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Update 11/21

“Into the Unknown” OTGW figure sample has been ordered!

To show everyone what the actual OTGW figure they order will look like, I’ve gone ahead and ordered the sample from the manufacturer. I’ll post photos in the next week or two when it arrives. Here is a color guide I just sent to the manufacturer for reference:

You can preorder now by emailing me at

For more info go HERE.

Thanks again to everyone for their interest and support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a large collection of balls. Hollow squeaky ones, squeaky mini tennis balls sized for cocker spaniels, balls with bells inside, raquetballs… but the one Merlin is most attached to is the Grody Ball.

The Grody Ball is a full-sized tennis ball that he found on our farm when we were first coming over to work on the fences and the barn. The farm was vacant for years before we bought it. We have no idea how long that thing was out there. Merlin found it HIMSELF, and he is so pleased with it.

He carries it around like a security blanket, he rolls on it when he’s excited, he stashes it all over the place (including in the middle of the horse pasture, from where we retrieve it to make him put it somewhere else) and fetches it later. He does play with the other balls, too, but the Grody Ball is his treasure.


What is it about the Walt Disney Records: The Legacy Collection series that makes them so appealing? Is it the Mary Blair-esque packaging by Lorelay Bove? The small reproductions of the original concept art and character designs found inside? Or maybe it’s just the way they’re put together like tiny, little hardcover ‘Art Of’ books?

It’s all of this.

And THE MUSIC. Definitely the music!

all pics by le jolly roger

Technically, the Woody collective COULD exist in the Toy Story canon.

Hear me out

The first film and the TV special “Toy Story That Time Forgot” establish that, when a toy is based on some character from a show, etc., they tend to initially believe that they are that character.

We also know from the second film that mass-produced toys are initially indistinguishable in personality.

So, hypothetically, there was a canon point at which hundreds of Woody dolls were produced as merchandise for the Woody’s Roundup TV show in the 1950s, and each doll was convinced that he was Sheriff Woody,

effectively giving us a canon Woody collective.