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BTS reaction to your disappointment @ your grades

Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you working hard to keep up your grades but when you received your report card it turns out your grades dropped and you feel really sad about it

Here it is! (I’m not completely satisfied with this one, but here it is anyways)

I’m sorry if each reaction is too similar, that’s just how it came out cx

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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You stare down at the letters on the page - having waited until you returned home - your heart sinking to your stomach, and you slump down in your seat. Again. Even after all the work you put in, the endless nights of sheets and books scattered everywhere, the blood, sweat and tears you put into your studies, your grades still drop. Your mood drops completely, all sense of hope disappears and you’re left slumped in the chair, your head in your hands.

Namjoon quietly lets himself into your apartment, calling out for you, a hopeful smile on his face, dimples and all. His heart cracks a little when he sees you sobbing on the couch - your body shaking with tears - and he drops his bags at the door, rushing forward, accidentally hitting the table in the way. 

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” He asks softly, rubbing your arm comfortingly.

You look up, attempting to force a smile, and yet your vision is still blurred through the tears. You sigh, finally stating, “My grades dropped, again.” 

He puts his arms around you, pulling you into a hug, as he says, “It’s okay, there’s always next time, I could help tutor you if you wanted? All you need is a little help jagiya, you’re smart, you can do this.” 

You nod, pulling on your sleeve and wiping your tears away, leaning into his embrace. 

“That would be great, Joonie, thank you so much.”

Jin (Seokjin):

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“Jagiya? Why are you crying?” Jin walks up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and you quickly wipe away your tears, your eyes darting around.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing, it’s fine,” you quickly say, sighing as you brushed your hair back, attempting a smile. Jin stares at you carefully, and he shakes his head, refusing to let you or the matter go.

“Jagiya, you can trust me, what’s wrong?” He finally asks, after allowing you to sob into his shoulder for a few minutes, his arms wrapped protectively around you as he rubs your back reassuringly.

“My grades have gone down yet ago, even though I worked so hard to bring them up, I don’t get it, what did I do wrong…” you rambled, still nuzzled in his shoulder and Jin frowned, saddened by your frustration and sadness, and he plants a soft kiss on your cheek, mumbling sweet words into your ear to help calm you down.

“It’s okay jagiya, next time you’ll do better, I know you will, please don’t be too disappointed,” he reassures you, his arms gently reaching under your legs to pick you up bridle-style and settle down on the couch with you, placing kisses all over your face, causing you to finally giggle, your tears drying up.

“That’s much better, I’m glad to see you smiling again (Y/N),” Jin grins, and you lean back against him, this time your turn to kiss him, smiling.

Suga (Yoongi):

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Yoongi pops his head through the doorway, watching as you frown, your eyes scanning over a sheet of paper, your head dropping into your hands as you sigh, tossing the paper across the table as you curl up on the couch. His lips curl downwards into a frown, and he wanders in, silently sitting next to you, his arm wrapping around you.

You simply lean into his embrace, and he shifts position to allow you to completely lean into his chest, your arms snaking around his waist. The two of you lay in this position in a while without words, your actions speaking louder than any words could, and you feel your mood lift slightly knowing that Yoongi would always be there for you whenever you needed comfort.

“School getting you down again?” Yoongi finally inquired, breaking the silence between the two of you, and you nod against his chest, still curled up against him. Yoongi resists the urge to cover your face in kisses at your adorableness, and instead opts to press his lips against your forehead, withdrawing after a few seconds.

“Don’t worry too much about it (Y/N), don’t let school get you so down, it’s not everything, yeah?” He reassures you, and you smile up at him, turning his heart to mush.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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(A/N: His grin is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a while, omg <3)

Hoseok pouts as he notices you sitting in your room, slumped over your desk once again, hitting your head on the surface repeatedly, surrounded by sheets of paper. You exhale in frustration, tugging on your hair before leaning your head on the desk once again.

“(Y/N), don’t hit your head like that, you’ll hurt yourself,” he rushes over to you, crouching by you and gently touching your forehead in concern. He gazes at you, eyes holding the utmost concern, and you feel your heart melt.

“I’m sorry Hobi, it’s just uni has been stressing me out again, and my grades are going down again… I can’t do this…” You push your dishevelled hair out of your face, and he pouts again, standing up straight and outstretching his arms.

Taking one last glance at your work, you get up and engulf yourself in Hoseok’s arms, his familiar scent calming you down immediately, and you bury your face into his neck. Hobi can’t help but grin at you clinging to him, and he gently pries your arms away, only to grab his bag. He gestures to you to grab your stuff, saying, “Let’s go out somewhere nice jagi, you deserve it.”

He grins again, and you can’t help but go along with him, the initial disappointment and frustration disappearing, and replaced with a warm feeling.


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(A/N: I might’ve died writing this part, this boy wrecks me, I wish this would happen to me cx)

“Jimin… are you planning to let go of me any time soon?” You ask, shaking your head at Jimin who was currently clinging onto your waist in a koala-like way, his face buried in your shoulder.

“No, not until you promise me you won’t stay disappointed about your grades,” he replies cutely, his voice muffled as he trails kisses along your neck, and you weaken under his touch, your mouth opening, inaudible sounds escaping.

“Jiminie,” you whined, and yet you knew he was right, there was no point to beating yourself up over your grades, you could only keep working hard and hope for the best.

“Promise me,” Jimin mumbles against your neck, the vibrations sending a shiver of pleasure through your body, and he smirks, satisfied by your reaction.

“Okay, okay, I promise I’ll stop worrying about it, but stop before I end up…” you cut yourself off, and Jimin giggles, fully aware of where your thoughts were going.

He finally lifts his lips off your neck, his arms loosening up on your waist, and you can’t help but smile, your fingers brushing over your neck.

V (Taehyung):

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(A/N: When you have two biases and writing both their parts just wrecks your heart completely… *sigh* cx)

“Yah, jagi, you’re making me sad too,” Taehyung says, sitting across from you as your eyes scan over your grades for the nth time, a mix of sadness and disappointment in your eyes, and you finally look up, Taehyung frowning in concern.

He scrunches his face up in an exaggerated crying face in an attempt to cheer you up, an array of silly faces flashing across his face, and you can’t help but let out a giggle, your fist pressed to your mouth in an attempt to suppress it. While this sends a flash of happiness through you, a glance back at the discarded report card has the disappointment and frustration flooding back and you sigh.

Taehyung pouts, determined to cheer you up, and an idea creeps into his mind, his lips curling up into a mischievous smirk, as he gets up to sit by you on the other couch.

“What are you-” You’re cut off by Taehyung’s hands suddenly flying to your sides, and your stomach, and you shriek out in laughter from the sensation, falling back onto the couch. Taehyung relentlessly tickles you, until you throw your arms up in defeat, promising him that you’d try not to worry too much, and he grins his box smile in triumph.


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You pace around the apartment, muttering to yourself, your arms occasionally flying up in frustration, and Jungkook peers up from his phone in curiosity, furrowing his eyebrows cutely as he wonders what has you so frustrated and seemingly stressed.

“(Y/N)? Why are you mumbling to yourself like a crazy person?” He asks, snickering at the thought of it, and you spin around, glaring at him, not finding the situation amusing at all. 

“I’m still not doing great at school, even after all that work I put in, all that studying for nothing and… I can’t.” You slump down onto the couch beside him, and Jungkook turns his head to face you, a look of concern flashing across his eyes.

“If it’s any comfort, I’m not doing too great either, you’re not alone,” he grins his bunny-like smile at him, and you look at him in confusion, your eyebrows now furrowing.

“Why aren’t you stressed then?” You inquire, reaching up to brush his fringe away from his eyes, causing a light pink to flourish on his cheeks, a smile appearing on his face.

“Because,” he starts, “I figured all I need is some help, we should study together (Y/N), that could help?” 

You think it over, your stress levels finally beginning to decrease, and you finally break out into a smile, at the thought that this might finally help your grades. 


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: CollegeAU / Fluff / Angst / Possible Series?
Word Count: 882 

Summary: Getting technique tips from your boyfriends best friend sounded like a smart idea at first. Now it just sounds dirty…

Author’s Note: I’m thinking of making this into a series but I don’t know at this point. Also, Its my first scenario so please don’t judge it too harshly. Besides that, I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

“Okay, so what you’re going to wanna do is make an oval with your lips. Like this,” Namjoon made an exaggerated oval shape with his mouth as an example.

You tried to copy his lip shape as best as possible, while simultaneously trying to control your laughter at your current situation. I mean, getting your boyfriends best friend to give you tips on something you’ve been doing since you were sixteen is slightly embarrassing. The entire situation is just made worse by the fact that you and Namjoon are sat “criss-cross-applesause" style on the living room floor of you and your boyfriends shared apartment while Yoongi is studying at the library.

“Like this?” you asked while pointing at your now oddly contorted lips.

“Yeah like that! Okay, the next step is to flick your tongue lightly. That way-“Namjoon stopped as soon as he heard the front door slam shut.

“What the fuck is this?” Yoongi said while taking off his shoes.

You froze is place. Fuck. This was suppose to be a surprise for Yoongi, but of course, he just had to walk in at the worst time.

“Well, It was suppose to be a surprise but I guess thats not happening now,” you said while standing up and walking over to him. Yoongi still hadn’t moved from his spot in front of the door, even when you wrapped your arms around his torso to greet him. The expression on his face was a mixture of anger and worry and you giggled at what he must think of what was happening. “Namjoon was teaching me smoke tricks with my new vape, idiot.” Yoongi’s face instantly relaxed at your statement and wrapped one arm around your shoulders and gave you a light peck on the cheek. “You said you thought smoke tricks were hot so I figured I’d surprise you.” You slapped his chest lightly while walking back to your previous spot next to Namjoon on the couch.

“She wanted to learn how to do rings but the crack in the window keeps letting in a breeze, so they blow away as soon as she tries,” Namjoon said rolling his eyes while refilling his own tank with liquid.

“Don’t blame me,” Yoongi said shuffling around in the kitchen, looking for what I can only assume to be duct tape to cover the crack. “Y/N’s the one who told him about American football and gave him an actual ball to throw in the apartment.” He chuckled slightly at your inability to say no to showing Taehyung things from your home country. It started out with binge watching some old 80’s action movies and quickly escalated to him yelling “Hey Y/N! How far do you think I can throw this?” Luckily, that day ended shortly after Yoongi took the ball and chucked it at Tae’s forehead for breaking our window.

“Listen here. I only show him this stuff because he calls me every hour till I explain something new.” You said after getting annoyed with not being able to make a single ring. Both boys chuckled at your frustration. Yoongi playfully rolled his eyes at you while taking a strip of tape over to the window and patting it into place.

After filling up his tank with vape liquid, Namjoon packed up his bag and stood up from the couch, “Well I better go, Professor Basu just assigned a 7 page paper about the controversy of the law of quantum mechanics.”

“Is that even a real law?” you ask.

He shrugs, “According to my 300 dollar textbook it is.”

Yoongi grabs the T.V. remote and flops down on the couch beside you. “That’s what you get for being in the honors college.” He says without taking his eyes off the screen.

“Yeah, yeah. I know,” Namjoon says as he shuts the door behind him.  
The room goes quiet for a bit as you continue trying to get this trick down and Yoongi flips through the channels.

“So, are you really gonna learn how to do smoke tricks?” he asks out of no where. You smirk at his question knowing just how to get revenge on him for ruining his own damn surprise.
“Well, I already know how to do one,” you say while moving straddle his lap on the couch. His eyes go dark with lust and he licks his lips desperately.

“Which one?” he asks as you take a deep breath from your vape.

“French inhale,” you say as smoothly as possible and open your mouth slightly in order to allow the smoke to enter your nose. Yoongi’s jaw drops at the extremely basic smoke trick and swallows hard.

“Fuck, I love you.” He says deeply. You smirk and quickly get off the twenty-something year olds lap.

“I know,” you say as you walk towards the kitchen. “Now what do you want for dinner?” Yoongi lays his head over the arm of the couch in defeat and chuckles at how you just played him.

“You,” he says quietly, probably only meaning for himself to hear. You smirk and roll your eyes at his remark while looking through the bar counter window.

“Shut up, pabo,” you say while turning towards the fridge.

“I love you too babe.”


In which Luhan is a dance major who’s crushing hard on Kim Minseok, a cute guy from art department that coincidentally shares a same class together.

“Come on Minseok, I know you want ‘the good good’.”
“I don’t even know what 'the good good’ is, Luhan, so please… Just let me excuse myself, I have something else to do.”
“Don’t you see my love for you? I’m in love with you.”
“And I’m late for my liberal art class.”
“You can be my one and only sexy thang.”
“Still nope, try harder.”
“Don’t have to, because I’m already hard for you.”

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Ditched (Part 1 of Curve Ball)

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Author’s Note: Yay! I am so very excited to bring you the first installment of Curve Ball, my Derek Hale college AU! I really hope you like it, because I am having a ball planning out this story. A huge thank you to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for all the help, brainstorming, and correcting she has done!!! Now, without further ado…enjoy! c:

Warnings: Language


 “Lydia, really? It’s only the third night we’ve been here!” I complained.

“Exactly, and we haven’t gone out a single time, Y/N. A friend of mine is throwing a welcome back party, and I told him we would go, so quit complaining,” she replied, her heels clicking as we walked walked down the sidewalk. I huffed, but allowed her to pull me along.

Walking across the campus of my new school proved to be a bit of a daunting task. Classes hadn’t started yet, so I was still trying to figure my way around. We’d moved in a few days ago and had all of our freshmen welcome activities, but I hadn’t really seen much.

We passed groups of upperclassmen that were surely on their way to parties to celebrate the start of the fall semester. They all exuded confidence and…adultness. I wrapped my arms around my frame to help stay warm in the cool breeze. I was having trouble keeping up with Lydia despite her being in three inch heels and me in my old beat up Converse.

“You sure this is the place?” I asked, doubt lacing my tone as we walked up to a large house, lights on in every window and faint music leaking out into the night. Lydia turned and gave me her famous ‘really, you’re questioning me?’ look, making me raise my hands in surrender.

As soon as the door opened, the smell of cheap beer and loud, obnoxious music invaded my senses. Wrinkling my nose, I glanced over at my fearless leader only to see she had a small grin on her perfectly glossed lips. Her eyes were scanning the room, stopping once they finally found the person they were looking for. A tall, super muscular guy with cropped blonde hair was making his way over, all confidence and swagger.

“Hello, Aiden,” Lydia purred, batting her lashes up at him. He offered a smirk, stopping in front of us.

“Glad to see you made it Lydia. This your friend you mentioned?” he asked, finally looking over at me. I raised my brows, turning to face Lydia.

“You mentioned me?” My question went ignored as she kept her focus on the hunk of a man in front of us.

“Yes. This is my roommate and best friend, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Aiden,” the guy said, smiling down at me. I gave a tiny wave, figuring any words I tried to utter would just be lost in translation. “Well, come on in, ladies. The party is just getting started.” I walked behind Lydia as Aiden shut the door, leading us further into the house. The deeper we went, the louder the music got. There were people everywhere. Most of them looked like frat guys or athletes that were well on their way to getting completely smashed, the rest being girls that were clad in next to nothing hanging all over said guys, and then a few underclassmen (probably fellow freshmen trying to find their way into the popular crowd) that were making fools of themselves.

It was gonna be a long night.

I tagged along with Lydia as she and Aiden chatted like nothing else existed, his arm slung not-so-casually over her shoulders. A few people came up and greeted us, talking for a moment before waving at someone else they recognized and headed that way. I learned that Aiden had a twin, Ethan, when he walked up and handed us all red solo cups filled with that disgusting beer I had smelled earlier. I thanked him as I took the cup, rather regretfully, trying to be polite. (Did politeness apply in a situation like this?)

“Y/N?” Lydia started as we reached a long hallway. She turned to look at me for the first time in over an hour. “Do you want to maybe go dance or something?” Glancing behind the two with pursed lips, I understood her hidden meaning. With a fake smile, I nodded my head.

“Sure,” I told her. “I need a refill anyway.” She smiled widely at me, winking before Aiden whisked her away. “Don’t catch anything!” I called after her, but they paid no attention. With a sigh, I spun on my heels and headed to find a quiet place.

I finally located the kitchen, which seemed to be the only uninhabited room in the whole area. People strolled in and out every now and then, but at least nobody was making out and groping each other in the corners. The music was quieter in here also, which made me slightly less annoyed.


My legs were dangling off of the island I was perched on, occasionally kicking the cabinets below as they swung lightly back and forth. I was letting my mind drift off, trying not to think about how angry I was with Lydia for ditching me to go off with some guy. To keep myself occupied, I tried to go over my class schedule in my head, making sure I knew the names of the buildings and the professors, what rooms my classes were in, all that fun stuff. It seemed to be working until I was interrupted by someone else walking into the kitchen.

“You look like you’re having a great time,” a deep voice said, making me snap my head in their direction as my little trance was broken. My eyes met sweet green ones, placed on a handsome face adorned with near-black hair. The guy looked about my age, maybe a little older. He was well built under his leather jacket, long and muscular legs holding him a bit higher than me despite sitting on the counter. He raised a brow at me, his lips curved into the tiniest grin, and I realized that I hadn’t answered yet.

“Oh, uh- yeah,” I managed, shaking my head a bit. “Sorry. Parties just aren’t really my thing. Especially ones where I don’t know anybody.”

“What’s your name?” the guys asked, leaning against the fridge, which happened to be right across from where I sat on the island, and studying me.

“Y/N. Yours?”

“Derek. You a freshman?” he asked. I nodded. “Me too.”

“So, who do you know at this party to score an invite?” I was trying to make casual conversation and not be too awkward.

“Baseball guys dragged me out,” he said, pointing back in the direction of the living area.

“My supposed best friend dragged me down here. Although, I think I’ll be demoting her to ‘roommate’, and roommate only. She knows one of the guys that’s throwing this shindig.” Derek raised his brows at my words, prompting me to explain. “She ditched me for him. So, now I’m here.”

“Sounds like a good time,” Derek chuckled, making me grin a bit. “Well, can I offer you a drink?”

“Ah, already got one,” I told him, picking up my red cup from where it sat beside me, essentially untouched. I took a sip, grimacing at the foul taste of warm beer. Cheap warm beer.

“Not much of a beer drinker?”

“No, I just didn’t want to be rude and refuse it. What about you? I don’t see your solo cup anywhere.”

“Water for me. Can’t risk anything. I’ve got practice tomorrow,” he said, showing me his Gatorade water bottle. I nodded, pursing my lips a bit.

“What are you practicing for?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“I’m playing baseball here. Got a scholarship.”

“Oh, so you’re one of those,” I replied, smirking a bit. Derek looked at me with a confused and slightly offended expression. “You know, one of those college jocks.”

“Is that a bad thing?” he countered, a hint of playfulness in his tone. I shrugged at him, giving a mischievous look of my own.


“On what?”

“The person, I guess.” I jumped down from the counter, leaning against it now and grabbing my drink and holding it in my hand.

“So, you’d have to get to know me to find out?” he asked, taking a step closer. My cheeks turned the slightest bit pink and he smirked. “I wouldn’t mind that too much.”

“Look,” I started, laughing awkwardly as I slunk out from between him and the island, not wanting to get trapped. “You seem like a great guy and all, I’m just not that kind of girl, and-“ I had taken a few steps back toward the door while talking, wanting to make a smooth exit. Derek walked toward me a bit, his face falling as I spoke. “It’s late, so I should get back..”

“Hey, Y/N, wait! Come on,” he said, reaching out for my arm as I turned to go. He caught my wrist, effectively spinning me around. Caught off guard, some of my drink sloshed over the edge of the cup and onto the floor. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-“

“Don’t worry about it, seriously,” I rushed, wanting nothing more than to get out of this terribly awkward situation. I hated feeling claustrophobic and trapped, I hated being so terribly socially awkward all the damn time, but I couldn’t seem to help it. I mean, what happened? We were having a normal conversation…maybe flirting a bit. And then I had just ruined it all by being the odd duck that I am. Typical. Well, there was no going back now.

Derek dropped his hand from my wrist, allowing me to leave. He started to say something as I turned on my heel, trying to make a dash for the door. Unfortunately, because I am the biggest klutz on the planet, my shoes slipped in the beer that I had spilled just moments before, sending my body reeling back, arms flying out to try and get my bearing, sending the lukewarm stuff all over me.    

This. Could not. Be. Happening.

“Oh my god,” I mumbled, my eyes falling closed as if everything would just be gone when I opened them. “Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod.” I finally straightened up, feeling the clothes stick to my abdomen as I did so. Derek was now in front of me, concern on his face. I could tell he was trying to mask the laughter he wanted to let out, so I shot him my best glare.

“Are you alright?” he asked, the chuckle just behind his words. I narrowed my eyes, my hands curling into fists, effectively crushing my plastic cup.

“Peachy,” I hissed. Derek finally let out the laughter he was trying to keep in, making my cheeks flush in embarrassment. As if this moment wasn’t terrible enough.

“Here, let me help you clean up-“ he started, reaching for me yet again. I pulled away quickly, anger boiling my blood.

“Don’t touch me,” I said. “I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself.”

“Hey, I’m just trying to help,” he said, raising his hands in surrender.

“You wanna help? Stay the hell away from me,” I snapped, shoving my cup into his chest (holy cow he was firm) and storming from the kitchen. I texted Lydia that I was leaving, finding the front door and stepping into the night air. It was freezing now that I was soaked, but I was determined to make it back to the dorm in record time, even if I had no idea where the hell I was on campus.

The Following Monday

The first day of classes. I was a nervous wreck, but I was able to appear calm and collected on the outside, dolling up a bit for the nice weather. I just kept reminding myself that it couldn’t get any worse than Saturday. If I kept saying that, it would be fine. I had gotten home alright, tears staining my cheeks as I took the longest shower of my life. Lydia had come home late, trying to be quiet. I had been rather cold with her the next day, prompting her to explain what was going on. When I did, she apologized over and over, promising she’d make it up to me.

So far I had made it to all of my classes successfully. It was my last one of the day, and I was excited. It was a history class, one of my favorite subjects. As I entered the building, I shucked my backpack, walking with it in my arms as I dug around trying to find my schedule. I wanted to double check what room I was supposed to be in. Of course, the damn thing just had to be buried in the bottom of my bag somewhere.

That’s when it happened.

Someone smacked right into me, knocking my bag out of my hands and sending the contents spilling everywhere. With an open mouth and dazed expression, I stared at it, a sigh falling from my lips as I dropped to my knees.

“I’m so sorry,” a voice said, making me freeze. The guy that had hit me knelt down as well, helping pick up my scattered stuff.

“You,” I said, ice in my tone. He finally looked up, meeting my eyes. His face fell when he recognized me, eyes falling to the floor as his head dropped, bouncing a bit as his chin met his chest.

“Damnit,” he grumbled.


Lily’s “Cute” Fic Recs

An anon asked if I had any good or cute fic recs and, well… I ended up with quite the list! It’s largely 2jae fluff, but there are a variety of ships and ratings included below, and you should all go and read these wonderful stories! 

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Merthur College AU

Anonymous said: Hi (I bet you’ll never guess who this is) You need to write me a merthur college au now! I need this v badly and i cannot go another day without it. Thank you for satisfying my merthur fangirl needs. P.s. ((Please)) (((Pretty please with a cherry on top)))

Hii! (thanks for sending this in lovely i know exactly who this was :)) So I asked if yall were ready for some Merthur….HERE IT ISSSSSS.

Word Count: 1585

Rating: You’ll be fine

Description: Merlin and Arthur are college students and both have the same engineering class. Arthur invites Merlin to his party inexplicably and things go on from there.

NOTE: I really liked writing this so If you guys want a part two, reblog, like, comment, message me, and I will get on that right away :) MERTHUR FEELS FOR EVERYONE.


A cool breeze blew across the grounds as Merlin made his way back to the dorms after class. He pulled up the straps on his shoulder bag for the thousandth time today; he really needed a new one. The old leather was slowly breaking apart and he had to carry a lot of his things by hand. He just couldn’t get himself to throw it out.

He had just been in his engineering class; the professor felt as though today was a perfect one for an hour and half lecture. Merlin flexed and un-flexed his hand, that was still cramping up from all the notes he had taken in class. He had hardly been able to absorb any of the information that had been given to him partly because the professor had been talking too fast, and partly because of another reason.

That reason being Arthur Pendragon.

Not only were him and his other football teammates extremely loud in class, but Arthur had taken a particular notice of Merlin and decided that bothering him during class would be fun. It was no different during the lecture today.

“Psst Merlin.” Arthur whispered not -so -quietly in Merlin’s ear. Merlin gritted his teeth and continued to scribble notes onto his notebook. “Merlinnnnnn?”

“What is it now, Arthur?” Merlin replied to gritted teeth, trying to sound as non-violent as possible.

“Do you want to come over later?”

“Do I what?”

“We’re having a party at the house, I thought that you could use some time out.”

“What is that suppo-”

“Nevermind that, are you coming or not?”

Merlin seriously needed to focus on the lecture as he could feel the words he was writing slowly lagging behind what was being said. “Yes, fine, now can I please take my notes?”

“Of course, don’t let me be a bother.” Arthur had smirked and laid back in his seat. Merlin rolled his eyes and shut him out for the rest of the class period.

He didn’t want to go to the stupid party, especially since it was at a frat house he had never been at before. The original plan for tonight had been going back to the dorm to study and re-watch The Fellowship of the Ring.

And now that plan is ruined, Merlin thought. There was no rule saying that he had to go, but he knew that if he didn’t he would get tortured in class tomorrow. Also…

A part of him wanted to go to the party.

Arthur Pendragon. Dammit.

His thoughts were abruptly disrupted when Merlin collided with brick wall.

Scratch that, I just ran into a person. Nice Merlin.

He staggered back slightly and his glasses fell to the gravel walkway. “Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t-”

“It’s okay.” said the boy he had just smacked into. Merlin blinked trying to regain his sight and saw the blurry vision of a head of blond hair bending down to the ground and coming back up. “Here, I think these are yours Merlin.”

“How do you know my na-” Merlin adjusted his glasses once he took them from the outstretched hand and groaned. “Oh, its you Arthur.”

Arthur grinned and cocked his head to the side. “Glad to see me? Good thing your glasses didn’t break by the way, you look quite nice with them.”

Merlin shook his head and brushed off his sleeves. “Well, sorry again, I’ll just be on my way.” He turned to continue walking to the dorms and felt a hand on his.

“Wait, you’re still coming to my party right?” Merlin turned back around to be met by Arthur’s hopeful eyes. “I invited you for a reason, you know.”

“And what is that?” Merlin defiantly raised his eyebrow, feeling braver than usual. Arthur grinned and pulled Merlin slightly closer by the arm.

“How else are we supposed to get to know each other better?” Even though he said it in a normal conversation volume, Merlin felt as though Arthur had just whispered in his ear. It sent a shiver down his spine.

“Don’t worry i’ll be there.” The grip on his arm finally loosened and Merlin slowly pulled his own arm back to his side. “I don’t see why you want me come, Arthur, I’m not one for parties.”

“How about this.” Arthur crossed his arms over his chest. “You come to the party tonight, no take backs. But if you don’t have a good time, I’ll never ask you to come to one again.”

“And you stop bothering me in class.”

“No way, that’s a whole different bargain.”

“How much for that?”

Arthur’s eyes glinted, but he didn’t reply. Merlin sighed in defeat. “Fine, Ill come to this party.” He turned his back on the blond and began to walk away. “But I KNOW that I’m not going to have a good time, so wipe that grin off your face.”, he called back to Arthur who narrowed his eyes at Merlin’s back, stalking back off to the dorms.

Few Hours Later

Merlin tugged at his long sleeve shirt and squinted up at the sign over the frat house. I can’t believe I’m doing this, he thought as he took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Almost immediately the door flew open. Arthur looked Merlin up and down, smiling.

“You look good, Merlin.” Cocky smile. “Come in.” Merlin cautiously walked into the house, still tugging on his shirt. He felt slightly underdressed in a striped long sleeves and jeans as he saw the people dancing near the sound systems.

This was a mistake, shit, Merlin thought as he looked around. Arthur stopped by the drinks table and handed him a red cup.

“Thanks.” Merlin mumbled and glanced down at his cup with scrunched eyebrows.

“I promise I didn’t poison it.” Arthur waved his arm at someone across the room, causing Merlin to look up. Another one of football players was calling Arthur over to the other side of the room. “Ill be right back Merlin, try to enjoy yourself.” He jogged over to his friends, leaving Merlin to retreat to the corner of the room.

Really, a bad idea. He took a small sip of the drink and began violently coughing. What the-

Arthur POV

“So who’s your friend you brought?” Leo was leaning back against the bookcase and motioned to Merlin across the room. “I’ve never seen the guy before.”

Arthur glanced at his guest who was standing in the corner of the room playing with his sleeves and mindlessly sipping his drink. “His name is Merlin, you know him, he’s in our engineering class.”

Leo threw back the rest of his beer and slammed the bottle down on the side table, causing Arthur to flinch. “Can’t say I know him. He looks kind of uncomfortable.”

“He looks like a big piece of yum, that’s what he looks like.”


“NOthing, uh I said that game of beer pong looks fun.”

“Whatever man.” Leo shook his head the pressed a cold bottle into Arthur’s hand. “Drink up.”

Arthur looked down at the bottle. “Wh-why?”

“Nerves dude, if you’re gonna go hit on him, you gotta loosen up.” Arthur’s eyes widened at his friend.

“I-I-I didn-” Leo cut him off by holding up his hand.

“I’m not stupid, go get him.” He smiled and walked off, leaving Arthur slightly shocked behind him. He felt the condensation of the bottle chilling his fingers and snapped back to the party.

Here goes, he thought and he took a big gulp and cleared his throat.

“Oh you’ve returned.” Merlin mumbled as Arthur walked back over,15 minutes or so from their last exchange of words. “I trust the journey wasn’t too difficult.”

“Oh wasn’t that bad.” Arthur grinned, and bravely took Merlin by the arm who, to Arthur’s surprise, didn’t try to pull back. “Come on, everyone’s in here, wanna dance?” He pulled Merlin into the adjoining room where the pounding music was loudest and bodies moved to the time of the beat. Merlin rocked back and forth on his heels in his red converse sneakers.

“Merlin what are you doing?”

“Uh.” he motioned around him. “dancing?” Arthur suppressed a laugh my pressing his lips together.

“You don’t sound so sure.” The corners of Merlin’s mouth turned up, the smallest hint of smile. Arthur pushed on with this small victory.

“Here, why don’t I show you?”

He pulled Merlin closer by the hips so that their noses were almost touching, and Arthur moved them back and forth to the time of the music.

“I-I think I’m starting to get it now.” Merlin whispered shakily. He closed his eyes and soaked in his surroundings. Arthur snaked one arm to the small of Merlin’s back, causing him to hum approvingly.

“Do you still need more help?” Arthur asked, as he dipped his head so his mouth was at Merlin’s ear. 

“I could use a few more pointers, if you don’t mind.” He felt Merlin’s hands creep up around his waist and his fingers weaving through his jean loops, pulling them even closer together. Arthur’s limited self control was wavering every second.

“Well we could do this.” Arthur placed a small kiss on the base of Merlin’s throat, testing out the waters. Merlin sighed. Arthur noticed that Merlin smelled fresh and beautiful. He wanted to stay pressed up against him.


Arthur’s heart jumped in his chest. “There’s this.” He dragged lips up Merlin’s neck to the corner of his mouth and stopped.

“Anything else?” Merlin breathlessly asked. Arthur hesitated slightly. What if he doesn’t-

His thoughts were cut off when Merlin abruptly turned his head so that their lips crashed into one another.

 PART TWO??? Let me know :) My inbox is always open for comments and requests, lots of love to you all. 

Birthday party. (Luke and Noah)

26 invitations. Luke and Noah sat up for 4 hours last week making hand crafted invitations, complete with Ninja turtle stickers and all the information needed to attend Noah’s 7th birthday party.

Not one person showed up. Noah sat by the door in his party hat and light up Spider Man sneakers- a gift from his uncle Mikey- and no one showed up. Noah didn’t think much of it. But then he started to get tired.

“Where is everyone mate?” Ashton whispered to Luke, who was at a complete loss of what to say. Had the kids really just not shown up? Surely it wasn’t the kids faults, they couldn’t drive themselves. Maybe it was the weather?

“I don’t know, Ash…” Luke shrugged. They weren’t going to show up. These kids were really going to break Noah’s heart and not show up.

“Should we take him out or something?” Michael whispered so Noah wasn’t able to hear their conversation.

“Daddy no ones here yet.” Noah frowned, slowly taking his pointy party hat off and putting it on the stack of the others that they had been saving for the other children. “No one ever said they were gonna come for sure.” He rubbed his tearful eyes, and crawled up in Luke’s lap.

What could Luke say? His son was sitting here alone on his birthday, and he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t force kids to show up. If Luke’s ex, Noah’s mother, -whom he had never met before- was here, she’d know what to do. She was great at making people happy. That is until she decided to pack up and leave when Noah was born. That didn’t make anyone happy. Except maybe Liz. Liz never liked her.

Luke didn’t know what to do. So he just hugged Noah. That’s all the could do. He had no idea what to say.

The rest of the night was spent with all 5 boys sat on the couch watching all of the Spider-Man movies.

“At least we get all the cake to ourselves!” Noah giggled, taking a huge handful and shoving it in his mouth.

cryskeeter  asked:

*pokes head in awkwardly* Now that I could have started this ask in honestly the worst way possible I had a question that I hope won't bother you too much >///< So I recently got back into reading fanfiction and I just read the first two parts of your "Freckled Fluff Baby" series. So I'm a major crybaby when it comes to extreme angst... but I want to read more of your works. Any fluffy / light angst / good ending / cute / mom! Cas recs for your fics? Thank you so much :3 Love your writing! <3


Hmm!! Angst is one of my favourite genres but there’s always a good or at least hopeful ending for my fics!

If you want some light reading I’d recommend:

Burning Bodies Before Dinner (canon compliant, S9 fic)

Flowers Between Your Teeth Series (college AU, werewolf!Dean & Fairy!Cas)

Working with Wolves (office AU)

Shelter for the Lost and Lonely Wolf (some hurt!Dean)

Holes in the Roof (Angel!Dean, priest!Cas)

Mpreg/ parent!Cas fics, with some angst:

Transformed Anew (canon compliant, S10 a/b/o)

You’re the good thing (canon compliant, S10)

Finding Home on the road to anywhere (alternative canon, MOL!Dean)

Mpreg fics with more angst:

Uninvited but Deeply Craved (AU with some supernatural elements)

Desired Constellation (canon compliant, post S5, fallen and depressed Cas)

Like A Stain Upon My Skin (AU with supernatural elements, creature!Dean)

I hope you find a fic you like!! :DD


The majority of the fics I listed in the last Uni AU fic rec I made was under the cut and can’t be opened anymore, so I decided to make a new, somewhat updated, one. Also, half of these are Uni AUs only if you squint but… Anyway, here we go, in no particular order: 

break open the sky by karamelised

All the Right Moves by cherrystreet

bright lights (she’s fading) by onlyhuman

I Love You Most by stylinsoncity 

Faking It by TheCellarDoor 

It all comes out in the wash by Conscious_ramblings 

Just a Fine and Fancy Ramble by throughthedark 

i got my eyes on you (you’re everything that i see) by balanceds

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anonymous asked:

I've read that you love angst stuff before. And I am the sameeee. Do you know anyone who also writes angsty stuff for different fandoms or those aho write on same fandoms as you? Thank you!


I don’t follow many writers, but from ones I do, I can recommend @bovaria. She wrote few angsty fics for Marvel (”Hallelujah” is my favorite - beautifully written and heartbreaking); she also has a soulmate AU series titled “Amarte Est Un Placer” which is Draco Malfoy x reader and it is absolutely stunning! 
Anyway, go and check Tesla’s masterlist, you will not regret it! 

I’m also awestruck by @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s college AU series called “A Lesson in Love” which will make you cry but you should totally read it. Here;s her masterlist, there are few more angsty one-shots as well.

My lovely @madswritings also has couple of angsty fics, involving Fantastic Beasts and Hannibal, if you are into those fandoms :) Here’s a link to her taglist

Also, @flossskull wrote a number of amazing fics - for LOTR and The Hobbit, as well as for Marvel - you can find them on her masterlist.

Those are the ones I enjoy reading the most. Hope it’s enough for you, darling! Remember to get tissues before you start reading :)

Thunderstorm. (Luke and Lola)

Lola woke up to thunder shaking her apartment building. Since she was younger, she was terrified of thunderstorms. Which made tonight a bad one.

She tried to just go back to sleep, but it wasn’t happening. She was only 5, so getting scared of something that couldn’t really hurt her wasn’t unusual.

Lola made her way into Luke’s room, tugging her teddy bear behind her, with tears rolling down her cheeks, and crawling into his bed beside him. She poked his nose, but he continued to snore. She continued to poke him, but he was an extremely heavy sleeper.

“Silly daddy…” She sniffed, lifting his heavy bicep, and crawling underneath it.“Goodnight daddy.” She whispered before kissing his nose and drifting off to sleep, even with Luke’s snores being louder than the thunder still crashing outside.

Late Library Books

Prompted by @earlyrisingxmorningsun 

[AO3] 679 words | Destiel

Cas grumbled when the brown haired librarian told him that the book that he reserved hadn’t been brought back yet. He’d reserved it over two weeks ago. He needed it to complete his last assignment for the topic and someone had it. The deadline was the next day and he had several thousand words to write.

“Can’t you contact them?” He reasoned.

“We don’t hold contact information. Just the names of who has it.” She told him. He felt bad for taking his frustrations out on Alfie. It wasn’t his fault.

“Do you know who has it, Alfie?” He asked. He doubted Alfie would be able to give the information out but it was worth a shot for the sake of his grade. He wasn’t about to drop below an A- just for a book.

“I can’t-”

“Hey, sorry I brought this back late, the assignment took longer than expected.” A guy said from behind Cas.

Cas glowered at the book. That was the one he wanted. He spun round and was met with all too green eyes and a freckled face.


How was he going to be angry at that face when he’d been stealing glances at it throughout the entire year so far.

“Here you are, Cas, you can get the book out now,” Alfie said, holding his hand out for his student ID. Cas ignored him, his frustration returning.

“You!” He growled, poking the other guy’s chest. The green eyed man stilled and looked somewhat displeased with Cas’ actions towards him.

“Uh, me?” the guy stumbled, but Cas didn’t give him a chance.

You had the book I reserved and now I’ve not got long to do my assignment.” He thrust his student ID at Alfie who quickly scanned the book out to him. Once he had his ID back, Cas tucked the book under his arm and stormed off.

“Hey! I can make it up to you!” Dean shouted after him. Cas paused and turned round. “Perhaps I could give you a hand with the assignment or buy you dinner?”

Cas was about to turn around and head back to his dorm but the guy jogged up to him.

“I don’t need your help.” Cas was trying to leave, but the guy was so… something. There were no words to describe him. He hated it. He wanted to hate the guy for not giving the book back no matter how petty it sounded.

“I can see you’re trying to hate me, but you know you’re not so subtle in class when you stare at me.” Dean told him, sass lacing his voice. Cas gasped. His whole morning was going from bad to worse.

“My name’s Dean, by the way, Dean Winchester.” He greeted with a smile that did not make Cas’ heart jump whatsoever. It didn’t.

“Cas. Cas Novak. I, uh, dinner sounds good.”

Okay, so his morning might have just made a turn for the better.

Dean grinned again and Castiel threw back what he thought was a smile but ended up being an awkward grimace.

“Dinner it is then,” Dean reached for Cas and as he was about to step back to ask what he was doing, there was a hand in his pocket retrieving his phone. Dean tapped in his phone number, sent an initial text and handed it back to a stunned faced Cas. “Chill, it’s just a phone number,” He winked. He fucking winked and Cas thought he was going to die.

“Yeah…” Cas said blandly as he dropped his hands to his side, clutching the book tightly. Realistically he was wasting precious time talking to the guy who’d been hogging the book but at that moment, Dean was a handsome face in front of him offering him dinner and there was no way he could hate him for that. “I don’t hate you,” He admitted.

“That’s good to know, Cas.” Dean beamed.

“I have to go.” Cas told him quietly. “I have to go.” He repeated firmly and then gave Dean a proper smile before leaving the library.

Body Shots

Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

AU: Chaos Theory Verse

Word Count: 910

Written For: je-suis-le-soleil-lui-ne-l-a-pas

College is—


Having a Starbucks in the lobby of her dorm stops being cool after she takes her first Political Economies midterm and realizes that studying with glitter pens and flashcards and gingerbread lattes like she had in high school is probably not going to work anymore, and even though the parties are technically more abundant and socially diverse and at least partially legal depending on the ratio of seniors to freshman—they’re not really different.

College is basically all the shitty parts of high school turned up to Bose-level decibels of deafening and all the fun parts just kind of…slightly rearranged.

And Pansy had had expectations, okay? She had prepared herself for pulling all-nighters during finals and drinking tequila straight from the bottle on otherwise unremarkable Wednesday afternoons and piling laughingly into taxis with good-naturedly bemused drivers who would chuckle and commiserate and take selfies with her and—

She hasn’t done any of those things.

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Cuddling. (Lacey and Michael)

“Morning, Daddy.” Lacey yawned, making her way into Michael’s bedroom. Sleepily dragging her blanket behind her and rubbing her eyes.

Michael couldn’t help but smile, seeing how adorable his 4 year old daughter looked with her messy pigtails Michael had put up the night before. Lacey had unbelievably long hair for her age, and she was always getting it caught in something, so Michael learned real quick how to put it in cute styles for her.

“Morning beautiful.” He smiled, moving over to the other side of the bed. Knowing she liked the one Michael was laying on, simply because it was warm.

“I had a dream about ponies and now I want to watch My Little Pony.” She yawned, laying in Michael’s side of the bed, sucking her thumb.

“Okay princess.” He laughed, pulling her into his side and turning the tv on for her.

“Daddy?” She giggled, holding his cheeks.

“Yes beautiful?” Michael smiled and pecked her lips.

“You have hair like the ponies!” Lacey giggled loudly, cuddling into his side.

“I know babe.” He laughed, holding her to his chest.

Night with the uncles. (Noah and Luke)

“Peek-a-boo!” Ashton yelled, uncovering his eyes for the 100th time today, causing 13 month old Noah to throw his head back in a fit of giggles.

“It’s my turn!” Michael pouted, picking Noah up, and tickling his sides.

“My child isn’t a toy!” Luke yelled from the bathroom, trying to get himself ready.

“Toy!” Noah giggled. Whenever he heard the word, “toy”, he got excited. What kid wouldn’t?

“Oh I actually have one for him!” Calum smiled, digging through his over night bag.

The boys, yes all of the boys, we’re staying the night over at Luke’s because Luke had to go out of town for some trip for school.

“Lemme see him.” Luke held his hands out.

“Here.” Michael smiled, handing him over to Luke.

“Hey buddy, daddy will be back in the morning. Be good for your uncles?” Luke smiled, kissing Noah quickly.

“Bye bye, Daddy!” Noah giggled, pressing his lips against Luke’s.

“Bye bye daddy!” Calum laughed, taking Noah and handing him the new toy he had bought.

“Don’t forget to change him! And feed him!” Luke hesitantly walked out the door.

“Don’t worry! We’re mature adults.” Ashton winked and giggled.

“Dear god.” Luke mumbled, before the door was slammed in his face.

Night terror. (Noah and Luke)

Luke woke to hearing his 4 year old screaming from his bedroom. He shot out of bed and ran as fast as he could into Noah’s room.

“Daddy! Help!” Noah yelled, thrashing around the bed. Luke had read about this type of thing, and he knew he shouldn’t try to wake him up.

“Buddy, Daddy’s here.” He said getting into the small race car bed and holding Noah to his chest so he couldn’t hurt himself.

When Noah was calm again, Luke decided it was necessary for Noah to sleep in Luke’s bed.

The next morning, Noah woke with no memory of what happened while he was asleep. “Daddy?” Noah rolled over and cuddled into Luke’s arm.

“Hey buddy, you okay?” Luke rubbed his eyes and pulled Noah into his side.

“Why am I in your bed?” Noah frowned. He had just recently started sleeping in his own bed, and he really liked it.

“You had a bad dream. I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He shrugged, trying not to make a big deal of it. He didn’t want Noah to be scared.

“Oh. Thank you Daddy. Sorry for waking you up.” He held tighter onto Luke’s shirt and fell back asleep.


Here it is! The final episode of BAKER STREET!

Dig in, and enjoy this double episode! Love you!


My friends and I created roleplay Instagrams for our bias’ in BTS and we would like for other people to play along as Seokjin and Hoseok!

So if you are interested please message me! And I hope we can all become great friends :)

I got this idea from another account that made a BTS College AU / Instagram series.