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jencforcarolina  asked:

Has anyone thought much about Mama Holt and how much she knew about what Katie/Pidge was up to? Do you think she knew her child was sneaking into government buildings? Did Pidge ever tell her what they thought of the disappearance? I need to know if Mrs.Holt believed her family was dead or clung to hope as well. ;w;

To be perfectly honest, I don’t believe Mama Holt knew what Pidge was doing. Pidge is 14, her baby, and I can’t imagine she’d approve if she knew

Here’s how I imagine those weeks/months after the news of the doomed Kerberos mission reaches them:

  • The two remaining Holts deal with their grief very differently
    • Mama Holt goes quiet, often retreating to her room or the solarium to cry in private, struggling to comfort Pidge when she herself feels hollow inside
    • Pidge goes loud, denying it, loudly ranting about the Garrison and how “they’re hiding something I just know it,” raging that it “doesn’t add up”
  • Maybe Mrs. Holt should’ve listened more closely, but she thought it was Pidge’s way of dealing, that Pidge was stuck in the Denial/Anger stages of grief and just needed some time
    • If she actually believed Pidge would try sneaking into the Garrison she would’ve put a stop to it
  • And then Pidge goes quiet, and Mama Holt thinks “finally” 
    • Except it’s not an Acceptance quiet it’s a Scheming quiet

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