college feminist groups

White feminism definitely needs to be criticized don’t get me wrong, but i kind of find it weird that people are dubbing the majority of white women voting for Trump in the US a failure of feminism. I highly doubt the women who voted for Trump are feminists… Trump was anti-feminist in every sense of the word. No feminist, no matter how white and liberal, would agree with his statements and actions. Just because someone is a woman doesn’t make her feminist and not all women have feminist issues at heart. The said, the outcome of the election is definitely shows that white women as a collective have more solidarity with white men than they do with WoC–and that they will literally vote against their own interests to preserve white supremacy.

++these quotes were chosen from conversions in the feminist group spawn of lilith, which began at new college of florida. thank you for your beautiful words and the endless support you’ve shown each other. here’s to you, spawn.++

lilith: a mother of all who refuse to fit within patriarchal molds. she is transcendent, powerful, autonomous. the mother of monsters. hear her children screech claw and roar 

to all the goddesses on here…life is hard

this is me declaring my positive intent to do better 

i know i am worth more than my productivity

you are constantly changing, dynamic, and lovely as ever

you are amazing and your heart is so big

I think its a Misogyny thing and also I’ll fight them

your beauty comes from everything about you

may my thighs crush those standards ??? may my shoulders smash ur ideals ?????

they underestimate the strength we build when we choose to live despite and with those injuries

the weight of their actions is heavy but it’s not your burden, it’s theirs

know that you’re cultivating your strength

you are all these things before you are small

you have taught me so much about strength and perseverance and forgiveness and whimsy