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Gift Giving Guide

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about and planning for Christmas and, let’s be honest, SDs are some of THE hardest people to shop for. What do you get for someone who can buy anything they want? Especially if they’re married and you can’t get them something noticeable? Well fret no more, I’m here to help you.
For the unmarried platonic SD:
-where I live there are carriage rides around down town, check your area and see if there’s something similar and take them on one and just have a nice time together and give them one of the following
-a nice watch (Rolex)
-something from The Art Of Shaving (my SD loves this company)
-your favorite piece of classic literature (collectors or first edition)
-a new wallet with their initials to hold your allowance and their money (real sturdy leather)
-a nice leather journal with a note you write to him at the beginning

Platonic married SD:
-splurge for him and use some allowance to TREAT HIM to a nice dinner or ice skating
-watch (Rolex)
-art of shaving
-high quality metal/marble money clip (maybe with his initials engraved in it)
-new wallet (same as above)
-a good modern book you can take him to see the movie of later (I recommend the fifth wave!)
-something for his car, like air fresheners Etc

Intimate unmarried SD:
-nice sturdy laptop case/bag (find out the brand and type) (leather or very high quality material)
-new briefcase if he uses one (make sure it’s nice and you spend a little extra on care products for it)
-the obvious Christmas themed lingerie
-new pillow case
-white or red fuzzy BDSM toys if you practice that with them
-this sounds so stupid but one of my past SD’s LOVED the build-a-bear I made him! It was a white fuzzy bear in a Mrs. Clause outfit with a “merry Christmas” sound effect in its arm. Obviously you can tack this on to another gift since it’s so inexpensive
-a personalized mug with a picture of the two of you on it
-new phone case

Intimate married SD:
-lingerie (Christmas themed)
-red or white fuzzy BDSM toys if you practice that with them
-classic first or collectors edition piece of literature
-new nice leather wallet or brief case
-money clip (same as above)
-possibly a spa weekend with you if possible
-if you can swing it get a montblanc pen or just a nice pen (possibly engraved)
-laptop case (same as above)
-breville with some different types of tea and German rock sugar from TeaVanna for his office
-offer to accompany him on a regular business trip to keep him company (bonus: you can shop while he’s in meetings or get spa treatments)
-bosai tree or plant for his office

If you need any other ideas or want to ask if something is a good idea, let me know! Also: if you want me to make a sugar momma post, I can do that as well

Update from my last chest/breast piece picture; you might now notice the sternum gap is filled in and my entire chest is now complete! HEALED photo. Chest/Breast Work by Nico Roussin.

“What is the difference in a mans nipple than a womens? Why is it more of a big deal if I show off my breast tattoos than if a man shows off the tattoos on his pecs? This isn’t about my breasts themselves; it’s about the art on them. Just as if you saw a photo of a mans chest piece, you wouldn’t think it was about his chest, but rather about the tattoos on it. I love my tattoo art & I’m proud of it and I want to show off my art, regardless of gender.” - lilguz

The Book of Dust Volume 1: La Belle Sauvage is released in one week!

It also happens to be Philip Pullman’s birthday

(Apparently it was a coincidence that both events fell on the same day - but what a coincidence that is!)

Illustration by Chris Wormell, text by us.

We’re so excited. It’s a book (now three!) 17 years in the making, and this is only the very beginning. There will be two more books to look forward to down the line.

If you want to brush up on your HDM knowledge, a reread is always timely. Did you know that some editions have so called Lantern Slides - small text pieces of information of what happens to characters or places during, after or before the story? Or that some editions have letters, news paper articles and postcards from characters within the novels - and other worlds?

If you want a quick-version of a reread, did you know that there is a graphic novel version of Northern Lights? 

If you haven’t read any of the companion books, this is also an excellent time to buy them or get them from the library, to catch up on everything there is to know before the release. There are three of them: Lyra’s Oxford (takes place a few years after The Amber Spyglass. Contains maps and postcards and extras), Once Upon a Time in the North (a story about our favourite aeronaut and our favorite armoured bear) and The Collectors (almost a ghost story, but not quite. A story about two collectors, and two pieces of art. A bronze sculpture of a monkey and a portrait of a young woman. They always seem to follow each other. First released as an audio book, narrated by Bill Nighy). 

Or why not simply share your excitement here on tumblr? We’ll try to reblog as much of the hype as possible! 

So prepare yourself. Cozy up with a blanket, or in your favorite reading spot, and settle down. 

We’re almost there. It’s nearly time. 


The Disney book I’m most excited for?

Maps of the Disney Parks: Charting 60 Years from California to Shanghai

Maps of the Disney theme parks are more than just atlases used by guests to find their way to the nearest restroom. They’re snapshots of a place and time, relics treasured by collectors, and gorgeous pieces of artwork. After all, it was a map – imagined by Walt Disney and drawn by Herbert Ryman – that was used to sell the idea of Disneyland to investors.

Maps of the Disney Parks: Charting 60 Years from California to Shanghai by Vanessa Hunt, Susan Neary and Kevin Neary is bursting with beautiful maps dating back to Disneyland’s opening day in 1955, right up to the recent opening of Shanghai Disneyland. It features dozens of gorgeous full-page spreads, as well as some fold-out reprints of vintage maps!

What a cool way to discover details on how and why the domestic and international parks have changed over time, and enjoy six decades worth of skillful creativity.

You can pre-order Maps of The Disney Parks: Charting 60 Years From California to Shanghai on Amazon now. Click here for more info!


A real life treasure hunt.

In 2004, Nintendo released a gold colored Game Boy SP to coincide with their latest Zelda release: Minish Cap. Gold Zelda themed editions are pretty common for Nintendo but here’s where it gets interesting.

Nintendo decided to play Willy Wonka and hide a total of 6 golden tickets inside random Zelda SP boxes. If you found a golden ticket, they would send you an actual 24 karat gold plated Game Boy SP!

To this day, no one has ever found any of the tickets and claimed the prize.

With special editions like these, a lot of people tend to buy them and keep them sealed in the box as a collectors piece so someone out there may have a ticket and not even know it.



So just who am I really. I’ve been a gay sugar baby for over 10 years, and was literally the kept kind of guy. Didn’t have to go get a job or go to school. I did work, but not conventionally 9-5 as a lot of older men seem to expect. 

For years before Seeking Arrangement I’d be given thousands more than I expected. One guy I still know when I was younger gave me 500 a week for 3 years, along with a 1000 each birthday and xmas at Neiman Marcus to charge on his card. All I would have to do pick out what I want and they would call him. Heck I went there so much all the sales associates knew me by first name. Then I met a developer who built the Georgetown Uni expansion and cafeteria. He talked about when he goes to Atlantic City, how he cuts 5% off the top of high limit slots. 

Well we both happen to be up there one time, so he invited me to dinner at the Borgotta casino. After dinner me and a friend I had come along with me where about to go high rolling unexpectedly. This man would stuff at least 2000 in cash, and then he’d hit where the buzzer goes off and the concierge would BRING you the STACKS. 1000′s my friends. Nearly at every turn I was being handed $100 dollar bills, until I collected $3500.00 in one night! My friend happen to be at the right place and time, and got a cut too of the same. Talk about generosity! THIS is what true giving is about. Not this double standard hypocrisy going on these sites now. 

I’ll never forget the time too, it was just a day before the Iphone was unveiled. I wouldn’t even need a sugar daddy had I bought Apple stock with my winnings! The gentleman had me over for a 2nd night. Not as much, but I still took about $2000-3000 from his 5% rule. Also I’m going to to say this, my friend yammering about college and getting into renewable wind energy farms. Turns out his big talk didn’t amount to much except going off to work with Greenpeace and when that was done he had NO PROSPECTIVE employment following it. I told him it’s not the ticket he thinks it is, but he was so convinced he was headed for a major energy career. 

Anyway, my final gift from this guy was a $5000.00 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. I had brought money I saved myself for more clothing I wanted, but when I was standing with him at a counter I gave him the wad of about 2000, and he said “put your money away” I was like huh ? He said “I just wanted to slow you down. Yeah I went  and grabbed a few more things. It’s fun when you don’t have to even look at the prices. He also was carrying the BLACK CARD. This was a lucrative experience, but it didn’t last too long. Once the project was done, he left DC. Over the years I’ve gotten different men to treat me to things I desire, especially expensive clothing. I probably have a closet estimated at around $20,000.00 stuffed with silk shirts and blended pants from every couture designer, and collectors pieces from when Tom Ford was at Gucci. 

The next time was someone I actually met from the site, but he already knew of me outside it. Pay attention to what I’m about to say. He offered to pay me to stay overnight to see how it went. Well we really got into each other, so it wasn’t long (next day) that I see what I’ve seen before. So I got 700 for overnight and an extra 500. He wanted to see me every night for 3 nights. He also bought me an Air Book Mac since my old VAIO was on it’s death bed. He was planning on a return trip in a couple of weeks, so I mentioned going shopping next time. When he got to town he found out he was put in Reston Va, which wasn’t too far from Tysons Galleria, so off we went. Just let me loose. A man on a mission knowing what he wants, and eventually I found what I wanted. Zilli silk and wool pants, 2 RL blacklabel shirts, 1 Zegna polo and big treasure a 1500.00 Stefano Ricci silk shirt. Fuck Versace! Nothing stacks to the quality of Stefano Ricci in a silk shirt. He had no problem with spending 3000.00 ON TOP of giving me 500 for staying all night for 3 more nights.

Guys, this is what real sugar daddies are. NOT these guys who keep saying they don’t pay bills, rent, tuition, give allowances etc. They are USING this role with no intention of actually fulfilling it.

PART 1 LA story Finally, we get to the 2 juicy pics I’ve posted which come with an extremely long story I’m going to save for another time, but very briefly I went to see a gentleman in L.A, (which later became a Hyde player) and stayed for a week. We hit it off well, so after a week he asked me what my monthly expenses are. He was in the process of selling his Sacramento home, so when I came into the picture he was in escrow. He wanted to buy a Bentley, and on the morning of closing he woke and said he wants to go get it. I said you don’t have to ask my permission, and we both laughed how I said it. When walking the Beverly Hills Bentley/Rolls Royce dealership he casually asked me about a watch. I told him I don’t really wear jewelry and baubles. I just like Italian and British clothing, but he insisted to know what kind I would wear. Big James Bond fan, and I said Rolex Submariner with the blue dial, well after a few days a package with boxes arrive, and he hands me a green Rolex box. I was nearly shitting myself. I also told him I wanted a Bvulgari Diagano, but I wore it in the shower not realizing it wasn’t water resistant, so it got sent back and I didn’t get it. There’s more to this story than I’m telling right now. In fact I will tell when the sugar baby BAILS OUT, yes that’s right, the sugar daddy of a financial bind and literally having every gold diggers fantasy come true, but ends abruptly coming to the realization that I will NEVER sell out or my soul for it. Everything, and I seriously don’t give a shit what man owns what, must come with him as a person or not at all. I couldn’t give two shits if he had the most cutting edge dream contemporary home and garage full of super cars I’d salivate over. If it doesn’t come WITH the person, none of it means anything to me! 


Incredible, rare specimen of Scolecite from India.

This natural masterpiece is simply miraculous to look at and its rough beauty is one of a kind. Scolecite teaches one to be kind, gentle and non-reactionary, helping one become more balanced when faced with difficulty and bringing one a sense of calm and peace. It’s an excellent stone for those who wish to sleep more peacefully or dream more sweetly.

*Price upon request.


An astonishing downtown view.

In Chicago, a restored penthouse located into one of the two iconic towers that was designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1945/51, is now the wonderful home of an art and design pieces collector.

This poopy guide came up in a different group. It’s one of the worst offenders out there. It’s pretty much useless as a guide. As it has no real redeeming tips and the guide has codes in it where you go online to the now non existing site for more help. Utter crap! So I took my own guide and put it in my bathroom for this funny pic. What other strategy guides out there suck as bad as this one? Are there some that although filled with information don’t really help you in the actual game? Are there decent guides out there with a few bad mistakes or a huge one? Or writing so bad it makes you cringe? Share some pics or talk about it here! Were you better off not having the guide or is it just a collectors piece now?