Fun Fact #43: “College Board: the Musical” will be debuting on Broadway in Fall 2016. It’ll be a lot like “A Chorus Line” except instead of dancers auditioning for roles it’s about college applicants desperately trying to appeal their rejections to admissions officers

college gothic

your roommate’s hair appears in all your things. you don’t know where it comes from–it’s in your bed, threaded in your socks, appears in small piles in the corner of the common room. where does it all come from? how does she have that much hair on her head? 

there’s guitar being played out on the quad. you’re not sure who is playing the guitar, or where the quad is, but you’re sure that it’s happening. softly, a voice sings to you: “today is gonna be the day that I’m gonna throw it back to you.”

as if out of nowhere, you have 5 papers due in the next 14 days. you’re not sure how this happened. you check the syllabi of your classes. time is slipping away from you. 

it’s 2 AM and all of the washing machines are taken. where did all these clothes come from? you check the timer on the machines. each one has an infinity symbol instead of a time limit. you stand and watch someone’s sheets whirl in a kaleidoscope of color. 

there’s a party at the LAX house. where is the LAX house? no one seems to know. when is the party? someone tells you it’s on a Tuesday. your college doesn’t even have a lacrosse team.

you wake in the middle of the night to the distant sound of sledgehammers. your college is constantly under construction, but no buildings are built. “pardon our appearance,” the college seems to whisper.

College is worth it if you have these 6 experiences.

1. A professor who made them excited about learning;

2. Professors who cared about them as a person;

3. A mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams;

4. Worked on a long-term project;

5. Had a job or internship where they applied what they were learning;

6. Were extremely involved in extra-curricular activities.

(Source: QZ)

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April 17th, 2015

NEW YORK, N.Y.: Things are about to change in the world of standardized testing. On Monday morning, College Board president David Coleman announced that beginning in 2016 he intends to increase the company’s involvement at the university level.

“As a company, we see a market in the world of testing at the college and university level that no one has really mined yet,” Coleman said.

The College Board’s goals include opening discussions with American colleges and universities about creating a standardized curriculum for certain standard introductory-level courses, and then creating standardized tests for those courses that professors could use in lieu of drafting their own individual exams. 

“Many liberal arts colleges and universities already have a core curriculum, so why not make it standardized across the board, and streamline the process?” Coleman said.

Currently few, if any, companies have made the attempt to access the college testing industry.

“No one is doing this right now. There are a few making generic materials for college exams, you know…Blue Book, for example…but no one is actually writing standardized exams, no one is charging college students money for the tests themselves,” Coleman continued.

The College Board intends to implement a standardized pricing system for these materials and exams, similar to what they already employ with their high-school level programs, including the SAT, ACT, and AP (Advanced Placement) exams.

“Our pricing target would be between $89-$91 for each midterm and final,” Coleman said.

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Logic of FAFSA / US College Financial Aid
  • Me:Okay but I'm not a dependent, my parents haven't claimed me in two years. I claimed myself. I am independent. Why do I need to turn in my parental information or the form saying they don't support me and I don't get shit?
  • FAFSA:Oh that! It's because you're not 24 or married. So you're not an independent.
  • Me:But I pay my own bills. I live separately from my parents. They don't give me anything.
  • FAFSA:Nope. Not an independent. You can give us their tax info and see if you could qualify for more.
  • Me:Okay here it is.
  • FAFSA:Oh...No you don't qualify for any more. Sorry. But hey! Two more years and you'll be independent.