Alpaca Boy Saves the Day ( Im Youngmin )

Author’s Note: I might have gone a little crazy while writing this lol. Please enjoy this extra long writing ^^

Character: Im Youngmin

Genre: Fluffiness

Word Count: 3,579

Summary: College!AU. Your friends force you to go on a group date with them. During the date, you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and when you’re walking back, you run into a group of drunk guys who start to harass you. One of the guys (Youngmin) who was in the group date sees this happening and saves you from the drunkards. 

Requested Scenario!

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It was morning and you were sluggish from staying up finishing assignments for your classes. You got up from your bed doing your usual morning routines so that you didn’t look like hell and looked into the mirror satisfied with your work. Before leaving your apartment, you grabbed all of your things you needed for today’s lectures and headed off for college, locking your door behind you. Since it was still morning, the weather was still cool to where it felt nice on your skin, but you frowned at the thought of it reaching high temperatures later in the day. You arrive at the bus stop, the bus getting there a couple minutes after you do. You recognize a couple of people already in the bus, but they weren’t really acquaintances of yours so you found a seat by yourself and listened to music on the ride there, looking through social media.

Time passes by and the bus stops near the college and you get up to get out of the bus and other college students that were in the bus did as well. Your earbuds were still playing music as you were walking towards the college, nearing the entrance when you felt someone jump on your back. You quickly turned your head to see your friend Yoojung and you pulled out one of your earbuds. “Hi Y/N!!!” she said excitedly and jumped off of your back and started walking beside you. You smile to see your happy friend and pause your music, putting your phone and earbuds back into your bag. “Hey Yoojung. Glad to see you’re still your happy self.” you say and nudge her a little. A voice calls for the two of you from a distance and you both turn to see your other friend Somi running towards you. “Y/N!! Yojung!! Wait for me!!” she yelled, huffing as she ran towards you guys and once she caught up with you, she bent down to catch her breath, holding onto Yoojung’s shoulder. You and Yoojung greet the friend catching her breath and Yojung helps her up with her arm, the three of you heading off to the first class that you have together.

The lecture ends and you sigh, stretching your arms off, popping your back and a little bit of your fingers after sitting and writing for so long. “Y/N are you free tonight?” Somi asks you as you’re putting your stuff back in your bag. “Yeah.. Why?” You were suspicious of what Somi was gonna make you do this time because she always forced you along with her and the rest of the group to go places. “Well I already tried asking other people, but they weren’t free, so I was wondering if you could come on this blind group date with us.” She said with a smile and making that same begging puppy face. You sighed and looked at her with a frown on your face. “Please please please!!!” she begged, clapping her hands together and bowing, waiting for your response. You just rolled your eyes and smacked her head lightly. “Fine.” To be honest, you only agreed to these things to look over her incase she or any of your other friends were to get into any trouble. She quickly lifted her head up ignoring that you hit her and hugged you tightly saying, “Aah thank you!!”

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Being A Gallagher Sibling Would Include!

Being a Gallagher sibling would include!

  • + Helping raise your siblings with Fiona
  • + Mickey being your bestfriend
  • + Debbie always coming to you when she needs someone to talk to
  • + Working at the Alibi Room
  • + Having to share a room with Fiona
  • + When Ian comes out you support him and stick up for him when people are mean about it
  • + Helping Carl with school
  • + Trying to protect your siblings from hurtful comments from people who know Frank
  • + Trying to make sure Liam doesn’t have to deal with the Gallagher reputation in school
  • + Getting into fights when you hear someone made fun of Debbie
  • + Cooking all the meals
  • + Making sure everyone has food for school
  • + Sometimes staying with Lip at college because you get locked out of the house somehow
  • + You being the glue that holds the Gallaghers family together

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Teacher x Student Masterlist


Yes, Professor? - "Good morning! I’m Professor Viktor Nikiforov! I look forward to being with you all this semester.“Dammit! No one told me he had an accent too! And to think this was all started because I wanted some pudding!

Slavonic Studies -  Yuuri sleeps with a hot stranger the night before university begins but surprise, surprise.

I will break the ice of your heart - “Yuuri…” The teacher whispered near his ear.
Fuck… he’s…
“Y… Yes?” he stuttered.
Hot…Yuuri is a talented but very shy student who enters in a new university for his last year. There, he meets a coldhearted and strict philosophy teacher: Viktor Nikiforov. Despite their differences, the two of them start to get closer…

Black Ice -  Yuri is a freshman in college, trying to make ends meet by working part-time as a prostitute. Victor is a renowned author and professor who stumbles across one of Yuri’s essays. Inspired by Yuri, Victor travels across the world to find him. When they meet, stars collide and so do they.

Mystical Lessons - Another year, the same school. Yuuri Katsuki is the boy who causes trouble, the boy who has trouble following him no matter where he went. Yuuri Katsuki is… A wizard.A new teacher has joined the row, a new teacher younger than all, and his eyes were set on Yuuri as soon as he had looked out towards the students walking into the hall. Is it love? Is it just infatuation? Their love progresses, his teachings commences, and slowly… After private lessons… That’s when the trouble begins.

Location - Yuri attended a new school for about week now and everything is going well. His mom insist he should walk home for today since she wont be able too.Yuri makes it half way but it doesnt go all to well.

Hard Rain - My name is Yuuri Katsuki, I am 23 years old and I am in love with Victor Nikiforov. That’s the naked truth. To be honest, I don’t believe in destiny and I don’t think that faith exists, but when I saw him for the first time I knew, he is the one. It was not just a feeling, more like some punch right into my heart it just came without warning. It’s like I was blind all this time and now I can see fully HD. My heart jumps every time he smiles or just touches his lower lip with fingertip thinking about something. I stop breathing when I see him coming towards me. His voice is sweet and gentle, he never shouts, he is always kind and I have never seen him angry. When I think about love, Victor’s image comes to my mind as the definition. It’s the first time I am in love, maybe that’s the reason for everything. He is perfect and everything would be perfect… but there is one tiny problem.Victor doesn’t know that I exist.

To You, 2000 Years From Now - Katsuki Yuuri had been dreaming about the same mysterious man with silver hair for the past few years. He didn’t know the man, was sure that he never even met the man, yet the man always appeared in his dreams night after night. He knew it wasn’t exactly normal, and he had learned from past experience to not tell his weird dreams to just anyone. The dreams, had become the beginning of his anxiety problem.Viktor Nikiforov is a pureblood vampire who cannot die from old age. He was broken hearted once, and after that he went into hibernation for almost 2000 years, until one day, he woke up again in a new world where vampire was a mere myth. The one who woke him up, Chris, his best friend and almost sibling, told him that his lover had been reborn. Viktor, as the very definition of a romantic, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet his old lover and, if needed, court the love of his life again.So, meet Katsuki Yuuri the student, who are very overwhelmed and confused most of the time, when his hot new teacher, Viktor Nikiforov, flirted with him whenever he had the chance.Viktor was dead set on writing history on the most scandalous relationship between teacher and student, ever.

Viktor!!! on Yuuri -  Yuuri and Mr. Nikiforov get frisky in the school’s library.

Broken Rules -  Yuuri has some problems: he’s the new student in a big city school, he misses classes frequently because of his health, and, worst of all, he’s failing his history class.
Viktor has some problems as well: he’s bored with his life, he has no idea what to do as a first-time educator, and, worst of all, no matter what he does, a certain student continues to fail his class.
Falling in love is the unspoken rule that mustn’t be broken no matter what, but when the teacher and the student come together, it’s almost impossible not to.

Behind Locked Doors -  College student Yuuri Katsuki is in love with his professor, Viktor Nikiforov. A love he plans on keeping to himself, until one drunken mistake leads him to a world of pleasure.

The Inversed Butterfly -  Viktor and Yuuri. A teacher and a student. Obsession and Blackmail. A dysfunctional relationship and debauchery at its finest.

Taste of Secrets -  »He absolutely caught you dreaming again, Yuuri«, Phichit teased with a low voice, after the class finished a bit early.
Slowly he let his books slide into his bag and avoided eye contact to his best friend. Of course he knew of his crush on Victor but he never took it seriously. Phichit always told him, that he wasn’t alone with his crush and yes, he knew. Victor had all possibilities. Everyone would gladly accept this Alpha’s courting, but he was still single. Maybe he only didn’t meet the one he was meant to be with yet.

Teach Me to Love - Everyone’s had a hot teacher that they’ve crushed on.The less common situation is when your new teacher turns out to be your drunken summer fling.


Classical Yuri - Otabek Altin a world famous classic musicians. He’s played in some of the most prestigious places and yet he was still not satisfied.Yuri Plisetsky, an angry 15-year-old who only wants to take care of his grand-father, play music, and meet his idol. Although, he was stuck writing his music on napkins and playing on an old piano in his local café.What happens when Otabek walks into Yuri’s local café and here’s him playing? Will Otabek final find the thing that could satisfy him?


Location - Yuri attended a new school for about week now and everything is going well. His mom insist he should walk home for today since she wont be able too.Yuri makes it half way but it doesnt go all to well.

Locked Out

Summary: Bucky x Reader College AU. “You’re locked out, too?” (requested by @goimaginethiss) from this prompt list. 

Warnings: Fluff, college things, partying?? (there’s booze and weed mentioned and ingested), Bucky being soft and neighborly and a physics nerd, also slightly nsfw. there is kissing

Word Count: 1,922 words

College was hard. Of course people had warned Bucky that studying physics would be “difficult,” but he never expected they’d be right. So, here he was on a Friday night, studying for a test on wave phenomena. Steve said he was going out,that he “couldn’t deal with his best friend talking about different science things while all he was trying to do was have a peaceful Friday,” which made Bucky scoff and roll his eyes as Steve walked out. 

His concentration was broken when he could feel the thrum of the bass from the party down the hall. Another thing Bucky failed to listen to about college - sorority girls. 

He thought that all the warnings in the world could not have prepared him for all the Republican stereotypes of Kappa Sigma whatever daddy can get for his little girl. He assumed there were some semi-decent sorority girls, but none of them went to his school. Or ever would. So, bass thrumming through the walls of dorm 413, Bucky tried to plug his ears while lying on his stomach on the couch of his and Steve’s dorm, pretending that freshman girls weren’t doing god knows what to fit in. Bucky had heard more than enough parties in his three years at school to know what a raging, cops-will-probably-be-called party sounded like, and this was not one. Or at least not yet. 

Bucky did however fall off of the couch when he heard someone or something hit the door right outside 413, hearing several curses and quite a few cheers. Bucky closed his book and gave up, when he walked outside to attempt and give whoever or whatever slammed into the wall a fierce talking-to. He opened the door and was greeted with a girl, who did not look like a desperate freshman trying to pledge, but also didn’t look like a senior whose attention was anything to gain either. His eyes met eyes that even though they were very bloodshot, still looked absolutely breathtaking. 

“Jesus Christ, you live like that?” The girl asked, peering into his less-than-pristine dorm. It wasn’t his fault his best friend was a liberal arts major whose cleaning skills were just as liberal. He stuttered through an apology as he pulled the door closed. 

“Wait, I live like that? Didn’t you just run into the wall full force less than a minute ago?” Her cheeks flushed this adorable shade of pink when he said that. 

“I am way too stoned to run right now. I fell,” She giggled a little when she said this, only backing up her statement. He got a good look at her, noticing the fact that she had on a hoodie and pajama shorts with dogs on them, and small pictures of avocados on her socks. She seemed to take stock of what she was wearing too, as she pulled her hoodie down and tried to make sure her shorts weren’t riding too high on her thighs.

 "So, do you make a habit of bringing pot to sorority parties? I thought cheap beer and Xanax was more their thing.“ 

 "No no,” her smile kind of fell, which made Bucky think he had said the wrong thing, “I was smoking in my dorm. My roommate was pledging because this school hates me and put me with a freshman. I revenge-smoked most of her weed, and then felt guilty, so I was trying to uh, rescue her and bring her the rest, I guess. Which was a mistake because now I’m locked out of my dorm and too high to walk.” He laughed at that, remembering several occasions where Steve’s liberal arts major friends had afforded him some rather interesting nights in the dorm. Her eyes widened suddenly,

 "Holy shit… you aren’t a dorm advisor, are you?“ He shook his head laughing, “I’m Bucky. And I totally understand… the being high thing. I uh, I know what you mean. This might seem a little weird but I have a test Monday and was just studying and you can come in and kind of chill until your roommate decides to get back if you want.“ 

“Uhm, sure.” She looked a little hesitant and he tried to give her a reassuring smile. He turned around to open the door, only to find out… 

“So you’re locked out too?" 

 Steve trudged up the stairs, fumbling with his keys and cursing the broken elevator that was very unlikely to be repaired before finals this semester. His vision was still foggy even though his Uber ride had mostly helped him clear his head and sober up a little. He heard a giggle once he reached the top of the stairs and he could see two figures at the end of the hallway even though the party occurring on this floor was behind closed doors. He could see a girl who appeared to be in pajamas and a guy who looked awfully like his roommate was in fact his roommate.

 "Buck? What are you doing?”

 "Oh my god, Steve. Have you met Y/N? She’s like, the coolest. We’re trying to break into her dorm because she locked herself out.“ Steve couldn’t help but laugh at the pair, as Y/N was sitting cross-legged on the floor, trying to unlock her door with what appeared to be a meal plan card, while Bucky was just jiggling the knob unsuccessfully.

 "Jesus, you guys smell like weed. I thought they were doing room checks this week." 

"That’s why we had to smoke it all, Steve-o,” Bucky walked over to Steve and out an arm around his shoulder, focusing most of his weight on his considerably shorter friend. 

“I didn’t want to get our new friend in trouble. Also, I’m locked out of our dorm, too.” Bucky did his best to give his friend puppy-dog eyes even in his inebriated state, glancing between his roommate and the girl he had befriended, who was now staring blankly at the door to her own dorm, flicking the corner of the meal plan card with her fingernail. Steve sighed, giving his friend his best “so help me god if anything happens on our couch” look. Bucky pumped his fist, clearly excited for his friend’s silent permission to invite Y/N back into their apartment for… solace. This was strictly charity, right? 

“Y/N,” Bucky practically sang, trying to gain the sitting girl’s attention. She glanced back at him, raising her eyebrow. “You can come back to our dorm if you want until your room gets- ah, you’re roommate gets back.” Bucky gave his best convincing smile, moving closer to the girl and holding out an arm for her to grab while Steve unlocked the door, shaking his head and wondering when a couple of drinks had turned into this. 

“Please be gentle with my couch,” Steve grumbled as he pulled his backpack from under his bed and packed some clothes to stay with Sam. Any hint of inebriation left his system when he thought about what might happen on that couch after he left. 

 Bucky plopped down on the couch after Steve left, patting the seat to his left as a way to tell Y/N to sit there. While Bucky had sobered up a little bit, smoking again didn’t seem to help Y/N’s case any, as she still seemed a little out of it. 

 "I can’t believe you convinced me to smoke weed you randomly found in your hoodie in the hallway,“ Bucky sighed, running the palms of his hands up and down his sweatpants-clad thighs. 

Y/N giggled, "I knew it was there, I had just forgotten! I can’t believe you pretended it was coming from the party when the dorm advisor did come check on things!” They both laughed until their eyes met, looking at each other for about five seconds before leaning in, their lips meeting quickly. One kiss quickly turned into several, Bucky’s hands crawling underneath her hoodie to her lower back. Y/N positioned her legs on either side of Bucky’s thighs, sighing when she felt his rough palms move underneath her shirt to rub his thumbs against her ribs. Her thighs clenched against his as her fingers ran through his hair. He quickly broke the kiss his dilated pupils meeting hers and immediately softening. 

“Is this all right?” He squeezed her sides once in reassurance, making her squirm in his lap. She nodded, quickly reconnecting her lips with his.

Cotton mouth was the only thing Bucky could think of when he woke up. All he could taste was stale pot and morning breath. He also felt unseasonably warm for September, but maybe that was because there was a girl who’s bare chest was pressed against his- Oh. Bucky tried to discreetly catch a glimpse of the girl’s face without stirring her sleeping form. Bucky lied awake for minutes, wondering exactly how the conversation was going to go. He remembered last night clearly, but he felt nervous and his chest started to tighten up when he thought about what Y/N might say once she woke up. His thoughts were interrupted when she lifted her left cheek off his chest, placing her chin on it instead.

“Is it always so cold in your dorm?”

“It might just be the fact that you were lying on top of me so I couldn’t retrieve our shirts.” Y/N realized the state of undress they were both in s she rose up from where she was lying to quickly wrap her arms around herself, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.

“Considering last night is fuzzy. I think I’m going to go grab my hoodie, brush my teeth, and transfer schools,: she had started to get up when Bucy’s hand gripped her forearm gently, not holding her against her will there, but asking her to stay.

“You don;t have to run off but I understand if you want to. For what it’s worth, nothing happened last night, but I still had a really good time hanging out with you,” she scrunched her nose up at this, glancing between his face and his hand on her arm and her sweatshirt on the floor.

“I had fun, too. I just uhm, I’m cold and still kind of sleepy and would just rather keep my tits covered in front of a guy I just met.” He let go of her arm so she could retrieve her top and watched her stretch after she put on the garment, extending her arms above her head and yawning. Bucky sat up and decided it was something that he really wanted to see more than once. 

“Since its only eight, you can stay here for a bit. You can sleep in my bed and I’ll stay here, maybe later we can grab something to eat?” She turned to face him again, crossing her arms over her chest in an attempt to warm herself. She looked up at the ceiling and bounced on the balls of her feet, pondering hs offer.

“Or…” Bucky leaned forward, readying himself to be absolutely rejected,” you could come lay down in your bed with me and then later we’ll make some food?” Bucky looked back up at her, smiling and nodding his head.

“I really like the sound of that.”

“Good,” she smirked, “because last one to bed is buying the ingredients,” she ran off to his room on her socked feet while he shook his head and chased after her, deciding buying food might not be so bad.

Slave Michelle: Wanna Be Nancy Who?

Michelle was always a clever girl, and everybody thought so. She was always pretending to be Nancy Drew; always trying to figure out the clever little puzzles. As she got older he became less cute and she became more annoying. She was constantly frustrated that nobody could appreciate how smart she was. She knew one day that she would leave her small little town and become a famous detective somewhere.

It was because of course her own cleverness that she realized something no one else in her town did. It seemed that her one very isolated neighbor departure and arrival in town always bracketed the disappearance report on the news about some girl in another town or local college.

Of course, most folks in her town didn’t even bother to watch TV because they didn’t care about anything outside of their little bubble. She however was always watching the news, to learn about the world outside of her town. She wanted to know as much as she could.

So, with her suspicions truly aroused, and her own natural detective skills she decided to investigate and see if her suspicions could be correct.

When she snuck into the barn she heard a sound like moaning. She followed the sound and then came face-to-face with the face that she seen on the local news just that day. She found the girl, nude and gagged, bound into what looked like a horribly painful chair.

She started to say something but victim’s eyes went wide and she tried to say something to Michelle. That was the last thing Michelle saw before the sickening sweet rag was pressed over her face.

 When she woke up she was bound tightly at the foot of the of the victim.

The man, her neighbor, asked what she was doing there; who she had told about him. In her naïveté, thinking that she was the heroine in this little epic, and had caught the bad guy, she told him how she had so cleverly figured out what he was doing. She explained exactly how he had messed up and how now, it was time to give himself up to the police.

He stared at her with incredulity before laughing hysterically and then left to get some dinner. He ignored her shouts behind him and continued struggling, gagging her as he said, “I think you need to learn a few lessons my dear and I will be happy to teach them to you.”

A short while later he returned. Michelle found herself bound helplessly next to the other girl. She tried screaming at him that he had to let her go, as he was in enough trouble he didn’t want to go further. He ignored her as he rubbed her cunt lips gently and she involuntarily moistened and then moaned.

“You can’t do that,” she said and he again just laughed, “I am going to do so much more than that little slave.”

“I’m not a slave,” she said angrily, not understanding why he hadn’t just given up like he was supposed to.

He chuckled and said, “not yet.”

He then gagged them both as he wasn’t interested in the begging that was about to begin.

As a professional slaver, he knew well the rule about, “the third blow” when first whipping or beating a slave. The rule said it wasn’t the first blow, that taught the slave the true lessons of her new life. That blow was usually inflicted upon the uninitiated, and the new slave’s brain simply overloaded; feeling it but not completely.

The second blow, her brain was still recovering from the first and so although it was felt it wasn’t felt as deeply as it needed to be.

The third blow, however, that was the one that truly taught the lesson. It was with that blow the slave realized that the pain could literally go on for as long as the person inflicting it wanted it to. The slave had no control and no recourse but to simply sit there and endure.

It was the most psychologically devastating rule a slave learned, and the one that truly put them on the path to eventual total submission, and complete surrender.

As a professional he knew that that blow had to be delivered as nonchalantly as it was brutally. As an expert, that is exactly what happened.

She screamed in agony at the first and second blow, as did the girl beside her, and then, as expected, both started begging him to stop. He was sure, mixed in with the pleas for mercy, there were promises to do anything he wanted, but he ignored them completely.

After both were sufficiently marked up he locked the college girl back in her chair and took Michelle to another piece of equipment. She soon found herself laid face down, her legs spread wide, her arms bound down near the base of one of the supports and gagged.

He commenced to beating her ass mercilessly, telling her how stupid she had been, and what his plans were.

She would be broken, just like the other girls he had kidnapped and then sold. She was special; however, she had pissed him off.

Mostly he was pissed at himself but she would endure the brunt of it. When he was done, he told her, she wouldn’t even remember who she was.

He continued beating her ass, asshole, and cunt as she begged into her gag, crying the entire time.

When he was finished, he pulled out his hard cock. He slammed it into her exposed and sore cunt, smiling as she screamed in agony at the violation. When his cock was sufficiently covered in her cream, her body’s response to the rape, he pulled out and then slowly, but determinedly rammed his cock into her other hole.

She screamed as he buried himself to the hilt into her ass, the screams before, when he had violated her cunt, were nothing when compared to this. He figured she would have been heard in the next county if the barn wasn’t completely soundproofed.

When he was done, he locked her in heavy chains and gagged her before walking her outside so he could spray her down with cold water. He whipped her once again as she sat, kneeling on the ground.

As she sat there, chained, looking broken, demoralized, and the depression already starting to settle over her he told her, “look at the sun, stupid slave, it’s the last time you’ll be seeing it for a while.”

That began his determined quest to break her thoroughly, and completely. He started training her with the other acquisition that she had discovered, putting them through many punishments together.

Even after that girl had been broken and sold off he was still training Michelle. He worked with her through the next slave, and the one after that. She endured tortures she never even knew existed.

She became intimately familiar with belts, whips, riding crops, and paddles. He used all kinds of clamps on her pussy and tits, sometimes forcing her to stand for long hours in ballet boots, with the threat of a beating to her exposed cunt if she faltered.

Then there was the sexual abuse. It went without saying that he forced her to blow him multiple times a day, and fucked her cunt and ass daily. Forcing her to admit how much she loved it, forcing orgasm after orgasm from her helpless body, no matter how much she tried to resist.

His favorite way of making her beg to be fucked involved electricity, something she had learned to be particularly terrified of. He would hogtie her, then shock her tits till she was ready to beg for rape. He kept her gagged, of course, to start, that way, when he finally let her speak she was begging him to violate her.

The first few times he’d played this game he always enjoyed the hatred he saw, underneath the terror and pain. Making her beg was infuriating to her, and simply added to her humiliation, and it eventually helped lead to her breaking completely.

Proof of that was how the fury slowly gave way to acceptance.

After nearly 7 months she was completely and utterly destroyed.

Gone was the sassy, strong-willed, and slightly arrogant and extremely naïve young woman who thought that she could bring down a professional slaver like him.

In her place was a broken and completely obedient slave girl. She had learned that the only way to survive in the hell that she had been yanked into was to be thoroughly obedient and utterly submissive.

Servitude was her obsession, and disobedience was unthinkable.

Finally, he decided it was time to sell her off.

He put her on the block with one of his more recent acquisitions, a comparatively weak willed little cock tease he’d picked up 100 miles away and had, pathetically broken a matter of days.

They would both be sold off, and he would use the proceeds to move his operation elsewhere.

Somehow, 7 months ago, he had gotten complacent and he had nearly been caught; had been if he was completely honest with himself.

If Michelle, or rather, the slave that used to be Michelle had been a little more street-smart than she’d been he would be in prison right now, or, most likely, worse.

Fortunately, for him the want to be Nancy Drew was now nothing more than a common sex slave and pain slut.

As he moved on to greener pastures and more enjoyable product to break, and continued profits, she would live out her life on her knees, performing whatever acts her Owner commanded.

Many months later, long after her sale the slave knelt, obediently, before her Master, waiting to be used as the slave she was. She couldn’t remember anything beyond her need to please her Owner. That was all she was now, a toy, a thing for him to use and abuse, and she was happy with her place.

Deep inside her mind, however, buried under weeks and months of punishment, torture, rape, and abuse was the girl that still remembered who she was. The girl that longed-for freedom, for justice, for revenge.

Sadly, that girl would never be seen again, because her mind knew the punishments that she would endure if that happened and she couldn’t endure those anymore. Instead, that girl would be kept locked away in the deepest, darkest pit of her psyche.


About Orphan Black and I...

Well, I was a 14 years old girl abused by my mom… I grew up with a distorted notion that being gay was being a promiscuous sexual predator or a monster, well, that was what I used to think about my mother and she was a lesbian and she did that to me…  I stupidly associated.

When I was around 21 years old I had to move out of my house, where I lived through all my life, the best and the worse moments… so I started getting some SERIOUS anxiety attacks. I went to my incredible therapist and, after a year or so, I realized I was a lesbian. In my very dark subconscious this was such a horrific thing that I had to feel like I was a monster, like I was going to disappoint everyone that stayed in my life, like my grandpa, who always took care of me and supported me (including paying for my law school and all my living expenses).

I started watching and reading, very secretly, some LGBTQ TV series, movies, mangas and everything the internet had to offer me… So I could start understating a little bit about what was “being gay”. I used to go come back home from college, lock myself in my room and watch TV series and play videogames all day, like living my own life was a burden that I needed to ease by living other lives - or seeing other lives being lived… people being gay and being happy (or not), but living, dating…

Amidst all of these things, Orphan Black aired… I knew nothing about it… but I watched and I fell in love… my favourite character, for obvious reasons, was Cosima… and then… BOOM! Cosima kisses Delphine. My heart pounded so much… She wasn’t stupid or promiscuous… she wasn’t a monster… She was the coolest! And Delphine falls for her too! And she deals with that in such a nonchalant way. Like “Oh. I liked that kiss… Well… that was strange… or not. Fuck that. Sexuality is fluid and shit and I’m going to live my life and be happy with this awesome lady. The end.”. After that, the way the series addressed the subject. How no one made a fuss about Cosima’s sexuality… I wanted to be inside that. In that world. . It was so awesome! It was like being accepted by people that I admired…

Well… what I wanted to say is… this inspired me. To not overthink… or to think that I can be a good person AND a lesbian. And I tried to be brave! And stand up for myself.

Now… 5 years later, I’m with the love of my life. I’m going to marry her. I never imagined love could be such a big thing… that it could make us feel in such a small body… with such a little time to live. Hopefully we’ll marry next year, if we both can get jobs and money for being independent (in Brazil this is so difficult for some people…).

So I want to thank Orphan Black. I want to thank Clone Club for showing what acceptance is. The writers for creating a world of which I’m part, for about 50 minutes every week. Cosima and Delphine… And, mostly, Tatiana Maslany and Évelyne Brochu for portraying so brilliantly two people who love each other and, by chance, are two women. Not letting their gender and their sex be anything more than what they are supposed to be: a part of us. Not what define us.

This is the year of changes. My grandpa died. I forgave my mom. I’ll finally have the chance of getting a good job (my public job test is very close)… and Orphan Black is ending. Is like I’m being thrown out to live my life. Without side wheels… It’s terrifying. Sometimes it’s exciting… but it’s mostly terrifying. But I’ll do my best. This time I have to live my life… be gay and be happy  (or not)… but live.

First Time for Everything // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer x Reader’s first time in bed and Reid is a virgin

Requested by: Anonymous

Warnings: Smut(awkward virgin smut at least)

Spencer was completely, irrevocably head over heels in love with you. There was nothing else he was so sure of. There was nothing that would ever change that either.

He had fallen in love with you the moment he set eyes on you, with the way you had walked into the office as their newest member, so young and full of life. Your immediate greeting had been to hug everyone, hugging JJ and Morgan as if you were greeting old friends.

“He has a no touching thing,” Morgan had quickly warned as you had turned towards him. You had simply smiled with no judgement in your eyes and nodded in understanding.

“Very nice to meet you Dr. Reid,” you had greeted, sending a small soldier salute towards him in an effort to break the ice. Spencer had chuckled and nodded, repeating that it was a pleasure.

Every day after you came into the office, hugging everyone before stopping at him.

“Today?” You asked as you held your arms open. He’d smile politely and shake his head no, afraid that your feelings would get hurt. Instead you had always nodded and saluted him in the same cute way from before.

“Good to see you too, Dr,” you’d greet, the same unwavering smile on your face. You never held the fact he wasn’t physical against him and it came as a relief. He wanted you to like him.

With each passing month he found himself in a surprisingly joyful mood whenever you entered the room. You grew on everyone, especially JJ as the two of you seemed to share that same sense of kindness. Every day you asked for a hug and every day he would refuse, although he had to admit that as the days passed by he ultimately regretted not hugging you on that first day.

“Today?” You asked again with that same bright smile after nearly six months had passed. This time Spencer rose from his seat and wrapped his arms around you as you let out a joyful squeal. The team smiled as they watched the exchange from their desks.

“The wait was totally worth it,” you commented with a smile as the two of you pulled apart. Spencer blushed, nodding in agreement.

“If I knew your hugs were that great I might have said yes sooner,” he joked as he looked down at your pretty face. His heart was still beating rapidly against his chest as your lips pulled back even further, revealing the beautiful smile he had thought of the entire night before when he couldn’t fall asleep.

Everything had happened in a blink of an eye afterwards. You and Spencer found yourself wrapped up in each other at Hotch’s birthday party. The team noticed how the two of you seemed to ignore everyone else in the room and left the two of you to your privacy. Your lips had met in the tension of the moment followed by Spencer asking you to be his girlfriend.

“Only if you’ll be my boyfriend,” you replied with a cheeky smile. He grinned as he pulled you back into him and pressed his lips against yours again.

That had been nearly a year before. Spencer had been living in pure bliss the entire time. He had a good job, great friends, and a beautiful girlfriend. For once in his life everything was absolutely perfect.

Except for one fact. He still remained a virgin.

It went without saying that Spencer had never quite been popular with girls at a young age. While everyone was having sex in college, he stayed locked in the library at the mere age of 15. His lack of social skills hindered his relationships with women as he grew. He couldn’t even shake hands with them, much less touch them in such an intimate way.

Spencer wanted to tell you. No one on the team knew he was a virgin. They all knew how awkward he was with women but they had all figured he would have had sex at least once by now. They usually just left the subject alone. He was nervous about telling you because he had heard you talking to Penelope about old boyfriends before so you were surely more experienced in that field. You had never forced anything on him, allowing him to go only as far as he wanted to. The most Spencer had ever gone were heated make-out sessions. You suspected he was nervous about sex so you’d always kept your mouth quiet when he’d pull away and simply cuddle with you instead of attempting to go further. 

Much to his relief you had been completely understanding.

“Is that what you were so worried about?” You asked with a small smile as you sat on Spencer’s bed after he had just revealed that he was still a virgin.

“Yes,” he admitted. “I just…I want it to be good and well I’m not experienced at all and I know you are and I’m probably going to be horrible compare-”

You shushed him as you placed a hand over his mouth.

“Spencer, I would never compare you to anyone. I love you. You’re the one I want,” you assured as you gently cupped his cheek. He smiled softly at your kind reassurance.

He hesitantly leaned forward, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss. You in return locked your arms behind his neck, pulling him down on top of you as you continued to kiss him. The kiss grew more intense as Spencer’s tongue dominated your mouth, his hands slowly trailing along your body. He froze as your hands moved down and pulled your shirt off, throwing the thin fabric aside. He stared at you, momentarily stunned by your beauty before you reached for his hand and gently placed it on your breast, giving him an encouraging smile.

“Are you sure?” He asked hesitantly as he understood what you were asking for.


He nodded before kissing you deeply, his hands fumbling with your jeans as he tried to get them off. After a bit of clumsiness he finally succeeded, pulling them off with your underwear as well. He took a moment to look at you in utter disbelief that you were his.

You smiled that same smile he adored that let him know that you truly loved him. It made him even more nervous as he recalled all the books that claimed a healthy sex drive was key to a lasting relationship. He gulped as your fingers undid the buttons on his shirt, sliding the fabric off of his shoulders before moving to undo the button to his pants. He quickly slipped out of them, a feeling of embarrassment filling him as his erection popped out of its confines.

“Impressive,” you replied with a wide grin. You comment effectively calmed his nerves for a moment as he was often self conscious about his own body.

“I’ve read a lot of books on this lately and I’m pretty sure I can figure out how to make you climax and hopeful-”

“Spencer,” you interrupted his nervous rambling with an amused smile.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” Spencer admitted with a small frown. You smiled encouragingly.

“You’ll do fine.”

You giggled as he clumsily positioned himself against you, shifting around nervously unsure of how to approach the task. Your legs wrapped around him, pressing the tip of him to your entrance. He gave a soft moan at the sudden wet contact, looking at you with a look of adoration.

“There we go,” you said softly as you pulled him in closer, his dick sliding into you slowly as you eased him into it. He felt short of breath as an overwhelming sense of pleasure consumed him. He’d never felt something so good before and it didn’t surprise him that you would be the one to bring it to him. He groaned in pleasure as he fit his entirety inside of your warm walls, feeling the slick warmth of you against his most sensitive part.

You hummed in pleasure as Spencer slowly began to move inside of you. His body fell on top of yours, his elbows giving out at the amount of sensations going through him. You didn’t complain as his weight dug into you. Instead you turned his head towards yours and kissed him passionately as he rocked his hips into you.

Your small moans filled his ears as his cock moved against your wet walls, only working to increase his arousal. He had waited so long for this moment and it was more than he could have ever anticipated. His soft grunts continued as he found a pace he enjoyed, moving in and out of you slowly. The look on your face was one of adoring serenity as you looked at him, a slight sheen of sweat on both of your foreheads.

Spencer had read that a man’s first time was usually his quickest from the excitement of the new sensations, and he was proof of that. In moments he was overwhelmed by the warm wet feeling of you and let out deeps gasps as he felt himself pulsate, spilling himself into your insides. His body slumped heavily into yours as he took deep breaths, his cock twitching as he slowly pulled himself out of you.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized as he rolled onto the bed next to you, covering his  face in shame.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about,” you reassured with a smile. He looked at you with uncertainty. “You did great Spence.”

He sighed but nodded, wrapping an arm around you as you laid your head on his chest. He stayed silent for a moment before a wolfish grin spread on his face.

“You know, I also read that the good thing about sex beginners is that although they finish fast, they’re basically ready for round two in no time.”

You laughed as you looked up to see his wolfish grin smug on his face.

“I’m ready when you are.”

some random hcs woo

  • cooking dinner together, making their own music as they sing a boisterous country duet, makin’ out during the instrumental bridge and overcooking the pasta
  • rhett before their first date in college, accidentally locking his keys in his car and having to wait 2 hours for a locksmith. rhett is super mad at himself about missing their reservation, but link just laughs and kisses the pout off his face, offering to take them to a drive-in screening of godzilla instead
  • link waltzing into their office after making his coffee for the day, a pep in his step. he makes his way over to where rhett’s fiddling with the printer, spins him around, grabs him on both sides of his face and plants a long, deep, electrifying kiss on him. he skips away with a smack to his butt and a cheeky “good morning,” while rhett stands quite a bit more stunned and aroused than you’d expect for 9:36 in the morning
  • rhett blinking awake to a fully-dressed link plopping on the edge of the bed, already tying his shoes. link turns, feeling watched, and smiles at his fluffy companion, chastising him for missing their alarm. rhett only smiles back, reaching a hand out and puckering his lips in silent invitation for a morning smooch. link laughs with an, “ah-ah, no sir! not ‘til you get up and brush those teeth! i’m not rewarding bad behavior!” which only serves to make rhett groan (though he eventually obeys)
  • the two swaying slowly on a porch swing facing rhett’s mom’s frosty garden back home, bundled up, gloved fingers snugly laced in between their thighs. rhett floats in his own world, speaking animatedly about his latest interest as link stares sweetly at him and listens with all he has. he doesn’t feel inclined to tease him then, but content to let his adoration bleed through for now, for this moment, in a below-freezing front yard with his smart, handsome man. if rhett had asked him a question, he hadn’t heard him, because he spends a good three seconds gazing into perplexed gray eyes before he says, “i can’t wait to marry you.” rhett only beams and shakes his head at him. link buries his nose between his chinstrap and his scarf and breathes, “keep talking.”
  • link being anxious about company things, smashing a ceramic bowl on their kitchen tiles at the mercy of his shaky hands. rhett walks into the room at the sound of link’s cursing and crouches down next to him, kissing his forehead over and over and telling him to go lie down while he makes his cereal for him
  • link teasing rhett about wanting to be the little spoon sometimes. rhett retorts with a spiel about how, “hey, big men can be pampered, too! n'un wrong with that! i should let you take care of me more, anyway.”
  • link getting annoyed with rhett for leaving beard shavings in the sink
  • walking the dogs together on the weekends, hand in hand, donned in trendy sunglasses
  • uhhh that’s all i got lol they gay
college taehyung

Originally posted by averageoppa

  • lmao i’m locked out of the house so i’m sitting in the car and jamming to monsta x and writing this
  • okay okay to the point though!!
  • all his life tae has been excited for college
  • like it’s a privilege to get to go and not many people have that opportunity and he’s so happy that he got a job young and saved up to go to college
  • in high school, he applies for a lot of international schools, and believe it or not, he gets accepted to one in the grand ol USA
  • he’s so excited like when he gets the letter he hugs it to his chest and sobs and he’s just a crying mess for like a week straight and his parents have no idea what to do with him
  • but then he realizes that he’s gonna be leaving his parents and suddenly the week of crying has turned into a month and just stop to picture clingy tae who won’t leave his parents’ aides and literally hugs onto them wherever he goes and they’re like oh my god our baby has reverted to a literal baby
  • ps he video calls them every single day when he gets to college!!
  • okay okay but he eventually goes over to study right?
  • his major is agriculture with a focus in sustainable agriculture
  • and he minors in history because he absolutely loves learning about other cultures and he thinks that there’s so much to learn from the past!!
  • but he soon changes his major to primary education bcuz he loves kids so so so much and he wants to be around them always and be such a bright positive influence on them and seriously help shape future generations for the better
  • but then problems arise
  • change the perspective over to you
  • you kinda keep to yourself in college, have your group of friends, do your work, join a few clubs that interest you
  • but you’re a good student and you’re sweet and kind and one day one of your professors is like hey can i talk to you after class??
  • and you’re like uh yikes but you can’t say no so after class you’re like yah what’s up??
  • and she’s like there’s a new student transferring here and they’re gonna need help around… and you’re so sweet and friendly and a good influence so please will you help him out for a couple of weeks?
  • ofc you say yes like any chance to help someone you’re on board for though you’re a little worried because it’s already like four months into the school year
  • like is this kid a serious slacker who had to change schools cause he was failing?
  • maybe he’s a rich party animal and he got wasted one day and his snobby parents were like lmao time to change schools!!
  • or maybe he got in a fight and now he has to flee to your school
  • you can’t help but think the worst and you go to bed that night feeling absolutely stressed about this new boy
  • the day comes when you gotta meet him though and you’re completely stressed and you’re pulling on the sleeves to your sweater as you walk down to the guidance office
  • you’re so busy stressing you literally slam into someone and topple over because this is apparently a giant you’re dealing with
  • “oh god are you okay?!”
  • the person kneels besides you and you look up into the eyes of an angel
  • he’s bronzed, kissed by the sun, with obviously dyed honey brown hair (but damn he rocks it), and a large, boxy smile
  • he offers you a hand and helps you up and you’re super red because cute boy refuses to drop eye contact with you and your heart is racing and you hope your palms aren’t sweaty or something
  • it’s kinda quiet because he’s so busy staring at you tbh but he finally says “i’m taehyung! i’m the new kid here, i’m supposed to be meeting someone to show me around…?”
  • your eyes widen and you smile a bit and you’re like !! that’s me !!
  • and he just sighs in relief and you notice it’s a rather deep sigh as if he was like anxious or something?
  • you shake it off though and introduce yourself and ask to see his schedule of classes so you can help him around and guess what you guys end up having your sociology class together and you don’t know why but you’re kind of excited about this…
  • like he’s such an innocent angel like have you seen this kid he’s saying hi to dogs as you walk around trying to find his classes like he’s not the bad boy that you thought he was
  • you almost start to forget about asking about why he switched
  • almost
  • you two get closer and closer because even though taehyung knows where he’s going within like a week he doesn’t wanna leave your side and you don’t wanna leave his
  • you two always walk each other to class, and he’ll buy you smoothies every day and you’ll get him coffee and he’ll ask you for homework help and you’ll make him pay you in chocolate bars
  • and he’s such a sweetie like he’s immediately a campus heart throb and so many people swoon over him and he’s too sweet like people will legit like offer to do his hw and buy him sweets and like make him lil love letters and he’s too sweet to turn anyone down so like you’re pretty sure he’s dating like seven hundred kids on campus this poor bean child
  • and one day you guys are chilling at the local cafe and he has hot chocolate (and whipped cream on his nose) and suddenly you’re like?? why would you ever leave your old school you’re literally perfect?
  • and he kinda freezes and glances down at his hands and he doesn’t speak and that’s so upsetting because if tae isn’t talking you know something is up
  • “i um…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck and gives you this sheepish smile “kids weren’t nice to me.”
  • and the way he says that you know that they were more than just “not nice” like you can see it in his eyes and the way his body tenses up and his gaze darts around the room like he’s being hunted or something
  • he sips his drink and kinda mumbles “and i thought it wouldn’t get very bad, but it did… and, and i thought that i could handle it… but i guess i couldn't…”
  • your heart shatters right then and there and you don’t even think about it you grab his hands in yours and you squeeze them as tightly as you can
  • “kim taehyung you are the most perfect, beautiful, angelic human being that has ever walked this planet do you hear me?!” you lean over the table so you can look him in the eye “and if anyone EVER hurts you again, or makes you cry, or upsets you, they’re gonna have to fight me okay they’re gonna have to get through me i’ll fight them and i’ll make sure they never make fun of you again-”
  • he laughs softly and stops your ranting by putting his finger to your lips “hey, it’s okay… i have people who love me now and that’s what matters, yah?”
  • and you guys are so close like you can feel his breath tickling your skin and you’re sure his lips taste like whipped cream and wait are you closing your eyes??
  • but then
  • “tae!! tae-tae!!”
  • taehyung jerks away from you and he’s stammering and he spins around to see who’s calling his name and it’s none other than his roommate, another korean boy by the name of jimin
  • you curse under your breath and quickly pull your phone from your pocket to pretend as if you and taehyung weren’t just about to kiss or anything definitely not
  • you grumble and pout because jimin has completely stolen taehyung’s attention
  • and honestly you had never really thought about taehyung like that, not romantically, but something felt so right about almost kissing him and it felt so natural? and now you’re genuinely upset that jimin has dragged him away
  • you’re confused about your feelings and you’re not thinking straight and so you stand up and shove your chair under the table and grab your stuff
  • “bye taehyung, bye jimin, i’ll see you guys later”
  • and with that you rush out of there and taehyung kinda watches you go and his smile falls
  • jimin quirks his brows and nudges him playfully “what’s that look about?”
  • and taehyung, my small son taehyung, is so open about his feelings and his emotions so he kinda “i think i like them. like the like when you wanna kiss someone’s face and snuggle with them and roll on top of them to keep them warm and maybe kiss some more? you know that feeling huh chim?”
  • and chim kinda !!! “yah sure i guess” as he does that thing where he “looks into the camera” and shakes his head you know how they do on the office?
  • yah that’s jimin
  • okay so i know taehyung like i say it every time but he has such strong emotions like? but he’s also very perceptive and sometimes negative emotions can outweigh the positive ones when you’re designed like that
  • so while he definitely has feelings for you, the guilt of possibly ruining your friendship feel a tidal wave, threatening to drag him under and?? so he doesn’t want to make a mess of things??
  • jimin is actually kinda surprised because i think taehyung would be one to bottle up his deeper emotions like you think you know what’s going on because he’ll say things like “i’m having a great day!” or “i’m just okay, kinda tired, kinda stressed” but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, like nobody ever really knows what he’s actually feeling, not even jimin
  • so when tae says he likes you, jimin knows that there’s so much more running through his mind than he’s letting on, but he doesn’t know what exactly
  • he’s totally gonna be there for tae though no matter what!!
  • except none of them actually know what to do about crushes like neither of them ever dated throughout high school so it’s a mystery
  • tae does what any normal person does and he’s like oops better talk to yoongi about it
  • that’s a bad idea
  • because yoongi is literally sitting there on his bed and he’s surrounded by tasty cake wrappers and he’s snuggling a dog that tae swears that hoseok must’ve smuggled in also yoongi and a dog since when??
  • and tae and jimin are like help we need advICE
  • and yoongi kinda looks at them and proceeds to shove an entire devil dog in his mouth
  • “okay but consider love is stupid and pointless and also makes you spend a lot of cash money and im not a fan you better get over this one taehyung buddy ol’ pal”
  • “um yoongi aren’t you dating someone??”
  • “they’re literally the only exception in the world, sorry taehyung, i don’t make the rules, only my babe is worth it and makes love wonderful and amazing oops”
  • jimin proceeds to drag taehyung away before he actually starts to believe that
  • but over the next few weeks you kinda notice a little bit of a change in taehyung
  • pretty sure if he ever liked someone, they would never be able to tell because he would continue just to be his friendly, bright, cheery self and i see him being touchy with all his friends so it’s not like suddenly there’s a change in that either
  • but jimin told him if he’s actually serious about you, that maybe he needs to start treating you a lil differently!!
  • it’s subtle but it’s there
  • like he’s touchy before but now it’s like fingers brushing over yours or his thigh up against yours when you two are watching a movie together or casually messing with your hair ???
  • like he has no chill still but uh
  • also gets almost shy sometimes?? to which you rest a hand in his forehead because “my tae tae doesn’t get shy”
  • and that makes him more flustered because your hands are all over his face and sides of his neck and he’s like plz spare me
  • okay hold this hit me during ap environmenthell
  • one day you’re chilling in one of your lectures, “paying attention” to your professor and you get a text and you open it and it’s like thirteen selfies of tae being swarmed by small children
  • like one pic a lil girl with pigtails is hanging on his back
  • and another he has twin boys on his lap and one is playing with his hair and the other is trying to grab his phone
  • and there’s one where you can tell he’s lying on the floor but you cannot see anything else because he is smothered by small bean children like all you can make out is his arm sticking from the pile
  • and he captions his masterpiece “hello from my student aiding lecture gone wrong” and he sends like seven hundred two million emojis and like half of them are hearts
  • and you’re like awww cute !! and send him a low key pic of you chillin in class, dying of boredom
  • and he doesn’t respond for a bit and of course you jump to the worst conclusion like wow great i must have burned his eyes out bcuz im so ugly
  • but he sends “all the kids are asking if we’re dating don’t you think that’s so cute?? they say you’re stunning btw, i didn’t even know kindergarteners knew what that word meant, what a world we live in huh?”
  • and you’re spazzing in class because what the actual hell is this kim taehyung you cannot just drop shit like that and you do your best not to throw your phone against the wall because is he playing with you or is he seriously that oblivious to everything in the world??
  • you take a screenshot and you text jimin and you’re like bitch wth is up with your bestie here like you better get a reign on him before i strangle the little brat
  • and of course jimin texts tae like “bro, um they definitely have the hots for you, you better ask them out now before come and steals them away, idk, that older kid namjoon has been chatting them up…”
  • which is a lie because namjoon has one love and that is his books but like hey gotta motivate tae somehow yikes
  • okay so the actual confession part right right
  • gdi im so bad at this
  • oh btw all those cute kids, yah they draw pics of you and tae holding hands and being cute and tae always brings them over for you to see because he’s a sweetie and he likes seeing you all flushed and embarrassed that’s a very important fact that i needed to mention oops
  • okay but tae is like stressing over thos confession right? because he never really dated in high school or anything? and he wants to make his first relationship extra special okay like he has such a big heart that he just wants to make things perfect and wonderful and memorable for your sake
  • but no ideas are coming to him and this is stressing him out because you deserve the world and more but here he is, unsure of what to do
  • dinner dates are so cliche, but he doesn’t want to go overboard either, like roses and chocolates are so cliche
  • he wants something that screams you and him, something that really makes it special for just you two, something nobody will be able to recreate because nobody will ever have the same love you two have??
  • but just his luck, as he’s getting closer to his feelings totally enveloping him whole and eating him alive right, midterms start popping up
  • so guess what, confession goes on the back burner!!
  • like you two still chat but he’s so stressed with everything that legit all you two do is like drink monster mixed with an expresso and then spend the night quizzing each other on definitions and terms
  • he seems like someone who would show his stress really obviously and not be able to bottle things up and it breaks your heart because you cannot bear to see him so frazzled and overworked
  • so you’re like hey i’m gonna do something nice for him, and hell, i’m gonna confess right then and there and if he doesn’t like me, so be it!!
  • jimin is totally in on your plan because yes, bros help bros
  • he’s like he doesn’t eat at all anymore, you should make him his favorite food from back home, his mom gave me the recipe a while ago if you want it!!
  • and you’re like !! um yes plz???
  • and you guys enlist seokjin to come and help oversee all the cooking right and you even convince hoseok to come and help decorate, and that cute freshman jeongguk, he is like i wanna help too!! and he’s the one who distracts tae while you guys transform his dorm into the most calming of places
  • seriously you go out and buy matching snuggies and you get some onesies too in case he prefers and the walmarts is having a sale on furniture and stuff so you get some beanie bags while you’re at it
  • you find all this calming music and you make a playlist of all these nature sounds because you tae is a fan of nature and some of music that you’ve saw on his phone
  • and of course you make him dinner too and you think it actually tastes pretty good!!
  • you even call his parents up and ask them to record a video of all of them to motivate tae and tell him how proud he is of them
  • you’re kinda nervous because you wanna confess too, but his health and wellness is your number one priority
  • anyway the time comes and the others boys have disappeared (…) so it’s just you, chilling on one of the bean bags in your bumble bee onesie
  • and he opens the door and his face is all red and he just lets out this giant sigh and throws his bags to the floor
  • but then he sees you and all the cute decorations and hears the calming music and also sees you, did i mention that?? and it’s like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders and he runs and decks you oh my god, completely tackles you to the ground and will not let go of you, he’s far too happy
  • you laugh and ruffle his hair and tell him that his onesie is on his bed, and that while he’s changing you’ll serve up dinner
  • he changes and you bring some dixie plates full of food over to his bed and plop down, waiting for him to come over
  • he throws himself onto your lap and almost spills the food everywhere im smh
  • he insists that you feed him and every two seconds he says that you’re the best chef that the world has ever witnessed and that you should change your major right away
  • playfully bites your finger at one point and you don’t even care because he’s laughing and you have not seen him laugh in weeks??
  • but then you show him the videos of his his parents and grammy and poppy and he just grows silent and stares down at the screen and before you know what’s happening he’s in tears and you panic because oh my god this was not supposed to happen at all???
  • but he hugs you and buries his face in the crook of your neck and he’s laughing through the tears and he kinda
  • “god i love you so much, what would i do without you?”
  • and after he pulls himself together he immediately proceeds to kiss you long and hard and you can hear this gagging from outside the door and you’re like “wtf tae they were waiting out there… the entire time…”
  • okay but after that you guys are obv official!!
  • he takes you to meet all his kids right away and is like guys btw,,, we’re finally dating,,,
  • and the kids proceed to ask you when you’re gonna get married and if they’re invited and tae laughs at how embarrassed you get
  • always goofing off during sociology and drawing hearts on each other’s papers and being greasy together
  • he lets you wear all his clothes and jimin complains because you have stolen his spot in the dorm and he has to end up crashing with jeongguk half the time now
  • legit voted the cutest couple on campus!!!
  • he’s always showing you off
  • comparing you to ancient people like um btw we learned about this kick butt person in chinese history today, they reminded me of you bcuz you’re both the
  • you guys run an animal shelter in his dorm and he calls all your rescues your guys kids
  • always rubs it in yoongi’s face that he found someone super wonderful and perfect and beautiful
  • yoongi is very happy for him
  • all the boys love you and are low key planning your guy’s wedding and betting money on who you guys are gonna name the first kid after,,,
  • cutest couple ever that’s all i gotta say,,,
the real thing [request]

suga/yoongi, bts, smut aka fingering, eat out, and v-card!!!

anonPLEASE do a Yoongi smut where both are bff and one day you find out he masturbates with one of your photos and then you tease him about it and the sexual tension grow up and yeah you know ;) (hope this is not too much)

anonHi hello so uhmmm…I’m kinda new to…*whispers* smut so I was wondering if you could write some Yoongi smut 🙈 ok bye~

a/n: i combined two requests, since they were for yoongi overall, so enjoy~!!!

word count: 3,843

“Would you like some help?” You question aloud, giggling at the downright red face Yoongi whose body is hunched over and blocking whatever was playing on his laptop screen.

“Oh my god, just get out!” He yells while still hunched and trying to shut his laptop.

“I wasn’t kidding,” you continue when shutting his bedroom door from behind. “If you need a best friend hand job, blow job—”

“Just. Get. Out!” Yoongi hollers once more when succeeds in pulling his pants up with swift moves, embarrassed that you’ll see his gorgeous milky ass, but you’ve seen since growing up that it doesn’t faze you any less than it does now.

“I’m your best friend, you know. You can always ask me for help~” you quietly sing and steps closer his way while spinning his computer chair right around your direction.

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anonymous asked:

Yoonjin taking care of baby jimin?

“Why is he so ugly?” Yoongi asks, peering into the crib.

“Babies are always ugly for the first few weeks. He’ll get cuter. He’ll be so cute you won’t be able to resist.”

Yoongi wrinkles his nose. “I don’t think so.”

((“Dada!” Jimin gurgles and Yoongi reaches a finger into the crib. Jimin latches onto it and curls his tiny fist around the finger.

“Ok, he’s cute,” Yoongi mumbles and Seokjin laughs.

“Told you so.”))

“If you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to be,” Seokjin says as he changes Jimin’s diaper.

“It stinks,” Yoongi grimaces but he stays anyways and when it’s all done, Jimin reaches out and Yoongi picks him up and kisses his forehead.

((“I’ll change it,” Yoongi tells Seokjin who blinks, surprised, but agrees.

Seokjin doesn’t offer his help because he knows Yoongi will refuse it but he watches Yoongi struggle for half an hour until he finally gets it and Seokjin smiles.))

“Who would’ve thought Yoongi-hyung would be a father,” Hoseok laughs and Yoongi scowls.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jimin lets out a cry and Yoongi turns around, digging through the baby bag for Jimin’s bottle.

Namjoon blinks. “I honestly didn’t think Yoongi-hyung even had parental instincts.”

Seokjin watches Yoongi fit the bottle to Jimin’s lips. The angle is awkward and Jimin won’t be able to drink that way so Seokjin stands to go help.

“He doesn’t,” he tells Namjoon. “But he’s trying.”

Jimin hits his head playing on the playground and he and Seokjin wait in the hospital while Jimin gets stitches.

“I’ve never been this scared before,” Yoongi confesses quietly and Seokjin squeezes his hand.

“I am too. It’s because we’re his parents.”

Yoongi nods and they wait, holding hands.

((When Jimin’s finally out, they sleep with Jimin curled between them for a week and if they wake up every so often to make sure Jimin’s still there, they don’t call each other out on it.))

On Jimin’s first day of school, Seokjin kisses Jimin’s forehead and hands him his lunch. “Be good, I love you,” he says and Jimin nods.

“Love you too,” he tells Seokjin.

Yoongi drops him off without Seokjin who said he couldn’t bear it if Jimin ran to him crying that he didn’t want to go.

Jimin doesn’t do that. He waves to Yoongi and skips in, smiling and Yoongi bites his lip so he won’t cry because his baby’s growing up so fast.

As he’s about to leave though, Jimin comes barreling out and hugs Yoongi ’s legs.

“I almost forgot,” he says and he tugs Yoongi down and kisses his cheek. “I love you daddy, have a good day!”

A lump forms in his throat and Yoongi kisses Jimin’s head.

“Yeah…love you too kiddo,” Yoongi croaks and Jimin grins and runs inside.

When Yoongi gets to his car, he buries his face in his hands and cries.

When Jimin gets called to the principal’s office one day, he and Seokjin come down to the school to see Jimin sullenly sitting in a chair. Another boy beside him is nursing a black eye.

“Why did you hit him?” Seokjin asks in the car and Jimin scowls. “Violence is never the answer.”

“Sometimes it is,” Jimin says and he locks himself in his room and doesn’t come out for dinner.

Jimin doesn’t talk to them the next morning either and they both go to work with heavy hearts.

Yoongi gets a call at work. It’s a Jeon Jungkook, the boy Jimin hit.

“I asked them to not suspend Jimin,” he says. “because I deserved it, honestly. I…made fun of you and his mom and I was just joking but he took it seriously. It was my fault so please don’t be angry with him. He’s…he loves you guys a lot.”

Yoongi bites his lip. “I…I know. Thank you.”

When Jimin gets his first college rejection letter, he locks himself in his room and doesn’t come out.

Seokjin slides a letter under his door and the next morning, Jimin comes out and hugs them both.

(((When we first brought you home, you were so small and fragile, we didn’t know how to hold you. We were scared of being parents and we didn’t know if we could raise you up to be all you could be. But we think we did a pretty good job and we are so proud of you. So proud. And nothing can ever change that. You’re not perfect but you are to us. We love you so much Jimin. Please come out. We’re making your favorite tonight.)))

When Jimin graduates, Seokjin and Yoongi buy him flowers and leis and take pictures until Jimin laughs and complains his face hurts from smiling.

Yoongi’s own heart is so full it hurts.

“He’s leaving for college,” Yoongi whispers and Seokjin nods.

“It’ll be quiet without him,” Seokjin says.

The unspoken “we’ll miss him” hangs between them, heavy in the air.

He and Seokjin hang back after the reception.

“How did it feel to walk him down the aisle?” Seokjin teases and Yoongi smiles.

“He looked really beautiful today.”


Jimin kisses the love of his life in front of all his friends and family and Yoongi and Seokjin stand at the back, smiling so hard their faces hurt.

“I’m really scared,” Jimin confides to him. “Will I be as good of a dad as you, do you think?”

“You just bumble through and hope for the best,” Yoongi says. He squeezes Jimin’s hand. “I wasn’t very good at it but I did okay right?”

Jimin laughs. “What do you mean? You were the best dad ever.”

“I love you so much.” He hears Jimin say and he can tell he’s holding back tears.

“I love you too,” Yoongi says. “Seokjin’s waiting for me. You’ll be okay?”

“Mhmm,” and now Jimin’s crying, holding Yoongi’s wrinkled hand tightly in his own. “Sleep now dad. Say hi to mom for me.Tell him I love him.”

“Mm.” And with that, Yoongi closes his eyes for the last time.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog :D what I want to ask is did you ever write a dean+cas au where they are roommates and go from friends to lovers? if not would you ever consider it? :)

Hii! Thank you! *_*

Actually I think I wrote a lot of those. :p I’m sure you’ll find something you like in here…

[All links go to AO3!]

✗ Can I Have This Much?
‘Castiel has a major crush on his friend Dean, whom he also shares an apartment with. He assumes that it’s a one sided attraction, until one night he finds out that it isn’t…’

✗ Promises
‘A drunk Dean is a very honest Dean, but when Castiel wakes up in the morning, he doesn’t dare to believe that his friend will actually remember any of the drunk promises that he has made.’

✗ What It Means
‘Dean’s roommate and best friend Castiel always says ‘I love you’ to him every night before they go to sleep. Seeing as Dean has some serious feelings for his friend, he can’t take the confusion any longer and one night asks Cas what it means when he says ‘I love you’.’

✗ Hot & Cold
‘Dean and his closest friend Castiel get stuck in the middle of nowhere when the Impala’s engine gives up on them. A snowstorm is raging, and it seems that the only way to keep warm is a method that sounds a lot like ‘naked cuddling’. Not that Dean is complaining.’

✗ Expectation Versus Reality
‘Castiel has the hots for his roommate Dean Winchester. Sadly, all Dean seems to be interested in is sleeping with random girls, even kicking Castiel out of their shared room frequently so that he can mess around with said girls. But when Castiel finally gives up and goes on a date with Balthazar, Dean discovers that he has all sorts of not-so-platonic feelings for his friend.’

✗ Dance Like No One’s Watching
‘Castiel comes home to find that his gorgeous roommate Dean is mopping the floor while singing and dancing, in nothing but his underwear. Based on the popular video about the dancing-cleaning roommate that went viral.’

✗ Unbroken
‘Dean’s best friend and roommate Castiel is asexual, and it’s causing Cas a lot of trouble when it comes to dating. Cas feels broken, but Dean deeply disagrees; he’d be with Cas in a heartbeat, if only Cas would see him as more than a friend…’

✗ If I Had You
‘Dean and Castiel have been friends since sharing rooms in college. They share an apartment nowadays and Castiel has a huge crush on his friend, but Dean brings home girl after girl, and eventually Cas snaps one morning because he can hear them, and he leaves.’   

✗ Safe and Sound
‘College!AU where Dean and Cas are roommates and one of them is afraid of thunder, so naturally they have to huddle/cuddle together until the storm is over.’

✗ If At First You Don’t Succeed
‘For the prompt: “Wait, did you just flirt with me?“
“Have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing.”

Dean has a serious crush on his friend Castiel, with whom he also shares an apartment. When he decides that he finally wants to woo Cas, everything that could possibly go wrong, does indeed go wrong.’

✗ Locked Up
‘College AU where Sam gets fed up with Cas and Dean not doing anything about their like for each other, and so he locks them in a closet.’

✗ The Pendant
‘Inspired by this prompt: AU where instead of a tattoo/name everyone’s born with a pendant/charm necklace that matches their soulmate’s. Dean walks into their bathroom thinking it’s empty, but there’s Cas taking off his shirt to take a shower and Dean sees his necklace (that matches Dean’s, obviously) and freaks out (because Dean is totally 100% NOT gay at all). Bonus if Cas already knows.’

Sorry for the late reply, but I didn’t want to send you off with just ‘idk man go look in the general roommates tag’, lol!

Have fun!

Thallen Week - Day 2: College AU

“you locked yourself out of your room so you came to get me, your RA,
but you’re wet and in just a towel and i am very distracted” au

I thought I dreamt you // words: 3761

College life is supposed to be this wild “party all night, sleep all day, love, drink and go mad” experience. Every student celebrates the arrival of Fridays as if their life depends on it and the dorm rooms are always silent during night time on the weekends, either because everyone is out enjoying their freedom or because the few people that are in are nursing massive hangovers.

Barry Allen, however, has spent the last two Friday nights locked up on his room, fingers bleeding out words onto his computer to finish his Immunology report while the rest of the world moved at a speed Barry sometimes felt was too slow and, other times, too fast for him to follow. His body feels stiff and he tries to recall the last time he ate but he fails miserably. His movements are languid and his fingers seem to drag from one key of his computer to another, but everything is worth it for the absolute rush of joy that overcomes him when he finally puts an end to his essay.

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キケンなLove Trap - お前は誰にも譲らない
Dangerous Love Trap – I will not give you up

Mizuki Fujisaki Route

“…the smile of the person I love is my everything.”

In this event, your meet a stranger (he even has a sprite!) that have some malicious intents towards you. Your bodyguard goes into protection mode as does his job as a bodyguard and a man.

(summary under cut)

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