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heyyy im looking for a vkook fic where tae is really rich and crossdresses and jk has some money problems... they meet 'cause tae pays for his meal or something. ring any bells? Thanks xxxxxooo

dude, does it ring any bells you ask? OF COURSE IT DOES, ITS LIKE ONLY ONE OF THE BEST FICS????????????????

i forget to breathe (when i’m with you) by locks


Chuuch is a kinda spoiled-sweet flaky college student and amateur fashionista on the pulse of all the important local news and gossip, member of notoriously xenophobic and exclusionary human hybrid subspecies, and involved in a not-especially-exclusive romantic relationship with Daggett.

She’s really good at knowing everybody’s business without showing her own hand but it hasn’t occurred to her that that’s a conscious skill because it’s mostly something she developed out of a drive to be friendly and popular and keep on good terms with the catty socialites who make up a good chunk of her social circle.

If Daggett is the Applejack of the group and Blue is the Fluttershy, she’s like somewhere between Rarity and Pinkie Pie. (Tig is Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Everyone is Rarity. Rarity is best pone)