Here’s this Fall 2016 semester edition of how to save on textbooks! Here’s a list of promo codes and deals going on. Plus, don’t forget to sell your old textbooks as well.


Better World Books:

  • 10% off 2 or more books. Use code: BOOKS4GOOD (Limited time offer)

Bigger Books:

  • Daily Deals Coupons found here. There’s a new one every day.
  • $5 off $100+. Use code: BIGGER100 (Ends 12/31)

Book Byte:  

  • 7% off when you use code: GOOD7 or 7BBSave  (Limited time offer)

Campus Book Rentals:


Places to Send Your Textbooks for Cash:

Hope this helps all my fellow college students out there :)

anonymous asked:

where is laurens' turtle tattoo in ur college au,,,,? it has to be somewhere my bro

he doeS NOT have a turtle tattoo

however he did buy a baby turtle for 5 dollars once from the Turtle Vendor of Questionable Legality who always hangs out on 133rd and it died after like a month so laurens pestered alex into writing an article for the school paper #exposing Turtle Vendor for selling sick illegal baby turtles


I realized over the past couple of months, increasing my production (camera, tripod, backdrops) has not been really conducive to creating videos for me… I’ve been wanting to make a sit-down chill video where I just kinda spoke my mind, so I used my macbook. Hope you don’t mind. Hope you get something from this jumbled rambly video of mine…?

BTW I didn’t say it but Albert Einstein supposedly said that last quote (about the fish climbing).

1. Evernote

I don’t use this because UCLA has its own personalized/custom website called but I seriously use this every time I want to enroll in a class.

online flashcard making website!

An online locker/backpack for all your study materials ie. midterms, finals, notes, index cards, etc.

5. A class notifier - try to find one through word of mouth! A lot of schools have these, but it’s not official. is the one I use for UCLA classes.


more things to note:

-OCs from descriptions are absolutely okay

-certain commissions for NSFW/fandom content may be allowed; email or message me for clarifications

i’ve added one commission style to this short list: the design commission! i’m unsure how it’ll go or if it’ll get any sort of leverage, but it’s now an option for anyone interested in having a character designed for them based on a few requirements, or someone looking for a new outfit for an existing character

Red light selfie on my drive home from today’s classes because it’s been over a year since I posted a pic of myself - and well - I’ve changed a lot! I apologize for my messy bun but it was a long day and I wanted to both have my windows down and be able to see the road that I was driving without my hair becoming an interference.