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Fossil collector/shop prepping a shell from the Jurassic Coast, England

Whinsley Saberhoof

Age: 48

D.O.B: 5/20/68

Height: 8 ft tall

Ideal Voice: (x)

Relationship: Divorced

Offspring: Son (Deceased)

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Ideal Type: “Looks do not appeal to me. I am not attracted by their appearance. It is however, more so the chemistry that we hold or the bond that we build that’ll attract me to them. But I am currently not on the market for a significant other. It is companionship that I long for.”

Occupation: Antique Collector/Shop Keeper

Personality: Whinsley appears grumpy but is actually not. He’s a very patient and calm stallion. He’s very laid back and pretty mellow. He’s not very social. It would usually have to be the other to start a conversation in order for him to speak. He prefers to keep to himself. He has a terrible hoarding problem when it comes to collecting antiques. And he’s very disorganized and often has a cluttered room. He’s also very messy. He’s not really a romantic sort of guy. So mares/stallions, hold your breath on that one. If there were a problem of any sort, he prefers to talk his way out of the situation rather than using brute force. But, if he really needed to, he will choose to fight. He’s very strong and built to carry heavy things. He’s also not a “joking” sort of guy. So if you’re trying to be funny or decide to tell him a joke, don’t expect him to humor you. He’ll most likely just stare at you with a blank expression.


Wonders of the World fossil and crystal shop in Santa Monica, California - i think there’s a Triceratops head in there!

Toy Buying Hacks for Target

So it’s that time of year to start buying presents, but this applies to people who are also just collecting toys of any kind. And as a Monster High collector I know how this goes. 

So Target has a WISHLIST app if you use this you get 10% off the items on the list. You just need to start an account and add things to the list, as long as it’s on the list it will give you the 10%.

There are going to be lots of COUPONS until the holidays today the 25% for toys ENDS and there will be a new coupon starting tomorrow. Check the website, the toy magazine at the front of the store, and in the toy isles there will be signs saying “TEXT ______ to TARGET” the current 25% off is TOYS1. Again this coupon expires today NOVEMBER 7TH

REDcards get you an extra 5% off your total purchase. This is totally up to you and I get why people are hesitant but listen to your cashier as they talk about it and they can give you more info. PLUS the cashier will get a small bonus for each one they get people to sign up for. A free coffee is always a nice treat for the shit they have to put up with. 

Have PHARMACY REWARDS. Every 5 prescriptions gives you a 5% off coupon that you can use for one day as many times as you want to. This comes with the REDcard, but I believe you can also set it up with the pharmacy, but I am not 100% sure on that.

CARTWHEEL is a phone app that has % off items. Everyday until Christmas there will be on toy that goes on sale for 50%. It’s 100% free and saves you a shit ton of money. SERIOUSLY for everyday if you shop at target GET IT. You just need a smartphone.  It updates throughout the week, there are a set amount set for Sunday to Saturday and then some that are good for Wednesday to the following Thursday or so. As well as others that last for a few weeks. (Like for instance this week was 25% off women’s clothing, 10% off socks and tights, and last week there was a one day 40% off boots.) 

Bonus: you work for target and get your discount on top of it all. (Hellyeah) 

The best part? You can use these all together. Yesterday I helped someone who was buying a toy for her daughter, it was $99.99 (crazy right?)

It was on Cartwheel for 10% off, she used the 25% off coupon and the 10% from wishlist she got it for $58. But if she had the REDcard and pharmacy rewards she would have saved more money. 

So yes go forth and buy toys!

If you have any questions feel free to message me~


M E N  O F  S T Y L E - Tom Farrelly. Model, Sydney.

Sometimes when you meet someone for the first time, it’s like you’ve known them for years, that is actually what happened when we met Tom. We met through a mutual friend who suggested we meet Tom and feature him for Men of Style. We had heard about Tom, the busy model (Tom is signed to London Mgt Group), who just recently walked the runway for the  David Jones Spring Summer 14 Fashion Launch, who just got back from Miami on duty as an official  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim ambassador and the guy who seems to be popping up in every magazine and website. Little did we know that this dude started his career in PR (making him somewhat of a model underdog). Tom has a really great sense of humour (we laughed our way through the whole shoot) and doesn’t take himself too seriously. On the flip-side Tom is a very creative and deep individual with a really humble attitude. After spending a day with him we came to realise that basically he is a super nice guy who is definitely a very interesting and complex character. We’re happy to now call him a mate! 

First off, some background on where you started, where you are and where you see yourself going.

I started off working in PR and talent management. Right now I’m modelling full time, which I’m really enjoying. Eventually I would like to end up working in television. 

How would you describe your look/style?

My day to day style is quite simple and paired back. 

What would you say are your biggest influencers in terms of your style, whether it be a person, a place, a movement etc?

The weather is probably my biggest influence when I get dressed in the morning. But in terms of an aesthetic, I have always admired the classic styling of early Calvin Klein.

What are you go-to clothing stores, favourite places to shop? 

Collector store and Nique on Crown Street and I can’t go past a good department store so David Jones FTW.

Brands that you love?

Dr Denim or Cheap Monday for jeans. 

Bassike or American Vintage for a white tshirt  

J Brand for a leather or denim jacket

WillBe and Nowhereland are new Australian labels that have some great prints for summer. 

What are the ‘key’ fashion pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

J Brand denim jacket / J Brand leather jacket.  I literally have one of them with me at all times. 

Who do you see as a ‘stylish’ dude, what is the appeal?

For me style is about confidence and how you carry yourself.

You can follow Tom on Instagram @tomfarrlleytalks

Many thanks to Laura Marii

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I would like for you to release a patch for Touhoumon Purple where everything is the same except I don't have to grind and be generally lazy

you know what anon? i’ll bite. this is something i’ve been considering for a while.

would you be willing to take a compromise of moving some postgame NPCs (rare candy vendor, ev trainers, etc) into oldale? tons of post-game luxuries available in earlygame. nothing else changes. no trainers, no levels, no wilds, nothing.

i’ll even consider moving the collector’s shop with all the ufos in it as well, so you have ultimate luxury. you’ll have to grind a bit to turn UFOs into infinite money, but you won’t have to mess with thief or anything.

So, I ventured into a sci-fi collectors shop today and left with this

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Gahh! The cliffhanger for the Rubberbang nerd/stoner au was perfect So of course we want more!!❤️❤️

(So many request for more, I swear I’m gonna have to make a book about these two…..I love it)

Down on his knees, Ross thought his heart was gonna fail it was beating so fast.  Danny sat on the edge of his bed, hiding his bright red face behind his hair.  For the past few weeks, Ross had been thinking about nothing else but doing this but with the time finally here, he was a nervous wreck.  All he could think about now is how you could screw it all up and have Danny hate him.  Ross had never been with anyone let alone fool around.  Feeling the tension, and the fact that Ross had just been intensely staring at his crotch for five minutes not saying anything, Danny leaned closer to his and held his cheek.

“You don’t have to push your self to do this.  If it’d help, I could… it to you instead…”  

Shivers ran up Ross’s spine thinking about it, making his mind cloud up with dirty thoughts.  He shook them away and looked up at Danny properly and determined.

“I..I want to do this.  All these thoughts have been in my head just thinking about going further.  Kissing you, feeling you, being held by you.  It’s driving me crazy, so I want to do this, so badly.”

Danny flopped back on to the bed, covering his face and mumbling, “Then go for it.”  

After a deep breath, Ross fumbled as he unzipped Danny’s jeans.  He could feel the heat coming off the bulge.  Tugging at the waist band, Danny lifted his hips to help Ross pull the jeans down.  At this point, Danny got back up on his elbows and watched the younger teen shyly reach to touch but stopped short.

“Need a little help?”  He asked in a low voice, eyes hooded with lust.

Ross nodded a little as Danny gentle grabbed his hand and moved it to his still clothes half-erection.  Touching his boyfriends cock and feeling it twitch under his hand made Ross all too aware of his own growing problem in his pants.  He could feel the outline of it as he palmed Danny’s cock, making him more excited.  Taking it a bit further, anxious to see it for real, Ross pulled Danny’s boxers down with a little help, putting them with the jeans.

“Oh fuck…”  Ross muttered as he gawked at Danny’s cock.

Just looking at it, Ross guessed that it had to be at least over seven inches.  Seeing how thick it got made his mouth water.  Danny looked embarrassed as Ross kept staring at him, not able to judge what he was thinking.  The older teen lifted his shirt a little to keep his pre-cum from ruining but all it did was transfix Ross even more.  He could now see Danny’s little happy trail with little beads of pre-cum on it.  Without even thinking, Ross grabbed Danny’s cock by the base and held it up as he licked long the slit.  Above him, the older teen moaned, taken a bit off guard.  

The taste of Danny drove Ross over the edge.  It was sweet mixed with a little salt and he wanted more.  Wrapping with mouth around the tip, he took what he learned from watching porn, and sucked.  It took a bit to get used to the thickness of Danny’s cock, scraping his teeth once, before he got his mouth wide enough.  Ross started up with a good slow rhythm, taking in a bit at a time.  It wasn’t until Danny ran his large hand through Ross’s hair and hear his little groans, did Ross loose it.  Picking up speed, Ross took in more, fitting half of Danny’s hard cock in his mouth.  Danny started gripping his hair, muttering dirty nonsense that only fueled him more. 

“Oh…oh fuck…I’m gon-gonna,”  Danny moaned right before he came in Ross’s mouth.  After coming down from his orgasm, Danny got off the bed and panicked over Ross.  “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Danny’s cock twitched as he watched Ross swallow all of his cum before saying, “So good…” mind still hazy and horny.  

Grabbing the dazed teen and kissing him hard, Danny said, “That is so sexy.  Makes me wonder what else you can do.”  

Without thinking, Ross got closer to Danny, rubbing his painful bulge against him, wanting so much more.  He’d never felt like this before and he didn’t want it to stop, he didn’t even care if it was all just teenage hormones.  It was Danny who became the voice of reason for the both of them, even if all he wanted to do was lean Ross over his bed and fuck him senseless.  

“We…..we need to take this slow.  Don’t want to rush and end up getting hurt, now do we?”  It took all of Danny’s wits to get Ross at arms length.

Snapping out of his trance, Ross’s face turned a brighter red then Danny’s as he realized how shameless he’s been acting.  He excused him self and ran off to the bathroom, leaving his boyfriend to get redressed.  It took a bit for him to deal with his little problem at formed in his pants.  Once he was done and clear headed again, he came back into the room at find Danny leaning on the edge of his desk.  The older teen walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“I better head home before it gets too late.  Why don’t we go down town on Tuesday?  I’ll take you to that little collectors shop you’d been dying to go to.”

Ross smiled and dropped his tense shoulder, glade that nothing had changed because of what happened. “That sounds nice.  Pick me up at noon?”

“It’s a date.”  

Kissing his cheek again, Ross lead Danny out to the front door and hugged him tight before letting him out side.  He waited in the door frame and watched Danny back out of his drive way.  With a wave good bye, Ross headed back inside to his room and layed down on his bed.  He rolled over to one side and could smell Danny still on his sheets.  It was comforting, like he was being held by Danny, holding him as he drifted off to sleep.