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John K. King Books, Detroit, Michigan, Fall of 2010. Four floors of books, plus an extra building for rare books. John King is a whole day event. Photos by Brad Duncan.

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Fossil collector/shop prepping a shell from the Jurassic Coast, England


The Daisy Romper ❀ Two Ways

I still didn’t manage to repair any of the ripped vintage clothing I got for Kaya, but one red jacket already came in a great condition and adds such a cute casual look to this really chic romper. Of course, it also goes very well paired up with a light cardigan and a glamorous clutch bag. Now, for something completely out of topic, but - I love Kaya’s face mold! She’s got an amazing jaw line, that reminds me of the actress Chyler Leigh, and super adorable dimples.
Plus: I’m into LPS again and felt the urge to purchase at least one deer (there are approximately 20 of them!), as I display them together with my Monster High collection and Isi had some space left on her lap. (ㅇㅅㅇ`)

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🌷💐Barbie Flower Shop set, 2000. It had a refillable water pump in the back you could press to pump water through the fountain⛲️!💐🌷

The Gift - Yondu Udonta x Reader

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Reader - SFW

Length: ~1,400 words

Summary: A request sent by anon for Yondu and Reader. Yondu brings his reader gifts whenever he has to leave for a couple days. One time he comes back with something reader never thought they’d see again.

Warnings: Nothing really.

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Whinsley Saberhoof

Age: 48

D.O.B: 5/20/68

Height: 8 ft tall

Ideal Voice: (x)

Relationship: Divorced

Offspring: Son (Deceased)

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Ideal Type: “Looks do not appeal to me. I am not attracted by their appearance. It is however, more so the chemistry that we hold or the bond that we build that’ll attract me to them. But I am currently not on the market for a significant other. It is companionship that I long for.”

Occupation: Antique Collector/Shop Keeper

Personality: Whinsley appears grumpy but is actually not. He’s a very patient and calm stallion. He’s very laid back and pretty mellow. He’s not very social. It would usually have to be the other to start a conversation in order for him to speak. He prefers to keep to himself. He has a terrible hoarding problem when it comes to collecting antiques. And he’s very disorganized and often has a cluttered room. He’s also very messy. He’s not really a romantic sort of guy. So mares/stallions, hold your breath on that one. If there were a problem of any sort, he prefers to talk his way out of the situation rather than using brute force. But, if he really needed to, he will choose to fight. He’s very strong and built to carry heavy things. He’s also not a “joking” sort of guy. So if you’re trying to be funny or decide to tell him a joke, don’t expect him to humor you. He’ll most likely just stare at you with a blank expression.

I found this adorable little guy in a charity shop today for £1.50 and of course I had to take him home 🤡 He’s name is Clowny and he’s currently in the washing machine before I place him on my bed with Ronald ☺️


Wonders of the World fossil and crystal shop in Santa Monica, California - i think there’s a Triceratops head in there!

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Time passes, some buyers approach The Collector's shop, ready to strike a deal with some important find. Only the person they're met with isn't the familiar, aged face of Taneleer Tivan. Well, the man certainly LOOKS like Taneleer, but he's younger. His fashion isn't as outlandish, but classier. He seems somewhat friendlier as well. The buyers ask who he is, and he introduces himself as one of Taneleer's many sons. "My father is currently exploring the galaxy with my mother for her birthday."

😭😭😭😭AAAWWW WHAT A CUTE SON👏👏👏👏Where are his siblings?!? xD

Friedrichstrasse Bahnhof in 2005, seen from the road. This October 2005 visit was the first time I had visited Berlin since 1994. The pictures I took were of places I noticed a change. Here in the DDR time there used to be a stamp collectors shop where the florists is under the green ‘S’ sign.

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Oh my god, playing a strad must be an unreal experience!! How did you get the opportunity to play one?

it was amazing! i got to play it because a violin collector/shop thing came to the Heifetz Institute and opened a collection of instruments for us to play on!