college band camp

Punk! Josh ft. Pastel!Tyler Masterlist

Flower Crowns and Other Neat Stuff by FeelsGoodToBeUnholy (14/? | 21,644 | Not Rated)

Everyone is scared of Joshua Dun. Enter Tyler, who can’t understand what’s all that scary about him.
In which Tyler’s the new kid who’s pastel aesthetic seems to give Josh chill, Josh looks more hardcore than he actually is, and everyone is unrealistically gay

if you were mine (i’d have the world) by striderbuns (5/? | 3,896 | General)


The Two Of Us Are Just Young Gods by twentyoneboyfriends (1/1 | 1,652 | Not Rated)

You know we’re gonna be legends.

but we don’t feel like outsiders at all by tinyliquorbottler (1/1 | 891 | General)

pastel!ty and punk!josh are roadtripping when ty rlly wants to get some candy at a rest stop

i’m dripping in gold so wash your sheets by dogf1ght (4/4 | 4,104 | Not Rated)

josh loves tyler, tyler loves josh. the only thing that could come between them is, of course, their friends.

420blazeit by suicider00m (1/1 | 1,063 | Not Rated)

“My pain can only be fully understood with five voices, side lighting, and a kazoo.”

camp bottomridge >><< joshler by probablyshippingit (2/? | 2,360 | Not Rated)

tyler wasn’t fond of little children, but he needed to volunteer at a summer camp.

the upsides?

he’d be spending his summer with his closest friends and getting hours to graduate.

the only downside?

there’s a new counsellor, covered in tattoos and piercings. the only thing tyler knew about him was that he was intimidating and mysterious, closed-off, and quiet.

oh yeah, and that his name is josh.

- Karri

When I was a freshman in bandcamp, they had this motivational speaker come in and talk to all the freshmen.

The guy started with this meandering pep talk about him and his twin as teens, being super competitive with each other and striving to better one another every day and how now that he’s a dad he hopes his twin can continue to inspire and push him to do his best.

Only, his brother is dead because he had cancer and they haven’t figured out a cure for cancer and it ended with him shrieking at us, asking why we were still sitting there instead of curing cancer RIGHT THEN because of his dead brother.

And so yeah, that was my introduction to college. I think about that a lot.