college democrats of america

If you're voting for Bernie Sanders

please remember:

not many are aware, but a president is extremely, extremely, extremelyyyy limited without a supporting senate and congress.

for example, if the majority of the party is republican, as it is with Obama, most of the bills and “promises” brought up will be vetoed and denied by the congress without us knowing, thus resulting in us blaming the president when in reality, the president needs OUR help even after being selected.

voting does NOT stop after the presidential election. the president of your choice winning does NOT mean the fight is over.

if you support and want all the things Bernie Sanders is in favor of, and want to see change, please vote for a senate and congress that will support and pass these ideas as well.

so if you’re “feeling the Bern”, don’t be upset if you dont get free college tuition. so please, please, please, PLEASE… vote for a respectful, progressive, open minded senate & congress (:

*Me* “What about all the times he made it clear during the election he was going to hurt blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Syrian immigrants, young people with college debt, feminists, rape victims and sick people with pre-existing conditions? Did you get pissed off then? Did you ever bother to think once about them and their suffering?”

A question that needs to be asked. 

America👏🏽 is👏🏽 not👏🏽 a👏🏽 democracy 👏🏽
How is Bernie better for students?

Sure, anyone can say I’ll help your broke ass pay a little less than both kidneys to get a proper college education, but Bernie is a little different.

The reason why Bernie understands is because my broke ass was his broke ass. He went to Brooklyn College then the University of Chicago on part time jobs and loans-we are ALL reliving Bernie’s life. He’s been there, Trump lived a cushy life and afforded Harvard tuition from his daddy’s endless flow of money. There’s a reason why he doesn’t care: Trump has never been in your shoes!

He was a broke college student! 

Bernie didn’t turn around on us. He acknowledge our struggle and tries his best to fix the problem! The thing about Bernie is that he never flip-flopped on this issue. He was on point from day one: apply a small transaction fee on Wallstreet and fund college education. This is more than making our life easier, this is more than just caring for the student. This is an INVESTMENT in the American youth. He has always advocated AGAINST he fact that government is making a profit off of student loans, or the fact that most colleges (public included) RAISE tuition regularly every year to “compensate for the inflation” while in reality, it makes OUR lives worse. 

The Confederacy flag is, and always has been, scary.

*me wandering into a Tampa frat-house. Then seeing one on the wall. I stared at it for a long time*

*Me* “I’ve never seen one, up close before, you know. My first time. Crazy! Am I naive or what? Oh, great. I’ve wandered into a den of mad racists. Is it time for me to start running now?”

*Guy I was with* “Calm down. They, well… they think it’s about freedom.”

*Me* “But all that flag represents is the opposite of freedom. I’ve taken history classes, you know.”

*Guy I was with* “I don’t agree with it. But it’s not serious. Um, it’s silly. Get a grip.”

*Me* “Maybe it is serious though?”

A few years later, Trump got elected.