collective actions group


video from S. Podjachev’s youtube channel - a member of Moscow conceptual art group Collective Actions


Collective Actions - The Appearance, 1976

Appearance was the first action organized by the group of artists and poets who would later become the Moscow Conceptualist performance art group Collective Actions. A group of around thirty fellow artists and friends received invitations to attend Appearance. As instructed, they traveled just outside of the city and gathered on the edge of a field to wait for the action to start. After a short time two figures—Lev Rubinstein and Nikita Alekseev—appeared from the forest on the opposite side of the field. Crossing the field to meet the audience, they distributed documents for viewers to sign as testimony that they were present at Appearance. In the following years, other actions were staged where viewers were invited to listen to a bell ringing in the snow, to pull a rope out of the forest for hours, or to have their pictures taken as they crossed a field.