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Currently on view as part of Self- Interned, 1942: Noguchi in Poston War Relocation Center, through January 7, 2018:

Isamu Noguchi, Noodle, 1943-44, Botticino marble Pine wood base

Photo by Kevin Noble

Private collection, on long-term loan to The Noguchi Museum

10 Reasons Why Harry Should Have Named One of His Kids After Hagrid

1) Hagrid was there for Harry his entire life
2) He cried when he had to give him up at the Dursley’s doorstep
3) He spent first term collecting pictures to give Harry his photo alblum
4) He always had Harry and his friends come to his cabin for tea or somat
5) He made Harry Christmas presents every year
6) He was at (almost) every quidditch match
7) He believed in him when most did not(tri-wizard tournament)
8) He always worried about his well being
9) He was with him till the very end (so we thought)
10) He loved Harry unconditionally

Beatrice Webb (1858-1943) was an influential sociologist and economist in England. She was one of the founders of the London School of Economics, as well as the Fabian Society, and coined the term “collective bargaining”.

She was a strong proponent of socialist principles, and made important contributions to politic and economic theory. In 1932 she became the first woman elected as a Fellow of the British Academy. Unfortunately, she died before she could see the Welfare State set up by the Labour post-war government, a development towards which she had worked her entire life.

These images are from A Musical Dictionary, by James Grassineau, published in 1740. Grassineau wrote the dictionary while working for the composer J.C. Pepusch in London.

-Jennifer Needham

Full citation:

Grassineau, James. A musical dictionary; being a collection of terms and characters, as well ancient as modern; including the historical, theoretical, and practical parts of music … The whole carefully abstracted from the best authors in the Greek, Latin, Italian, French, and English languages. London: J Wilcox, 1740.

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hi I didn't know who to ask this but I'm a baby witch and I just started studying tarot. And I just wanted to know if it's ok to have more than one deck and also if it'd ok to use a deck as art like in my room as in a collection because some decks are so beautiful and I feel bad putting them away and not seeing them or like displaying them but I also don't want to be disrespectful

Yes it’s perfectly ok! I have several decks myself, as do lots of people I’ve met here. You can go through the notes of this post to see how different our collections are in terms of size.

Also, it’s fine to have a deck for whatever reason, including the one you mentioned. A non tarot reader could come up to me and say they have decks simply because they find them aesthetically pleasing and I would be like yeah buddy I feel you.

You can buy all the decks you want (and that your budget allows). You can buy a deck twice (one for readings and one for display, for example, or to have as a back up). You can trim a deck, write on it, make an art project with it. You do you 💖


When an Audi guarantees a half a million dollar prize? If there is a quattro Sport 1986 - or more specifically, a one of only 164 Audi Sport quattro. This is the car, and when the hammer fell on September 7 at Sotheby RM, he returned home to an amazing $ 536,000.

Besides just to be one of 164 products in the world, it is one of five examples initially for sale in the UK allocated Its rarity in 1986 to the separation of Group B race thanks in part to come, ending a very successful series for Audi in the rally World Championship (WRC) entirely to the decline of the quattro eventually leads.

This example has the work left 15 April 1986 and received his first service at 5833 miles in November of the same year. It was recorded in 1997 with about 30,000 miles on it, then moved again in 2006 and provide a long-term collection sold.

Under new ownership, the car would get a full recovery courtesy of Bill Gwynn Motorsport in Northamptonshire, it was in the UK in the new condition inside and out back, with 306 hp (228 kW), the five ~~ POS registered only 32,672 miles on the clock = TRUNC engine, setting the stage for other collectors enjoy set.

The car was sold in 2016. in London auction Sotheby RM September 7 It marks one of the most expensive Audi ever sold at an auction quattro.

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Is there an official/generally accepted term for fan-made Sentai teams?

None that I know of other than fan works.  I do intend to cover another one soon as I just got a subbed copy of Buddhism Force Buddhaman.

It’s a pretty weird one from the 1980s about a group of three young Japanese people chosen to defend Japan against an invasion from an evil space religion that resembles a super-militant version of Evangelical Christianity.

And yep, that’s a parody of Makuu Space from Space Sheriff Gavan.

If anyone DOES know of a collective term for Sentai Fanworks, please let me know!

like not to be a bitch but saying your character is playersexual (the player can interpret a character’s sexuality based on how they interact with others) is so boring and such a cop out like fucking commit to something, it means a lot more as representation than you making vague allusions to the fact that your character isn’t straight

Bilang dumarami na rin ang bilang ng mga tumblrista, maraming baguhan sa kung ano nga ba ang tumblr at kung ano ang nangyayari sa tumblr. Anong ibig sabihin ng ganito, ganyan. Kaya this post is for you bloggers :>

Tumblrista. Collective term para sa mga Pinoy Tumbloggers. Nasa iba’to ibang sulok ng Pilipinas, maging ng mundo. Basta isa kang Pinoy at may tumblr ka, tumblrista ka na!

URL. Ang URL ang isa sa hindi mawawala sa blog mo. Syempre, hindi ka makakagawa nito kung wala kang URL. Sa URL mo maeexpress ang parte ng sarili mo kasi jan ka halos makikilala. Yan yung itataype sa address bar para makapunta sa blog mo, yan din yung makikita nila sa dashboard bilang username mo, at yan din yung makikita nila kapag nakikipag-usap kaya via TA/FM.

Theme. Ang theme ng iyong blog. Sa simula, nandiyan yung default theme ng Tumblr, Optica ata yun. Choice mo na yun kung papaltan mo. Kapag nagpalit ka ng theme, pwede kang makahanap sa /theme o kaya sa google. Sa pag-eedit nito, tiyaga-tiyaga lang kasi may ibang theme makers na sobrang user-friendly, at may iba naman na kailangan mo pang mag-Edit HTML para lang may mabagong part sa theme.

BGM. Choice mo naman kung maglalagay ka ng BGM. Kadalasan, sa yung player na ginagamit. May iba naman na nakalagay lang sa sidebar or somewhere sa blog. Nakakatulong ito para sa viewers ng blog kasi may music, nakakadagdag ng ambiance at atmosphere.

Sidebar. Ang sidebar naman sa blog mo yung, syempre, nasa side. Ilagay mo kung anong gusto mong ilagay. Online counter, description, links, picture, kahit na ano. Syempre, optional lang naman ito.

Avatar. Ang avatar naman yung parang icon mo sa Twitter at display picture mo sa Facebook.

Header. Ang header ay katulad lang din ng cover photo sa Facebook at sa Twitter.

TA/FM. TA stands for Tumblr Ask. Ito yung mga pwedeng i-publish at i-answer privately. Ito yung kadalasang ginagamit ng mga bloggers para makipag-usap sa iba. Madali lang din kasi ito hanapin tsaka tipong magdadagdag ka lang sa URL ng /ask. Pwede ring naka-anonymous ka sa pagtatanong, depende sa gusto mo. May limit ito na 10 questions per hour. FM naman stands for Fan Mail. Bale, if you want longer conversations, ito ang gagamitin. Na-iistore ito sa inbox. Kaso kailangan mo munang i-follow ang isang tao for 48 hours bago ka makapag-FM. May limit din ito na 500 per day kaso bihira naman yun mangyari. Sa FM, nababago mo yung font, pwedeng monospace, arial, tsaka cursive. Nababago mo din yung texture, pwedeng notebook or paper.

Anonymous. Hiding behind the grey shadow. Pwede kang mag-anonymous sa TA depende sa blogger. May iba kasing ang gusto ay walang anon na matanggap. Be careful lang sa anon messages, wag sana maging hate messges yung sinesend mo. Be good! Pwede rin naming maging anonymous blogger ka. Walang pinapakitang mukha. Pili lang sa information na ibabahagi.

Submit. People want to submit something sa’yo. Kapag in-open mo ito, may makakapag—submit ang mga bloggers sayo. Ikaw din ang bahala kung ipa-publish mo or hindi.

Reblog. Parang retweet lang or share. Kapag may nagustuhan kang i-post na nakita mo na sa iba, ireblog mo na lang. Wag kana mag-copy paste at angkinin yun bilang iyo. Plagiarism nay un. Nasa terms and conditions pati yun. Lahat naman ng post, pwede mo i-reblog, pwera lang yung sa’yo, unless you use XKit.

Like. Same lang to sa like sa Facebook at favorite sa Twitter. All you need to do is like the heart button and ayun. May trick dito, kapag may keyboard kang gamit, pumindot ka ng ilang keyboard shortcuts, J-for next post, K-for previous post, tapos L-for like. If you press L a little longer, may makikita kang heart animation.

Mention. Kapareho lang ito sa Twitter. You type someone’s URL after the @ sign. Manonotify yung blogger na minention mo. Bagong feature lang din ito.

Follow. Kapag sinabi nating follow, edi follow. Parang sa twitter. Pwede kang i-follow, pwede kang mag-follow. Nakikita naman yun sa account mo.

Followback. Binibigay lang ito kapag nauna kang ifollow. Hindi rin hinihingi. Depende na ito sa blogger kung ibibigay niya sa’yo. Kapag hindi binigay, wag naman sanang magalit. You came here to express, not for having more followers.

Tags. You use the tags para organized yung blog mo. Ikaw bahala sa tags na gagamitin mo. Kadalasang mga tags, personal, random, lovelife, long post, etc. Minsan, nasa tags din yung nararamdaman nung blogger. Maliit lang naman kasi ito kaya hindi gaano napapansin.

GPOY. Gratuitous Picture of Yourself. Kadalasan, mga selfie na yung nandito. Pero eto kasi yung picture na proud kang ipangalandakan sa iba.

Longpost. Mahabang post. Hindi ganon ka-defined kung gaano kahaba ang mga long post. Basta mahaba, long post. Kadalasan, mga readables ang makikita dito. Masarap magbasa. Opposite nya yung oneliners.

Oneliners. Mga post na sakto lang sa isang line. Or isang sentence.

Hugot. Mga post na kung makapagrelate sa pag-ibig ay wagas. Sisisirin mo pa ang kailaliman ng lupa para lang malaman kung nasaan ang hugot ng blogger na iyon. Mga kadramahan lang ganon. Haha.

TTH. Titillating Thursday. Mga nakaka-shock na pictures ang nandito, kaso ngayon, puro mga nude selfies na lang. Kung tigang ka at naghahanap ka ng mapaglalabasan, pumunta ka na sa tag na ito!

TBT. Throwback Thursday. Kadalasang napapagkakamalang TTH. Mga picture mo dati ang nandito sa TBT. Kaya nga throwback eh.

Promote. Magpapapromote ka sa isang blogger para makagain ng followers/following.

Sabaw. State of mind ito ng isang blogger kung saan wala na siyang maisip na ipost kaya magrereblog na lang ng kung anu-ano. Nangyayari to sa lahat.

Tigang. Mga taong sobrang malibugan. Lumalabas sa tuwing porn hour. Mga nagrereblog ng porn, kasi gusto may ka-sex. Masasanay ka din sa kanila kasi halos gabi-gabi silang nandiyan. Minsan nga lang, meron sa tanghali at sa hapon.

Tumblr crush. Pwedeng ito yung crush mo sa tumblr or yung 9 mong most-liked and reblogged blogs. Para makita yung 9 na yun, punt aka lang sa following tapos, makikita mo na sa right side yung mga tumblr crushes mo.

Viber/Line/WeChat/Skype. Dahil nakakatamad lumabas ng bahay at magpaload, dito na lang sa mga free chat apps umaasa ang ilan. Instant pa ang dating ng messages.

Kada. Kapag sinabing kada, barkada mo yun. Maraming mga kada jan. Marami kang makakaclose sa isang kada, sumali ka lang, boom, hello close friends na. Masaya magkaroon ng kada, dami mong makakausap. Baka nandon din si The One.

DB. Describe Blog. Base sa name, idedescribe ng isang blogger ang blog mo. May iba’to ibang paraan to describe blogs. Pwedeng may picture, mahaba, may message. Simpleng promote na din kapag maganda yung sinabi ng blogger tungkol sa blog mo.

BR. Blog Rate. Para naman siyang DB kaso ang gamit lang ay numbers. Irerate ng isang blogger ang blog mo depende sa categories na sinet nya.

XKit. Isang google chrome/Mozilla firefox/opera extension. Extension of extensions. Madaming mga extension ang makakatulong sa pagbablog mo. Kagaya na lang nung reblog yourself atsaka one-click reblog.

TC. Tinychat. Isang website para sa pakikipag-chat ng bloggers. Maraming nakikipag-TC. Makakaclose mo kasi ung isang blogger, tapos, may chance din na makita mo yung mukha niya. Enjoy makipag-TC.

Audio greeting. Pag sinabing audio greeting, babatiin ka ng isang blogger. Promote na din ito sa sarili mo kapag nabati ka ng blogger na yun.

Meet ups. Hinding hindi mawawala sa bloggers ang meet ups. Nagsusulputan ang mga meet ups lalo na kapag bakasyon. May ibang meet ups na ilang cycle na din kasi sobrang sumikat. Kagaya na lang nung TSAMU, TSEMU, TAEMU. Isang worth it experience ang pagpunta sa mga Meet ups. You’ll get to know the blogger behind their blogs.

FS. Fan sign. Hinding hindi mawawala sa isang meet up ang mga fan sign. At least kahit hindi ka dun nakapunta, nandon naman ang URL mo. May picture pa kasama ng iba’t ibang mga bloggers. Ang saya diba?

Sana natuto kayo. Or sana nag-enjoy kayo magbasa. Keep blogging. :>


Day 21-Team Plasma and New Team Plasma

After 2 years, the remnants of Team Plasma have gone down to two separate routes. Those with kind hearts have united under the leadership of former member of the Seven Sages, Rood, and reside in a humble housing to care for neglected and abandoned Pokemon.

Those loyal to Ghetsis continue to serve him along with Colress and Zinzolin, hoping to once more conquer the Unova region. This time, Ghetsis’ plan borders on total insanity by trying to bend the powers of the mightiest member of the Tao trio to his whims. The Tao trio is a collective fan term used to refer to the three powerful Legendary Pokémon of the Unova Region: Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.

Card 1- How can you fight Team Plasma under Ghetsis?

Card 2- How can you save the Tao Trio?

Card 3- How will you end them once and for all?

Post a picture and tag it as: #pokemondivination or #pdc!


People are wondering why Solgaleo is a Steel type, and I was curious as well but when people on Facebook started whining about it as if it was some kind of personal insult I felt like looking it up and found a possible explanation.

So, the sun is a star. Stars are burning gases held together by their own gravity, more or less. Typically, the gases are hydrogen and helium, with most of the physical matter in the universe being made up of these elements as well. However, several stars and other substances have elements and compounds that are not either of these two states. There’s a whole bunch of them, but scientists have a collective term to refer to all non hydrogen/helium substances in the universe: 


Not to be confused with actual metals, metals in an astronomical sense refers to anything that is not hydrogen or helium. As such, metallicity is the percentage of a thing that is not hydrogen or helium. I imagine the term metal is used because typically, heavier elements found in stars are measured in terms of iron content for reasons which I will not pretend to understand or care about. 

Anyways, as it turns out, there is a super metal rich star that has nearly double the iron content of our own sun. And, as luck would have it, said star is actually part of a rather well known constellation. Wanna guess which one? What if I told you the star’s name was Mu Leonis? Yup, Leo. 

tl;dr Stars have metals in them, and a star in the Leo constellation is super metal

D.I.D Terminology - Common Terms
  • Host: The 'main' alter, or the alter/s that tend to front the most, fulfil the roles of day to day life.
  • Alter: Short for Alternate Personality State, these are what the different personalities are referred to as. Not to be confused with Alter Ego.
  • System: A collective term to describe a group of alters who exist in the 'same place'. It is possible to have multiple systems, these are referred to as sub-systems.
  • Fronting: When an alter is 'fronting' they are in control of the body.
  • CoFronting/CoCon: Where more than one alter is in control of the body at the same time, think like co-piloting.
  • Switch: A change in who is in control of the body eg: Thomas just switched with Samantha.
  • Dissociation: Feeling out of contact with yourself and/or the world around you.
  • Grounded: Feeling in touch with yourself and/or the world around you.
  • Spacey/Zoning Out: See Dissociation.
  • Switchy: Feeling 'switchy' is feeling as though another alter/s are about to switch into or out of control. May be referring to these alters fronting, or cofronting.
  • Switch Slap: Very rapid switch/switches.
  • Inner World: A world where the alters interact or live together inside the mind.
  • Multiple: Referring to people with alters.
  • Singlet: Referring to people who do not have alters.
Specialist Mission: Competitor in Chief


A well-known black market dealer has contacted Kydin, an old friend. He’s requesting a little infiltration, some arson, and a framing to top it all off. Nice guy. Pick up specific information about the target from Kydin before heading out, so you know just who it is you’ll be sabotaging. This contract may be selected and signed by one specialist, or a team of specialists, employed with The Serpentine Kiss only. Please read both the patron’s letter of request and the drafted terms in this contract before adding a signature to the page. Signatures are binding and valid until all the terms herein have been sufficiently met. This contract will expire in one week.

  1. Return the three described items to the client.
  2. Burn down warehouse.
  3. Leave (subtle) clues to indemnify a specified third party. 
  4. Collect a signature from the patron on this contract when you have successfully completed the prior terms.
  5. Collect the specified amount of 350 (+100) gold coins from the patron as payment.

Headhunter Signature:

Kydin Ironcock

Patron Signature:


Specialist Signature:



I hear you lead a band of miscreants just as twisted and hungry for gold as you are. Good. My smuggling operations were tipped off when a wealthy young lordling from Theramore decided to try out his skills out on the black market. He’s stealing my business associates and damaging my reputation. He’s good, too good. For fuck’s sake, he even went so far as to claim that I was working with the authorities. Can you imagine that?! Me? Working with the law? Needless to say my standing in the underbelly took a hit.

I attached everything I know about him to the back of this letter. It’ll save you some time.You’re welcome.

This is what I want. I want you or some of your people to break into his warehouse and find a Suramarian urn, a Dark Iron hammer with red runes etched on the haft, and a hologram projector. DO NOT TURN IT ON. It has draenic writing etched on the underside. You can’t miss it. 

With those three items in your possession, burn the rest of his shit down. Every item, every support beam. I want it all in ashes. I want there to be less than ashes, but it’s best to leave it smoldering there as a tangible reminder that he can’t fuck with people’s established business and not pay a price. Finally, frame Harrien Noseglove as the perp, another one of my competitors. I don’t care how you do it, but do it. 

Oh, and if you can find a way to implicate that he’s working with the law, I’ll throw in another 100 gold.

Your old friend Blue

OOC Notes:

@lothlin-legacy wrote this event. We’re hoping to gather up a group of folks to attend. Please reply to this post with your character’s name and you will be registered.

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I'm at a point in my journey where I don't know what to do. I've been seeing a lot of posts on Tumblr about cultural appropriation in witchcraft and it has me reeling. A lot of the magickal knowledge I've collected use terms that are deemed culturally appropriated. I tried using PC terminology but it feels fake to me. For example, I learned "energy points" as such but as chakras. (That's just one example.) I don't wish to offend anyone with my path but I feel as if I cannot practice anymore.

Personally, and in all honesty, I just use terms that I know are open to all people. Anyone can use them. Like my patronous guide or smoke cleansing. I mean unless you did learn to use that term by the culture itself, I would just be careful? Because I am not the best to give this advice. I am not apart of a closed religion or culture like that. So I cannot give my opinion on how it feels to have other people using terms that are apart of said culture/religion But I do feel you should at least do deep research and if you can, talk to someone apart of that culture and ask them about it?