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Writer's Block (a poem)

Writer’s Block (a poem)

I cut, and tear, and rip into my skin To reveal the colors I bleed within. The staleness of blue, The stiffness of grey, My tender wounds, From my creative dismay.   Cut into my body and read what you see: The words of my past, and present, and dreams. Watch them flow and drip from my skin As they drain from my soul Hopping to begin again.   For what is blood But the movement of life, Flowing…

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anonymous asked:

For 1 year I suffered from major situational depression. My closest friends abandoned me. As a result I pushed away all else in my life. I felt like I didn't exist. I lost myself, constantly crying and contemplating suicide. This year I started college, I was able to start over. I'm in another state and recovered with help of new friends. Whenever I come back for break, the depression slowly creeps back in. I have no one here but this is my HOME. How do I deal with my home hurting so much?


Just because you live there, doesn’t mean it has to be a home, lovely. A home is really where people love you, as cliche and annoying as that may sound. Trying to deal with loneliness can be hard, and it’s not really an easy thing to get past. I understand why you might feel lonely, but there are things you can try to do.

If you have close friends that you aren’t near when you go home, try texting them and facetiming/skyping them possibly! I do this with my friend, who lives an hour away from me. When we don’t see each other on Mondays + Wednesday’s for school, then we text and such. It’s really easy to keep communication with people, since texting is so easily accessible. I don’t know how long your break is, but generally it’s a couple of weeks, so possibly you can visit each other?

If that’s not possible, I really would consider texting them and such. I would also consider maybe trying to join a community group over summer break in your home town. Summer break is usually about 3 months, so that gives you a good amount of time to try to find people to hang out with. I personally joined an art group that is hosted by the therapy clinic I go to, and it’s a good way to meet people! You can also try art classes, music classes, sports, or other things like that! It’s also pretty easy to meet friends at concerts, and just generally social events.

Best of luck,


Replaced With New Bricks

Replaced With New Bricks

The storm that came into her house Left her cold and shivering. She lives in a house of cards That the wind blew down; A crumbled building Never given a second chance.   But she found a way to survive. She slowly began to rebuild, Pushing away the memories of you, The one who helped her build this home But then turned around, Blowing in as a storm And left her soaking.   But soon she won’t…

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Navigate Your Dinning Hall.

Before you walk into your dinning hall, make a list on your phone of your ideal healthy meal. I usually think of my major food groups:

  • Vegetables.
  • Fruit.
  • Grain. 
  • Protein.
  • Dairy.

Then decide what you want to eat and incorporate those food items into your meal while prioritizing protein and healthy fatty foods like avocados.

Here’s an example from my dinning hall:

First I walk over to the grill station to see what meat is cooking. There is almost always grilled chicken, so put a big piece of chicken on my plate. Then I check for steamed veggies, say there is broccoli and carrots tonight. Then I go to the salad bar and get a few scoops of lettuce. Top it with mushrooms, shredded carrots, cucumbers and a balsamic dressing. I usually cut up my chicken and place it on the salad to add more flavor.

Dinner: Grilled chicken salad with shredded carrots, cucumbers and balsamic dressing with steamed veggies on the side. If I am still hungry after, or have a sweet tooth, I usually eat a small cup of fruit for desert. 

REMEMBER: Think of what you’re going to eat before you walk into the dinning hall. If you don’t have a healthy option in mind, you’re more likely to grab a slice of pizza or a hamburger. 

Koko's Favorite Fitness Blogs

Koko’s Favorite Fitness Blogs

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Hey there! As previously mentioned, I’ve decided to make a few lifestyle changes as a means to live a healthier life. I began following a wide range of health, fitness, and nutrition blogs a few months ago and decided to share a number of my absolute favorites with y’all. FitSugar// Is there anything PopSugar can’t do? From pop culture to fashion to food, and, my personal favorite, fitness, they…

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Year 1, Week 1: GREAT NEWS!

lbs lost: 2

Lbs until goal: 5

So I’ve been a little MIA lately, and it’s been for good reason –

I’ve been accepted into a internship program!!!

After getting rejected from the hospital here in my university town, I was feeling really down and nervous about this. The program I was accepted into is at my hometown, so not only is it the hospital I work/volunteer at, but I’ll save so much money by returning home! 

I’m sad that I’ll have to lose part of my independence and move away from my friends, but I’ll be able to visit all the time. I’ll also get to spend more time with my friends back home too, so that’s good! I’ve worked so hard for this and I’m so excited to start this new chapter in my life. I just gotta keep my grades up (which won’t be a problem I hope). 

I’ve been eating better and when I was at home I started exercising more frequently again. I’m back on the train now, and we’re gonna keep chugging along!


Cyber Challenge-Day 6

Good morning, Babes!
It is now week two of my cyber challenge, and I decided to challenge myself today by doing the 1000 Abs challenge by Blogilates. Let me tell you, I had to take quite a few breaks, but I still kept going! Remember, the only person you are challenging is yourself. Start off doing however much you can do, and next time we come to this challenge, aim to do more!

Here’s the link:

Have an amazing day!
Abby <3

BLOG 001

Today, today was a not so great day for health. Mainly fried chicken and potatoes that, to add, we’re also fried.
Today, today was also a tough day mentally school is tough. For those or anybody who is concerned I’m a freshman in college. I’m taking 18 credit hours towards a major I’m about to change. Why put somthing so much towards somthing your giving up on? I didn’t mean to. I have just come to the realilazation that what I want to do will not be capable of achieving on the route I am on. So now I’m gonna take my Art studio major to a Marketing with a minor in graphic design. Or I’ll double major. Mabye. Not sure. Deciding the rest of my life is very confusing.
Anyways, healthy, this is sopose to be a healthy blog well and a life blog but I digress. I have discovered the most delicious coffee flavored ( hold on I’m getting to the healthy part) protein shake in the whole freaking world containing 14% of my daily calcium and 14gs of protein! That sound really cool! If that’s a good thing or not I’m not a hundred percent sure. I have to look it up.
Another thing came out of today. My brother (not by blood) is going to basic and this will be the last time we see him for a while. I’m praying he will stay safe and come home soon, I don’t do well when people leave, and when he gets to where he is sopose to be and where he wants the ass actually writes us letters.

after each blog I’m going to give myself a rating on how I personally thought I did for the day. My opinion of MYSELF. Deal with it. Boom.

Health rating: 1 out of 5
Friendship :5 out of 5

If you’ve read all that. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

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First Of The Month Finance: Personal Finance or Geometry?

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Quick when was the last time you had to calculate the circumference of a circle in your job? What about the area of a rhombus? Or the Volume of a square pyramid?

Only a select few professions use the formulas and terms associated with geometry, but everyone can benefit from lessons in personal finance because it deals with you managing the income you receive regardless of your profession. So why is personal finance not mandatory in high school where Geometry is in most cases? I don’t know, but it’s a question that has peeved me for some time. In my personal line of work and the varied work of my close friends (Lawyers, Computer Engineers, Managers, Health Care instructors, Writers, Military Personnel) none talk about how they’ve built on those previous lessons and how Geometry is affecting their lives. But it’s very frequent when we talk for the words like: budget, saving, planning, investing, paying off, and balancing to pop up in conversation. They are learning as they go through life, making mistakes, and figuring out what works for them through trial and error.

One unique thing about personal finance is that there’s always more to learn. Because it deals with you personally and over your life you will change, acquire more wealth, start a family, buy a home, maybe look to buy investment property, and some day retire. Unless your industry is tailored to geometric terms, those high school lessons mean less and less. My junior year in high school I took a class titled personal finance and it changed my life. Back then we were balancing checkbooks, learning about the dangers of high interest rates on credit cards, and that you shouldn’t lease anything. And those lessons still stick with me now and I have built on them in college career, my personal career, and through teachings like Dave Ramsey’s FPU. In today’s society young people are going into financial debt quicker than ever from student loans, credit cards, and car payments. How beneficial would it be to have learned a few lessons about these topics when you were sixteen and not twenty-six?

I have all love and appreciation to teachers of every kind. I just think learning to balance potential income of any kind would be better than the difference between a scalene and isosceles triangle.

Happy (belated) 2016 and My Goals For the Year

Happy (belated) 2016 and My Goals For the Year

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Yes, I know, we’re already a month into 2016. I’m a little behind on the ‘Happy New Year’ stuff. In my defense, though, I’ve been fighting strep and an ear infection since the 31st. No, that’s not a typo. I thought my throat was just hurting from the dry air the first week and then I thought I’d gotten a cold and an ear ache. After 10 days I went to the doctor and they said they couldn’t find…

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I Should Have Used "Nine", Because Now My Story Doesn't Conclude on an Even "Ten"
Spring and Summer 2015: Be careful what you wish for. I lived a version of “the gym life”. Spoiler: It’s only fabulous in theory. Advice from the Fast Forward Button: Be Patient and Choose Balance....

Pink Polka Dots, and What can I write for you?