t matter, but the idea that it does has been so engrained into me since elementary school as a selected “gifted” child. And that just sets us in line for some kind of meltdown later in life when all ideals (new personal and previously engrained) conflict and the pressure, even if not external any longer, devours us. Often, it has become a residual subconscious standard of exceptionalism or perfectionism that has been woven into us to the point we are not aware of it. When we don’t meet up to it, meltdown mode is initiated with us often left with no idea where the self destruction came from, when the cracks started to form. It’s buried deep, a parasite growing over time.

academia was promised as a holy land and safe haven only to be a different version of the hell we already experienced only with added pressure on the conflict between personal wants and the path that has been drilled into our head since childhood. High school left us at the end of our rope and hopeful with the promise of the haven we were told academia would offer. Yet, we have only stepped into something entirely different but still the same hell somehow. It leaves us standing alone, pulled between options and frayed at the seams.

Well school’s starting up, meaning so is my personal posting and master-posts! I’m hoping to make this page mostly about mental health while in school, personal posts, and study tips and encouraging. 

I’ve been struggling with my own mental health as of lately, so I hope to share my story as going through the college system with depression and anxiety, as well as tips I learn, resources, and provide you with support!

Lots of love to you all, I’m here if you need or just want a chat/study buddy!, and happy studying :) 


Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few weeks! We have had a family emergency that has needed my full attention over the past few weeks! But not to worry I am still here and still writing! ‘How to Survive Uni’ will finally be released, along with some other posts I’ve been working on…


'Wise words from my hairdresser’

'How to fall in love’

'Melbourne’s best' 

'Never underestimate life’  

'What it really feels like to have your world crumble to pieces… my life over the past 5 months’

looking forward to sharing all of these with you in the coming weeks!

anonymous asked:

Im a medical freshman. I met my group of classmates who would be with me for the rest of my courses yesterday. They were nice and so were the seniors. I'm supposed to go to a gathering again today. I don't know but the idea of going together again just suffocates me and makes me dread life so I made up a lie telling them I'm not going. I am on meds. I really don't want to go, but I feel like I'm shit for not going and wasting my chance of getting connections. I hate myself for NOT wanting to go.

Hey there!

Wanting to go out to events & things isn’t a bad thing at all honestly! I’m a huge introvert and love being alone, so I usually skip on out on a lot of plans even if others might love to go. I hated myself for it for a while, but now I just accept it’s how I am, yknow? So not going to a gathering isn’t going to be the end of it! You can always make friends with other freshmen and upperclassmen on your own terms, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at a gathering or party.

Not being the type of person that constantly wants to be around others all the time or often isn’t a reason to get mad at yourself! Some people love going out every night, and some people prefer being alone. Neither is better than the other, and it’s alright if you’re either one. Learning to accept that you’re just not the type of person that always wants to go out can really help you with how you see yourself, I think. Now, accepting the fact that you’re not extroverted doesn’t mean that you should skip out on all the gatherings! You can actually have a lot of fun at them, and if you decide you don’t like them, it’s completely 100% your choice if you wanna go or not.

Finding your comfort spot is your best bet!

P.S. Good luck with the medical profession! Always thought that was a super cool profession.


3 days into the semester ... HERE WE GO !

August 27th, 2015.   

I am 100% convinced that my life was not meant to be like this. I swear, being a law student is so freaking stressful, my semester just started and I feel like pulling all my extensions out of my hair. I feel like I missed out on my entire summer! Today is definitely #RagingRantThursday for me. I have boy problems, I missed out on my evening Zumba class, I drank only 2 glasses of water today (which if you’re a ‘vitamin obsessed’ girl, like me, you know it’s a huge deal), and I need a mani/pedi combo asap. Either I’m very complicated or just very high maintenance. Regardless, in both cases I’m just another young city girl trying to find peace, serenity, and the last exclusive pair of Louboutin at Saks that I know they won’t make ever again.

Cheers to my first post on my blog! *raises champagne glass*  Written on the night of the 27th but unpurposely published on the 28th at 12:05AM by stupid mistake. Ugh, see !!! Who said black girls couldn’t be blondes ?! Haha! 

This playlist is all over the place, but here are some good jams for some good vibes on a good run for y'all. Enjoy!

YouTube Playlist HERE.

  1. Phosphorescent - Song For Zula
  2. Jhene Aiko - Drinking and Driving
  3. MAGIC! - Don’t Kill The Magic
  4. MAGIC! - Rude
  5. Calvin Harris - Summer
  6. Tove Lo - Stay High (Habits Remix)
  7. Coldplay - Magic
  8. OneRepublic - Preacher
  9. OneRepublic - Something I Need
  10. Greg Laswell - New Year’s Eves
  11. Matt Corby - Resolution
  12. M83 - I Need You
  13. The 1975 - Girls
  14. The 1975 - Robbers
  15. G-Eazy - Been On
  16. G-Eazy - Let’s Get Lost (feat. Devon Baldwin)
  17. Iron and Wine - Boy With A Coin
  18. Two Door Cinema Club - Changing of the Seasons
  19. Capital Cities - Nothing Compares 2 U
  20. Ellie Goulding - High For This (The Weeknd Cover)
  21. Tourist - Your Girl
  22. 5 Seconds of Summer - She Looks So Perfect
  23. Paramore - Ain’t It Fun
  24. Jason Mraz - Love Someone
  25. Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up
  26. Thomas Rhett - Get Me Some of That
  27. MKTO - Classic

If there is one thing I am sure of after having this blog for almost 2 years, is that it seems that a lot of girls struggle with confidence. While I occasionally have days where I just look in the mirror and think holy shit did I chug a bottle of Jameson before bed because I look hungover and cracked out and fucked uppppppppppp, I am overall a very confident person.  These are essentially the three things that made me that way

1. Don’t talk bad about yourself. If all I did was sit here and talk about the fact that I have a crooked chin and wide hips, guess what? People are going to sit there and notice my crooked chin and wide hips. My flaws are there and I give zero fucks because they are what make up me. Literally nobody pays as much attention to your flaws as you do, unless they are what you talk about. Don’t, under any circumstance, criticize how you look or what you do around other people. It gives them permission to do it too. In fact, don’t criticize yourself when you are alone either. You are pretty fucking cool and I think you should go out and be cool and not focus on the bad things. Everyone has bad things. Tell yourself all the things you think you are good at and showoff those physical features you like (I don’t care if it’s your eyes or your tits) and you will just be oozing confidence and it will show!

2. Don’t talk bad about others. I think there is no bigger tell that someone is insecure than when they push their insecurities on other people. Insulting others or making fun of them shows that you just lack confidence in yourself. Complimenting others (genuinely) and making other people feel good about themselves will, in turn, make you feel way better about YOU. Plus who doesn’t love a person who is just friendly and nice and fun to be around? You can be that person. You go Glen Coco.

3. Fake it till you make it. If you feel like the above two steps don’t work for you, fake it till you make it. I read this article in Cosmo once (Legally Blonde has taught us that this is the bible) that said that if you start faking an orgasm when you are close, it can trigger senses in your brain and you can actually have one. I like to think the same goes for confidence. You channel your inner Beyonce and walk around town like the bad bitch you are and own that street and own your self and be happy and wave and bend and snap and girl… that confidence will flock to you like a group of seagulls heading for a plate of french fries.

Healthy Grocery Shopping on a College Budget

I remember the day like it was yesterday. A surprisingly chilling January afternoon in Hawaii. I decided I was so totes over having Easy Mac for lunch everyday and binge eating fun-sized Snickers at 3 in the morning. No. This is my time to be healthy and feel good. So I take the 2 mile drive to Whole Foods on my little white moped that could and walked in to Whole Foods and I. Went. Fucking. Ham.

Quinoa Chia Seed Granola? Done. 5 avocados? Obvi I need. Every level of firmness of tofu? Sure. What’s a rambutan? I don’t know, but I want it. I go the register in which the lovely Kalani rings me up. Suddenly, the smile withers away from my face as I look down at the screen only to realize I just spent $270 ON GROCERIES. I leave Whole Foods holding back the tears as I mourn my credit card. When I arrive to my moped and realize I don’t have enough room for all the groceries, sounds I imagine only a whale can make start protruding from my mouth. I weep.

I don’t have a problem with spending more money on healthy food. But enough was enough, Whole Foods. I was going to learn how to make my grocery shopping cheap and efficient. I was going to be the McDonalds drive-thru of grocery shoppers. But healthy.

Here’s how.

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The app that let's you run (or bike) for charity!

Charity Miles is an app I found out about around a month ago, and now I don’t just run, I philanthropically run. Oh yeah, I said that.

Charity Miles donates: 

  • 25 cents for every mile you run
  • 10 cents for every mile you bike

All this goes to a charity of your choice. It’s a great way to donate to a meaningful cause while simultaneously getting a good workout. Like, this is so easy guys. Let’s say you run on average 20 miles total a week well then BOOM KANANI $5 was just donated to your fav charity and all you did was do the workout you were going to do anyway.

If you are into fitness, download the app and spread the word! Get your ass out there and go running (or cycling, whatever tickles your peach).

With all the crazy crash diets and unhealthy choices people make to lose weight, I just wanted to talk about the ones that seem like they would work, but here is why they probably won’t:

  1. Cutting out 3,500 calories a week will make you lose an extra pound. This one seems great in theory. 1 pound = 3,500 calories. But the thing is, this method was supposedly discovered in the 1950s during a “starvation study” and has no legitimate basis for working for longer than a few weeks. Add that to fluctuation with water weight and you are going to come up disappointed when this method ends up not working.
  2. If a method of “dieting” works for someone it should work for you too. Every body is different. Every body also loses weight differently. In different areas, at different rates, different different different. Just because someone loses a lot of weight by cutting out dairy does not mean that the same will work for you. You have to figure out what works for you individually and what eating and work outs you can stick with for long periods of time in order to succeed.
  3. You have to eat back all the calories that you burn during a workout. This idea is good if you aren’t eating enough calories in the first place. However, if you are eating above what your regular BMR is and meeting nutritional daily requirements, there actually isn’t a need to do so. In addition, this can often create an unhealthy relationship with food, making you think that you can trade off food for exercise or vice versa, and also requires you to very specifically track you calories.
  4. Eating 5-6 small meals a day is the most efficient way to lose weight (yes I spelled efficient wrong at the top). “British Journal of Nutrition investigation found no weight-loss difference between dieters who ate their calories in three meals versus six daily meals. And, in fact, another study in the same journal concluded that eating two large meals a day can be the ideal weight loss strategy for some.” And a lot of people simply don’t have the will power to eat a small portion of food 6 times a day
  5. Being a vegetarian will automatically make you healthier and lose weight. Coming from a vegetarian, I can definitely say this is true. While you can definitely be healthy, you can also be a vegetarian and live solely off of Cheetos and Red Bull. Meat eaters are no less healthy than vegetarians, it just depends on what kind of food you’re putting in your body. If you want to eat meat, sticking with lean meats such as white-meat chicken is a perfectly fine way to keep a healthy diet. On the flip side, being a vegetarian and incorporating a lot of nuts, eggs, and beans for protein is another healthy option.
  6. Lifting doesn’t help you lose weight because you will get bulky. Lifting actually helps you lose weight more efficiently because it speeds up your metabolism. In addition, women don’t have the amount of testosterone in their bodies to make them huge and bulky like for men, so don’t be afraid to lift on girl, it feels good!
  7. Carbs are fattening and you shouldn’t eat them when trying to lose weight. Carbs are the body’s main source of energy, and you have to eat them in order to stay healthy. It’s all about what kind of carbs you eat. The kind of carbs you want are COMPLEX (fruits, whole grains, brown rice, etc). The carbs that you should reduce are SIMPLE (cookies, candy, soda, etc).

Fruits that are in season in the summer and will keep you cool and hydrated and sweet and healthy and totally rad brah.

  • Watermelon
  • Blueberries
  • Honeydew
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cherries
  • Grapefruit
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Lime
  • Nectarines
  • Lychee
  • Raspberries
  • Plums
  • Grapes
  • Passion fruit
  • Cantaloupe

Hydrating for short runs and interval runs:

  • Running specific water bottles: Holding a water bottle can be annoying as hell when it’s slipping out of your hand because it’s sweating more than you are, so you essentially spend your run playing some sick version of hot potato with your bottle instead of having a good run. But water bottles like these and these are made specifically for runs and they keep the water cold and the bottle doesn’t sweat, which is perfect for shorter runs.
  • Fuel belts: If you don’t like holding anything while you run, you can get fuel belts, which have mini bottles attached on them. I personally don’t like these because I feel like they are restrictive on my waist, but to each her own, some girls are dtf (down to fuelbelt).
  • Track workouts: If you don’t like holding anything but still feel like you need hydration on an interval workout, do the interval workout on a track. You can keep the water on the side and get drinks when you need, but you don’t have to worry about holding it. Wow what a world we live in! What a time to be alive!

Hydrating for long distance runs:

  • Wanna be really edgy and unpredictable. Shock your friends and stay cool with these alternatives. Running long distance and getting dehydrated is way to easy, so having access to water especially in the summer is super important. Doing all this as well as staying hydrated when you aren’t running is necessary.
  • If you start getting dizzy while you are midway through your run. Don’t be a dumbass. STOP. You will pass out and you will go to the hospital and like I get that you want to have a good workout but you also shouldn’t have to pay ridiculous medical bills from the ER.

Hydrating throughout the week:

  • Always have a water bottle with you so it becomes routine for you to constantly be drinking water.
  • If you don’t like the taste of water, you’re wrong. But also, put fruit in it, it will help mask the taste.
  • Have green tea with your breakfast. Metabolism booster AND water? I don’t even care if you don’t think it tastes good. You’re wrong and you should drink it.
  • Have coconut water and other natural electrolyte drinks throughout the day.
  • Have lots of fruit. All the best fruits are in season in the summer and coincidentally also contain a ton of water! Pee on, my friends.

Point of this is, don’t be one of those people that gets dehydrated and passes out while running this summer. Don’t kill that runner vibe. Drink on.