How One Day Changed Everything

Dean x Reader

A/N: This fic was written for @iwantthedean ‘s Two Prompt - One-shot Challenge. My prompt was: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Also tagging @salvachester @jensen-jarpad @27bmm

Summary: Dean has been your best friend since when you were four. But is he just that? (AU)

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kihyun, monsta x
genre: fluff (college au)

summary: kihyun isn’t a jealous person…until he has reason to be.

A pink-haired man sat at a table in the large library, his friend by his side. He was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the book in front of him, given that it wasn’t really his. Also, his gaze kept wandering to a pair seated in front of a computer, immersed in their work.

“I never thought you would turn out to be one of those boyfriends.”

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roommate!namjoon [ au ]

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  • god bless i love writing about namjoon tbh he’s such a precious fluffball?? im crying??
  • okay back to the au !! i think i’ll make an entire series
  • philosophy/english/literature student namjoon
  • literally comes out top every single exam to the point everyone expects it
  • “who scored the top???” “namjoon, duh”
  • this is the result of when the school screws up
  • first met him when he just comes out of the shower oHOohO nothing is better than cliches amIRIte
  • he’s wearing a wife beater and boxers so it’s okay
  • and like jeongguk, you stare at him and go
  • “wow.. thighs”
  • honestly though his thighs are super nice don’t fight me on this
  • okay back to the au, he screams and trips over, hitting his head onto the study table just beside the beds
  • you rush over to him and ask him if it’s okay and all, and he just laughs it off and tries to get up 
  • lo and behold there’s a bruise on his head!!! quickly you go and bring him to the school sick bay/clinic
  • “ by the way what’s your name? “ “it’s namjoon ! “ “cool.”
  • namjoon is smiling all the way bc ur so cute ??? like omg
  • his dimples pierces his cheeks each time he smiles or purses his lips and you love them a lot
  • he feels bad because when he’s very stressed he will be grumpy so when he snaps he will bring you out for coffee like 2 hours later
  • “y/n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKIE I FINISHED A SONG”
  • of course we can’t forget our rapping monster !!!
  • when he finishes he gets all excited and makes you listen to it, sometimes he forgets he has his laptop plugged in so pretty much he trips 
  • clumsy mon
  • giving you hearts and making you laugh when you’re stressed
  • personal photographer for each other
  • “shut up y/n i need to post something on instagram”
  • “namJOon i NE ed to STUD y”
  • buying you sweaters bc he knows you love it
  • buying him new glasses every few months because he breaks it
  • cuddles??? like?? omg
  • explains a topic for you
  • breaks the bed
  • hearing him rap and sing
  • writes songs for you and he gets all shy when you ask “oh who is this for?”
  • just a lot of fluff in general
  • OH OH and talks at 3am for no reason
  • “y/n.. wake up.. let’s talk”
  • “namjoon i have a test tomorrow”
  • “ [namjoon whining] “
  • from comparing people to trees to thinking about what happens if we walk on water
  • just talks
  • a lot of fluff tbh ??
  • jamming to go o d song s
  • lowkey making memes of him

possible part 2 to this ? o:

  • Person A: *Slams open dorm room and throws backpack down*
  • Person B: *studying* "bad day?"
  • Person B: *looks up* "you kissed me before you left."
  • Person A: "THAT WAS A PECK, I DIDNT GET TO DO THIS" *Picks up B and kisses them*

I wanted to draw all my Hamilton ships <3 … and by that I means all the ships I have with Alexander Hamilton, and my favourite AUs for those ships. I’ve got a problem.


I commissioned the lovely @bev-nap for this piece and I am so in looove with it! Thank youuuu!

Professor Eren and student Levi