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Are your memes outdated? Do you smell fuckin' nasty? Then try KEKPro! Which not only comes with our innovative Pepe Essence for a fresh, new, and vibrant scent. But also comes with all the new latest memes! Such as: Whomst'd, Trump hats for every anime girl, and our very own exclusive: "Please God Let Me Meet Her" golden collectors plate!

This meme is outdated


I’m going to be THAT GUY and post their eBay. So if you want some good stuff (mostly video game stuff) at a fair price and free shipping, go to this here link. 

I’ve got everything from collectors plates to video games, from art supplies to books about rocks! If you don’t like what I’ve got, it’d still be nice if you reblogged this, cause I am in DIRE NEED of money to move away from my abusers. Sorry for the guilt trip but I need a reason to link my eBay to tumblr without looking like a douche

Supoprt your not-so-local nb furry!

“This is the Lego Portal Set. Since there is a Lego Dimensions of it, I thought there should be a Lego set.

It includes Chell, the main protagonist of the games, with two portal guns, (blue and orange), and her two corresponding colors of portals, GLaDOS, (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), the main antagonist of the 1st game, a supporting character of the 2nd. Wheatly, the main antagonist of the 2nd game, (Sorry, spoilers), a giant test chamber, platforms for the test chamber, diagonal portable surfaces, a hard light bridge, P-Body & Atlas, the two Co-op characters of Portal 2, with their corresponding guns and portals. *Deep Breath*. 3 gel launchers, two of each gel, anger ,curiosity, space, adventure, cake, fact, and morality cores. (Wow, that was a mouthful!) A waited button, a cube button, a spherical button,two pressable buttons, each games elevators and doors, a laser shooter and a laser collector, an aerial faith plate, a pellet emitter and a pellet collector, and lastly, GLaDOS from Portal 1, potato GLaDOS, and a crow.”

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Do you have any fun NGCS headcanons? Because reasons.

when do I ever NOT have ngcs headcanons son

did you know that one time, thorin very secretively approached fili to ask him to help prepare a secret anniversary party for bilbo, and everything was going fine until fili started getting suspicious and eventually found out through many unsavory means (namely deidre) that bilbo was at the same time planning a secret party for thorin, and it took all the skill of a future successful monarch to pull THAT shebang off

did you know that the older kili gets, the more trouble he gets into, and bilbo always dutifully helps him escape the palace, get back late without anyone knowing, and/or sneak people into the gardens, mostly because he’s devious and uses his powers of persuasion to calm thorin down every time

did you know that it took not one, but two sprained ankles for bilbo and thorin to finally relent and buy an anti-slip pad to put on the shower floor

did you know that for all his skills and virtues, thorin never quite learned how to cook, but not for a lack of trying, and bilbo’s stomach is used to handling far larger amounts of burned things than the human body should be able to handle

did you know that within months of their official coming out as a couple, the nation adores them unanimously, and their faces start appearing on everything from mugs to t-shirts, from collector plates to, like, those stickers you put on the back of your car that go something along the lines of [untranslatable slightly crude joke in khuzdul about bumping this sticker]

did you know that in my head, they face at least three more evil plots to tear them apart, actually do spend some time apart even though neither of them wants to, try to propose on the same time because they’re idiots, fall asleep on each other on plane flights and limo drives, hold hands even when they shouldn’t, kiss when they CERTAINLY shouldn’t, plant a tree together, spend the rest of their lives together


Jason Stieber, our national collector, has been touring the Midwest, visiting with artists, dealers, and leaders of arts organizations. Last week, he stopped by William (Bill) Weege’s studio in Arena, Wisconsin. Weege is a printmaker and professor emeritus from University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Art. He is also widely known as the founder and artistic director of Tandem Press, an experimental printmaking workshop.  

Jason’s pictures allow us a glimpse of Weege’s materials and processes. He uses and reuses these plates in his press. Many of his works include embossed impressions from these plates.