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No More Excuses: College Campus

It’s estimated that one in five women are sexually assaulted in college. It is time to say no more to the blame and shame placed on survivors. Rape is never the victim’s fault.

We need to work together to make sure that communities and campuses know how to support survivors and respond to sexual assault. Go online to learn more and get campus resources. And if you, or someone you know needs help, call the national sexual assault hotline on 1-800-656-HELP.

It’s so strange to look back at the summer before coming to college…my life has changed so much since. I can honestly say I did not partake in the freshman 15 and have loved living where I have constant support from friends, a gym membership, and healthy food readily available to me. It’s been a long road, but I’m sure glad I took it.

Cancer & Taurus
  • Taurus, sitting in the mini park on campus, studying before his next class:
  • Cancer, sees him & walks over to him calmly: Hey Taurus, how are you doing?
  • Taurus, smiles as soon as he notices her: Better, now that your here. What's up?
  • Cancer, screaming inside her head: Oh, you know...nothing.. besides the fact that anytime I see you around, I feel like melting- But you know, just studying.

Finding the best study places! There are a lot of places you can find yourself studying haha. Here are a few of my favourites :)

  • Empty classroom - somehow these are rare to find when you need them, in fact you usually spend more time searching. And they usually aren’t available for more than an hour or two.
  • Your faculty’s computer lab - my go-to study place is the optometry computer lab. It’s really nice having a place specifically for optometry students. It’s occasionally taken up by a class, but it’s got aircon, great chairs, big monitors and has a lot more hours where it’s completely empty ^__^
  • Another faculty’s study area - yup, crashing business school for those office-level-over-9000 chairs.
  • Obviously, at the library - best when you’re by yourself, difficult when in pairs or groups unless you rent out a study room. Try not to study on those beanbags - they usually just make you fall asleep - and think of the drool! D:
  • On the lawn - subject to windy weather, muddy pants and stray caterpillars. I’m a vampire and have a phobia of bugs so I usually don’t sit outside unless I have to ^^”
  • Numerous benches and chairs - I sits where I fits. 




college campus gothic
  • The RA greets you on move in day with a big smile, and you see she has at least three rows of jagged teeth
  • Your new roommate begins putting up photos on the walls of your room. “This is my mom,” she says with a smile, pointing to one image. “It’s a pretty picture,” you say, and your roommate just replies, “This is my mom,” as the image stares at you and blinks
  • There is an English professor with red eyes who is notorious for never giving higher than a B on any of his papers; the last student who got a A disappeared long ago. You’ve never been good at writing papers–but when you get your first paper back, you see an A marked over it, the color of blood
  • You go into the chemistry building 20 minutes early to find your lab, in room 140, on time. You walk down the hall, past  room 138, 139… and then 138 again, 137 again, all the rooms repeating themselves like a mirror all the way back down to Room 0. When you get to Room 0, you can hear desperate but distant screams
  • Everyone goes to check out the dining hall over the first few days. You pick up what you think is pasta, but when you stab your fork into it, it writhes and starts to struggle
  • Your first all-nighter is spent in the library frantically writing a paper due at 8 AM and chugging down energy drinks. Shadows move in the corners of the library, but you think you’re just seeing things–until one of them moves under your chair, and you feel something cold and scaly against your skin
  • There is a frat house down the street from your dorm. You go there for a party, but when you tell your roommate about it later, she says she’s never seen that frat. No one has ever heard of the fraternity or its members. When you look in the school directory, you find it doesn’t exist
  • There is always an eccentric preacher on the quad who rants about how all the students are sinners and have been damned to hell. Sometimes, you wonder why he uses the present tense

UC Berkeley just introduced gender-neutral bathrooms in 40 campus buildings

Finding a gender-neutral bathroom on UC Berkeley’s 1,200-mile campus just got a lot easier. University officials announced that 40 campus buildings now house gender-neutral bathrooms, and that a renovation project will add even more. The announcement comes on the heels of big news in the fight for transgender bathroom rights.