Mattel’s second series of Halo collector figures was revealed at New York ToyFair this weekend. The new series will include a battle-damaged Master Chief, Arbiter, Olympia Vale, Buck with unhelmeted head, Atriox and Jerome-092. Each figure will include parts to build an Imperial Grunt. Photos courtesy of ToyArk.


My current collection of (official!) Ghost merch!

1 (Top left) - ‘Papa The Redeemer’ - This was a design made by Mattias Frisk for a Ritual in Brazil in 2013. It was then sold very briefly in specific retail during 2014 and eventually disappeared in 2015. I’ve been told by a collector that this is very hard to get a hold of nowadays! One of my favourites, bought back in ‘14.

2 (Top right) - ‘Road to Rome’ HOODIE - The t-shirt can still be found online (in a red rather than orange), but the same collector told me that the hoodie version is even rarer than the Papa The Redeemer t-shirt! It’s near impossible to get a hold of and was only sold very briefly. I bought this back in 2014 too, and I’m so proud to own it. It’s a zip-up and features an orange Ghost logo on the front. Considering it’s been continuously warn for 3 years, it shows no wear whatsoever! I treasure this piece!

3 (Middle left) - ‘Meliora’ Vest - This is the Meliora print in the women’s vest top, which I turned into a fringed crop top. I felt that the original vest looked a bit plain with how the print fit on it, but it looks really cool as a crop top! 

4 (Middle right) - ‘Opus Eponymous’ T-shirt - This is of course the Opus (vinyl-style) t-shirt based on Salem’s Lot. I really dig the other version which is used as the album art, but it’s pretty hard to get a hold of here in the UK!

5 (Bottom left) - ‘Warriors’ T-shirt - This is the Warrior’s t-shirt based on Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. It’s a cool t-shirt, though I still have mixed feelings about the red logo - I feel like a royal blue would of looked awesome.

6 (Bottom right) - ‘Devil Window’ T-shirt - Another favourite, this artwork was created by David M. Brinley and you really have to see it in person to appreciate the amount of detail in it! This looks awesome with red jeans, too - definitely a striking combination!

7 (Bottom) - ‘Papa Dollar/Cash’ All over T-shirt - Woah boy do I love this one! More expensive than the rest of the t-shirts I’ve brought but so worth it! It’s a little bit see-through (which I kind of dig) and white on the back, but the print on it is amazing! I love the Spirit lyrics on the top right. It’s super comfortable too.