De Tomaso Mangusta Spyder, 1966. Only one Spyder version of the Mangusta was ever made. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro while he was working at Ghia, and hand built by them, the fully restored car now belongs to a collector

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Did you attend BotCon '95 (the one Raksha hosted), or know anyone who did? Been wondering what it was like, and if there was anything else of note about it besides Nightracer and "Decepticons first".

What does “Decepticons first” mean? Some kind of overarcing bias or pressing of the “Decepticons are the real ‘good guys’” narrative? Because there was none of that.

It was a well-run small fan-con, and Raksha busted ass to make it so. She made Nightracer packaging and hand-added the details on the toys (Hasbro just sent her loose polybagged toys). She printed up a convention magazine full of fan contributions, and even had souvenir magnets made. The panels were mainly collectory things and silly net-fandom bits. The dealer room was a fine blend of small personal sellers and a handful of larger dealers including a few international sellers.

Which is itself “of note”. There were no disasters like the ones that plagued BC’96. The second “official” TF convention ever was basically one passionate fan putting her all into making a very fun weekend where no-one was made to feel unwelcome for not feeling one way about fiction or for not having enough money.

It may be the beginning of Fall, but in my game it’s Summer that’s taking over!

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I’m going to be writing a wittle ‘story’ with her!  & by ‘story’ I don’t mean some long thing, just the way I use to do things with past legacies & such :)  

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I’m a fan of George Nelson’s lighting and we often use it in our projects at work but I’m in love with this collection!  Who knew a grouping of a design so simple could be soooo good. It’s like a contemporary & stylish (and permanent) take on hanging paper lanterns. I love it. What do you think?