Meeting new people and starting new collaborations is one of the most exciting things I can think of, and these folks are no exception. I’ve recently been collaborating with the Collective Quarterly, a new publication started by the talented designer Jesse Lenz in collaboration with Seth Putnam and Jay Gullion. So looking forward to what comes out of this meeting of the minds. Be on the look out for it! Here’s a bit about it:

It follows select artists and artisans on a trip to the unseen hideaways that inspire them to craft uncommon goods. The camera lens brings into focus an often blurry creative process as they work alongside each other to discover truth, surprise and an aesthetic that delights. In these pages, you’ll find a carefully edited selection of dry goods, art, music, food, drink and stories, all deeply rooted in the heritage and land around us. 

This journey hinges on a communion of likeminded creators. We are illustrators, photographers and writers.
 We are shirt-makers, boot-crafters and denim-cutters. We are bartenders, chefs and musicians.


Seth Putnam, Editor of The Collective Quarterly

My friend Seth has been working on something amazing this past year. He, along with two other talented guys, put together a magazine centered on the creative process. It’s called ’The Collective Quarterly’ and each issue they travel to a new city with a group of artists.

Issue Ø is based in Marfa, Texas and if you watch the video below, you can see the places they go and the people they meet. Already in the first issue they have met a saloon keeper with an eyepatch, rowed across the Rio Grande into Mexico, and went cliff diving in Rogue Territory denim. 

After talking to Seth and thumbing through the magazine I can already see how this is going to be different. You won’t find lists concerning which top 10 trends to watch, or full page underwear spreads stuck in the middle of an article about best ways to cut in line at a bar in Williamsburg. This is journalism done right. Great articles, beautiful imagery, and stories about real people, in real cities.

Pre-order Issue Ø here

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Collective Quarterly is a magazine about creating. Following select artists and artisans on trips to unexpected places, Collective Quarterly brings together illustrators, photographers, writers, and craftsmen to cover a carefully edited selection of dry goods, art, music, food, drink, and stories, rooted deeply in the heritage and land around us. 

This town, with its 2,121 residents, is a phenomenon. Tired of the “scene” in New York City, artist Donald Judd made Marfa his home in 1971. Since then, an artists’ colony has sprouted. Many of us grew up in rural regions of the U.S., wishing our neighbors understood our creative impulses. It’s mind-blowing to find such a vibrant community of artists in the small-town setting we know so well.

Presidio County is rugged. Sitting in the shadow of the Davis Mountains, and with Big Bend National Park just down the road, the land itself is a magnet for us. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate place to kick off a magazine devoted to exploring and creating. Above all, we come with curious minds, ready to learn Marfa’s stories and soak up its inspiration.

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