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…finally got to see “Moonlight” today. left the theater feeling Some Kinda Way that’s really hard for me to articulate, but i feel like i can count on one hand how many times any movie has ever made me feel the things that “Moonlight” has.


i really want to sit down and journal about it at the very least, but i don’t have the energy right now and i most certainly don’t have the time. tomorrow is a big day– school starts For Realz, so i’ll be meeting and teaching my students for the first time– meaning i need to get my exhausted ass into bed asap.

i will say, however, that Japan has really surprised me with its reception of “Moonlight” for numerous reasons that i also want to journal about. for one, even though “Moonlight” is now at the end of its run in Japan with only one screening a day for the rest of April before disappearing from theaters entirely, the screening in the smallish theater that i was at today was all but sold out. also, being the linguaphile that i am, it was intriguing for me to see a movie spoken in AAVE subtitled in Japanese for the first (and likely only) time on the big screen in Japan. amidst everything else that was going through my mind while watching the movie, i noted how the translator chose to translate certain things, feeling a mild sense of validation and approval over how the translator handled the f slur in particular #BecauseJapan.

it’s rare for me to be determined to own a hard copy of any movie, but that’s exactly how i feel about this movie and once i do, i’ll promptly rewatch it at least two more times.


The West Mesa Bone Collector

The ‘West Mesa Bone Collector’ is the unofficial moniker given to an unidentified serial killer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is believed to have murdered at least eleven women between 2001-2005.

The case was first discovered by police when a woman walking her dog found a human thigh bone in metropolitan West Mesa on February 2, 2009. A forensic team examined the bone and went to the isolated spot where it was initially found; they quickly unearthed the skeletal remains of eleven women and a foetus, all of whom appeared to have died by homicidal means. Since the dead women all shared similar ethnicities and backgrounds, it is likely that the women were victims of a serial killer.

Once they were identified, it was discovered the West Mesa victims were mainly of Hispanic/Spanish descent, most were in their early-to-mid twenties, and most of them were prostitutes and/or addicted to drugs. Police noted their disappearances tended to coincide with the popular Annual State Fair, an event that attracts a lot of prostitutes and sex workers to the area. Investigators currently believe the 'Bone Collector’ was active for only four years in the West Mesa area, though he could have operated as a serial killer elsewhere.

Although several persons of interest have been questioned about the case, no official suspect has ever been named as the Bone Collector. Police aren’t even sure of the Collector’s true victim count; eleven victims have been ascribed to him so far, though its highly likely that he has killed more women and dumped their bodies elsewhere. Until there is a breakthrough in this perplexing case, its likely the West Mesa Bone Collector will never be brought to justice.


This is the face of a woman who hasn’t left her basement for 24 hours because Breath of the Wild is too damn good. Happy Sunday!


Odd And The Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman. / The story is inspired by Norwegian Norse mythology, and I am curious to read a book written by someone who is not from Scandinavia, but inspired by it. As a Norwegian I find it very interesting. And the book design is so beautiful. I love pretty books, and since I consider myself a book collector I was even more drawn to it because of the beautiful illustrations. I also love the choice of name for the main character - Odd. Odd is quite an average Norwegian name, but in English it gives it something more interesting because it means “weird”.

Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. – John 1:17

Guard your heart, but yet still, with grace and truth.

Jesus knew the Old Testament. He knew The Law. He knew what was written. He knew the truth. Why? Because He was the truth (John 14:6). And He was also grace.

When Jesus walked this earth He had a way of speaking to people that was both grace and truth. He didn’t hold back from talking about sin or calling out what was wrong…but He didn’t throw stones either. He didn’t turn his back on the unclean, or the tax collectors, or even the people that wanted Him dead…He did the opposite. Even to the death of the cross. He didn’t fight against it. He didn’t call on angels to save Him from the crucifixion. Instead, he bore the weight of a world that was filled with sin even though He had never even sinned himself.

That’s grace and truth. And this is our example even when it comes to the matters of our broken hearts. Even when it comes the people that have hurt us. Even when it comes this world that constantly seems to be challenging a life of righteousness everyday. Even when it comes to people who talk about us behind our backs. Even those that betrays us. Jesus didn’t put up walls to block himself for those that wronged them. He stretched out His arms and still loved them, giving the very worst of sinners access to the Heavenly Father.

So who are we to keep putting up walls? I know, it’s hard. There are some reading this who have endured some unbelievably difficult situations. Some of you had your innocence taken away. Some of you were bullied so much to the point that you thought you’d never be able to trust a friend again. Some of you have had your heart so broken that you’re uncertain if you’re even capable of loving ever again.

Whatever it is, we don’t have to downplay what we’ve gone through or what others have done to us. But we can pray and ask the Lord to heal our hearts and to help us in moving on His way. We can pray and ask the Lord to help us to be more like Jesus everyday…less walls, more love. Continuing to guard our hearts, yet still, with grace and truth. -

Written by @morganhnichols for #qwcdevos

High School Library X Luhan

For @cloudy-panda

  • Luhan was the king of this school, everyone knew that
  • With enough wealth and popularity to boast, he quickly climbed the social ladder and became the apple of every girl’s eye
  • Every girl’s eye, except yours, apparently
  • While you wouldn’t label yourself as a wallflower, you couldn’t say you were a very social person
  • Luckily to most, but unluckily for you, Luhan was in your English class, and you did your best to avoid any and all contact with him
  • You’d only had one encounter with him yourself, and you couldn’t say it was a very pleasant one
  • He had approached you during class because of pressure from his ‘friends’, anyone could see that from the way the group of them had pointed in your direction, chuckling to themselves
  • When Mr. Popular himself decided to come over, all that was hurled at you was a myriad of insults
  • “Do you really think you’ll be able to climb the social ladder by keeping your nose in a novel all the time, bookworm?”
  • “There’s no way you’ll be able to find a sustainable job in the real world with looks like those, so you might as well start sucking up to those in power now.”
  • “Are you even listening to me? Or are you too stupid to-”
  • You couldn’t contain your pent up frustrations on this kid any longer, so you interjected.
  • “-Mr. Lu, I understand you want to assert your overwhelming intellect to the rest of those in the class, but sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid, than open it and remove all doubt.”
  • That shut him up, the entire room fell silent, and without a word, you picked up your things and headed out of the classroom.   
  • You’d seen the way he treated girls, treated teachers, treated his friends, and you wanted no part in any shameless flirts and insults he was spewing
  • Most of the school was like that, however
  • A bunch of superficial teenagers who didn’t once think of their own future
  • The only place you found genuineness was in the library, where a single world could express a thousand actions, and a single action, a thousand words. 
  • Oftentimes, you stayed in the library for several hours after school had ended, just to be alone with your thoughts
  • That, however, was disrupted the moment you ran into him
  • You were just about to finish reading the final climactic scene in your novel when-
  • “Hey, Bookworm.”
  • Luhan ripped the book away from your hands, and you immediately jerked your head to look at him in shock as he towered over you
  • “What do you think you’re!-”
  • “The last book of the series, eh? I finished them, but I have to say I like the author’s other works a lot better.”
  • You didn’t give yourself time to register your shock before you snatched your book back from his hands.
  • “I didn’t know you read.”
  • “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, Bookworm.”
  • You scoffed, dusting off the cover of the book.
  • “I bet you say that to every hapless female that happens to be in your perimeter.”
  • You rolled your eyes as you finished the statement, grabbing your bookbag and ducking past Luhan towards the exit
  • However, you found yourself coming to an abrupt halt in order to prevent yourself from being clotheslined from a muscular arm
  • Luhan had pinned you against the bookshelf
  • You met his gaze, doing your best to remain confident as his intense glare weakened your willpower
  • “30 minutes. Just give me 30 minutes to talk to you.”
  • Although you were thoroughly surprised at his offer, you wouldn’t be fooled
  • “I really have no interest in-”
  • “Let’s make a deal then, if you still hate me after 30 minutes, then I will make sure no one in this school will bully you ever again. If not, then you’ve successfully made a new friend. What’ve you got to lose?”
  • You really didn’t like where this was going, but against your better judgement, you relented
  • “Fine. But if you so much as try anything funny, and I’ll have you tazed faster than you can say the word ‘Bookworm’, got it?”
  • Much to your surprise, however, Luhan was being genuine. He really was an avid reader, and even a collector of some of the rare editions of novels you pined after. 
  • You’d never seen someone talk so passionately before as you did Luhan when he was discussing his favorite books
  • Before you knew it, it was nearly 7pm
  • “Oh my God, the sun’s almost set and I need to be home before my parents-”
  • “Let me walk you home.”
  • “Thats really not necessary.” You protested
  • “It’s the least I can do for you after taking up my offer.”
  • “…Alright, then.”
  • Most of the walk was done in silence, but when you arrived home, Luhan turned to you with a big grin
  • “I’ll see you in class tomorrow, Bookworm.”
  • Luhan’s smile was so pure in that moment that you felt as though he had transformed into an entirely new person, but you deducted that the only reason he had been so cold-hearted was because of the intense pressure he faced
  • You gave him a respectful nod and headed inside. When you began to unpack your bookbag, you noticed a small, foreign slip of paper fall from the outer pocket
  • You unfolded it
  • Hey Bookworm, I really enjoyed getting to know you this evening. How’s about we do it again tomorrow after school? You still didn’t get to tell me how your romance novel ended and I’d love to know. ~Luhan.
  • How could you say no?

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magicalflyingsquidwithahat  asked:

Hi Sea Fam, I am a high anxiety person who has recently found comfort in collecting/ kinda playing with children's toys. (think stuffed animals, hello kitty, tokidoki, and num noms to name some examples) I don't understand how such childish things relax me. I'm supposed to be a 23 year old adult doing big tough important adult things. But here I am trying to hide small toys with me in my pockets to comfort me while I go about life .Haha. Is this normal? I feel like this is something to hide.

Listen, friend. Friend. Friend.

Today I saw a plushie keychain shaped as a poop and I got. So excited. Friend. Mate. It had, a bow. and hearts on it. It was a fashionable poop plush keychain.

There’s nothing wrong with liking simple, cute things. Or, poop plushies. There’s nothing weird about it. You can pay bills and do taxes and go to work and then come home and admire your wall of disney collectibles. A lot of people collect. Just google “vintage toy collectors” or even “comic book toy collectors” and look at their just, houses filled with toys.

It’s 100% normal, and 100% awesome. I’m so glad that you’ve found something that comforts you and that you enjoy them.

-Lou the Lobster 

No, really. I’m a postal witch.

And while I am agnostic, I do have a shrine honoring messenger dieties as archetypes. I leave them uncanceled stamps. I’ve even purchased collector stamps of Mercury, Hermes, and Iris.

damn man if your card gets stolen, LA Fitness will come after you like a bad first date

  1. “Hi this message is for [pdtn], this is Shelby calling from LA Fitness about your billing…”
  2. “Hello [pdtn], this is Kim, I’m calling from LA Fitness about your credit card we have on file…”
  3. “Hello [pdtn], this is Allison calling for LA Fitness regarding your membership…”
  4. “Hello [pdtn], this is a call from LA Fitness regarding your gym membership…”
  5. “Hello [pdtn], this is Jill calling from the LA Fitness billing department…”
  6. “Hi [pdtn] this is Brooke calling from LA Fitness…”
  7. “Hi this message is for [pdtn] my name is Julia, I’m calling from the LA Fitness billing department…”
  8. “Hi [pdtn] this is Mariah with LA Fitness calling about the credit card we have on file for you…”
  9. “Hi [pdtn] this is Charlotte calling with LA Fitness about your credit card we have on file for your membership…”

9 calls in 5 days.

I know y’all need that money but get a grip. I was out of the country, placing an international call to you was extremely low on my list of priorities

When will the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer ever get a hardbound boxset? I’m pretty sure most of us who owns this series have different covers for his books that when we put them on our shelves it looks weird because of different spines. Why do they keep changing it? Why can’t they make up their mind and release a boxset already? 

Finished the last guardian today