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Adam Jensen figure face fix (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Day One Edition)


Mattel’s second series of Halo collector figures was revealed at New York ToyFair this weekend. The new series will include a battle-damaged Master Chief, Arbiter, Olympia Vale, Buck with unhelmeted head, Atriox and Jerome-092. Each figure will include parts to build an Imperial Grunt. Photos courtesy of ToyArk.


Deadpool: Breaking the Fourth Wall

A statue of MARVEL’s unique hero Deadpool in a completely original pose! Deadpool is well-known as a character that likes to breaks the fourth wall, and this figure has been sculpted to represent him doing just that! He is sculpted bursting out from the pages of a comic in an acrobatic pose for a more playful appearance, but also has a facial expression that’s just asking for trouble!

The figure has been painted in a unique way that attempts to mimic the shadows and highlights normally seen in American-style comic books, while also very carefully selecting colors to best match Deadpool’s character. The various sound effects and comic pages bursting out together with him have all been carefully detailed creating a figure that fans can enjoy from any angle! Be sure to add the ultimate Deadpool figure to your collection!

If Wrestlers were Youtubers

Seth Rollins - Gamer

Dean Ambrose - Adventurous

Roman Reigns - Eater (e.g Furious Pete)

Finn Balor - Vlogger

Randy Orton - the one that explodes things in their backyard

John Cena - Fitness Guy

Nikki & Brie - Makeup tutorial

Alexa Bliss- the one that make videos about “Signs that a guy likes you”

Bray Wyatt - Storyteller

Emma - Baker

Bayley - Slime Maker

Sami Zayn- Collector of action figure

Kevin Owens- Makes giant food

Sasha Banks - Hair tutorial

Paige - The Comedian

Naomi - Dance tutorial

The New Day - The Prankster

The Usos - Reaction Videos

Nia Jax - The one that tests out kitchen gadgets

Aj Styles- The one that make videos about “How to get free games on ps4”


Found at Toys R Us in Orlando, FL!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday so therefore I am no longer hip and cool. So I need help. These girls look so colorful and magical but I have no idea what ‘Mysticons’ is! It says it’s a Nickelodeon show but I’ve never heard of it. The description on the packages makes it sound like a Magical Girl anime crossed with a D&D campaign.
What are they? The blue and pink girls are calling to me but should I go back and get them? They’re $10 a piece.


Batman: Arkham Knight — Arkham Knight

“Always defending the weak and the helpless. That’s what I like about you. You’re predictable. And that’s why we’re gonna win. We know your move before you do. We know how you think!”

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Announcing the arrival of the all-new 1:6 Scale Collector Figure of the Twelfth Doctor

He’s lived for over two thousand years and not all of them were good. The era of the fiery Twelfth Doctor is upon us and he’s a new man! The previous Doctor’s genial nature was gone and in its place a sharp, impatient and at times insensitive soul. The Twelfth Doctor may not be big on hugs but he’s still brave, heroic and drawn to danger.

BIG Chief Studios are proud to announce an all-new 1:6 Scale Collector Figure in celebration of the Twelfth Doctor. Officially licensed by BBC Worldwide and produced in a limited worldwide edition, each figure features a fully realised likeness of Peter Capaldi as the fierce Time Lord in his series 8 costume and comes packed with numerous accessories including: Jelly Baby Sweet Case; Yo Yo and the TARDIS in Siege Mode, plus a light-up display base. 

Estimated shipping date: July 2015.

As an added bonus the first 500 customers who purchase the Twelfth Doctor Series 8 1:6 Scale Collector Figure from BIG Chief Studios, and choose to pay via one of our Payment Plans, or by paying in full, will receive a FREE Shrunken TARDIS accessory whilst stocks last. The Shrunken TARDIS features opening doors, a connection for a wrist peg to fit any of the interchangeable hands and a printed image of the Twelfth Doctor’s face to insert inside.

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Downloaded this app called toreba, you can play crane games and will real prizes, it’s pretty fucking dope. Also shipping is free once a week.

I’ve already won a love live figure that retails around $30, a gudetama plush ($15 retail) and a neko atsume tote bag ($10) and I didn’t pay a cent. You can buy plays, it’s about 5 bucks for three plays, like a regular crane game, or you can watch videos and take surveys for free points! This is a cool app and I wanted to share it with yiu guys. Also, if you use my invitation code you’ll get 1,000 play points and 3 free play tickets.


I painted my Barbie Video Game Hero vinyl figure. She fits perfectly into my workspace decor now with her peachy lil’ dress there. Its skirt actually consists of two layers and has a beautiful texture to it, so that it appears to be made out of gemstones. (*⚈้▿⚈้*)

Find my other dollies here!


Batman: Arkham Knight — Scarecrow

“How can the world know fear–true dread–when it has you? A stalwart knight, ever ready to slay monsters. Fear isn’t pure biology, Batman. It’s more than instinct. True fear is the absence of hope. And hope is the spread wings of a Bat, shining on the clouds.”

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