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This is not a good look for The Ohio State University.

Ezekiel Elliot and others wear a t shirt protesting the one game suspension of Joey Bosa and post it to Twitter.

That suspension, among several others, not only made The Ohio State University more vulnerable to Virginia Tech tonight, it also signalled perhaps a lack of discipline on this team.

With Elliot and others publicly protesting disciplinary actions taken by Urban Meyer, one can’t help but wonder if this team has the mindset to win tonight and in their next 12-14 games.


Thousands of Michigan State students and fans have celebrated the football team’s Big Ten title with large, rowdy bonfires and overturning at least one car.

East Lansing police say they arrested “multiple people” Saturday night near River and Cedar streets, a traditional spot for sports celebrations. The No. 10 Spartans defeated No. 2 Ohio State 34-24 in Indianapolis late Saturday, earning its first Rose Bowl appearance in a quarter-century.

Police Capt. Jeff Murphy declined to release arrest figures Sunday, calling it “a large civil disturbance.”

The Detroit News says celebrants threw landscaping trees, a bicycle and fire extinguishers into a bonfire near the Cedar Village apartments and overturned a car outside other apartment.

Officers surrounded another large fire about 2:30 a.m. Sunday and marched slowly down River Street to disperse the crowd.


Normally, I would be embarrassed that the kids in East Lansing have to celebrate that way. But, I know that if I would’ve been in EL, I would have been right there with everyone. 

How else do you except the kids to keep warm when it is 9º outside??? 


The 3 pics of the fire were found on Twitter and the article is from ESPN

Top 3 Most Delusional Fan Bases of 2015

Honourable Mention:

Notre Dame Fans - I know. I’m one. I picked ND #4. I really believe this will be the best Irish team in 22 years. But any Irish fan that accepts this reality is delusional because it’s hard to accept this and still admit that a little underperformance could mean as bad as 8-4. And those who expect 8-4 are straight up insane.

#3 Alabama Fans - again I am one. But Alabama fans don’t remember that they’re Alabama. That they’re always a top 5 team. They’ll be a top 5 team again this year. No need to worry at all. And those worrying are delusional.

#2 Arizona Fans - OH GOD. Arizona was barely good last year. Barely beating UTSA, Nevada, and getting loads of luck in the PAC 12 they won the second best division. But not the second hardest to win as there was no elite team. Now cause of that the Zona Zoo expects another ten win season. That’s just damn crazy. If they play like last year, 8-4 is much much much more likely and even with their scheduling luck a PAC 12 title is a hilarious proposition.

#1 People who think the PAC 12 South is better than the SEC West - I just don’t have words for this. Somehow winning a few bowl games (only Colorado State and K State being good strong wins) makes up for an endlessly weaker regular season. On paper, every SEC West team would’ve beaten Arizona by most metrics. Most of them would’ve beaten every team in the PAC South. I’m sorry if you think barely getting past UTSA, Memphis and Virginia while getting manhandled by Boise State and Boston College is somehow less embarrassing than losses to Georgia Tech, Ohio State and TCU… You’ve got a short memory.

Yes this was mostly a rant about how delusional the PAC 12 South/Arizona is this offseason.

I haven't written a Bama Ole Miss Preview

Anyway here are what the highlights will be if I write it.

1: an explanation of why the revenge game trend with Saban is a statistically silly idea.
2: asking if Ole miss can run the ball this year
3: answering “probably but they won’t vs Bama” while citing Bama vs Wiscy rushing stats
4: finishing by saying that the Ole Miss offense could surprise on the pass and noting that Bama’s pass defense is untested

5: detailing why the land sharks are still the land sharks
6: asking if Bama will be able to pass and answering “probably ok but it certainly won’t be dominant. Might be good”
7: stating forcefully Bama will be able to run well enough because no matter how good the land sharks are, if Bama can walk all over Wiscy they can probably move the ball on anyone.

Then I’d conclude that Bama had to be the favourite no matter where the game is played but especially in Tuscaloosa.

Bama will have an acceptable game on offense but you never will do great vs Landsharks. Ole Miss will need to have an explosive passing game to win and even then I’d rather be the running team. Passes lead to turnovers far more than runs.

Playoff contenders right now

In no particular order, teams with a fair shot of 11-1

Notre Dame
Ohio State
(Boise State)
Florida State
Texas A&M
West Virginia

I hope I’m not missing anyone…

Miami is about 5% to 11-1 but after accounting for an ACC title game I’m not sure that’s high enough odds.

Top 10 non power 5

Note: ALL of these teams are being pulled down by preseason ranks.

1 - #10 Boise State
My computer is disturbingly high on Boise State. I honestly believe that had they beaten BYU, they look like they could’ve finished 15-0

2 - #14 BYU
Speak of the devil BYU isn’t entirely out of the playoff race (just very probably). Beat a very good Michigan this week and the strength of schedule is certainly there for a Fiesta Bowl.

3 - #25 Houston
Undefeated? Check. Beat what’s a solid (albeit winless) Louisville team? Check. And their conference is strong enough to put together a resume to challenge Boise State.

4 - #33 Cincinnati
One of the best two loss teams is a member of the American conference. They should be beaten Memphis but for the worst call ever made and should’ve slaughtered Temple if not for a terrible tendency to turn the ball over.

5 - #46 Air Force
The Mountain West might not be winning much but they’re putting up good performances in their losses. None better than Air Force who really made Michigan State look weak.

6 - #47 Louisiana Tech
A very good game at Oklahoma makes up for a 3 point road loss in my computer. Not in the committee’s mind probably.

7 - #54 Northern Illinois
A little luck against Ohio State aided an NIU who struggled vs UNLV.

8 - #55 Bowling Green
Being seriously dragged down by preseason rankings, Bowling Green might be a deal better than this.

9 - #56 Navy
The only program with a 100% all time conference win percentage.

10 - #59 Temple
Yeah… They need Penn State to do better if they wanna look good.