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For International Women’s Day, find out more about how a scribbled note alluding to a female cantor unearthed a mystery of a manuscript lost, broken, and now finally: Found. 

Two universities, two librarians, two graduate assistants, and musicology professor bring you episode five of If Books Could Talk:  Re-discovering the Wilton Processional.  

This is a video that exemplifies how solid research takes time and involves many people and places. Dr. Alison Altstatt starts with one manuscript leaf and uses the clues on just that leaf to track down others from the same manuscript. Check it out!

Shakespeare’s 450th birthday party:  Ask us Anything!

Adam Hooks, assistant professor of English at here at the University of Iowa, and Colleen Theisen, Special Collections Outreach and Instruction Librarian will be online live from 1pm-3pm [Central time] on Monday April 21st, during the week of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Now is your chance to ask Professor Hooks your burning questions about Shakespeare or being a Shakespeare scholar!  Also on hand will be historic, unusual, beautiful, and forged editions of Shakespeare’s works from Special Collections!

Type your questions now or live on Monday!


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