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Rule of Thumb Pt. 4

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TW: abo, alpha dean, angst, knotting, breeding kink, depression, alcohol

Summary: Life in Lawrence turns out to be great, especially when the Winchesters and their families are involved.  

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Dean smiled to himself as he watched Y/N frying bacon. He knew that he loved her when she freely offered herself up to fix him breakfast at three in the morning because he couldn’t sleep. She flipped the bacon over and swayed her hips ever so slightly. 

They had managed to survive her heat without ravaging each other, but damn he wanted to now because those shorts she was wearing shouldn’t count as shorts and her t shirt flirted with her deliciously thick, suffocating thighs. He licked his lips absentmindedly, approaching her from behind and letting his arms nestle around her hips. The warmth that emitted from the stove top and her body made Dean moan slightly. “Damn baby.” 

Y/N giggled and leaned her cheek back to nuzzle his stubble. “Be a doll and get me some paper rolls on a plate.” 

He saluted her playfully and obeyed. Heaving himself up on the counter, he watched her drain the grease from the bacon and place the pan in the sink. She  approached his thigh, resting between his legs, the plate balanced on a potholder covered palm. “Open up.” 

Dean’s lips eagerly wrapped around her little fingers sucking off the bacon grease and licked her salty skin. His plump lips were heavenly submissive and Y/N wanted to feel them for the rest of her life. "Perfect, not as good as my mom’s, but great nonetheless.” 

Y/N’s laugh filled up the kitchen, her head leaned back exposing her throat to Dean. “Mary is the best cook I’ve ever known.” 

Dean nodded pulling her tighter between his body. “Speaking of which,” he tore a piece of bacon and placing it in her mouth, “Sammy’s coming home this weekend and we’re all getting together.”

Y/N nodded and swallowed the bite around Dean’s finger. “I can find something to get up to while you’re there.” 

It was Dean’s turn to chuckle, his grizzly face bristling against her forehead. “No silly, you’re coming with us. It’s a family get together. You’re practically my mate and my parents love you.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude.” 

“Sweetheart, you’re family.”

Y/N paused for a moment and nodded cutely. “Will Seger be there?” 

Dean’s green eyes twinkled in the dimly lit kitchen and he gave her a soft pat on the head. “Of course. “

Early Saturday afternoon Dean opened the door to his impala and let Y/N out, holding his arm to her. She rolled her eyes playfully and slipped her arm through his, walking side by side up the path to the Winchester farm house. To Y/N, she felt like this had been her home. The sights and smells were nostalgic to say the least. 

The front door was open, the screen door separating the porch and the house. Mary’s pie trickled outside making Dean comically burst through the door, pulling Y/N behind him. “Cherry or apple?!” He called out, turning to enter the kitchen finding his mom sipping a glass of lemonade at the table. 

“Neither. Y/N mentioned she loved pecans so I whipped up one today.” Her soft eyes smiling at them both. 

“I’m not complaining but I requested cherry last week.” Dean opened the oven taking a peek, and Y/N tried to control herself at the sight of his firm ass. 

“Well Y/N calls me when she said she will.” Mary sassed getting up to hug the little omega. 

Y/N blushed nuzzling into Mary’s neck, her maternal mature was so satisfying it hurt. The soft blonde hairs brushed against her cheek and she giggled pulling away to grin at Mary. “There’s not much around for me to do besides work the front desk at the shop.” 

Dean wrapped his arms around the omegas luscious hips, his lips peppering  down her skin, smirking up at his mom. “Love my omega more than you love me.” He grumbled playfully.

Mary’s eyes widened excitedly, her hands covering her mouth, “seriously?”

“It’s not official or anything yet, we’re waiting until her next heat.” Dean explained rubbing his palms over her stomach. “But we just wanted you to know what is expected.”  

“Speaking of expecting, Jess has started to show. She and Sammy are out in the back with John.” 

Y/N looked over to Dean, slight nerves hitting her stomach at the thought of having to meet both Sam and Jess. From what she had heard, Sam was best lawyer in the state of Kansas and passed the bar exam at Stanford of all places at the top of his class. Jess was head curator at the art museum and traveled internationally to collect pieces. They were everything she and Dean weren’t. Both of them had attended and graduated college where as Y/N dropped out after her midterms in the fall semester and Dean had a GED with a can do attitude.  She couldn’t imagine any of the Winchesters being pretentious but law degrees and million dollar paintings suggested otherwise. 

“Why don’t you go on out Dean, help your dad and brother, I want to talk to Y/N for a minute.” 

Dean nodded his childish heart bouncing, ready to go see his little brother. Y/N lingered in the kitchen, waiting for Mary to make the first move. Mary motioned for her to sit down, and held her hand out to take. “Don’t be scared, love.” 

Y/N soothed at the feeling of Mary’s hands holding hers. “Dean is my baby, he’s always been my baby,” she paused. “He’s always taken to drinking, he gets it from John. I mean, I can drain a bottle but Dean is, my god like a damn sailor.” She heaved her hand dismissively. “But anyway, i’ve noticed he seems happier since you’ve shown up and now he just smiles and laughs.”

A soft  blush sprinkled her cheeks. “I love him.” 

"I know, which is why I gotta ask, what exactly do you get up to with him? We’re both adult alphas, let’s gossip.” 

“We haven’t done, I mean we’ve, fuck, we’ve done oral but we haven’t done anything else.” 

Mary nodded impressed at her son’s ability to actually respect this young woman. She kept quiet about all the times that Dean had slept with other girls so as not to hurt Y/N. “He really loves you. He told me last week.” 

“He says it every morning.” 

“I also heard about your last heat.” 

“Oh.” Y/N’s eyes flickered down to the table, it was one of those 1950s style ones that was red. Being shamed by another omega hurt, Y/N had been there before. 

A gentle finger titled her chin up to a pair of green eyes similar to the ones she loved. “I’m proud of you. You allowed yourself to trust an alpha again.” 

“Dean is an easy alpha to trust.” 

Mary stood, offering her hand to Y/N. The two omegas walked hand in hand out  to the back yard and field of the farm, the late spring sun kissing their skin in a way sure to leave freckles. “I don’t mean to sound like a mother in law, but I want grand kids, one isn’t enough.” 

Y/N let out a bubbly laugh that drew the attention of the other Winchesters. Seger bounded up to her, standing on his rear paws, his front pair on her shoulders. He swiped his tongue across her face as she scratched behind the goof of a dog. 

Dean watched from his spit next to Sam. Both men leaned against the split rail fence sipping on a bottleneck slowly. “Look at her Sammy.” 

“I know Dean. You did good.” Sam watched the full figured girl biting his lip, she was beautiful, a good fit for Dean. “She fits in, she belongs.” 

Jess held onto four year old Henry’s hand as she approached Y/N and Mary with a smile. “Nana, I picked you a flower!” He cheered smiling proudly as he shoved a dandelion her way. None of the grown ups had the heart to say it was nothing more than a weed when the child’s intentions were so pure. 

Mary took the dandelion and thanked him like it was the most precious flower in existence. “Thank you Henry, it’s beautiful!” She scooped him up in her arms and took him back inside to check on the pie leaving Jess and Y/N with Seger trotting behind.

Jess licked her lips and took Y/N in fully. “Damn, Dean wasn’t lying about you. You’re stunning, a perfect work of art.” An underlying beautiful  sexual tension was between the two girls and both shivered in it. 

"Thank you, but I’m not.” She faulted. “You though, shit, you and Sam are the relationship goals meme in real life.”

Jess tossed her golden curls back in laughter, pulling Y/N into a hug letting her small bump brush against the other omegas stomach. “So are you and Dean. The whole mechanic love story is endearing.” 

“I know nothing about cars except when something is wrong with my baby. I was a history major.” 

Jess’s interest was peaked. “How long did you have left?” 

“A year and a half.”

“You have an associates though?” 

"Yeah…” Y/N shifted from one foot to another, embarrassed to talk about her failures with such a scholarly person. 

“I typically don’t hire family, but you’re perfect. I need a new tour guide since stairs won’t be fun soon,” she motioned to her belly, “we’ll work out details later, though I want some quality time with my sister in law.” 

That night the Winchester’s sat outside at a picnic table, welcoming in the new members of their family with love. Jess and Sam were having a little girl which made Mary cry when they announced her name would be Marilyn. Dean clapped Sammy on the shoulder while Y/N offered the biggest hug she could give. 

As darkness fell, John brought out Dean’s guitar and handed it to his son. He offered his hand to Y/N and led her out into the yard to dance. “I had to steal you away, so much attention has been given to you from Sam and Jess I’ve hardly seen you.” 

“Your burgers were amazing, I know where Dean gets it from.” 

John let out a throaty chuckle, spinning her around. “You should take Jess up in her offer, work a few days there and then at the shop.” 

“So that’s what this was about?” She giggled. 

"And to say that we Winchester men have a thing about marrying our omegas.” 

“So I’ve noticed.” 

“I just wanted to test this out, you have to have a father daughter dance.” 

If asked later, every Winchester would deny that Y/N cried into John’s chest. They wouldn’t deny how Henry, despite his young age, ran to hug her leg as she and Dean were going to bed in the guest room upstairs while Sam, Jess, and Henry had the one downstairs. They also wouldn’t deny how they all got up once Henry was asleep and played blackjack while sipping the wine Jess brought back from Paris. 

And Sam wouldn’t deny that he was floored by the omega’s ability to connect American history and modern politics. Jess, she was overwhelmed by the girls love for Peruvian art. As the two younger couples laid in their separate bedrooms, thoughts danced in their heads of just how fun another omega would be in their lives, a willingness to share was overwhelming. 

Meanwhile, John and Mary smiled at each other in the dark, fingers tracing skin.   Content sighs leaving their lips because their baby boy Dean was happy.