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what if kravtiz wasn’t the first death bounty hunter thb have come across?

like, they’ve been on a number of planets with civilizations and deities, and maybe it isn’t always the raven queen, but once every seven cycles or so after they start racking up a death count there’ll just be this random heavenly mercenary after the IPRE crew like the whole year. when they realize what’s going on they try and keep a low profile when they can as not to upset any gods of the natural order, but they can’t always do that when hunting the light. 

it gets even fucking worse after barry and lup become liches, because now it’s not just a bunch of strange, unaccounted for deaths, now they’re clearly working with that dark necromancy and whatever god is in charge of this realm can’t allow that. 

after a while these poor fucking reapers are showing up, guns ablazing and trying to intimidate and they’re just met with a simultaneous annoyed groan from the ipre crew who can’t even bother to appear threatened because seriously, again?! 

needless to say, lup’s reaction to taako’s date with kravitz was a very bewildered panic because damnit these fuckers again taako what are you doing with one of those goddamn soul tax collectors do you realize how long they’ve been after our asses?! 


I just bought a set of Soul Gem phone charms and they’re so pretty and sparkly!! I really love them, even though I wish they were bigger (since they’re intended to be phone charms, they’re pretty small).

I’m disappointed with the lack of Soul Gem merch, both official and fanmade. I just really wish there was more out there to collect!

Can we talk about how amazing Dean Winchester is? Just for a minute. Can we talk about how he saved the world, not with his fists, or a gun, or even with a sacrifice, even though he was willing to do that too. No, Dean saved the world with nothing but his empathy and his words because he is a compassionate man who understands what it’s like to feel like you’re not enough and he recognized that in Amara. He knew she just needed love and acceptance. Dean Winchester saved the world with nothing but his compassion. Do you understand how beautiful that is? 

On her days off, Claudia Saenz scours used record shops, thrift stores and yard sales, keeping her eyes peeled for records her parents grew up on. They remind her of her childhood.

“I just feel that [vinyl] is definitely more intimate than playing it on my phone on, like, Spotify or a streaming app,” Saenz says. “I just like holding that piece of history.”

She’s founder of the Chulita Vinyl Club, an all-girl vinyl collecting crew spread throughout the Southwest and California. And although they collect all kinds of records, Chicano soul is one genre that rings near and dear to the club’s heart and style.

Chicano soul is the product of black and brown communities living side by side. The group Little Joe y La Familia is the perfect example of this fusion. Little Joe grew up on the cotton fields of Texas, where his was one of the only Mexican families living in a community of largely black families. It should come as no surprise, then, that he was one of the pioneers of Tejano soul.

For The Chulita Vinyl Club, Crate Digging Is More Than A Hobby

Photo: Courtesy of Chulita Vinyl Club

When you have a “Hey-I’m-Back-From-The-Dead-And-Am-Basically-A-Cryptid-Now-Let’s-Party” sleepover but you’re incapable of sleeping because you’re basically a cryptid grim reaper zombie ghost thing so you just play animal crossing for a while until your mortal roomie wakes up

also Roxas is like 24 in the current part of Joie De Vivre, is a powerful gray aroace, and drawing stubble on him is weird

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