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Undertale IRL

It’s here! The whole kick from the kitstarter has arrived! my box of friendship is number 11, if you got one, let us know whose is yours!

Pictured with some additional friends who arrived along the way - Prescription for Sleep, Vinyl and Extended Dog Song!! Still need to obtain a wardrobe and an army of plastic buddies but oh, ow, that Brexit Britain economy!

In the mean time, we’ve got all these cheerful friends! Featuring classic friends such as Ghoatly Jellybeap, Platonic Concept of Mama, <3s, Ahriman AKA Angra Mainyu brother of Ahura Mazda, Froggems, …Jerry, the one friend with the moths, Heckguy and As A Slime! 

Horso! Boat! The Pain of Living! Mr. Onion! Is that a Sims feeling meter! Slime or Rock! ‘Tentacle’! No seriously, is that one a Sim’s emotional gauge? Hard Mode Bug!

Plus he made them sticky so they’re even more fun! Skully! Tall Skull! Lisard! Date Lizard~! That Cupcake Spider Is Adorable! No, I Mean The One That Is A Cupcake But The One That Makes Em Is Rad Too! A Head! A Whole Head! DANCE! Guy Who Seriously Grinded Out Friendship Gold! Volcanx! Candlor! Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits! 

~Spooky Merch~

More friends than you know what to do with including hell faces why do they remain when I close my eyes!

The Amazing Extended Dog

The House of the Rising FUN! (located in Now Orleans, the dad is bad with names)

Whats in The Box??

Oh, yeah Undertell

It is not hands that open the box, it is desire

Also last count I believe is 7 confirmed dogs and a dog boat (maybe…??) but some dog watchers have rated it possibly as high as 51! This is if you factor in dog boat legs as individual dogs, contemplate amalgam dogs dogginess and consider hot dogs to be dogs (when in fact they are actually a kind of grass, you see em down by rivers all the time) 

got a dog number? let us know but show your working!

this one? definitely a dog, what else has bones

answer- THIS GUY!! (same guy, but definitely dog, note the bone)

great! so I have a little home for my art book friend too! I hope I can download the latest art book onto it to update them pesky pages!


With special guest star: THIS ISN’T EVEN MY VINYL FORM!

ACT 2: SECRET ACT (don’t look until 10th of october 8pm or cheat and make it that time!)

tiny cryptid, highly secret

cos ya need ‘can do’ to spell canon donut

ps (thank you!!)


It’s already here!!!! Omg, omg, omg!!. This is amazing! ^w^ I just love it so much!!. This fluttercord pack It’s all beautifully detailed, the box has an amazing art and it even has the window with the picture of them <3

The only weird thing I see about the final product, is that they have changed fluttershy’s position inside the box. The original design had fluttershy floating at Discord’s eye level, and he was staring right into her face. But I think I understand why they changed it, it seems it was because the new position allows to use less plastic in the blister (the blister uses half of the box’s space). But even with that in mind, I love this collectible and I think is one of my favorite pieces of my collection.


°°°°°This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Tumblr. I am hosting it completely independently.°°°°°

Hey, so, I’ve never done one of these before, but here goes! I’m gonna make this post simple because I’m not too sure how to dress it up.

-(Original) Nintendo DS promotional bracelet
-Chrome metal D20
-Splatoon pin set
-Two 3DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added
-Three DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added (going back and playing older games is fun, okay?)

And, the biggest prize…

-Dust: An Elysian Tail - Limited Indiebox Collector’s Edition! Your box will come completely sealed- the one pictured is my own personal box, which I opened up to show off all the things inside.


-I’ve heard that Tumblr may delete posts tagged as “giveaway,” so please do not tag any reblogs as such!
-You do NOT need to be following me. I don’t want to force you to see my content if you don’t want to.
-Reblogs and likes count as entries. You may reblog more than once, but it will only change your entry number, not give you an additional entry.
-The winner’s URL will not be publicly announced, unless they give me permission to do so.
-No side blogs. I will be checking that the entry drawn is associated with an active main blog. This is to keep things fair.
-There will be one OR MORE winners- if the first winner does not want every prize (for example, they don’t own a 3DS, don’t care for Splatoon, etc), an additional winner will be drawn and offered the remaining prizes. This will continue until all prizes are claimed.
-Please tag your reblog as “rules read” so I know that you read the rules.
-I will be covering shipping!
-Please, don’t claim prizes and sell them. I can’t really enforce this, but if you don’t want something, I’d really rather it be offered to someone else, rather than sold.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to everyone!

EDIT– I’M DUMB AND FORGOT AN END DATE!!! It’s going to be April 23.

McFarlane Toys are Releasing Destiny Guardian Action Figures

IGN exclusively revealed the initial wave of toys that features all three Guardian classes which will all come in window box collector packaging and featuring a Destiny-branded base. As part of the partnership between Bungie and McFarlane, the toy company will create more 10-inch figures as well as role play items. These are set for a release this July for a suggested price of $19.99. 20 FUCKING DOLLARS!

Now we wait for news about Destiny Funko Pops…


Both volumes of the Stranger Things soundtrack are getting limited collector’s edition vinyl pressings on July 14 via Lakeshore Records. The Netflix series’ instantly iconic synth score is composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

Each 2xLP release is pressed on 180-gram multi-colored vinyl with a retail price of $44.98. They feature gatefold packaging with alternative cover, new liner notes (series creators the Duffer Brothers in Volume 1, Dixon and Stein in Volume 2), an 11x22 fold-out poster, and five character cards (kids in Volume 1, adults in Volume 2).

Invada Records will release its own Stranger Things collector’s edition box set on an exclusive colorway in the UK; it’s pictured below.

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I got into Disney’s Tsum Tsums on Christmas; I kept it really casual up until I found out last weekend, Wal*Mart has exclusive blind bags!

This morning, I opened five of the Color Pop! line. Wanna find out who I opened? Then please watch my FIRST YouTube video!!! If you liked it, please show me by liking this video and subscribing to my channel!


Fullmetal Alchemist Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition Box Set! (click pics for captions)

  • 6 discs containing all 51 episodes + extras in 1080p quality
  • 3 x textured art prints (8″ x 10″)
  • 300-page art book featuring character models, high quality official art, production sketches, background concept art, plus staff interviews
  • 10 collectible art postcards contained within a textured decorated envelope
  • All contained within an authentic-looking box designed to look like Edward’s suitcase, complete with travel stickers and name tag

Here’s the special Collector’s Edition box for the “Rising Myth: Hannya’s Demise” project! This features the Wii U version of the game, a double-sided poster and a Ceri amiibo, which is the only way to get the Ceri amiibo for all of you collectors out there!