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isnt it fucked up how western individualism has turned feminism into a method of self-identification and personal expression instead of the politically useful collective movement it could have been 

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900)
“Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea” (1891)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

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How do I politely correct my racist South east Asian friends about the black community in America? I lived in America for several years and get extremely angry when my ignorant Asian friends say stereotypical, not so positive things about the black community

I’ll start off by acknowledging that I’m Asian so I only have a limited amount of resources and ideas and that by providing some, I hope I am not speaking over any Black people or the Black community.

Now to answer your question, you can address the stereotypes and tell them that Black people are not all the same. Some articles for reference:

Discussing important topics is another way. Some topics to include are:

Do your friends like music? Well…

And last but not least, some references on how to be a Black ally:

There are many things you can discuss with your friends when it comes to the Black community, dispelling stereotypes, and appreciating Black people and culture. If nothing else works, it’s totally fine to distance yourself from some friends. I personally have. Lastly, I hope I am not speaking over any Black people and that this answer helps you and other Asian folks.

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Anthropofagia — cultural cannibalism — is a concept based on an essay published by the poet and father of Brazilian modernism, Oswald de Andrade. A passage from that “Manifesto Antropofagico” reads:

“Only cannibalism unites us. Socially. Economically. Philosophically. The unique law of the world. The masked expression of all individualism and collective movement.”

Brazilian “percussionista” Cyro Baptista has applied this philosophy to create ingenious music for more than five decades.

“Everything that comes from outside,” he says. “We eat and we digest and regurgitate and eat again and again and again. That’s what happened in Brazil, and now that’s what happened with all of us, no? Like we all eating each other. We have Facebook, the tweet — all of that is a food plate.”

Musical Cannibalism With Cyro Baptista

Video: NPR Music

James Wilson Carmichael (1800-1868)
“The Irwin Lighthouse, Storm Raging”
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection


WINNER’s Alphabet Movement: X → XX CHROMOSOME

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Bonus: Nam Taehyun (forever the sassiest and cheekiest!) the maid tough guy lifting up Seunghoon’s skirt… just look at dem guns. 

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Hi Wayfaring What's your opinion about vaccinations being correlated with autism? Lots of people who aren't going in to medicine have a lot to say about it, but I want to hear from a medical professionals point of view. :)

For those of you who are well indoctrinated into the collective Medblr pro-vaccination movement, there will be no new information below for you. 

Moving on…

- Let’s talk about what makes a scientific study useless: when it only contains a tiny number of subjects, it’s easy to come to any conclusion you want. The single study linking vaccines to autism only enrolled 12 patients. Twelve. In science terms, that’s like essentially zero. A recent meta-analysis encompassing 1.2 million patients has completely shut down the supposed associations between the MMR vaccine/thimerosal/mercury and autism.

- Andrew Wakefield, the (now former) doctor who did the study, has admitted to falsifying data on every single patient in that study. He lost his medical license and was essentially shunned by the medical community.  The Lancet published a retraction of his paper 2 years after it was originally published in 1998. 

- Wakefield’s study was published in 1998 and was retracted in 2000. It’s 2015. Why are we still talking about this stupid study?

- The people who continue to circulate nonsense about vaccines being linked to autism base their views on opinion and deeply flawed studies. In science, we go with facts that can be tested and proven. The facts say that vaccines prevent diseases (diseases that kill babies, btw, which is way worse than having autism) and that they do not cause autism. No opinions needed. 

- Finally, why is autism considered more scary than vaccine-preventable diseases? It’s absolutely ridiculous. Because the folks who are afraid of vaccines haven’t seen a baby in respiratory distress from pertussis or H. flu or who dies of measles. They don’t see the thousands of babies that die of dehydration from rotavirus around the world. They haven’t seen a pregnant woman end up intubated in the ICU from the flu. They don’t know what an absolutely horrific way to die tetanus is. They are too concerned that their kid being a little different from the others in kindergarten to stop and consider that without vaccines and the herd immunity that comes from most people vaccinating their children, their kid may never make it to kindergarten. 


Maison Valentino | Couture Spring 2016 | Paris Couture Week

Timeless & Timely

Bare feet, snake headpieces, and floor length flowing gowns all add to a sense of wood nymphs modeling Valentino’s collection.  The length and movement to the skirts are classic Valentino, while the earthy tones and imagery is relevant to 2016 trends. 

It is a challenge for all designers to create pieces that fit with the times and also create a timeless image of their brand, and as Vogue notes, Valentino has accomplished this seamlessly this season.  


14-Year-Old 3D Prints His Own Prosthesis for Less Than Rs 6,000

Bolivian teen Leonardo Viscarra, who grew up without his left hand, has designed and built his own prosthesis using a 3D printer, presenting his remarkable project from the city of Cochabamba on Saturday.

Leonardo, who is 14-years-old, was diagnosed with amniotic band syndrome, a birth defect due to which a baby may be born with stunted fingers, toes, or limbs. His new hand, which he printed at school, is made of thermoplastic works with nylon threads that collect movements from his wrist and transmits them to the prosthetic fingers.

A 3D printing program – called Thingiverse – helped the young inventor with the design, while he assigned the model measurements and stylistics. Leonardo said, “I was inspired, and I asked my robotics teachers for help so we could print the prosthesis. They helped me by giving me the possibility to use the 3D printer to print it.”

Video Editor: Sandeep Suman

lgbt= a group/collective movement for sga and trans people

feminism= a movement for women’s rights

black lives matter= a movement for black lives

any attempt to say that these movements should include everyone in the name of “equality”= very very bad