collectors addition


This room was built and furnished for Willem Philip Kops, a merchant and art collector, as an addition to his house at 74 Nieuwe Gracht in Haarlem. With the exception of the original stucco ceiling, the room survives virtually intact. Abraham van der Hart, the city architect of Amsterdam, succeeded in creating a harmonious, classicizing entity. ca.1794


New Acquisition: Roni Horn, Untitled (“The sensation of satisfaction at having outstared a baby.”)

[Roni Horn, Untitled (“The sensation of satisfaction at having outstarted a baby.”), 2013, gift of the 2014 Collectors Committee, with additional funds provided by Steve Tisch, © Roni Horn]


Rare Siamese Mauser (Arisaka Type 30),

The Siamese Mauser was manufactured by Japan for use with the Siamese (now Thailand) Army.  The most visible aspect of the rifle that makes it different from all other Mausers is a retractible dust cover that protected the action from mud and dirt.  It only covered the ejection port rather than the entire bolt, unlike the Japanese Arisaka rifles.  Perhaps its most unusual feature was its odd caliber.  Before World War II they were chambered for an 8x50 rimmed cartridge.  However, with the Japanese alliance, it was chambered for an 8x52R cartridge that was developed by the Japanese.  There was a very specific reason for this, Siam would be totally dependent on Japan for ammunition.  Only Japan manufactured the 8x52 rimmed cartridge and should the Siamese rebel against Japan they could not acquire ammunition from anywhere else.

Today Siamese Mausers are rare, though very cheap.  For example the model pictured above only sold for around $265 at auction.  The reason for this is that the Siamese Mauser is relatively unknown to most collectors.  In addition ammunition is almost non-existent.  I’ve only personally seen one of these once, at a gunshow about three of four years ago.