collective delusion

So perhaps happiness is synchronising one’s personal delusions of meaning with the prevailing collective delusions. As long as my personal narrative is in line with the narratives of the people around me, I can convince myself that my life is meaningful, and find happiness in that conviction.
This is quite a depressing conclusion. Does happiness really depend on self-delusion?
—  Harari, Yuval Noah. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. 2015.
  • it releases the same endorphins in my brain that heroin does, probably
  • I don’t find Channing Tatum attractive particularly but I can’t stop looking at him?? he just seems so charming???
  • I still can’t pronounce Joe Manganiello’s last name and seeing this movie repeatedly will help reinforce his face in my brain (these are related, I swear)
  • never once did I feel like my body was a punchline
  • never once did I feel like my sexual desires were a punchline
  • powerful cougar goddess Andie MacDowell’s deep af vagina is the Cinderella penis slipper for Richie of the worryingly large dick and that in and of itself seems like a feminist victory
  • Michael Strahan leaps bodily over a prone woman while covered in baby oil
  • it has helped me discover a heretofore unknown nuance of my sexuality, which is “Jada Pinkett Smith tacitly approving of Channing Tatum’s stripper moves"
  • never before would I have believed a hover threesome possible
  • that girl who gets left in a sex swing for fifteen minutes brings me such extreme joy. what were you thinking, girl in a swing? could you see the Main Event? did you cramp? were you too overjoyed to do anything but swing gently in the breeze?
  • Adam Rodriguez tho
  • we’re all supposed to believe that Matt Bomer is straight in this movie and we enter into this collective delusion with joy even though a straight man has never worn a sarong that well
  • Channing Tatum puts unnecessary drill holes in his nice table just because we want to see him dance to “pony” again, thank you channing
  • I want to bring everyone I know to see this movie, and so every time someone says “oh I haven’t seen it yet,” I immediately make plans to see it with them
  • I thought Roxane Gay was maybe exaggerating a little when she said that women in the theater threw dollar bills at the screen, but then that happened in one of the theaters I went to, and now I believe in a higher power and will never doubt Roxane Gay again
  • all of the extras are us and we are all of the extras, and by the third viewing you can watch their faces and know that the expressions they have and the expressions you have are the same, We Are One in this
  • Donald Glover is forced to say things that aren’t deeply obnoxious
  • it’s so important

The Great Seattle Windshield Pitting Epidemic

Starting in Bellingham Seattle in 1954 residents began to notice unexplained pitting on the windshields of their cars.  Over time the problem began to grow as more and more people reported pitting on their windshields, most of which the police determined to be kid vandals with bb guns.  However, by April reports of mysterious pitting began to occur in surrounding neighborhoods.  Within a week isolated reports of windshield damage turned into mass delusion as over 3,000 people filed police reports detailing unexplained windshield pitting.  When the epidemic reached metropolitan Seattle the mass hysteria soon grew out of control.  People by the thousands went to the police and car experts to report every nick, ding, dimple, scratch, or pit that appeared on their windshields.  Wild speculation and theories abounded including secret government radio waves, sand flea eggs, gremlins, and cosmic rays.  Many others claimed that they saw pits and bubbles form right before their eyes. One newspaper even reported that a strange and unknown “gravel-like” substance could be found on roads throughout the city.

On April 15th Sergeant Max Allison of the Seattle police crime laboratory stated that the pitting reports consisted of “5 per cent hoodlum-ism, and 95 per cent public hysteria.“ By April 17th reports of phantom windshield pitting had come to an end.  Today scientists and experts blame the incident as a case of “collective delusion”.  Most of the pitting cases were caused by natural forces or wear and tear, but it was only due to media hype that people began noticing windshield damage that they had not noticed before.

The Many Faces of the ENTP

Although the ENTP is given as a single type in typology, their internal personality has a wide variety of manifestations. In order to help you recognize your ENTPs, this set of descriptions is available.

The Harmless Joker
“Did you hear the one about…?” - Anonymous.

All ENTPs like jokes but the harmless joker tops them all. Like many ENTPs, the harmless joker wants people to like him, and he attempts to ingratiate himself by telling jokes. He may be very good at telling jokes and have a wide repertoire that he has built up through conscious practice over his lifetime. Like all NT’s he desires competence, and one sees this in his joke telling; he concentrates on delivery, storytelling, the perfect punchline, and can leave people in tears. Frequently, you find this type as the comedian or the humor writer or maybe just the guy down the hall in the office where all that laughing is coming from. They tend to be very expressive as they like to draw a crowd.

Example: Howie Mandel

The Hellbent Achiever
“There will be sleeping enough in the grave.” – Benjamin Franklin

Leadership is a quality that many ENTPs gravitate to and many long to achieve, but the hellbent achiever is by far the most driven. This ENTP cannot turn around without founding an institution or inventing a useful device, and indeed they are driven to do this largely by their own great opinion of themselves and their ability to change the world according to their vision. Yes, the hellbent achiever has a very high opinion of himself and isn’t shy about expressing it proudly, but often it is well earned. The achiever may often neglect home and family while he is out in the world trying to make a name for himself, do a bit of good, or simply beat the competition, and often he is remembered as a great person but “all too human” in his ambitions. Work and success are his priority.

Example: Benjamin Franklin

The Lunatic Detective
“I’m sure this goes against everything you’ve been taught, but right and wrong do exist. Just because you don’t know what the right answer is … doesn’t make your answer right or even okay. It’s much simpler than that. It’s just plain wrong.” – Gregory House.

Detective work requires a precise logical mind, careful extraction and cataloging of evidence, and strict attention to procedure. The lunatic detective cares for none of these things. In his mind, detective work is a form of mortal combat, him against “the problem”. Thus, the problem consumes him and he attacks it with all his ferocity, letting nothing, not moral codes, not procedures, not logic, get in the way of sniffing out “the answer” with his powerful intuition. He will do whatever it takes for however long it takes to succeed. The detective will often employ a “team” to help him in his investigation but these simply serve as factota, a backdrop for his fascinating brilliance. Their purpose is merely for sounding out ideas. The final move, checkmate, is always his. Woe to anyone who gets in his way because he will see them as simply another obstacle to be removed in his relentless drive to know. The problems, one after another, define him, and he is lost without them, an empty shell. He is the problem and the problem he.

Example: Dr. Gregory House, Shawn Spencer (Psych)

The Relentless Tinkerer
“I don’t think necessity is the mother of invention - invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness. To save oneself trouble.” – Agatha Christie

ENTPs are known as the “Inventor” type for a reason. They invent stuff. How do they invent? Do they look at what everyone has done, studying dusty patent records, draw up a plan, create schematics, demonstrate that their design follows precise logical principles, and then build a perfect prototype, making sure that each modular component functions before moving on to the next? Hell no. They tinker. The relentless tinkerer is the most inclined to create the inventions that we use every day mainly because they would be otherwise very bored. The tinkerer invents, not necessarily to provide people with some added comfort or utility or to make a lot of money, although that is certainly on her mind as she continues to live in her parents’ garage, but for the sheer joy of those rare moments when something actually works the way it’s supposed to. These moments are rare mainly because the tinkerer loves to tinker so much in a constant drive to improve and add features to whatever device she is constructing that she rarely stops to make sure it works before adding something new. The product of the tinkerer, therefore, is a constant work in progress with multiple features moving toward the distant goal of actually working until, one day, everything works all at once. Tinkerers frequently move on to become entrepreneurs as they market their devices, and their companies often follow their own desire for constant innovation.

Example: Steve Jobs, Harry Houdini

The Armchair Revolutionary
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” - JFK

Some ENTPs have a political interest often stemming from their well-intended need to “set everyone straight”, feeling that they are the last bastions of truth and sanity. If people need to be set straight, they must first be crooked, and there is nothing more crooked than politics. Many ENTPs feel that their only job is to tell people things and not actually to do anything. They are, after all, idea people and often expect that others will take up their sensible call and implement the necessary changes. Hence they remain uninvolved, shouting from the sidelines as it were, as armchair revolutionaries. Often living quite ordinary lives, going to work, raising families, and doing otherwise normal things, they see themselves as change agents, having studied a great deal about current affairs, past affairs, and affairs in general, and having formed very strong opinions on how things ought to be. In particular, they are given to believing in conspiracies because they have a strong belief that they alone know the truth and that anything that challenges their truth must arise from a concerted effort by malicious people to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Of course, they may not fully commit to the conspiracies they suggest, but nevertheless they can’t help believing that “something is rotten in Denmark” and that all “common sense” ought to be double checked since they have a powerful fear of collective thinking. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay is often on their list of favorites. Their commitment to uncovering the illogic in mob thinking is the special gift they give to society.

Example: ??

The Confused Wanderer
“Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes.That way, if he gets angry, he’s a mile away and barefoot.” – Ajahn Brahm.

ENTPs have a strong attraction to anything new. Novelty is their raison d’etre, but none are so attracted to it than the confused wanderers. Although they may profess to enjoy their unattached lifestyle, they are often in a constant state of confusion as to what they should be doing and why they don’t feel that anything is satisfying enough. They want to try everything exactly once and are good at getting themselves in and out of trouble. Wanderers are not so much bums or derelicts unable to get their lives together—although they may be—as they are on a spiritual quest for something that they don’t understand and don’t know where to find. In a sense, they are looking for something and with each new experience they know that they have not found it. This type may begin by living the life they were expected to live, going to school, getting a job, and suddenly decide that they feel trapped or empty and have to escape all expectations and all ties and attachments. They are the wandering monks of modern times. A few end up in monasteries and convents, ending their quest through spiritual detachment.

Example: Ajahn Brahm

The Classy Professor
“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman.

Many ENTPs, being research oriented and having a strong drive to create knowledge, end up in academia or equivalent positions. Although they may take longer to reach these positions than their introverted counterparts the INTPs because they were “doing other stuff”, they tend to use their multitasking abilities to good effect in this area, and they bring a much needed element to academia, especially the sciences and engineering, class. The ENTP, being outwardly focused, injects style as well as substance into her lectures, papers, presentations, and anything else she produces. While for the INTP, the primary goal is understanding, for the ENTP the primary goal is interest, and thus the ENTP generates interest in others by making even the most mundane subjects interesting. Academic ENTPs tend to be the most introverted kind because academics requires so much concentration and alone time, but their extroversion is often seen in group meetings and the classroom where they are unashamed in challenging social norms and explaining concepts in often zany ways. Open and approachable, these ENTPs are demanding of themselves and others and can often be seen juggling multiple papers and students in an effort to keep life from getting too boring. These ENTPs often reach great heights although their contributions often compete with their creators for attention.

Example: Richard Feynman

The Verbal Gladiator
“When arguing with a stone an egg is always wrong.” - African proverb.

All ENTPs argue because argument is the surest path to truth, or so they say, but some just like to disagree and truth be damned. These are the verbal gladiators who love nothing better than loose their lips and let fly the slings and arrows of their outrageous opinions. If you disagree with one, watch out; he will never give in, even if he is wrong, even if he can’t think of anything else to say except “I win”. Indeed, the verbal gladiator is not afraid to fight dirty and being inventive, create “rules” of debate that ensure you forfeit, because the gladiator doesn’t really care if he’s right. He wants to win, and, if he wins on a technicality, well, rules are rules. This type is most likely to become the lawyer or the politician, areas where winning is more important than being right, at least if one wants to be successful, and technicalities are a perfectly acceptable alternative to the fair fight. The verbal gladiator may at times feel shallow because, for all his professed opinions, he doesn’t really know what he thinks or feels about anything, so focused is he on simply winning. As he gets older, he may develop a stronger moral compass.

Example: ??

The Peacemaker
“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” - Abraham Lincoln

Although ENTPs are best known for oneupsmanship, arguing, and being annoyingly competitive to some, this is only a stereotype. Not every ENTP is a verbal gladiator, an armchair revolutionary, or a harmless joker. These are the most extroverted and easily recognizable. The ENTP is an NT and hence makes decisions rationally and logically. An ENTP is annoying and argumentative partly because he has chosen to be or has, at least, chosen not to eliminate these aspects of his personality. Indeed, most ENTPs are quite charming and unassuming and are often, therefore, mistaken for other types, INTPs, INTJs, INFJs, ENFPs, etc. Perhaps the one most commonly mistaken for a “feeling” type is the Peacemaker. He is often emotional, cheerful, likeable, loving, interested in the good of his fellow man, emphasizing the power of unity, and feeling that he should have no enemy and that all people can settle their differences and unite behind a common cause. All of these traits give him the appearance of his feeling counterpart the ENFP. Unlike ENFPs, however, whose feeling nature prevents them from compromising their ethics, he constantly seeks compromise. In working with people, his end is not the expansion of his cause but practical success. The Peacemaker may often seem outwardly to be a pushover, good with speeches but not having much stamina for a real fight. This is a figment however created by his unassuming rational nature. The Peacemaker above all other types understands the words of Sun-Tzu, “he who knows when to fight will be victorious.” When he makes the decision to fight, he stands firm and will not rest until his enemies are obliterated. Thus, when he rules, he rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Example: Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama

Tales of Link Sentence Starters (Part 1)

“I just liked how shiny it was.”
“Here, hold this rock and pray.”
“Are you an adventurer too?”
“Oh dear, it appears the savior has some sort of amnesia.“
“When we ran into you on the road and dragged you into this…”
“I’m at a loss to explain it myself.”
“Try looking where you’re going for once.”
“I certainly feel safer knowing I have the world’s clumsiest bodyguard.”
“I don’t see how faceplanting on rocks protects me.”
“Aren’t you supposed to be my guard? Why are you behind me?”
“I’ll prove my worth to you, you’ll see!”
“Everyone please calmly evacuate.”
“You can’t just blab my life story to strangers of uncertain loyalties!”
“Respectfully, a lone trainee soldier charging to the rescue does not sound like a well-conceived rescue plan.”
“I’m nobody suspicious, I assure you.”
“No, they saved YOUR life, and I’m not sure I’m grateful!”
“If we run into anything, we’ll just turn and run!”
“I won’t offer twice. Come now or get left behind.”
“These sorts of comments are not going to endear you to the ladies.”
“Nothing ever goes smoothly when the two of us work together.”
"Waste your own time if you like. I’m going home.”
“Compared to a talking stuffed animal, rumors of ghost stories are not strange.”
“Your face is a collective delusion!”
“Okay, our next topic is – “Battle Against Mercenaries!”
“This is … an unusual topic …”
“Too bad we’re a lot better at fighting than singing.”
“The unexpected circumstance was supposed to be us activating the wind and rain machine.”
“So you were behind it all along! I mean … not that that wasn’t already blindingly obvious.”
“Nowhere in the rulebook does it say I can’t rig the mystery box!”
“Ya know, that talking dog thing is right.”
“I - I can’t do this! I’m a lady of culture and refinement!”
“You just stay behind us and keep singing, all right?”
“Your slack-jawed gaping isn’t making this any easier!”
“Yeah, great stuff, whatever. So who won already?”
“Consider it a symbol of our friends– er, rivalry!”
“Whoa! Her Majesty knows our names!”
“Also, bring me a prisoner.”
“Our enemy is still nearby. Be on guard.”
“No armor can deflect your sin, nor the judgement i now pass upon you.”
“Damn it! Shut up! Can’t a girl conjecture in peace?”
“That does seem a little conspicuous …”
“There was nothing about this mechanism in the book.”
“It was your fault, standing in the street like an idiot!”
“I can see how trimming the sails or whatever on a rickety old schooner might appeal to you, but I’m more the luxury liner type.”
“Do as you like, then. Just stay out of my way!”
“That was supposed to be a triangle formation? You were just running in circles.”
“Wait! I wouldn’t — ”

The Kid's Table of Sci-Fi

Word has come down that this year’s big sci-fi film Interstellar has completely botched the science. (Warning: spoilers.)

This frustrates me, on a lot of levels.  What it comes down to, I think, is the stigma we place on sci-fantasy … and the pretension of writers who want the “legitimacy” of being seen to write hard sci-fi.

Let’s start from the top: there is nothing wrong with science fantasy.

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White people have all kinds of myths, collective self-delusions, and historical revisions that they think absolve them of guilt but actually make them look worse. Like the whole, “Black people sold other black people as slaves,” thing that’s meant to make it seem like chattel slavery was black people’s fault, ignoring the fact that black people weren’t (and aren’t) a monolithic group, these people were selling their prisoners of war just like any European culture would have done at the time, there was no indication that these people would be used in a totally new race-based form of slavery that previously didn’t exist anywhere in the world, and–perhaps most importantly–white people didn’t have to buy anyone. White people didn’t have to buy anyone!

You know how many things I could buy every day that I don’t buy? Pickles, house paint, corn chips, flip-flops, crystal meth, horse manure, prom dresses, bags of hair–the list could go on forever. As humans, we are perfectly capable of not buying things that are offered to us. If white people visiting Africa were so morally superior, they could have just said no, Nancy Reagan style. But they didn’t.

Tumblr has a lot of pervasive collective delusions, but my personal favorite is “every person is aware of every news story from the entire world at all times, therefore if you aren’t talking about a particular story, its because you are an evil shitlord bigot who is going to hell.”

Fr Alfred Delp, a Jesuit and editor of Stimmen der Zeit, was associated with the Kreisau Circle dedicated to re-Christianizing society upon the collapse of Hitler’s regime. For challenging the collective delusion of the era, Delp was hanged at Plötzensee on the 2nd February 1945. Fr Delp’s body was cremated by official order, his ashes broadcast on the wind. The Reich took care to leave no martyr’s relic to venerate, no burial place to mark.

On Christmas Eve, 1944, he scratched into the wall with shackled hands: “Trust life. We do not live it alone. God lives it with us.”

With just over two months til Not Dead Yet 2016, we’re hitting you more bands, tickets and a ton more info. Tickets are on sale Wednesday at 12pm EST!

As this year’s program expands, we’re excited to be including Ciudad de Mexico’s furious MUJERCITOS, along with Australian riff rockers POWER, Peruvian D-Beat maniacs DHK, New York City Goth Terrors ANASAZI, Montreal freaks OMEGAS, Memphis Garage Punkers NOTS, NY HardCore blasters WARTHOG, Boston Straight Edge Masters NO TOLERANCE and Olympia Rockers VEXX. These are only a fraction of the killer punk and hardcore acts that will be storming through Toronto this October. Damned if we can’t say that this just might be the Not Dead Yet lineup we’re most proud of yet.

We’re also excited to announce that the people behind Collective Delusion / Mass Hysteria will be bringing a newly curated program to Toronto during the festival. Having been through a number of cities already, we’re excited to host an art show that features exclusively femme / female identifying artists related to our underground music community.

In addition to that, the Thursday night kick off of the festival will simultaneously be the launch of the Women In Toronto Punk 2017 calendar, spearheaded by Blow Blood Records. Meant to celebrate and pay tribute to the women who fight to make space for themselves in punk, we’re excited to be involved. And, all profits from the calendar sales will go straight to Community Action for Families!

And while it’s always been a battle to balance an expanding festival with all ages restrictions in this city, we are proud to say we’ve got a program that’s 70% All Ages gigs. Toronto’s notoriously youthful Hardcore Punk scene deserves some recognition!

The full lineup & schedule are available at Here you’ll find all the info on the gigs, the art show, the record swap, karaoke and more.

Bottom line, Not Dead Yet is about exposing people to what we think is some of the best punk and hardcore going these days. What better way to do that by packing people into Toronto for a weekend of raging?

In case you’re looking for the list of new additions, here’s what it is:
Aggression Pact / Ajax / Anasazi / Apostille / Blank Spell / Combined Effort / Conman / Countdown / Dark Thoughts / DHK / Firewalker / Genex / Holder’s Scar / Intensive Care / Liquids / Mad Existence / Mollot / Mujercitos / No Tolerance / Nots / Omegas / Power / Private Room / Protester / Pure Disgust / Q / Red Death / S-21 / Stuck Pigs / Urochromes / Vanilla Poppers / Vexx / Warfare / Warthog / Wild at Heart / Wild Side

anonymous asked:

I don’t know if this anon about the re-writes is a Reylo shipper (I doubt they are Reylo; I’m getting suspicious with these kind of messages) who “fears” about Reylo not happening because of a minority of obnoxious people who want to put Kylo Ren in white & black boxes with no depth and deny the obvious Kylo/rey connection and importance. Seriously if Reylo is meant to happen it’s going to happen. In comparison of the supporters of Reylo dynamic, the antis are a drop in the ocean. [CONT1]

The popularity of Reylo is dangerously increasing, despite what some people trying to spread. I couldn’t believe when I saw the 12000 + fans in the fb page and the over 1,5 million views in a Reylo video. If some people think that the core of the new trilogy which Reylo dynamic, if they expect, they are going to change long termed planned project, because of a small group of whinny fans, they are going for a big surprise in the next two films. [CONT2]

The Reylo dynamic (along Finn) is vital and is the heart of the new trilogy, like it or not. These two characters are meant to develop against each other, with each other, within each other and through each other. [END]

While I lean towards believing that the anon was genuinely concerned (there’s a lot of heartfelt anxiety amongst the Reylo crowd atm, and I don’t like to doubt people without good reason), I agree with this sentiment. The interest in the Reylo dynamic clearly extends beyond Tumblr, with everyone from Time magazine to How It Should Have Ended picking up on it in some capacity. 

As much as the antis like to believe that Reylo is some kind of collective delusion on the part of a few deviants on Tumblr, they’re the real minority - most people can recognise the strange tension in Rey and Kylo’s scenes, and the undeniable chemistry between the actors. 

I certainly don’t think everyone should see that chemistry as sexual or romantic, but I roll my eyes at the people who attempt to argue that they have a vanilla hero/villain dynamic - to take such a reductive stance is to completely ignore the obvious care and attention paid by the filmmakers to developing their dynamic and subverting viewers’ expectations.