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Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, EUR, Rome. Designed in 1937 for the 1942 World’s Fair by Italian architects Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto Bruno La Padula and Mario Romano. The exhibition was cancelled and construction of the building finished eventually in 1943. / Flickr


Mattel’s second series of Halo collector figures was revealed at New York ToyFair this weekend. The new series will include a battle-damaged Master Chief, Arbiter, Olympia Vale, Buck with unhelmeted head, Atriox and Jerome-092. Each figure will include parts to build an Imperial Grunt. Photos courtesy of ToyArk.
'I Am Jazz' Transgender Doll To Debut At NYC Toy Fair
Reality TV star thanks doll company "for being so progressive."

YES! Jazz is so frigging awesome. Kudos to Tonner for letting modernity change his mind about people who are different. More of this, please.

Same As It Always Is - Part 3

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters Annoy the Characters Writing Challenge. Our prompt this time was to include ‘someone taking up two seats on public transport so she had to stand’ and to try and annoy our character as much as possible. This is the third and final part to this ‘mini series’.

Part One - by @hanny-writes-spn

Part Two - by @melonshino

Characters: Dean x Reader (kind of), Sam.

Warnings: Language… I think that’s it…

Wordcount: 2078

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Getting back to the motel you had decided that a cab was your best option, so you had ordered Dean to sit down while he waited. The ride had gone fairly okay, except he knocked himself in the head with the car door as he was climbing in, and he tripped as he got out. He managed to stay on his feet, but he was growing angrier by the second.

“You sit down and don’t move a muscle,” you ordered as the two of you walked through the door to your room. Sam was looking at you like he wanted to know why Dean had a black eye and a large bump on his forehead. “Don’t even ask,” you sighed, getting a beer from the fridge. Yes, it was still early in the day, but if you were gonna put up with Dean you needed something to keep you calm.

“So, I was thinking we might be dealing with a haunted or cursed object. I don’t think a ghost would be able to move around like this if not attached to something,” Sam said, looking between you and Dean, both of you waiting for him to continue. “Everyone who has died are linked to the store in some way, owner, delivery driver, the ones who died before we got here was regulars.” Sam ticked them off on his fingers. “It all leads back to Same As It Never Was.” 

“But I didn’t take anything from there, so it can’t be haunted,” Dean chimed in. He looked so defeated where he sat, slouched down on the bed.  

“You touched a hell of a lot, though,” you pointed out, both brothers agreeing.

“So we’re going with cursed object.”

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LEGO Star Wars: UCS TIE Fighter (75095)

Press Release:

Available May 2015

1685 Pieces

US $199.99 - CA $229.99 - DE 199.99€ - UK £169.99 - DK 1799.00 DKK

Presenting the Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter – the iconic Imperial starfighter!

We proudly present the Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter. As featured in many of the action-packed Star Wars battle scenes, including the decisive battle that led to the destruction of the first Death Star, this large-scale LEGO-brick rendition of the classic Imperial starfighter has intricate detailing, as well as an opening top hatch and an exclusive TIE Fighter Pilot minifigure with a blaster pistol. And when you want to keep it safe from Rebel attack, mount the model on the display stand and keep yourself updated with all the key facts and figures on the included fact plaque. The Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter is the perfect addition to your Star Wars collection!

  • Includes a TIE Fighter Pilot minifigure with a blaster pistol
  • Features an opening top hatch
  • Includes a display stand and informative fact plaque
  • The perfect flagship model for fans of Star Wars and LEGO brick building
  • Collect one of the most iconic starships in the galaxy!
  • TIE Fighter measures 18.5” (47cm) high, 12” (30.6cm) long and 12.2” (31cm) wide

So I always complain about how every publishing company make pretty Austen editions because every pretty book collector already have a fair share of Austen editions, we need no more, it would be nice to have pretty colletctions by some other author as well. But I’m a hypocrite and I recently bought these to prove that. 


On this Day

The United States Postal Service as we know it was born on this day through Richard Nixon’s Postal Reorganization Act passed in 1971. The United State Postal Service commemorated both fairs by releasing an assortment of color stamps and stationary depicting various pavilions and , sculpture, and fair buildings. 

Stamps and envelopes in the Collection on the 1939/40 and 1964/65 New York World’s Fair, Queens Museum

Things I want to see from EAH in 2015
  • Fashion Packs–I love being able to redress my dollies, but Monster High and Barbie clothes just don’t work for me. I’d like to be able to redress my current dolls without having to buy a whole new doll.
  • Hat-Tastic Party Wave 2–This is my all-time favorite EAH line, and I’d love to see it continue with Raven, Lizzie, and Kitty dolls. Hopefully now that Kitty’s basic doll is being released, this is a possibility. Another wave of Legacy Day dolls would be great as well.
  • Webisode Accurate Basics–Although Duchess and Kitty are lovely dolls, I still wish they looked more like their webisode counterparts. I’m hoping when Melody Piper and all of the other webisode characters are released as dolls, there are fewer changes made to their designs.
  • Better Distribution–I have yet to see Dexter, Lizzie, or Legacy Day wave 2 in any store in my area. This needs to change, because there are so many collectors who like to buy their dolls in person.
  • An SDCC Exclusive that isn’t a basic–It’s just not fair to collectors to make a character’s first release limited to those who are able to go Comic Con or those who are willing to pay three times retail price online. I’m hoping for another doll along the lines of Cerise Wolf.

I’ve been part of collector communities for years and all I have to say is if you really believe that somehow your collection is “better” because of your personal standards of quality, you probably don’t need to be collecting in a community. 

I’ll say it right now, this goes beyond the VC. The beauty of having a collection is that it’s something personal and meaningful to you. You choose your items and your own path of how to go about collecting. You get to choose when your collection is complete. You get to choose to leave wanted items wanted to continue the thrill of collecting. You can be as casual or hardcore or as focused or general as you like. A collection is not just a group of items, it is also the process.

That being said, if you choose to only spend your time and money on top dollar items, that’s fine. If you’d rather earn your items through your own findings and work, props! There’s no one way to go about it. You build your collection upon your own personal taste, and if your taste happens to be different then someone else, well guess what, your entire life if different from that person, so it’s possible they may go about collecting a different way then you. Shocking, I know.

Silliness aside, I believe it’s absolutely ridiculous to believe you hold superiority to another collector just because you believe you have the biggest, baddest, best items around. Something like a incomplete, weathered skull can be just as valuable as a complete professionally mounted animal. It’s all about the attitude, the collector’s mentality. And in a community of collectors, it’s only fair to understand and appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, and really view each and everyone’s collection as an extension of that person, not a competition between collectors.