college foootball


Thousands of Michigan State students and fans have celebrated the football team’s Big Ten title with large, rowdy bonfires and overturning at least one car.

East Lansing police say they arrested “multiple people” Saturday night near River and Cedar streets, a traditional spot for sports celebrations. The No. 10 Spartans defeated No. 2 Ohio State 34-24 in Indianapolis late Saturday, earning its first Rose Bowl appearance in a quarter-century.

Police Capt. Jeff Murphy declined to release arrest figures Sunday, calling it “a large civil disturbance.”

The Detroit News says celebrants threw landscaping trees, a bicycle and fire extinguishers into a bonfire near the Cedar Village apartments and overturned a car outside other apartment.

Officers surrounded another large fire about 2:30 a.m. Sunday and marched slowly down River Street to disperse the crowd.


Normally, I would be embarrassed that the kids in East Lansing have to celebrate that way. But, I know that if I would’ve been in EL, I would have been right there with everyone. 

How else do you except the kids to keep warm when it is 9º outside??? 


The 3 pics of the fire were found on Twitter and the article is from ESPN