All the geek things...

I may have a problem.. a teeny tiny addiction.. honestly.. It’s not that bad.. I can stop anytime I want.. 

I might be addicted to buying the Funko Pop Vinyls.  It started innocently enough when I got a Superman Funko in a Lootcrate a little while back. I didn’t even really get the appeal. But then I spotted a Maleficent in Easons, so I had to buy her.

And then I spotted a Gamora and Amy Farrah Fowler.. so I had no choice..

And then I got some of the Star Wars ones..

And Sally and Harley Quinn and Cheetara and Catwoman and well now I have a collection..

I came to the realisation that that my inner Troll collector that has not collected trolls in 20 years never went away.. it was just hibernating, waiting for these little toys to come into my world.. 

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