Hello everyone. I hope you are all happy and stuff. Society6 is having a promotion where you get FREE SHIPPING until Jan. 13! Click that link above to apply the discount and to shop!

Again, let me know if there is anything you would like me to add to the store. I need to get around to updating it! 

Also, because I feel weird not posting an image, here is a bad photo of a drawing I did for my best friend Pooja who flew to Africa today.

Have You Ever Sneezed & Farted At The Same Time?

The best feeling ever. TMI I know but I needed to share this before I go into what I have been up to the last two days. This happened when I was really sick on Sunday and when it happened it made my day.

When I found out that I didn’t have Malaria, I went to class then Emily, Julie and I came back home. I ate lunch which caused the idous and when I get the idous I NEED TO NAP. I slept for 4 HOURS and when I got up I felt SO much better. Like I was never sick. That nap hit the spot and never felt so good. However, I still needed to go to the doctors to get medicine for my tummy (the pills you saw in my last post). If there is one thing I hate the most. its going to the doctors. I hate the long wait and I hate getting my height/weight checked and something happened during this doctor’s visit that upset at first but then I was like “Pshh I love my body and I know I am beautiful”. 

When the nurse called me to the room he was asking the symptoms I was having, took my blood pressure then he asked me to stand on the scale. I stood on the scale and the first thing he said was “Wow so heavy”. I looked at him and gave him an awkward smile. Yea at first I felt really upset and angry that he said that. But then I was like “NO! Fuck it. I AM BEAUTIFUL.”

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LOOK: A Young Woman's Incredible Comic About Body Image

We struggle with it every day: the conflict between our belief that women should celebrate their bodies and the constant public criticism of women’s appearances that communicates the exact opposite message.

So everyone should definitely check out the article on Colleen’s comic! I’m sure most of you have seen it around, or can possibly relate to it. Agh I really hope more things go well for her! This is great!


I was drawing Tina for an assignment and then I went off-course… I wanted to challenge myself. I never draw full bodies in my finished illustrations, I never use big type, I never have horizontal compositions, I never EVER use green…and I could always use more Tina Fey in my art.

So there you go. A lil comfort-zone pushing exercise!


I made this gig poster for my AWESOME Entrepreneurial Illustration class! I’m not affiliated with the bands (even though I wish I were) or the event in any way, this was just an exercise. But I love Starfucker so much (sometimes spelled STRFKR) and for some reason whenever I hear their music I imagine something over-the-top pop and girly like this??

The first image is just the illustration and the bottom is how it was applied as a gig poster!

A low-res cell phone pic of the new comic I’m working on… about BOOBIES! Everyone’s favorite thing.

This has been a whirlwind couple of days! I got super lucky and had an article written up in the Huffington Post about my “You Have Body Issues” comic! I am so flattered and surprised by the recognition it’s getting. Thank you HuffPost!!!! And thank you so much to the new followers who have liked the article enough to tag along with me!

Hopefully you guys will like this next project. I’m excited about it!


I have been super excited to show you guys this editorial gig! I was approached by Mr. Brian Lindamood over at Columbus Monthly magazine to help him out by illustrating this fun lil article about Columbus’ moniker, “The Arch City." Super fun, super exciting job!

It’s published right now in the March issue! Pick one up if you’re in the area :)