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Wonders of the World fossil and crystal shop in Santa Monica, California - i think there’s a Triceratops head in there!

Toy Buying Hacks for Target

So it’s that time of year to start buying presents, but this applies to people who are also just collecting toys of any kind. And as a Monster High collector I know how this goes. 

So Target has a WISHLIST app if you use this you get 10% off the items on the list. You just need to start an account and add things to the list, as long as it’s on the list it will give you the 10%.

There are going to be lots of COUPONS until the holidays today the 25% for toys ENDS and there will be a new coupon starting tomorrow. Check the website, the toy magazine at the front of the store, and in the toy isles there will be signs saying “TEXT ______ to TARGET” the current 25% off is TOYS1. Again this coupon expires today NOVEMBER 7TH

REDcards get you an extra 5% off your total purchase. This is totally up to you and I get why people are hesitant but listen to your cashier as they talk about it and they can give you more info. PLUS the cashier will get a small bonus for each one they get people to sign up for. A free coffee is always a nice treat for the shit they have to put up with. 

Have PHARMACY REWARDS. Every 5 prescriptions gives you a 5% off coupon that you can use for one day as many times as you want to. This comes with the REDcard, but I believe you can also set it up with the pharmacy, but I am not 100% sure on that.

CARTWHEEL is a phone app that has % off items. Everyday until Christmas there will be on toy that goes on sale for 50%. It’s 100% free and saves you a shit ton of money. SERIOUSLY for everyday if you shop at target GET IT. You just need a smartphone.  It updates throughout the week, there are a set amount set for Sunday to Saturday and then some that are good for Wednesday to the following Thursday or so. As well as others that last for a few weeks. (Like for instance this week was 25% off women’s clothing, 10% off socks and tights, and last week there was a one day 40% off boots.) 

Bonus: you work for target and get your discount on top of it all. (Hellyeah) 

The best part? You can use these all together. Yesterday I helped someone who was buying a toy for her daughter, it was $99.99 (crazy right?)

It was on Cartwheel for 10% off, she used the 25% off coupon and the 10% from wishlist she got it for $58. But if she had the REDcard and pharmacy rewards she would have saved more money. 

So yes go forth and buy toys!

If you have any questions feel free to message me~

Summer MH Preorders!

I’ve recently delved into the world of MH preorders and release dates. I’ve read forums of people speculating when the new waves are coming out, posting photos from the deep corners of the internet. I’ve read enough to know that I absolutely NEED Isi Dawndancer when she comes out, sometime in August. For now, I’ll share with you the dolls that actually have photos in the listings.

Right now, these dolls are on preorder at Amazon through Lloyd’s Toys, and you’ll have to pay arund $7 shipping. I’ve got my eye on the Amazon preorders, waiting for the day when I can readily order them with Prime, and skip the shipping fee.

  1. Scare and Makeup

  2. Freak du Chic Clawdeen

  3. Freak du Chic Twyla

  4. Wheelin’ Werecats

  5. Fangin’ at the Mall

They all have the same release date listed on Amazon, July 27-August 11.