George Washington University stopped requiring SAT scores — and an amazing thing happened

In the summer of 2015, George Washington University became the largest top-ranking private university in the country to make including results of standardized tests like the SATs and ACTs optional when applying for undergraduate admission. Doing so is not only helping the school, but the most underserved students as well.


5.2.16 Making a sims version of my project counts, right? I’m wearing glittery socks today and doing so much work I’m surprising myself! The ‘forest’ app and the 'fabulous’ app are such lifesavers. Xxx emily

cutedworitrash asked:

okay so, stucky fic where its told from the pov of an outsider doing a school project on how the historical figure of Captian America is bisexual. and it its really fucking good, and uses all these 'quotes' and references basically proving caps bi. But she messages her girlfriend during it and then the whole new york thing happens and one of them almosts dies... its driving me nuts not being able to find it

We feel your pain! We hate not being able to find fics. But you’re in luck: we know this one.

Captain Steven Rogers: A History Through Art by Pugglemuggle

[Excerpt from the speech of chief curator Virginia M. Mecklenburg at the opening banquet of the “Captain Steven Rogers: A History Through Art” Exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, January 5, 2012]

“Welcome to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It is my pleasure to introduce to you all an exhibit that has been many years in the making. So rarely are we presented with opportunities to join art and history in a union as perfect as this one. Though Captain Steven Rogers sacrificed his life for our country more than sixty years ago, his legacy lives on in history books, documentaries, independent films, and now, thanks to our generous donors, in galleries as well. His artwork provides us with a singular perspective of pre-war American society, as well as a unique window into the soul of the American hero himself….“

Or, the life of Steve Rogers as told by biographers, art historians, tumblr users, a very enthusiastically queer college student, and the artwork of Steve Rogers himself. [Art included]

Hi guys! As some of you might know, I just reached 1,200+ subscribers and I figured it was time to drop my latest studyblr project to you guys!!

My latest project is called The Super Studies Café” and it’s basically a new way of posting & communicating with you guys, my followers & friends! I’ll be posting new episodes weekly (every Friday) about different study topics. (Kind of like Studytube but a podcast because I don’t really have to confidence to go on camera)


The first episode will be all about Motivation, which will be posted on February 12, 2016 (Friday). My episodes will always be downloadable so that you can listen to it online and offline. If things work out, I’ll be adding new segments called “Dear, Pat” (Study Q&A) and “A Letter to Students” (Writings sent by YOU, the students of Tumblr)!

I really enjoyed making this “trailer” for my blog & I hope you guys are pumped about it because I CERTAINLY AM!!

Lastly, if you have any suggestions about what I should talk about, please don’t hesitate to message me or ask me.