college cars

  • Uber driver: Hey, it’s you Uber here, where are you?
  • Aizawa: I see you.
  • Uber driver: Are you the person laying down in the middle of the road?
  • Aizawa: Yeah. Floor it.

The word lecture comes from the Latin “Lectus,” to read. You may have noticed, however, there is very little reading involved in a lecture: A teacher speaks, and students take notes. It should be called a “dicture,” but everybody kept giggling. The original lecture was actually the practice of reading aloud to students while they literally copied down every word you read. That was done because, until very recently, books were prohibitively rare and valuable.

A lecture consisted of a professor reading a book to a class full of students who hurriedly made copies of it in real time, like an in-person bit torrent. That gradually evolved into people lecturing about the subject, but it’s still basically graduate-level storytime.

So why are we still doing it when books are (mostly) cheap, and information is freely available on the internet? Even back in the 1500s, people thought the printing press spelled the end of lecturing, but it persists today, so it must be the best way to learn, right?

A good deal of research has gone into more active learning approaches, and it found that they may be more effective and require less background knowledge to learn the same material. (In fact, some studies have shown no method of teaching is less effective than lecturing “including, in some cases, no teaching at all.”)

5 Things That Only Still Exist Because We’re Used To Them

Every time I think about having to be an adult I get so mad. Like I want to call around to see if I can get lower car insurance but I literally have no idea what I would be saying. Besides “I want cheaper car insurance”. Like wtf is a premium, wtf does 100/300/100 mean, how much insurance do i need???


{Wednesday 09/11/2016} 

Accommodation Theory for English and some module covers to separate the two novels I am studying. (The Great Gatsby hasn’t been started yet)

Was sick at college today and spent ten minutes in the girls bathroom having a panic attack over the fact I had just been sick in college until my friend came to my rescue and calmed me down. I managed to sign out and get the next bus home and am currently in bed while finishing some work that needs to be done. 

smol idea

when I go to college I literally want to one day invite a couple of strangers from school to go on a roadtrip with me during the summer. literally just sending them a letter saying “let’s go on a roadtrip” and telling them to give it to someone else if they can’t. then go on the trip of a lifetime and meet new people and learn their stories and perhaps fall in love and/or make friends for life. and above all that create some beautiful memories that I’ll remember forever