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As a black cheerleader myself,it’s so awesome to see an all black team that’s this awesome.Some of you may not know but often black cheer teams get labeled as ghetto,untalented, aggressive dancers,or as Santwon would say “raggedy black cheerleaders” lol.They got second and they haven’t been going to nca for long. I hope they can increase their difficulty and take first next year 🙌🙌

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Caroline goes to NOLA with her college cheerleading team(i don't know if they really have cheerleaders in college) and after the win the whole team goes to Rouseau's and of course Klaroline reunion! (would be perfect if there's also more jealous Cami, loved how you wrote her in the previous drabble :)

We got the awesome @accidental-rambler back for some more jealous Cami (#GuestWritersOnFleek)!

Not That Into You

AN: No baby or Hayley, obviously. No SC either.

Forgive me for I wanted to incorporate more jealous Cami but it turned out to be smut. A lot of smut. Really hope you’ll still like it! Nsfw.

Entering the bar, Caroline had a pretty vivid picture in her head of how this night was going to end.

Of all the colleges in the States, it just had to be Tulane that held the big end-of-year cheerleading competition.

And it would just be her friggin’ luck – at the bar afterwards, celebrating their win with her teammates, she ended up at the one place with the most boring bartender talking her ear off. Caroline wondered how it was even possible, the girl had stated earlier (Caroline had been trying in vain to get away for the past half hour) that she was studying psychology and yet, somehow, she was the one who felt like the therapist.

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A Night at the Penny, Ch. 1

Gail noticed her immediately when she came into the bar. Not that that was unusual. Gail had been “noticing” her for going on six months now. Gail sighed internally as her eyes followed the brunette across the room even as she willed them to stop.

She continued cleaning the glasses in front of her, trying to play it cool, but she couldn’t help but watch from the corner of her eye as Holly - a name Gail really only knew from eavesdropping - settled onto a stool at the very end of the polished walnut bar and slumped against the wall. Gail frowned as she took in the the tightness to Holly’s shoulders and the circles under her deep brown eyes. Tonight those eyes that normally held a mischievous twinkle instead betrayed a deep weariness.

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