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Trick-or-treating just isn’t the same in college🎃

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Woohoo~ *throws candies on the air* It's halloween party time, m'lady!! May I request SLBP Lords in Halloween party hosted by Keiji scene! :3 p.s: i'm sure ladies would be curious how they gonna dress up based on their personality! ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง


We all know that Keiji is going to throw a complete rager of a party. Free flowing liquor, lots of food, and wild dancing.
We also know that ALL the lords are going to show up, whether they want to or not. In costume and on constant guard. You never know when Keiji is going to swoop in for a kiss. 😉 

Well, he wouldn’t be called the Devil King if he didn’t come dressed as one, right? Our scarlet devil comes with a snazzy sharp and incredibly expensive tux and a black and red cape. Honestly, it’s a compromise, Nobu didn’t want to dress up but did it begrudgingly for MC. He didn’t want to “Look like a fool in front of men like the Tiger of Kai.” So he’s dressed to the 9’s and ready to party.
His MC comes as a demure angel (because yes they are the couple that chose to be the devil/angel combo). Just revealing enough, she looks striking in a clinging white silk dress and wings. He’s sure to be taking that halo of her’s off halfway through the night in one of the many empty rooms wherever Keiji decided to host his party.  

He puts a lot of thought into his costume, he really does. Whatever he chooses he’s going to put the most effort into. This year he picks a more traditional costume. Vampire, a classic. Also, oddly enough (and totally not planned) he manages to come dressed closely enough to Nobunaga, that everyone wonders…did they match on purpose?
Mitsuhide’s MC dresses like a cat, also a classic, complete with ears and a swishy tail. She spends the night teaching him all the dances to the music they are listening too. He doesn’t drink so she can. They retire from the party early, because he can’t get enough of how good she looks in that cat outfit and wouldn’t you know she has a perfectly shaped hickey the next day…Guess he really took his costume to heart, huh? 


What he really wanted to wear was one of those couples’ costumes, like the plug and plug-in. He was firmly denied. So he ends up going to the costume party dressed as a werewolf to his MC’s little red riding hood. Is it cheesy? Yes. Does he love it? Sure. If it means he gets to prowl the entire party and wander behind people and scare them. He’s about it.
His MC is less appreciative of his efforts. But she looks killer in her outfit, so she doesn’t mind as much. Hideyoshi of the 1000 lovers does get an earful for flirting too hard with Toshiie’s MC, some things never change.
Oh, and he did not manage to avoid Keiji’s kisses. He got a lot of Keiji kisses that night, tongue and all.

Everyone knows poor Toshiie is being forced to go as a puppy. With a collar, ears, and everything. Hideyoshi all but dressed him himself when he found out that Toshiie hadn’t gotten a costume yet. So expect lots of pouting, he doesn’t want to be at Keiji’s party anyways, but in his own words, he couldn’t leave his MC alone there with guys like that. Once the party kicks off and he starts drinking, he gets happier and manages to lose his shirt. Not that his MC minds the show (or any of the other people there, really, we all know Toshiie is gorgeous).
His MC plays along and also dresses up as a puppy, to lessen the sting. Hideyoshi was more than willing to buy her a more ‘dominating’ outfit so she could ‘show the puppy who his owner was’ but was respectfully and firmly denied. She ends up having to cart his drunk ass home after the party. But he rewards her later for it…and he keeps the collar on. 

This tsundere does NOT want to go to any stupid, foolish, insipid party. That is…he doesn’t want to go until Hideyoshi invites him. Once that happens, he’s going. He’s going for Hideyoshi, don’t mistake his reasoning for anything else. Nevermind that maybe his MC wanted to go, and maybe she convinced Hideyoshi to put in a good word. Mitsunari leaves the costume decisions to his MC, so they end up going as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.
For most of the party Mitsunari sticks with Hideyoshi, that is until his MC starts chatting with Ieyasu about their shared classes. The moment that happens he has her on the dancefloor, safely away from that ‘golden-haired bastard’. Waltzing to the music doesn’t make sense, but it works.
Oh and he’s the one that gets too drunk because of Hideyoshi so his MC spends the rest of the night, once they are home, rubbing his back and comforting him as he vomits.

Ieyasu goes purely because Nobunaga is going. He doesn’t fight it. Doesn’t make a scene. But he wears that unsettling smile of his the entire time. He also doesn’t “dress up” really. He styles himself more like Phantom of the Opera or Interview with the Vampire while wearing a masquerade mask. He drinks in moderation and listens to what ~everyone~ has to say. He can’t stop himself from his snide comments though and almost manages to get into fights with Mitsunari and Yukimura, although both come to naught.
His MC wears a slinky black dress and a mask too (just to match, Ieyasu, jeez) and spends the rest of the night dodging references from 50 shades of grey. Jokes that have Ieyasu pouting and flustered by the end of the night. She’s willing to handle a bit of fussing from him because she knows where it leads, especially when he’s been eyeing her like that all night.
Maybe some of those Christian Grey rumors weren’t wrong. 

Talk about being PUMPED for this party. Yukimura is so excited to dress up with his MC and have a good time with all his friends. He dresses up in the soccer uniform of his favorite team and even brings a soccer ball to the party. He and Inuchiyo DO have a drinking match at some point in the evening, for sure.
His MC dresses as a nurse, and no not a suggestive nurse. She spends most of the night actually administering first aid at this party. All the people getting drunk and falling keep her busy. Not to mention that her poor boyfriend can’t seem to keep himself from running into things when he gets wasted.
That isn’t to say she doesn’t own a sexy nurse costume, she just saves it for after the party, where she can use it on Yukimura.

Saizo goes because Yukimura wants to go and Saizo’s MC wants to go. So, He guesses he is going. He dresses as a stylized version of himself. So imagine the professor vibe up to 11, complete with glasses. He’s pretty much drop dead gorgeous. He spends most of the party keeping his girlfriend out of the clutches of Keiji and making sure Yukimura and co. stay out of trouble. He is the one to ensure that the people who work for the tiger of kai make it home safe that night. Although no one realizes it. His is a thankless job.
His MC dresses like a school girl, plaid skirt, blazer, thigh highs and everything. Mostly to taunt her boyfriend. Keiji thinks she looks precious and is pretty glued to her most the night. When he starts drinking she starts passing him off to unsuspecting people to avoid getting kissed. Although she does give him a peck on the cheek for his efforts, much to Saizo’s chagrin.
But then again, he does get to punish her for bad behavior, doesn’t he?


He and MC go as pirates! Mostly because it’s a costume where his eyepatch doesn’t stick out so much, so it makes him feel more comfortable. They take the time to handmake their costumes together, because its something they can use to spend time with one another, and his MC is great at sewing.
There IS a costume contest and they are the winners, granted their prizes are just Keiji kisses, but still. Masamune drinks and gets a little tipsy, and it is revealed that he is a lot more touchy when drunk, so he spends the rest of the night basically glued to his girlfriend, not that she minds.
Shigezane takes lots of embarrassing pictures of the two of them to show them when they sober up. 

“We should dress up as Bontenmaru, MC”

Kojuro really does want to dress up as bontenmaru the turtle. But his MC and Shigezane hardcore veto that.  So he ends up going as Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Complete with a cape…and a rose…and random declarations. Finally, his MC gets to decide if her teen crush on Tuxedo mask lives up to her man. Her man dressed as Tuxedo mask takes the cake.
Kojuro’s MC dresses up as Sailor Moon, duh.  She basically has to. They come in 2nd place to Masamune and his MC for costumes in the contest. Although Kojuro and his MC end up taking the most pictures, especially posing and quoting the show.
A bunch of the girls at the party end up taking a sailor senshi style photo with Kojuro’s MC in the middle. It’s a magical night.

Kenshin is too pretty for normal costumes. He goes in traditional clothing, heavily embroidered, and he might be wearing makeup? No one is sure if his ethereal beauty is natural or not. His MC is the group photographer, so she wears normal clothes and just takes pictures.
Not that she minds, she prefers it this way. She takes so many stylized shots she considers making them into a book at the end of the night.

Shingen 110% shows up to this party in a tiger pint loincloth and cat ears and that is it. He spends the night mostly with Yukimura and Kenshin and ignoring little Nobunaga and his death glare. They can settle their political arguments outside of social time after all.
His lady goes as a lion tamer, although he’s no lion, the idea doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s got a whip and everything. He doesn’t mind. He certainly doesn’t mind later on.


He’s had his costume planned since last year. He goes as a referee, he even has a whistle. He uses this to spend the entire night jumping into random situations at the party, blowing the whistle and shouting “PARTY FOUL.”  He even gives people red cards, where is he carrying all those red cards? He also takes part in the Yukimura/Inuchiyo drinking contest. He has a blast. He is the only person to willingly kiss Keiji apart from Kenshin.
His MC goes as princess bubblegum from Adventure time. She wanted to do a Disney princess, but couldn’t pick one. Either way, the princess starts a game of captain dickhead and gets most of the other MCs drunk, because she’s so good at holding her liquor. At the end of the night, he gives her a piggyback ride home because he’s a gentleman

Hotaru has to go because big-brother Saizo is going and so is Kenshin. Obviously. So he and his MC dress up that day after finding out. He goes as a forest spirit. Lots of leaves. The look suites his innocent face. His wide eyes shining under his flower crown.
His MC goes as a deer. Her makeup sealing the deal, and she even wears a headband with little antlers. They end up fast friends with Masamune and his MC and end up sort of separating from the wildness of the party to form a smaller, quieter party. At the end of the night, he and his MC go stargazing.

Oichi, Umeko, and Kiku:
What, you thought they wouldn’t come? They totally come. Luckily for Kojuro’s MC, they come dressed as other Sailor Senshi! Because those girls are the best. Oichi is Sailor Mars, Umeko is Sailor Venus and Kiku is Mercury. <3

Now, where is Keiji in all this? Wandering the crowd, drinking, and kissing everyone of course! He comes to his party dressed as Cupid so he can give “shots” of love (actual alcoholic shots, and shots that are just kisses!) It’s a great party and everyone remembers it for one reason or another.
It’s a great party, the end.

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Hanns Holdt :: Sent M'ahesa (Elsa von Carlberg) in Der Künstlerische Tanz Unserer Zeit by Hermann Aubel and Marianne Aubel. Leipzig, 1928 / source: Bennington College on Flickr

more [+] by Hans Holdt

Here's to the Theatre Majors

-whose parents told them they wouldn’t pay for college if they majored in theatre (this actually happened to a friend if mine, it made me sick to my stomach when they told me)

-who are constantly lectured on the importance of “fallback careers”

-who constantly hear “it’s never too late to change your major”

-who always get the response of “theatre….cool….” when they tell people

-who are asked if they’re going to get a “real job”

-who constantly hear about the “starving artist” stereotype

I’m only just starting college so feel free to add what I missed, but here’s to the Theatre Majors, let’s prove them all wrong guys

@imagine-sterek Its the middle of the night and I’m bored as hell so here’s a midnight ramble ❤

Alright so Stiles drags Derek to a costume party one of the frats on campus are having and the werewolf is extremely reluctant to go because Stiles wants them to dress up as each other and really Stiles? Thats the best you can do? Costumes of each other? Are you kidding me? But Stiles just rolls his eyes and says “its either that or we go dressed up as superman and batman” so Derek groans but eventually agrees because Stiles is looking at him with those stupid Bambi eyes and Derek wants to punch his stupidly beautiful face for being so evil.

In the end Derek gets dressed up in jeans, converse, a random T-shirt, and a red flannel shirt he didn’t even know he had. He feels rediculous. Flannel is Stiles’ thing for a reason! Derek can’t pull off flannel okay? (At least that’s what he thinks but Stiles makes sure to fill him in on the fact that he looks like a sexy lumberjack)

Then Stiles finishes with his ‘transformation’ whatever that means (its just changing your clothes Stiles) and his jaw drops to the floor because what the fuck Stiles looks like sex on legs! Stiles has always been gorgeous in Derek’s eyes but the way he’s dressed makes him look like the embodiment of lust. He has on these tight dark jeans that leave Derek salivating because hot damn his ass looks like it was sculpted by the gods along with a gray shirt that clings to his chest and although it doesn’t show the abs that Derek knows are hidden under the fabric it does an amazing job of showing off Stiles’ pecks. Then there’s the leather jacket. Derek has no words for the way the leather jacket gives Stiles this aura of mystery and he’s not even sure they’re going to make it to that damn party because Derek is going to fucking ravish Stiles any minute.

That’s when Scott and his oblivious ass calls to ask if they’re on their way and Derek is going to strangle the idiot because he had plans okay? Plans that involved him, stiles, and every single surface of their apartment.

At the party Derek doesn’t leave Stiles’ side, glaring at anyone who gave them lustful glances and couldn’t keep their unwanted interest to themselves. Derek doesn’t even care that some of those looks were directed at him and not Stiles, he glared at them all the same. He was taken, Stiles was taken, they were both taken, everyone else could back the hell off because this gorgeous man was his and he was going to make sure everyone knew it! If he just so happens to suck a particularly large hickey on Stiles’ neck whenever someone blatantly flirted with either of them, Stiles wasn’t complaining.

I wore this hot dog costume to class on Halloween and my professor had to stop his lecture twice because every time he looked at me he couldn’t hold it together


I’ve been doing a really poor job of telling my audience what I’ve been up to lately, so here are some pictures! Are you a fan of the musical?

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For Halloween sterek, could you maybe do an au with Derek making homemade cider and it's his mom's recipe or something so he makes it every year and Stiles lives in the same building as him and he comes home from a college costume party and he's drunk so he just walks into Derek's apartment because the cider smells so good and Derek turns around and suddenly there's just a guy dressed up as Batman or something and idk maybe drunk cuddles end up happening?

I fucking love apple cider, so I really loved writing this, even though it took months (on ao3!)

When Derek turned twenty six his mother finally gave him the recipe for her famous apple cider.

It had been a tradition in the Hale household since long before he’d even been born, one every member of the family eagerly looked forward to each year. On the first day of fall in mid-September, without fail, after they offered Mabon prayers and shared blessings around a bonfire in the middle of the preserve, his mother would head straight to the kitchen to start making apple cider, her way of ushering in the new season.

When he was old enough, around six years old, she let him help, his siblings never having any interest whatsoever in helping out in the kitchen, too busy rough-housing with each other or watching football with their father and uncle Peter. But Derek was always eager to help, dubbed a mama’s boy at a young age by both family and friends.

His mother would always smile indulgently, happy to have a little helper, and pull over a footstool for him when he politely asked if he could help in the kitchen, peering up over the edge of the countertop at whatever she was doing at the moment. So every year on the first day of fall she’d help him up onto the footstool or lift him onto the counter and let him measure out the sugar and cloves, count out the sticks of cinnamon to add to the slow cooker.

Once he was older, and no longer needed a footstool, his mother would have him slice and core the apples while she peeled the oranges, both of them talking about their week and upcoming activities, classic rock on the radio. Throughout middle school and high school, Derek would rant and rave about the basketball tryouts in late November and his mother would nod and hum in acknowledgement, offering a few kind words about how well he’d do and occasionally asking about his classes or how his friends were.

And every year she’d have him turn around, rolling his eyes like a typical teenager, when she added the secret ingredient, only giving him the okay to look again when she’d placed the lid back on the slow cooker. She’d smile brightly at him as she set the slow cooker on low to simmer for several hours, wrapping her arm around his shoulders and leading him into the living room to sit with the rest of the family.

The entire house had smelt of cinnamon and apples for weeks after just one batch of her cider, welcoming fall with the scents of the season. It was the scent of his childhood, hours spent lounging around basking in the aroma while his siblings tried to sniff out the secret ingredient.

He’d never actually tried to seriously figure out what the secret ingredient was himself, save for the times when he was younger and always tried to steal a peek from between his fingers. He’d simply chalked it up to his mother’s many quirks and carried on, shrugging and figuring he’d find out eventually when she felt it right to finally reveal the secret ingredient.

It happened to be on his twenty sixth birthday, when he’d been back in California to visit his family, taking a few vacation days to fly back to Beacon Hills and spend his birthday with all his loved ones. Early on the morning of his birthday, just as the sun was rising up over the horizon, he’d walked downstairs into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee before going for a run through the preserve, only to find his mother sitting on the counter with a book in her lap.

She’d pulled him into a tight hug with watery eyes, whispering happy birthday and telling him how proud she was of him. He’d had to hold back tears of his own as she handed him the leather bound book which, upon further inspection, he found was a handwritten copy of all mother’s most safeguarded recipes.

The rest of their family had found them like that a few hours later, holding each other tight and crying into each other’s shoulders, any thoughts of coffee and running completely forgotten. Laura had teased him for the rest of his visit about him being a giant sap, only stopping when Derek threatened to withhold apple cider from her the next time she stopped by his loft in New York, their mother rolling her eyes fondly as they bickered like the children they’d always be to her.

He boarded his flight back to the Big Apple a week later feeling more like an adult than since he’d gotten his driver’s license, since he’d gotten his PhD early, since he’d bought his loft in Brooklyn and started teaching at Columbia.

So, there he was at ten p.m. on Halloween night finishing his third batch of apple cider since he’d been given the recipe, singing along off-key to the Queen song he had playing on his phone, a batch of white chocolate caramel cookies baking in the oven. He was straining the cider through a fine mesh sieve, his cat, a calico aptly named Autumn, watching him from her spot on the kitchen floor, stretching lazily as she swished her tail.

Tossing the drained apple mash into the trashcan, Derek moved to strain the cider again to make sure there weren’t any solids left behind. He paused when he heard Autumn meow, the lilting trill she used by way of greeting, turning on his heel to see what had elicited her loud mewl, the words of Somebody To Love dying in his throat when he saw someone standing in his living room.

He tightened his grip on the metal handle of the sieve, ready to bash the intruder over the head. But it wasn’t just anybody standing in his living room—it was Batman. Well, someone dressed as Batman, anyway. It was Halloween, after all.

The mystery man’s identity didn’t remain a mystery for long as he yanked off his cowl and asked in a slurred whisper, “S'at apple cider?”

Derek nodded silently, completely flabbergasted, eyebrows furrowing as he took in the sight of the intruder, immediately recognizing him without the obstructive mask. It was his neighbor Stiles, an undergraduate at Columbia who lived across the hall and always said hi in the hallway and hummed loudly in the elevator every morning and had an overabundance of male guests that Derek’s jealousy couldn’t handle.

They’d talked a few times in the year Stiles had been living in the same apartment building, at the mailboxes and in the elevator, occasionally running into each other on campus, even hanging out with mutual friends to watch baseball a couple times. But they were nowhere near close enough to just come barging into each other’s apartments uninvited and unannounced, let alone barging in dressed like DC characters.

Not that Derek would ever kick Stiles out of his apartment, Batman costume or not. He’d been harboring a crush on Stiles for an embarrassingly long time, falling head over heels for him the moment he’d overheard him ranting to his friend about how rampant bisexual erasure in history was, citing a disclaimer in his history textbook which essentially no homo’d Chopin’s letters to Titus before switching to fluent Polish and reciting a snippet of one of said letters.

That had been almost a year ago and he still got butterflies whenever he saw Stiles in the hallway or shared an elevator with him, blushing like a little schoolboy whenever Stiles waved at him or asked him how his day was going. He’d actually run into a wall once, distracted by the way Stiles’ entire face lit up when he smiled, not paying attention to where he was walking and smacking face first into the wall, his nearby students dissolving into hysterical laughter.

Derek had nearly had a heart attack when Stiles first met Autumn, sinking down to his knees in a move that made Derek’s gut twist with arousal. He’d scratched under her chin and raved about how gorgeous she was, claiming he adored cats, always greeting Autumn with a smile and a coo about her adorableness whenever he saw her after that.

Every morning, Derek looked forward to passing Stiles on the stairwell or seeing a glimpse of him at school, feeling like a lovesick puppy. And now Stiles was standing there in his living room dressed like Batman.

Derek had a dream like this once — it had quickly become R-rated. He swallowed thickly at the memory, reflexively licking his lips.

“Uh, yeah,” he managed to croak out, glancing back at the slow cooker, wondering what about apple cider was so intriguing. His eyes widened when he turned back to Stiles to find him crying softly, hands clenched into fists at his sides.

Derek tossed the sieve into the sink with a clatter as he rushed over to Stiles, stepping over Autumn who let out a plaintive cry as he did. He gently held Stiles by his upper arms, frantically looking him over for any injuries, for anything that could have elicited his tears, urgently asking, “Are you okay? Are you hurt? What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry,” Stiles sniffled quietly, his soft voice a far cry from his typical loud, endearingly brash, confident demeanor, the sound breaking Derek’s heart. Stiles raised a hand to wipe his wet eyes, bottom lip wobbling as he tried to hold back more tears. "It’s just… My mom used to make homemade apple cider and I smelled it, and it smells so good, and it just reminded me of her so much and I really miss her and your door was unlocked… And I’m really drunk and…I’m sorry.”

“Hey, hey,” Derek soothed softly, rubbing his hands up and down Stiles’ arms, squeezing his shoulders reassuringly. “It’s okay, it’s alright. I know. Here–” he turned Stiles by his shoulders and led him towards the couch, gesturing for him to sit “–just sit down and relax. I’ll finish the cider and pour you a glass, okay?”

Stiles sniffed as he sunk back into Derek’s couch, relaxing into the comfortable cushions. He lifted his head to look up at Derek. “R-Really?”

“Yeah, really,” Derek confirmed, grinning warmly as he ran a hand through Stiles’ sweaty, disheveled hair, stroking his thumb over his cheek. “Just sit here and relax. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Stiles mumbled, voice thick and gravelly as he hastily wiped his eyes, looking up at Derek with wide, trusting doe eyes. He licked his lips, sniffling miserably, “Okay.”

Derek grabbed the blanket he kept draped over the back of the couch and laid it over Stiles’ lap in case he got cold, tucking it around his hips before jogging the short distance back to the kitchen, weaving around Autumn. He picked the sieve up out of the sink, quickly rinsing it off before he strained the cider again. He stretched to grab a ladle from the drawer on the other side of the sink before fetching two mugs from the cabinet above the sink.

He spooned some of the hot cider into the mugs, adding a half stick of cinnamon to each the way his mother always did, and ventured into the medicine to grab a bottle of aspirin, remembering of some of his own more horrendous hangovers. He carefully carried the mugs back out to the living room where Autumn was curled up at Stiles’ hip, front paws in his lap, purring loudly as he scratched behind her ear, green eyes closed in pure bliss.

Smiling at the sight, Derek rounded the coffee table where Stiles had tossed his mask and took a seat beside him on the couch, Autumn mewing at him in greeting. He set the bottle of aspirin down on the table and handed Stiles a steaming mug of apple cider with a warm smile.

“Thank you,” Stiles murmured, uncharacteristically demure as he looked down at the mug in his hands. He carefully raised it to his lips, closing his eyes and breathing in the heady scent of cinnamon as he took a small sip.

His eyes popped open, wide and shocked, the moment the cider touched his tongue, moaning emphatically as he took another, bigger sip and then another. Derek smirked into his own cup at Stiles’ reaction, savoring both the amusing expression on Stiles’ face and the familiar taste of his mother’s cider.

“Oh my god,” Stiles moaned, blotting his upper lip with the back of his hand, gloves beside his mask on the coffee table. He pointed at his mug excitedly, licking his lips before he spoke, voice much less slurred, “This is amazing!”

“Thanks. It's—” Derek paused, not wanting to upset Stiles any further by being insensitive “—it’s my mother’s recipe.”

“S'really good,” Stiles reiterated, nodding gravely to himself. He raised the mug to his lips again, taking another deep swig, eyes falling closed at the taste.

Derek was about to ask him if everything was alright, but he stopped himself. He would let Stiles sober up, offer him the use of his shower, maybe give him a change of clothes. But for now, they would just sit there and enjoy each other’s company and his first batch of apple cider.