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The actors for the good guys of Borderlands 2

In order

Bruce DuBose - Marcus

Colleen Clinkenbeard - Patrica Tannis

J Michael Tatum - Sir Hammerlock

Jamie Marchi - Ellie

Michael Neumann - Scooter

Brina Palericia - Moxxi

Chris Rager - Torgue

Britanni Johnson (Body) - Angel

Jennifer Green (Voice)

David Eddings - Claptrap

Ashly Burch - Tiny Tina

Young Adults to Watch This Summer Feature #4: COLLEEN JOHNSON!

From Colleen:
Hey there! My name is Colleen Johnson and currently I work as the music features editor for Music Remedy! Summer is the best time for music and I’ll be taking full advantage of the time on the website. I’ll be out at Warped Tour as press for the third summer in a row with a goal to beat the forty something interviews I did in one day last summer and will be back with over twenty past interviews that day! Along with Warped, I’ll be steadily out at shows ranging from local Boston acts to shows from All Time Low to The Goo Goo Dolls talking to your favorite bands and every day, I’ll be posting a brand new interview on the front page!

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