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Petition to President Johnson to make Wellesley College a sanctuary campus

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Dear colleagues and friends:

we are inviting signatures for a letter asking President Johnson to declare Wellesley College as a sanctuary campus and take steps to protect our community from discrimination on the basis of immigration status, nationality, religion, creed, race, or ethnicity. The text of the petition can be accessed here.

Please note that the petition is not editable but if you have suggestions feel free to write to us directly.

Christopher Candland
Catia C. Confortini
Alejandra Osorio

Petition to make Wellesley College a sanctuary campus

There’s a university in Sweden where students let out primal screams at exactly 10pm each night. The ‘Flogsta Scream’ occurs when students in Uppsala’s Flogsta neighborhood keep up tradition by stopping what they’re doing at precisely 10pm and collectively screaming from their windows, balconies, and rooftops to help blow off steam and ease the stresses of college life. Source Source 2


Students Share What It’s Like To Be Black At Mizzou

Being black at the University of Missouri was tough long before the country started paying attention to why.

Cultural insensitivity, racial slurs and de facto segregation are the common threads minority students say separate the 7 percent of black students from the 77 percent white students that make up the school’s population. Four black students shared their experiences with The Huffington Post on what their life is like dealing with racism on campus.

Learn more about what it’s like to be black at Mizzou here.

You better work. You better try so damn hard that you may think you could die. Thats when you can look them straight in the eyes without bating an eyelash.

“Ricky [Nierva] and I talked a lot about the idea of having rolling hills and curving paths and buildings behind buildings, so that you felt like there was always something around the corner. Because that’s what college life is like; that’s what being that age is like. You feel like you could do anything, like there’s something new wherever you go.” —Dan Scanlon