What makes soccer so beautiful to you?

Harvard University is offering a course to its student examining why soccer is called the beautiful game. It’s so popular that the professors have had to switch classrooms twice to accommodate all those interested!

Which prompted us to want know: what makes soccer so beautiful to you? We can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say :D

Upon reading this, I was overcome with sadness but yknow what? I’m so proud of myself and of all the things that I have accomplished. I didn’t take high school seriously at first but made a 180 and worked toward what I wanted - a top notch education at a top notch school. And sure my “dream” school didn’t accept me but 8 OTHER SCHOOLS did and I’m waiting on three more to release their decisions. So while I may not be what Stanford is looking for, I know that I’m a strong applicant, I know that I will be happy wherever I end up and I REFUSE to let this stop me from achieving my goals. While I’m still a bit upset that I won’t be spending four years of my life in Palo Alto (I mean who wouldn’t want to wear shorts year round), I am so grateful for the acceptances that I have received. One step back, 838251729196261 steps forward. You’re gonna have to do more than just reject me to bring down my spirits rn.

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Is it worth it waking up in the morning to study? And how do I do that if I'm a night person?

Actually this is an age-old question with no clear-cut answer, there are pros and cons to both studying at night and studying during the day.

You need to check out this article!

^They list out the pros and cons of each, as well as offer some tips on how to beneficially study during the night and day.

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  • White guy in my history class:I am so sick of these white stereotypes against me now that there's so many school shootings. Like, now because I'm a white college kid and I'm a guy, if I get pissed off about a girl or something, I'm automatically gonna come shoot the school up! Like wtf?? Why would I escalate it that far! But EVERYONE thinks white boys are shooters now and it's not fair!
  • [before I could open my mouth fast enough]
  • Other Black girl in class:You mean to tell me you would hate if someone assumed you do something horrible based on your race??
  • Professor:Ok now, let's try to get back on topic—
  • Black girl:O so he can argue but I can't rebuttal?
  • Professor:It's not that, I just don't want it to get—
  • Black Girl:Then let me talk. You'd hate it if you walked into a crowded store and were the only one followed because your skin makes you suspicious? Or being shot because your skin plus a hoodie equals eminent danger at all times? Or being assumed violent or unprofessional until you can PROVE you're not “just like the other ones”? Wow! I can't imagine what that must feel like. I feel for you, man, I really do.
  • Me:Why aren't we best friends?