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Chapter I | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

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Song for the Playlist - Flowers In The Window by Travis

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Word Count - 9000..ish

“You are. That’s why all the girls love you.”

“Ah, well, none of them are as special as my home girl right here.”

“See, now you’re just being silly,” she shook her head.

“Nah, I’m not. You’re number one. Me and you? We’re down for life.”

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Back Tattoos Collection N02 | AU Tattoos

♥Basic TOU! Recoloring is allowed.

♥7 Swatches. 5 Back tattoos, 2 chest tattoos as per request by @commonsim.

♥Not much to say about these! A majority were snake-themed. Two of these I may get something similar IRL!

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Obligatory annual photo (with a shitty phone camera). So, 34 now - I think I can start to officially call myself middle-aged lol.

What I want to say to younger peeps at this “mature” age is that take your time. Don’t stress and worry that you’re 20-something (or younger than that) and not knowing that you’d do or what you’d become. I’m 34; I have NO IDEA what I will become when I “grow old”. I have no plans made. I honestly don’t ever know what’s going to happen the next 6 months or so. 

I have wishes and dreams, though, as those are always important, both for your well-being and for your natural creative energy. For the next personal year I wish to write - a lot. I wish to travel more. I wish to finally start to collect bigger tattoos. I wish to draw more and earn more money with it. I wish to be paid for what I love to do. I wish to continue playing games, enjoying comics and cartoons. I wish to grow more and contemplate things even deeper. I wish to be even more happier, more often than I already am. I wish to keep up with my dreams even when others wouldn’t agree. I wish to continue enjoying whatever I do enjoy regardless of others opinions. I wish to listen to more Billy Idol. I wish to get diet back together and thus get my allergies calmed down. 

Thanks for sticking with me one year - some of you have stayed a lot longer than that! Thank you for that.

I’m so ready for 2017.

But 2016 wasn’t all bad. I got to go to Ireland with my best girl @digitalgreymon-blog , and we got matching Sailor Moon tattoos because we’ll always have this love. 

Happy new year, everyone.