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You CAN Be A Morning Person

This was from a well deserved Sunday Brunch a few weeks ago. Sometimes you just gotta post up next to the Marina, eat some bacon and split a bottle of champagne with your Best friend. This obviously was a very enjoyable morning but unfortunately by body isn’t down with it every day so we have to find ways to enjoy the morning, EVERY MORNING!

We all know we can tell our body feels a certain way as soon as we gain enough consciousness in the am. If I ate pizza at 2:00am compared to having a lean dinner at 8:00 pm, I can feel the difference in my stomach as soon as I roll over. If I wash my face before I go to bed I can wake up and enjoy the 30 second eye rub compared to not washing my face and waking up to a heavy oily setting while I lay there and wonder how much mascara I got all over my pillows. Not Fun. Then your eyes are all swollen and shitty looking and you can bet that you’ve got about T-minus 2 days until that acne kicks in. Literally like a meteor, and there’s no way to avoid it now.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “When you drink tonight, you are borrowing happiness from tomorrow?” Little corny but true. I think some of us are at a point that we’re borrowing happiness from next month. But your mood for tomorrow is generally set by how you feel in the morning and it’s determined not only by if you drank the night before or not but if you overall took care of yourself.

Did you eat well? Did you brush your teeth and wash your face? Did you take a second to think about what you have going on the following day so you are prepared? Did you get at least 6 hours of sleep? Did you drink enough water the day before or are you waking up with your fingers swollen on to your rings?

Do you have a morning routine or do you wake up and watch 73 videos on your phone then go back to bed because you can’t think of anything to do?

Personally, I get up, make my bed, clean up my house, throw some clothes on and go to a café to wake up and see what I have going on that day.

So if you want to get moving a little bit and actually not want to kill yourself by 9:00 am, then try a few (or all) of these tips and notice the difference in your energy and mood every day !

- Drink water through out the day ( at least 4 16 oz bottles)

- Wash your face/ brush your teeth – it catches up to you not only tomorrow but in the long run if you don’t.

- Make sure your room is as dark as it can be when you go to sleep so you don’t interrupt any of that glorious shut eye.

- Don’t eat after 8:00 pm

- Make your last meal of the day some veggies and protein because there is hardly any sodium. (No late night Chinese meals. That salt is gunna stick to you like white on rice)

- Work out for at least 30 minutes at some point during the day. You’ll sleep better.

- Have a general idea of some things that you want to get done the following day so you have motivation and a sense of urgency to get up.

- Whatever your alcohol intake is right now, cut it in half.


Do it for yourself!! You’re the only one that can :)

 Until next time,

Chelsey Rose

Ten more days until summer. Ten more days. I can do this. I can pass my classes. I can lose the extra body fat. I can keep a consistent diet. I can get off my phone and study.

Important Reminder

With AP test scores starting to roll out in the United States, remember that numbers will never define you. Don’t compare yourself to others; you did the best you could and that’s what counts. If you didn’t get the credit you wanted, it’s not the end of the world. Keep moving forward!


5.30.17 Strong Conclusion to a Strong Day (90/100 days of productivity)

Yesterday Theresa had the great idea that we should start going to the gym for two hours instead of one. Today was our first 2 hour workout and it was fantastic! I was left in an amazing mood and I was able to stay positive all day. I count it as a small victory, especially because I embarrassed myself this morning. It turns out I had the wrong copy of a syllabus for one of my classes and I emailed my teacher (thank God) asking to confirm that - for whatever reason - we didn’t have class today. He caught the error, so I made it to class, but the back and forth that we had made me feel a little stupid at first. Or, it made me feel like he thought I was stupid, and that’s what started to bug me. The email exchange happened while I was at the gym, and while I was doing cardio I kept running it through in my head and reminded myself that a) he probably doesn’t think I’m stupid and I’m overreacting and b) even if he thinks I’m stupid, I know that I’m not and that’s what’s important!

I went to class and my professor didn’t bring it up. On top of that, he handed back our first paper assignments (grade featured above) and I feel reassured that he doesn’t think I’m stupid! I don’t think I’ve ever posted my grade before, but I realized this is what studyblr is all about! I use my studyblr as inspiration and motivation to keep studying and get A’s. So, I wanted to share another small victory with you guys!

I’m writing this post earlier than usual for a Tuesday because I’m on break in my night class. We had our midterm today and it ended up taking 20 minutes! (For me and a few other students). So, until 7:30 when the professor commences the lecture, I’m gonna walk laps around the building and enjoy the weather. 

With finals coming up, it is really important to remember this important information! Be aware of what your mind and body are trying to tell you. 

Stepping Outside of Ourselves: A Simple Way to Challenge Unhealthy Cognition and Irrationality

I want to write about a little note I wrote myself in a CBT type workbook the other night because 1) I think the note itself might help some people, and 2) I think the exercise itself would be effective for almost anyone.  

I’ve been working in a book called “How to be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad)” lately, and I quickly noticed that a lot of the exercises resemble the CBT techniques I’ve practiced or discussed with my therapist.  I wanted to share a page that I think would be really helpful for almost anyone.  The previous page says “What is one of your biggest worries right now?”, in which I wrote “Not finishing school on time” and the following page (filled in by me) looks like this:

I’ll rewrite my text here for people who don’t feel like squinting at the crappy pencil/flash photo combo.

Timing isn’t the most important thing, especially when you’re struggling with you’re mental health.  ALL YOU CAN DO IS DO YOUR BEST.  If your best still ends in a fucked up timeline, find acceptance and adjust.  Skip the self-hatred and anger and keep moving.  Don’t give up.  You’ve come this far and you can and should finish in your own time.  These semesters will seem insignificant when you’re in your career.  Don’t let obsessions over the time frame prevent you from living with joy and peace while you work for this.  Don’t let the compulsion to quit anything imperfect take this from you.  It’s okay if you need more time, you’ll get there.  Persevere.  

(ignore my spelling issues in the wee hours when I wrote this page)

This exercise was more effective than I expected.  Any effort to think outside of my own issues still failed to overcome the distress this has been causing me.  Seeing my own advice on a piece of paper and being able to reread it at will had an impact that simply thinking it through couldn’t.  If you’ve ever been frustrated at your inability to take your own advice, particularly about excessive worry, this exercise might be a nudge in the right direction for you. It certainly has been for me.  It turns out that it’s easy to dismiss my thoughts when they are just flying by in the normal mental hurricane, and just as easy to actually absorb and utilize them when they are on the page in front of me.

It’s easy to think that we have lost our ability to change or improve, and its even easier to believe a seemingly silly exercise is not worth our time.  We should fight those ideas and try any little (accessible) thing that could improve us.  I believe that we can all grow and gain more cognitive control and wellness over time.  I hope y’all with try this exercise with one of your big worries! See you next post. <3

Hello Studyblr community!

Hello everyone! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ 

My name is Willow, I’m 16 and I’m going into grade 11 in the fall! I started studyblr to help me stay organized and focused and make sure i do well in my courses next year, which include mostly arts based subjects, as well as mandetory courses in University English, U/C Math, and AP World History. I have multiple mental illnesses which affect my ability to do school work and attend classes so hopefully this blog will help with my ability to do these things

I will be posting BUJO stuff, as well as my studying/note taking methods and random tips and stuff, and will also be reblogging stuff like this as well. 

Please like so I can follow you if you post 

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AND/OR if you are.. 

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I’m really hopeful about starting this and I hope this will become a good resource for myself and for others. 

So, I took some time and compiled a list of random life lessons I’ve learned my first few months of college. Not listed in any particular order, they are:

Don’t ever wait until the day it’s due to print out an assignment.
It’s okay to say no.
Not everyone is your friend but that’s cool too.
You don’t ever need to explain yourself.
NEVER hesitate to ask for help.
Think before you speak.
Before even stepping foot onto a college campus, you should seriously consider setting your ego aside.
Never go to two parties in one weekend.
Eat breakfast every morning.
Once you make it to college, everything you’ve ever done in high school won’t matter anymore.
Don’t go anywhere without putting your eyebrows on.
Lying is never okay.
Life goes by SOOO fast.
Don’t wear heels to the library.
Study groups ain’t shit.
Peer pressure is real.
You do not have to take life SO seriously. It’s okay do something spontaneous and stupid every once in a while.
Grades should be your first, second, and third priority!
It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.
NEVER forget where you came from.
You will do every single thing you once swore you would never do. Just do it.
Squads only exist in high school.
Don’t wear leggings to class.
Your family and friends are always waiting for you at home.
You will need a shoulder to cry on.
Don’t make up lies/random excuses just to get out of hanging out with friends.
Everyone is different.
Always be mindful of your health.
Always remember to just do you boo.


9.24.16| Trying to keep up with my bullet journal. I’ve had a lapse in motivation just from exhaustion. Work tonight was not the best, but one of my band guys really made my night tipping just me $40 as he watched me run around as a fireball shot girl. As much as my work and customer interactions sucked, this guy has come in on my Sunday cleaning shifts to sit and just talk to me, he’s even helped me with my work stocking things I can’t reach. He’s opened up about his music, band drama, and discussed art and music with me. It’s just refreshing after bullshit to still feel supported by someone who’s in a completely different place in life. But he gets it. Sometimes saying “thank you” and hugging someone still doesn’t feel like it fully expressed all the gratitude I have.

Signal Boost--Because You Need It

The new school year is coming up, and as we all study hard for the varying goals we have, (whether that’s getting straight A’s, getting into our dream college, doing perfect on the SAT’s, or simply passing a class), it’s important to study yourself and not just your education. Read that again. Your education is crucial, but your mental and physical health is important too. Take time for yourself. I don’t know how to stress this enough. This is the first year I am not entering a school year, and it’s given me time to reflect on things I wish I knew a long time ago. Here are some key things to keep in mind, to start on the right path:

If your body is tired, let it sleep. 

If your stomach is rumbling, feed it more fuel. Don’t deprive yourself of your basic needs because you’re “busy” or “don’t have time”. Yes you do, and you need food and water to survive.

You can, and should, allow yourself breaks. 

If you feel overwhelming anxiety with school, or have anxious feelings about something that effects your schoolwork, talk to someone. I understand how nerve-wracking it is to open up to a complete stranger, but anxiety will only manifest itself if you bottle it inside. Your school, no matter what grade you are in, has someone you can talk to. If this idea makes your nervous, consult in someone outside of your school. Talking to someone make’s it better, and you are not alone. Think of it this way, you need that big beautiful brain to achieve your dreams. Treat it right. If it’s sick, it needs the proper attention to get you to perfect health. You study and learn with this thing! 

If it feels wrong, it probably is. If you have a nagging feeling that you should study, rather than going out and partying, stay in this one time. There WILL be other opportunities to go out and enjoy yourself. Let yourself earn it, it will feel much better in the end! 

But hey, let yourself go out. You deserve it. Remember that school is more than learning from books, you learn from your surroundings. Go out and explore your peers, your surroundings, and most importantly, yourself.

Stop being afraid to ask that “silly” question. More than likely, you are not the only one lost. Trust me. Not understanding a key idea can be the difference between passing and failing the class. You can even just email the professor after class. If you don’t want to ask in front of the class (you should work on this. Don’t be afraid of earning your education!) or asking your professor in general, ask your peer. Just make sure they are confident in their explanation. 

I will add more as I think of them, and I encourage other’s to add too. I wish I had a community like the studyblr/planner/organization when I was starting out, getting serious about my education. When you’re in school, you are doing so much more than setting yourself up for academic success. Remember to have fun, and to do your best. This time doesn’t last forever!