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Everyone’s already gone about writing their analyses between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye, that much I noticed.  But something else was nagging me about the whole thing until I just got it while doing some homework.

Not only does Dark and Anti contrast the actual versions of themselves (Mark and Jack), but when speaking purely in terms of visual and auditory representation, they more accurately contrast each other.

Let’s go with timing first and talk about Anti.

Holy shit, I didn’t realize that I actually got a screenshot without glitches until I put it up o.o

This man is the embodiment of chaos.  He’s clearly shown in frame, and there’s no way that you’d miss him if you’re watching.  He moves so much that it’s almost impossible to get him to blend into the background.  Even so, just because he wants the attention doesn’t mean he’s putting it all out there.  The fucker speaks in Zalgo text and jump cuts, with about fifty billion filters on his voice just so no one can really catch what the heck he’s talking about.  Heck, you have to paste together the jump cuts in this section alone to get a coherent conversation from this video.  So in a way, he’s constantly moving and yet he’s almost impossible to focus on.  He’s talking to us, but his attention can just go ANYWHERE.

He thrives on the buildup than the payoff.  He spent an entire month just dropping clues to his appearance, which garnered more attention than this clip would ever do.  Anti thrives not on the full appearance but on the clues that are left behind.  He prefers to be on the back of your mind, not the full center of attention, because he lasts oh so much longer there.  If he was a type of music, he’d be dubstep: nothing but buildup to a loud payoff.  And that analogy is totally not because he wears gauges in his ears.

With that known, let’s look at Dark.

He speaks bluntly, straight from start to finish, with maybe one or two filters on him.  Visually, he practically blends into the background, with only the grayscale keeping him in focus.  Actually, that’s another thing.  Dark keeps to his name by staying mostly in gray colors and backdrops.  Only his afterimages have some form of color on him.  He stays still and collected during his conversations right until he starts to lose his cool.  Then the filter effects go nuts, the camera straight out flips, and THEN we get the jump cuts to a calmer figure.  He has coherency to his character, so no need to paste together jump cuts to find out his full conversation.

Judging from his dialogue, he prefers to be front and center in your mind rather than linger in the back of it.  He wants to shower you in attention, almost to a violent degree, yet never actually does much to PHYSICALLY harm us (unless we just accept that we’re the dog).  This is especially true when you look back and realize that whenever we’re alone with him, he never fully turns away from us.  Mark does…a lot, actually…but never Dark.  No, he’s constantly facing us.  He wants us to remember him.  He’s Jumin Han, a few minutes into the second bad ending is that even relevant anymore?.

Visually speaking, these two characters are utterly fascinating, especially since they came from fanart that doesn’t seem to have a full coherent personality on them.
Miley Cyrus and Converse Team Up on Pride Collection
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“This month, Converse has launched a Pride collection of sneakers in its classic silhouette, with all net proceeds going to fund the It Gets Better Project and the Happy Hippie Foundation“

Didja know about this guys?

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LES MIS MODERN AUbroship sibling aesthetics: eponine & gavroche

beanies and baseball caps, stuck-out tongues, sass battles, hipster headphones and retro walkmans, hanging out in local libraries, decorating bedrooms with glow-in-the-dark stars, always looking out for each other, milkshakes, rolled-up denim, sitting on concrete steps, being forever ready to fight, making up weird meals, shoeboxes of childhood collections, conversations from different rooms. (requested by anonymous) 

i don’t know how to love mildly. i’m the type to make a 16 minute film about the things i love about a person instead of giving them a superficial gift

“Unfinished Conversations: New Work from the Collection”

Unfinished Conversations: New Work from the Collection opens today in our 6th floor galleries. Works by more than a dozen artists from around the world, including Kara Walker, Iman Issa, Samuel Foss, and Wolfgang Tillmans explore intertwining themes of social protest, the effect of history on the formation of identity, and how art juxtaposes fact and fiction. The exhibition title is inspired by John Akomfrah’s three-channel video installation shown here, which chronicles the life and work of the cultural theorist Stuart Hall and is on view in the final gallery of the exhibition. Find out more at

[John Akomfrah’s The Unfinished Conversation (2012), on view in Unfinished Conversations: New Work from the Collection, March 19–July 30, 2017, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2017 John Akomfrah. Photo: Martin Seck]

i really want Sir to see similarities between Izuku and All Might

b/c, by Toshi’s own admission, they are extremely similar

they both apologize for things that aren’t their fault, they both want to genuinely help others, they both will push their bodies to the limit in order to save people, they’re both incredible dorks, both born quirkless, etc

and i want Sir to see that part of Izuku

maybe it gets kicked off with Sir asking Izuku what his original quirk was before OFA. because honestly, giving it up shouldn’t be that hard if you already have your own, right? 

only Izuku doesn’t.

and if Sir knows about OFA, then he must know that All Might was born quirkless. and to know that Izuku was also… in this day and age…

and maybe… Izuku kind of looks familiar, now that Sir is looking at him, analyzing him, giving him another once over. Sir likes to analyze All Might footage.

All Might was there when Izuku jumped in to save Bakugou, over a year ago.

and even if for a moment, Izuku was probably on that footage of All Might saving them from the sludge villain. 

i wonder if Sir would notice that… and maybe, suddenly, he brings it up to Izuku. “Was that you who jumped in so recklessly to save that boy?”

“Yes,” Izuku replies, without an ounce hesitation coloring his voice. 

Sir is quiet, again analyzing Izuku with expressionless eyes, and speaks again, “You didn’t have One for All at that point.” he says it like a statement, already knowing this to be true.

and Izuku nods, green curls bouncing with each movement. “I didn’t.”

“So why jump in?” steel eyes stare into Izuku, searching for answers, trying to understand why the (at the time) middleschooler would do something so reckless. why this could be used as further proof as to why Mirio should be better suited for such a legacy. 

Izuku replies.

“With or without powers, I couldn’t just watch someone die.”

and with that, it’s as if Sir’s entire world froze, like some world-wide record scratch. everything feels slightly tilted, off-center, as he tries to absorb the answer and make sense of it, staring into the eyes of the young green-eyed teenager, who looks up to him with an expression that leaks quiet confidence, proud that he had done something so reckless just to attempt to save another’s life. 

he reminds Sir so much of All Might at that moment that it’s almost painful.

Sir lets out a quiet, shaky breath, his head dropping slightly onto his folded hands. “I see,” is all he says. 

under normal circumstances, an answer like that would’ve been ripped to shreds in under a minute, torn apart meticulously by all the reasons why such an impulsive move would’ve done more harm than good, and why reactions like that are why the young man before him should give up the hero life and hand over the legacy he carried onto the much more deserving Mirio. 

but these are far from normal circumstances. and so he stays silent, looking at Izuku (who had returned to looking around the room at Sir’s All Might collection, assuming the conversation was done after a few moments of silence), and reconsidered what he may or may not know. 

(i’m not even sure where this came from but uh)

Alright, here’s today’s fic from my collection of one shots, written during the hiatus between 3x10 and 3x11. It’s always been one of my favorties, so I hope you all enjoy!



Jemma took deep breaths, struggling to imagine that she was breathing out her anxiety and breathing in calm, like May had told her to. It didn’t help.

In fact, her anxiety only seemed to skyrocket when she heard familiar voices, dulled by the glass separating her from them.

“I don’t know why we’re even – are you taking me to dinner?” The voice she’d had memorized for years had gone up a few octaves at the end, and Jemma pressed a hand to her mouth to hide her sudden grin.

“Not that you aren’t very pretty, mate, but I just don’t think you’re my type, yeah?”

Then, the door to the restaurant opened, and Fitz froze just inside as he caught sight of her, his hand falling away from the door and causing it nearly smack an irritated Hunter in the face.

“I got him here, Simmons, but don’t think you don’t owe me after having to listen to his constant complaining on the way here,” Hunter told her.

“Of course,” Jemma agreed, giving Hunter a grateful smile and a playful salute. Hunter rolled his eyes good-naturedly, returning the salute before leaving, heading back for the SUV they’d arrived in. Turning back to Fitz, who seemed to be staring at her in a mix of confusion and a longing he was clearly trying to hide, she cleared her throat and murmured, “Hello Fitz.”

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We have an odd relationship with words. We learn a few when we are small, throughout our lives we collect others through education, conversation, our contact with books, and yet, in comparison, there are only a tiny number about whose meaning, sense, and denotation we would have absolutely no doubts, if one day, we were to ask ourselves seriously what they meant. Thus we affirm and deny, thus we convince and are convinced, thus we argue, deduce, and conclude, wandering fearlessly over the surface of concepts about which we only have the vaguest of ideas, and, despite the false air of confidence that we generally affect as we feel our way along the road in verbal darkness, we manage, more or less, to understand each other and even, sometimes, to find each other.
—  José Saramago, The Double
Code: Elton John

So I’m like, really. Really gay. Like we got a flaming homosexual over here. Like that kinda gay, uk?
Anyhow, in eighth grade, my mom wanted me to go to this boy’s Eagle Scout ceremony. This boy happened to be *Nigel, AKA my best friend *Amelia’s crush. So of course, I convinced her to go. The whole thing was kind of boring. That is,,,, until we showed up.
At this point, I hadn’t come out to a single person-not even Amelia. But she did know I disapproved of Nigel’s political views. So did she, but she was willing to look past it. Anything for love, amiright?
Nigel is a nice boy, and he goes to my church. But he pisses me off. He’s very openly homophobic, so of course I’m not (and have never been) his biggest fan.
The plan for the night was that Amelia was going to stay over at my house that night after the ceremony/party. So by the time the ceremony was halfway through, Amelia and I were both restless. Being the troublemakers we are, we decided it was best for us to entertain ourselves.
So we got up and went to the buffet. And the moment I laid my eyes on the brownies, I had an idea. Was it a bad idea?Maybe. But was it great? Definitely.
So, stifling my giggles as Amelia followed me to my destination, I rolled the 3-4 brownies up into little turds. I left them on the ground right by the door of the men’s bathroom. All that was left to do was wait.
The whole time we hid in the closet we couldn’t stop laughing. But when we heard footsteps we composed ourselves and looked through the blinds. We waited for our victims until Nigel’s little brother and his friends walked up to the door…before stopping in their tracks and collectively gasping.
They conversed briefly, in hushed tones before finally deciding to go get Nigel.
Nigel was pale and shaking at the sight of the turds. “No way. No fuckin way.” He looked about ready to throw up.
Everyone blamed a little boy who is known for misbehaving. They thought he’d pooped on the ground. It caused a shift in the mood of the party.
Nigel had to clean it up. He cried the whole time. It was glorious.

But it wasn’t over yet.

While in the closet, we concocted a plan to bring this prank to the next level. We bought brownie mix and nutty frosting through my mom, who had no idea. After cooking the brownies we smushed them up and mixed them with the frosting. We had made the most delicious turd in existence. It was chunky and moist, and everything we could have imagined and hoped for. It was perfect. So the next day at my church, Amelia and I dropped the giant turd by the men’s restroom–laughing hysterically the whole time.
The first person to come across it was a little girl who was trying to her hand sanitizer. She turned pale, and tugged at her dad’s jacket. But he ignored her. He did not notice.
The next person to come across this beautiful concoction of ours was Nigel. He looked shocked and about ready to cry. Upon further reflection, Amelia and I have realized that he probably felt as though he was being followed.
The last person to come across it was one of my grandfather’s friends. My grandfather works at the church–a janitor of sorts. His friend did his business before reporting the turd to my grandfather, who turned green and looked like he had been told he had minutes to live.
Amelia and I left church in fits of laughter, unable to contain ourselves. The icing on the cake was when my grandfather called my mom upset that he had plugged the toilet with a turd someone had left on the ground. He was surprisingly used to it because people at our church have strange bathroom habits, apparently.
((We eventually confessed when the priest thought it was a hate crime against the church–he was actually rather chill with it when he realized it was preteen pranksters. Surprisingly, my brother decided to take the blame from my mom, while Amelia and I took the credit. This is my second favorite story to tell–Amelia and I have deemed the story Code Elton John…If we ever want to tell it, we ask the other if we can tell ‘the story about Elton John.’ And maybe one day we’ll try again, for old times sake. Thanks for reading. @fightmeimgay))

Bro and I (Sentence Starters)

Been collecting conversations between my brother and I. Have some rp starters I guess

“He was like some serial murderer, politician, and used-car salesman hybrid pulled from the womb of the freshest of hells.”

“Wanna play mushroom soccer?”

“Characters who don’t seem important but are actually super in-tune with the universe are my aesthetic.”

“Every good Friday is started with coffee and satire.”

“Transcendentalists were suck, my guy. Henry David Thorough had a neck beard.”

“If I ever taught Shakespeare I’d just have my students highlight all the dick jokes.”

“I think we’ve reached a level past sarcasm. Past dead-pan. We’ve created a whole new type of humor in which no one- not even us- can tell we’re even joking anymore. Garfield’s got nothing on us. We are the ultimate comedians…”

“Have a good day, make good choices, rewrite the history books.”

“Let’s drive up to the store and get some breakfast ice cream.”

“It took me a very long time to stop believing in things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. In middle school I had a huge crush on the Sandman. One day, I found a gold flower in front of my locker and I went around telling everyone I was going to marry him.”

“The sun looks really dusty.”

“That… that’s the moon, bro.”

“Girls are just pretty, man. The way shadows and light balance on them is perfect.”

“I think Batman could really use some vitamin D.”

“I’mma just keep mindfucking people more and more until nothing surprises them.”

“One day a storm was brewing and there was a little yellow butterfly flying against the wind. It would get knocked back, but it would keep going. Every day I aspire to be just like that little yellow butterfly.”

“The universe seems just a little different to me each day.”

“Why choose between inspiration and dark humor? I enjoy both immensely.”

“I wish it wasn’t so easy for me to get sick with sadness.”

“Never say never, because then never will always happen. I speak from experience.”


“What was that a snail?!”

“Soup will always calm me down and tack me back to a happy place.”

“Barbeque restaurants have a very anxiety-inducing atmosphere.”

“I’d like to speak to your McManager.”

“I don’t like mirrors because they are said to hold spirits and trapped spirits are angry spirits and I’m not fucking with that.”

“Put this bucket on your head and fight me.”

“I made the dog Megatron. She hated it.”

“Them are some weird looking cacti.”

“Death come to those who wish to harm the Queen.”

“Ohh I hecked up. Oh. Oh aw gee. I hecked it up- I’m such a hecker.”

“Please take this knife away from me.”

“I love you and I want you to have this bubble wrap.”

“Dude, I saw an abandoned tree house in the woods. Let’s drop out of school, become cryptids, and live there.”

“Where did you learn that sort of langu- oh wait that’s my bad.”

“Please, even if it’s ass-oh-clock in the morning, text me and I will fucking book it to wherever you are!”

What are Chakras?- Chakras are a 7 equal centers of energy that lie on our bodies mid-line. They govern our psychological properties, the lower chakras are more instinctive while the higher chakras are more our mental side. 

First Chakra-  The Muladhara or Root chakra is located at the base of our spine at the coccyx and associated with the color red.This chakra, that connects to the Earth, gives us vital information about whether actions we are considering will nourish us or pose a threat, as well as our basic survival needs and our sense of belonging. When flowing freely we feel secure and confident. If this chakra is blocked or under-active you may be subject to anemia, depression, lower back pain, sciatica, anxiety, frequent colds as well as cold hands and cold feet. There are many ways to stimulate this chakra such as physical exercise, restful sleep, gardening, Red gems, red food & drink, and using red oils like ylang ylang and sandalwood.

Second Chakra- Svadhisthana or Spleen chakra is found below the navel in the lower abdomen and is represented by the color orange. Creativity, feelings, and birth (not just as in newborns but as ourselves, ideas, and aspects) When this chakra is healthy we are tapped into a higher power that boosts creative energy. A blocked or under-active Shadhisthana can bring depression, lower back pain, high susceptibility to alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, impotency, asthma, and urinary problems. Engagement in water aerobics, embracing sensations, use of hot aromatic bath salts, orange food & drink, or wearing the color orange, or the use of orange oils like melissa all work as excellent stimulates the cure a congested Shadhisthana chakra.

Third Chakra- The Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra is located above the navel in the stomach area and is linked to the color yellow. Self esteem, sense of personal power, self control, and humor stem from this chakra. When active and healthy we are confident in ourselves, intentions, and our desires. However when blocked poor memory , frustration, feeling powerless, ulcers, constipation, nervousness, hypoglycemia, and toxicity are sure to ensue. To cleanse this chakra reading infromative books, taking classes, doing mind puzzles, detoxification programs, eating or drinking yellow foods and liquids, wearing the color yellow, and the use of yellow oils like lemon or rosemary are advised.

Fourth Chakra- Anahata or Heart chakra is symbolized by the color green and is located in the center of the chest. Love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance flow from the Anahata. When open and free we will feel connected and close to everyone in our lives. When blocked we will feel lonely and isolated, as well as several imbalances like heart and breathing disorders, chest pain, high blood pressure, muscular tension, and immune system problems. To cure a sick Anahata you should go on nature walks, spend time with family and loved ones, consume green food & drink, green gemstones, wearing the color green, and using green oils like eucalyptus or pine. 

Fifth Chakra- Vishuddha or Throat chakra, is located in the throat and is represented by the color blue. This is the center for communication as well as self expression. When unblocked and flowing we will be able to express and tell the truth without worrying what others may think, as well being able to express ones faith and thought fluently. When sick and blocked we may become anxious and censor our speech around others because of what their reactions may be. The implications of a blocked Vishuddha are mood swings, mouth, jaw neck and shoulder problems, as well as thyroid imbalances, Stamp or art collecting, singing, meaningful conversations, blue food & drinks, wearing the color blue, and the use of blue oils such as chamomile and geranium are recommended for healing this chakra.

Sixth Chakra- Anja, Brow, or The Third Eye chakra is found in the forehead in between the eyes and is symbolized by the color indigo. This is where we gather all of our intuition and information in our life. This chakra is responsible for realization and when free and flowing we are connected to our inner wisdom and feel guided in our choices, on the other hand when blocked we develop sleep disorder, distrust, lack of coordination, and self doubt. Stimulants for this chakra are Meditation, star gazing, indigo food & drink, wearing indigo clothing, using violet oils such as frankincense and patchouli.

Seventh Chakra- Sahaswara or Crown chakra is the seventh and final chakra and is colored purple. This chakra accounts for a higher consciousness and pure awareness. Known as the Thousand Petal Louts that bursts open when we remember our true nature and enlightenment. When blocked you are more prone to headaches and skin rashes. To enrich this chakra focus on dreams, write down visions, drink and eat purple food and drinks, as well as using violet oils like lavender.