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The signs as Black Butler’s Demons & Fallen Angels

Sebastian Michaelis: Cancer & Aries

Ciel Phantomhive: Taurus & Capricorn

Claude Faustus: Gemini & Libra

Hannah Anafeloz: Virgo & Scorpio

Angela Blanc:  Aquarius & Pisces

Ash Landers: Leo & Sagittarius

I’m a crossdresser

I’m hesitant to call myself a writer because I don’t do it often, and I haven’t actually been published in years. Part of the problem is that I approach personal interests the same way my old border collie approached his. (WOW! TUG TOY! FUN! SQUIRREL!? SQUIRREL!) When I write or exercise or, yes, crossdress, it briefly becomes an obsession, then I throw it on the back burner and move onto something else. While I don’t go around telling people I’m a writer, I won’t hesitate to consider myself a crossdresser.

I’m realizing that crossdressing is an activity as well as an identity. I’m not the best at it, and I sure as hell don’t want to do it everyday, but it’s not going anywhere. When you tell someone you’re a writer or fisher or software developer, you have to back it up with something. Crossdressers are just people who wear different clothes. Whether you “pass” or how frequently you do it isn’t important. The truth is, the hairy dude sitting in his bedroom wearing a dress and the pretty, dolled-up college kid hitting the club are both crossdressers. The only hurdle is indulging your urge that first time. Once you’re in, you’re in.

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What do you have on your tinder that attracts the POTs because I'm just getting older guys who assume I'm 21 and want to be with them just for fun? If you don't mind me asking

I have a link to a question I was asked similar to this

But to answer this directly I’m just direct in my bio. College sugar doll looking for a mentor spoil and travel with. I also took @sbabyontherise advice about using my ethnicity to my advantage on a post she did and decided to add more into my tinder profile about being from Jamaica and boy did I get a lot of responses especially from these cute Englishmen looking for some chocolate to spend money on. But if anything change your age settings as well. Mine is set for mid thirties and up. Good luck babe!

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[Transcript] 150921 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio with Heechul

Tablo: Our guest today is Mithra who is now planning to get married, and his former girlfriend Heechul *For those who don’t know, before, there used to be a rumor that Mithra and Heechul were in a relationship 😂😂😂

Heechul: Must not let Ryeowook know I’m on this radio.. It’s really no joke when he gets angry

Heechul: What kind of woman suits me?
Mithra: A woman more aggressive than you and can quieten you.
Heechul: Who?
Tablo: Jessi?

Tablo: Heechul is seriously very handsome.. Have this face but live like this.
Heechul: It’s precisely bec. I have this face that’s why

Heechul: I want to request a song for Mithra, Ken’s Go Away(?)
Mithra: Since Heechul came, I also want to request SJ’s Rokkugo
Heechul: Then I will request a really cute and cheerful song from Epik High, Born Hater.

Mithra said he wants to request Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghwamun to let the mood be calm a bit.
Tablo: Kyuhyun has been an MC for a long time. Sometimes when I meet him, he feels like an old person… he even looks like a hyung. When I meet him, it feels like meeting Shin Dongyup. Ok, after the ads, we will talk more about Kyuhyun.
Heechul: You should talk about me!!

Backsong: Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghwamun
Tablo: What is your ideal type recently? Mithra is going married soon.
Heechul: Actually I… feel so happy talking and laughing with friends like this. But when I’m with a girl, I have nothing to say.

Heechul: I showed them the rap that Jungmo and I are preparing for M&D 2jib, SM said the content seems a little too strong..
Tablo: Heechul asked for comments, I said it’s not bad, he said “I’m quite good in writing lyrics”.. I don’t know why he asked for our opinion..

Tablo: After he wrote the lyrics (of Nom Nom Nom), he sent it to me before he recorded it. Honestly, I was so surprised. He is not a kid who specialized in rapping but.. that time I was doing Show Me The Money, so I was more serious in judging his lyrics. But his lyrics are nice and there are refreshing punchlines in it. You also inserted Sooman Lee and Taeyeon-sshi’s names in it..
Heechul: Yes, taeyeon, Seulgi, blo hyung and your daughter too comes out in my lyrics.
Tablo: If my and Haru’s name are in it, just how great that punchline is..
Heechul: I was going to wite Hani, Hara and Bora’s name in that part, bec. they are doing tv show with me. But with blo hyung’s name, the lyrics sound more natural. I also inserted *“Doll’s eye” Doll’s eye , it’s English. I used English since I was in English Department during college.
*Doll eye in Korea sounds like “dorai” which means crazy.

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Is Barbie feminist now?

By Lisa Wade, PhD

Barbie has never exactly been a feminist icon, but last week Mattel was celebrated for a new advertising campaign that some say empowers young girls. In the “Imagine the Possibilities” commercial, the viewer sees young girls in professional settings — a science museum, a veterinary office, a soccer field — where they lead adults as if they are the ones in charge. At the end of the ad, the scene shifts to a girl acting out her role as a college professor with Barbie dolls in her bedroom. Across the screen flashes, “When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become.”

But does the Barbie commercial really send an affirmative message about women in male-dominated occupations? And how does it stack up against actual Barbie products?

To answer the first question, I invite you to watch the commercial above with a special focus on how the adult observers treat the young girls who are acting out their career fantasies. From the very first scene, everyone the girls encounter has the same reaction: laughter. The idea that these girls can fill the roles they’re imagining strikes the adults as so silly that the only complete sentence any of the adults says to these girls is, “You’re kidding.”

The girls are cute or funny, but never a force to be taken seriously. While the storyline may seem to encourage women’s participation in the labor force, the laughter throughout the commercial suggests that the girls’ aspirations are seen as adorable or silly.

Is it just because they’re kids? I don’t think so. Compare the Barbie ad to toy commercials that target boys. The clearest example I found was the commercial for the i-Que Robot. Like in the Barbie commercial, children take the central speaking roles as adults react to them. Unlike the Barbie commercial, these adults appear captivated and impressed by the boys’ pitches about their toy. By the end of the commercial, it’s easy to imagine these boys as successful salesmen or engineers, everyone has already treated them as such.

Does Barbie back up their message, though, with actual opportunities for play? My quick search on Amazon for the phrase “Barbie office” was pretty disappointing. The commercial, in other words, is disingenuous; it’s out of line with the actual Barbie products available for purchase. After limiting the results to only those produced by Mattel or Barbie, the only office settings I found were a pediatrician’s office and a bright pink veterinary office — which are both associated with stereotypically feminine careers — and a post office that was discontinued in 1995.

There was also a computer and desk intended to be placed in a home setting. From my search for “Barbie office,” I more commonly found  career sets for Ken than viable work-oriented play sets for Barbie. Given the options, I find it hard to image how Mattel sees girls playing with Barbie the way the newest ad suggests they might.

As it turns out, Barbie’s new advertising campaign is just the latest in a long string of commercials that try to go viral by appealing to feminist audiences. I would be more impressed if the ad made girls aspiring to male-dominated occupations seem like forces to be reckoned with or, at least, made products that reflected their appropriation of feminist ideals.

Nicole Bedera is a PhD student in sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently studying college sexual assault and construction of young men’s sexualities.

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Do you think the government should stop lending people money so they can go to college?

Yes. Government dolling out loans like candy is creating again, an overabundance of demand for higher education, leading to an increase in tuition. That’s the effect, but the real danger comes to the point in which the debt accumulated in the pursuit of higher education exceeds the value of the degree over time.

When that happens, students will no longer be able to pay off their debts and we’ve got another pop in a market bubble. What makes this worse than the real estate crisis, is that an education is qualitatively different from real estate. Houses, while there can be price distortions (like 2007) always have real value. An education isn’t a physical asset and has no value if it’s not being utilized. In other words, you can’t sell your college degree if it turns out to be a bad investment.

Some things about Kent Parson because I’m avoiding thinking about my maths exam tomorrow lol

-He sends like 50% of his money to his mum and puts an extra 25% of it into a fund so his lil sis can go to college

-He collects porcelain dolls. He has a whole room with shelves upon shelves of them. A guy from his team discovered this at a party when he was looking for a toilet and was so scared he peed himself right then and there. He refuses to look Kent in the eye now.

-He’s sort of friends with Taylor Swift and brings it up All The Time. Especially when he’s drunk. Every other sentence from him starts with ‘oh my friend Taylor once said…. Yes that’s right,, Taylor as in Taylor swift, the ol T Swizzle,,, my good friend…’

-He met Beyoncé once and somehow managed to get Bittys number just so he could text him a pic of them together with the caption 'u jelly bro??’

-He had acne when he was younger and no one ever even mentioned it but he was v self conscious about it and still has some scarring from where he used to pick at it

-On the topic of scars: he once tried to put Kit on a lead so he could take her for a walk and he has huge scars on his forearm to prove it

-He’s v good with the press, reporters simultaneously love him and hate him because he’s perfected the art of telling them what they want to hear while giving them no actual information at all

-He does that Thing Everyone Hates where you send out like a newsletter every few months to family and friends detailing all your activities, except it’s entirely about Kit Purrson. He sends it to literally everyone he knows. Farmer gets his newsletter. The woman at the front desk of his apartment building gets his newsletter. Most of the reporters he’s done interviews with get his newsletter.

-His middle name was victor but he changed it to Vanity so it was More Him