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I’m late but I’m watching don’t hurt yourself rn like wow now we know why Beyonce went out here & tapped one of the most iconic rock musicians to help her cuss her man out. I remember one of my relatives saying that Jack White was singing on Don’t Hurt Yourself like Bey was his sister and he was letting her trifling man know what it was.

I don’t even know how to feel about the whole thing b/c I’m not a proponent of a woman staying w/ a partner that cheats ever. I always figured that Solange was throwing hands b/c Jay cheated & I guess it should have been clear that he had to have been really grimey to her sister to elicit that kind of reaction.

I weirdly expected more from Jay Z even though I sort of always knew he didn’t deserve Beyonce b/c so many men are with women they don’t deserve and treat poorly.

I adored the push party photos and look forward to seeing the new babies pics. I’m not saying I want her home to be broken up but I would not have been mad if Beyonce had left him and went and found a fine young billionaire to have wild thoughts with in pools, okay?

The past 2 weeks have shown me that too many Black men think that making Black women suffer for their lackluster, thin love is a good thing. I think the albums the carters have made r really important & I think they open up vital convos about black love and romance they need to be had.

These albums push the importance of accountability, introspection, living an examined life. I’m hoping it will push Black men to think about how they harm Black women and black LGBT folk who are the only ppl who have their backs in this harsh, racist society. That it will push them to deal with their shit individually & collectively and stop projecting it onto us (i.e. Kodak Black who, as others have noted, hates himself & his Blackness). It’s hella distressing to realize that Black women will walk through fire to help Black men but that so many Black men like to insult and mock us for not meeting their colorist and racist beauty standards.

In an interview Molly Crabapple said smthing like men have gotten women to buy into this idea that our beauty is the most valuable thing about us and that the more beautiful we are, the better they’ll treat us. And we can see that this isn’t true, we can be the most beautiful woman in the world and they will still act a fool.

Jay had the girl everyone wanted and yet he was still running in these streets. Clearly he, and not his wife, was deficient. It shows me that a man’s character is important. If he has no character it doesn’t matter what a woman does he will still mistreat her.

Anyway 4:44 is good, I hope Yonce’s happy with her choice and as always I wonder what it looks like for Black women to have a love that edifies and liberates and that does not demand suffering to keep it.

Touch to finger the splitting harp. Touch to know the wreck that brews with- / in me and phantoms of my nodding noose. Touch made of red sharps, feral and / bleak. Touch me in the flint of a blank corridor where the world heaves into many / bends—let it funnel into fever and everything I know, I do not.
—  Muriel Leung, from “Touch: A Recovery Project,” published in Twelfth House

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She said “tomorrow, when you go to the parade or the fair. say shabbat shalom....”

So, I was raised in a lesbian household. My birth mom is Jewish, my other mom is Catholic. I grew up Jewish and we attended a very lesbian congregation. Our rabbi is a lesbian herself. When I was around 10 or 11, a little before gay marriage would be legalized in NYC, she gave us a dvar torah the day before pride. She said “tomorrow, when you go to the parade or the fair. say shabbat shalom. just go up to someone, if they seem jewish or not and say it. You may find someone who has been struggling with their religion. Someone who feels that they cannot be Jewish and gay at the same time. And you will touch them. You will teach them there is a place for them in this community. That being Jewish and gay is possible and there is a place for them. When I was a young girl, it would’ve meant the world to me.” To this day her words touch me. I came out as bisexual when I was 14. As I’ve grown older I’ve begun wondering if I may be a lesbian, or at least only situationally heterosexual. I’m not sure at this point and that’s fine. What’s important was that I was given this community. My moms got married under a huppah, whose fabric we ended up using to make the tallis for my Bat Mitzvah. Jewish life and gay life have always been intertwined for me and I’m so glad that I had that established at such a young age. I can be both, you can be both. Being religious and loving your heritage is not something exclusive for straight people. I am as proud a Jewish woman as I am a queer woman and I hope I can one day say “shabbat shalom” to someone else, and make them know what I know.


If you’ve never seen it, definitely treat yourself to a ten-minute Scooby-Doo themed parody of The Blair Witch Project called The Scooby-Doo Project! This special aired on Cartoon Network in 1999 during a Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! marathon. 

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Day 36-38 of 100 days of productivity
16, 18, 20th August 2017

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5 It Gets Better Videos That Will Keep Your Pride Going

Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ people and their allies from around the world. Here are some of our favorites from June 2017.

1. Advice From Your Favorite Drag Queens - DragCon 2017

At this year’s DragCon, we met up with some of RuPaul Drag Race’s most wise & hilarious drag queens to ask them for the advice they’d give young people in today’s LGBTQ community.

It Gets Better Project

2. Older Generation Tells Younger Generation: “It Gets Better” - SAGE Table

We partnered with SAGE Table to start conversations with LGBTQ community members of varying generations and backgrounds. Among them were social media creator Shannon Beveridge, Matthieu Dahdah, our own intern McKenna Palmer, and more. The crux: how can we change our future without knowing our past?

It Gets Better Project

3. President Michelle Bachelet - President of Chile

President Michelle Bachelet advocates for the LGBTQI youths of Chile – for their talents and abilities through which a more democratic, inclusive, and tolerant Chile will be built.

“There is a world of possibilities waiting for you,” she promises. [Though she says: “hay un mundo lleno de posibilidades esperándolos”]

Todo Mejora

4. Todo Mejora - Google Mexico

Google employees assure others from the LGBTQ community that the future is for them – that it’s for everyone, and that they don’t need to worry about being “normal.” 

“Normality” is a beautifully diverse world, they assert.

It Gets Better Mexico

5. Berivan Aslan - Member of Austrian Parliament

In her video, Berivan Aslan fully condemns the bullying & violence toward the LGBTQ community and emphasizes that we will make it better.

Es Wird Besser Österreich (Austria)

Craving more?! Go to, or keep scrolling to learn more about the cool things It Gets Better and its affiliates are doing around the world.

COLOMBIA: It Gets Better Colombia participated in Pride Month by Marching through Bucaramanga. They invited participants to share their photos using the hashtag #unamarchalgbt

MÉXICO: Our team in México also marched for Pride! Check out their photos across Mexico City on their Facebook here, along with other organized Pride marches alongside the U.S. Embassy, AT&T, Nielson, and more.

CHILÉ: Our affiliate in Chile has launched a new campaign #PorUnFinalFeliz which hopes to provide welfare and assistance to LGBTQ adolescents targeted by bullying or who otherwise have suicidal thoughts. For information on how to contribute, access more information here.

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