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too lazy to dig old post so I separate this one from other welcome to the madness arts I’ve made

yall im yelling like crazy when my twitter timeline flooded with yoi calendar illustrations. and otayuri even have a date again eating something like chicken katsu and yuri using a fork like a baby while the mature well-mannered otabek altin is gracefully eating using a chopstick and im weak for yuri’s smoky eyes and otabek’s arm is on yuri’s shoulder and im begging for beka’s peeking belly

i want to draw otayuri pair skate in their EX’s costumes but college


Trick-or-treating just isn’t the same in college🎃

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ID #13000

Name: Dani
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hi, I’m Dani and I am currently seventeen. I live in the United States but plan on moving to the UK once I finish my schooling. I’m a super big art and theater nerd, I actually plan on majoring in fashion or costume design and hope to work on movies or musicals after college or a major fashion house. My whole life basically revolves around art so I’m looking for someone who shares a passion for the arts as well.

My favorite tv shows are Sailor Moon, GirlBoss, The Real House Wives of New York, and Skam. I’m also a huge book nerd, I mostly gravitate towards fantasy or contemporary novels and authors such as Nina Lacour, Sarah J. Maas, and Stephanie Perkins. My music taste mostly lies in the alternative realm (Fickle Friends, The Hunna, LAVE, LANY, and Banks).

I’m open minded and would love to hear as well as share stories about life!

Preferences: Anyone ages 16-19 who is open-minded to my eclectic life.

i can’t get the idea of the young avengers going to a dumb college halloween costume party dressed up as the older avengers out of my head - like america goes as captain america, kate as hawkeye (she basically just dresses exactly the same as usual, she acknowledges that it’s a bit of a cop out, but she doesn’t care), teddy as hulk (he paints himself green and wears a shitty wig because he claims just turning green would take away half the fun), noh-varr as black widow (he thinks she’s pretty kick-ass, plus i reckon he’d be up for the costume), tommy as quicksliver, billy as thor and david who just goes as himself because he doesn’t have the time to make himself an outfit and most of his options are gone. but then some shit goes down (as it always does) and they actually have to fight but stuck in their home-made avengers costumes 

This is me in this video, and I like to think of it as my legacy that I will leave behind when I am gone. All I will say is, wait till the banana bit…

inconvenientcalamity  asked:

Lavender and ivory?

lavender: what’s an iconic outfit of yours?

oh god. There is a triumvirate of Erin outfits that are just so extra. My first suit – the green one. Then the butterfly one. And then the cherry blossom one which is two looks in one. Honorable mention is my bellydance costume! 

ivory: put your playlist on shuffle. give me the first 6 songs that pop up

Mechanic - Misterwives, Venus- Lady Gaga, An t-Aparan Goirid’s an t-Aparan Ur: Oran do Sheasaidh Bhaile Raghnaill - Juilie Fowlis, Bleed Me Dry - Murder of My Sweet, Cold Outside-Ruth Moody, Driving of the Deer - Bella Hardy. 

“I am a proud Lumbee and Waccamaw Siouan Native American, and I am participating in Culture Not a Costume, in hopes of educating the Pack about cultural appropriation. My culture is NOT your costume!”  

When your smol directioner heart explodes because you meet a college boy dressed as Harry Styles

I Am Ojibwe

Dear society I am not your mascot. The term redskin dates to the 1700’s when white men paid a bounty for the bloody scalps of Indians. It was not and will never be a term of endearment or honor.  For once we Natives are standing up trying to educate and make a difference. Don’t silence us with your white tears. In the 1800’s the military’s policy toward Indigenous peoples, “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” This mantra, popular at the time was supported by none other than Theodore Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson. “Kill the Indian, save the man.” The motto of army officer Richard Pratt, founder of Carlisle Indian Boarding School. Ripping young Native children from their mother’s arms; forcing them to cut their hair; prohibiting any tribal language, clothing and dancing. Stripping them of their cultural heritage. They tried to vanquish us, exterminate like a locust. The disease of the western world etched on our very souls.

Genocide. Suicide. Assimilation. These few words root themselves within Indian Country today.

Dear women who dress as sexy Indian girls for Halloween, I am not a costume. Within the last 30 years more than 1,000 aboriginal women are dead or missing in Canada. Native women aren’t sex objects so don’t perpetuate this idea. Real regalia has spiritual meaning. Hearts pound to the beat of the drum. Respect our culture, it is sacred. Stop romanticizing colonization. The actual story of Pocahontas is not a happy one! She was kidnapped and flaunted around as an example of how savages can be saved by the white man, all while her people were viciously murdered. We don’t need saving from a white man, we are capable of saving ourselves. As constant as the sun setting and the moon looming over the night sky we will persevere.

I am Ojibwe. I am educated. I am active. I am healthy. I am still here! 

A poem I wrote for my Oral Interpretation of Literature class. 

Are You A Wizard?

Written For: We Kicked its Ass! Superbuster Challenge 

Words: 2,535

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess, Cas x Meg, Charlie x Dorothy, Reader x Brady (briefly)

Prompt: “Are you a wizard?”

Warnings: Alcohol Consumption, Language, Implied Smut, Fluff, Slight Angst, College!AU

A/N: As usual I couldn’t keep away from a bit of angst. All mistakes are my own, gifs are found through google. Tags are at the bottom: Tagging a few blogs that I’ve seen but if you wish to be added or removed please just let me know. I’m not offended. Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Summary: With encouragement from her friends’ Reader decides to tell Dean Winchester how she feels. Unfortunately, her hopes are seemingly crushed and she turns to alcohol and a mysterious wizard for guidance. Well, she hopes he’s a wizard. 

You weren’t used to the patent leather black heels Jess had insisted upon to go with your dress, but you were going to make it work. Tonight was the big Halloween party at the frat house where Jess’ boyfriend was a member of. Jess and your friend Charlie had all agreed to come together dressed as the Gotham Sirens. Charlie was dolled up as Poison Ivy, Jess was filling out Catwoman’s leather, and you had found a cute dress at Torrid to go as Harley Quinn. Charlie and Jess had fussed over you long enough to get your make-up and the blonde pigtail wig just right. Tonight also had another meaning because tonight was the night you were going to fess up to Sam’s older brother about your crush.

   Ever since you moved here as a kid you have been smitten by the green eyed, freckled, and frankly sweet older Winchester brother. You’d been the Winchesters neighbor and when the bully at school had started teasing you Dean had punched him solidifying him as your hero. Jess, Sam, Charlie, Cas, and Meg had been witness to the pining and decided tonight was the night to tell him. Dean would be graduating college and it had to be now. Or at least that’s what they agreed on when Jess, Charlie, and Meg had finally convinced you to come to a frat party.

   Too soon you were at the frat house looking up at the lights and sounds of dance music as well as college kids in costumes. Every nerve in your body told you to turn and leave that Dean wouldn’t feel the same and you’d be making a fool of yourself. “Guys I can’t do this,” you groan turning but find Cas and Meg behind you with a smirk. “Oh come on guys!”

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